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Last 50 tweets from @LIFEprogramme
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
This is the stunning beauty of our 🌍
In times like these, it’s even more important to take care of each other and our shared home.
At 8.30 pm your local time, wherever we are in the world, let’s unite virtually for #EarthHour and #Connect2Earth together.
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
This is our home, seen from the Moon 52 years ago
This Saturday 28 March is #EarthHour
It is particularly symbolic this year
Wherever we are, we are together, we are one
At 8.30 pm, let's unite
Let's #Connect2Earth
@earthhour @NASA
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
#EUHaveYourSay and help us shape the new @LIFEprogramme 🐻🌱⚡️!
Market uptake activities funded by #H2020EE will continue from 2021 under LIFE’s #CleanEnergyTransition sub-programme!
📝Participate in the consultation before 27 April👉!NB44qM
Do you wonder what it’s like to apply for #LIFEprogramme funding? Get some insight from successful #LIFEprojects!
Kai from LIFE Waste2Protein 🇩🇪 explains how he and his team applied for their #environmental project to produce protein from a fly species.
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
#H2020 @LandSense, @growobservatory, @GroundTruth20 and @SCENT_EU met together to discuss the challenges and opportunities in #CitizenScience.
Check the conclusions ➡️
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Looking for a way to teach your kids about #ClimateChange as we #StayHome ?
Try “Our planet, our future” 🌍
Explore the causes & impacts of climate change, discover green solutions and learn what you can do to help keep #OurPlanet healthy & clean 🌳🌿♻️👇🏼!mF36wJ
It’s #FollowFriday #FF! Here are four #LIFEprojects on sustainable wine production 🍇🍷 you should follow:

➡️ @zeowine
➡️ @GrapesLife
➡️ @LifeAdviclim
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
⚡️Our March newsletter is here!⚡️
Packed with information on:
▪️@LIFEprogramme Consultation
▪️#H2020EE call
▪️@EU_ManagEnergy initiative
▪️building renovation projects by @ProjectBertim & #MORECONNECT
and more to keep you updated and inspired! ➡️!Kv87WK
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🇪🇺 The #EU is helping cities become drivers of the #circulareconomy! ♻️

🌱 The #IntelligentCitiesChallenge helps cities become leaders of technological #innovation, #sustainability and the #EuropeanGreenDeal.

Register your interest here ➡️

Let's create the future of the #LIFEprogramme together. Take part in our consultation and share your wishes for the next LIFE Programme ☀️🦔🌿💡 with us! You have time until 📆 27 April.

LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🦉 Nature protection
☁️ Climate action
⚡️ Energy transition
This what the next @LIFEprogramme 2021-2027 will focus on.
Take part in the online survey & share with us your ideas about how the future #LIFEprogramme can best support action for #OurPlanet 🌍🌱!WH34pb
Only 8️⃣ more days until we launch the 2020 #LIFEprogramme call for project proposals.
Book your agenda! EU funding will be available for #environment 🌱, #NatureProtection 🦔 and #ClimateAction ☀️.

Read @lifebiobcompo’s tips for a successful proposal ➡️!qb44Pw
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Forests are home to an astonishing 80% of life on land, protect our climate, and provide clean air & water for millions of people.
Protecting our 🌲🌳🌴 is protecting life itself!
Let’s preserve and cherish these valuable ecosystems.
They are too precious to lose.
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Today is Greece’s National Day. In challenging times like these, #WeStandTogether with our Greek friends. 🇬🇷 🇪🇺
Χρόνια πολλά Ελλάδα! #25ηΜαρτίου @EEAthina
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Are you managing a EU🇪🇺funded project?

Communicate about your project by taking part in the #EUinmyRegion postcard contest🖼️.

Send us the most beautiful pictures that you have with a short description.

Join the campaign💻📩:!wu33FJ
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🌱🇪🇺 @LIFEprogramme has financed over 5,000 projects to this day. All to protect & restore the EU's environment, nature & climate.
We need your help to shape the programme's future 🌲🐝🌄
#EUHaveYourSay here 👇… #EUGreenDeal
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
While our immediate focus is on combating #COVID19, our work on delivering the #EUGreenDeal continues. 🌍🌱🌊

@EU_Commission, myself & our services @EU_ENV & @EU_MARE keep working on our priorities with determination.

Thank you colleagues for your dedication 📝 & work ethic! 🇪🇺
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Together we can take care of #OurPlanet 🌍🌿
What inspires you to act?
🦔 Caring for nature?
🍃 Living in a cleaner environment?
⚡️ Saving money on your energy bill?
Tell us in our consultation on the #EUClimatePact 👇🏼!uc89QY #EUGreenDeal
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
During these difficult times, @OceanoMonaco opens its virtual doors to the public: dive into the depths of the #ocean, discover the hidden beauty of our #seas, find out more about #marine life🐠🐟🐡🐬🦈🐳🐙🦞🦀


#stayhome #StrongerTogether
Do you want to know when to best start your #LIFEproject journey and how much time you will have to complete all of your project's actions? 🗓️⏳
Find the answer to these and many other questions in our #LIFEProgramme #FAQs!

LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
In these difficult times we appreciate Life 🌍 & all most valuable goods like food & water even more.

Water is the foundation of our societies & makes Nature thrive.

This #WorldWaterDay our actions must go beyond our words.

Protecting 💧, protecting us!…
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
In reply to @EU_ENV
The #DiSSCo project aims at building the future of European Natural Science Collections, they also develop #ELVIS, the European Loans and Visits system! Which is your #ProjectWithCoolAcronym @EU_FARNET @LIFEprogramme @EU_H2020 @EUScienceInnov @EU_MARE @EU_ScienceHub @CNRS @CSIC ?
Check your inbox 📩, the #LIFEprogramme newsletter is out!

✅ Registrations open for the online #EULife20 Info Day
☀️ #EUHaveYourSay on the future of the LIFE Programme
📎 Order now your LIFE factsheet and poster

➡️ #LIFEproject news & more:!cp76th
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
#ClimateChange has a big impact on water.
Melting glaciers, floods & drought are affecting water quality & resources.
Better data & putting 💧 at the 💙 of #ClimateAction can help us
📊monitor & manage water more efficiently
☔️prepare for & adapt to climate change
The next LIFE Programme 2021-2027 will support #ClimateAction ☀️, #CircularEconomy ♻️ and the transition towards a #CleanEnergyEU 💡. Learn what else we have in store for the future to contribute to the #EUGreenDeal goals.

➡️!uw73wB #MFF
How to satisfy your travel bug when you can't leave the 🏡?
With our minds we can travel to any place we want, including these beautiful #LIFEproject locations 🏞️. Discover the projects and learn how they protect nature and #EUbiodiversity on the spot!

LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Everyone, everywhere has the right to safe water 💧 It's that simple.
Here are 5 things everyone should know this #WorldWaterDay 👇🏽
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Today is the #InternationalDayofForests 🌳
Home to 80% of the 🌏 terrestrial biodiversity 🦉, they are under threat from deforestation & climate change
We need them 🌲
They need us 🌳
They are #TooPreciousToLose 🌴…
#IntlForestDay #Biodiversity2020
Today is the #InternationalDayofForests! 🌲 🌳 🌲

Learn more about our forestry #LIFEprojects, such as @LIFE_MOTTLES 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇷🇴 that helps protect our forests against #ozone pollution ➡️!CJ77vh
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🌳 Healthy #forests are crucial to tackle #ClimateChange and biodiversity loss.

With the #EUGreenDeal we want to step up our efforts and continue to work with partner countries to improve sustainable forest management and enhance #biodiversity conservation.

LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
📩 Why is #BEWAREproject important? Discover its partners' opinions and subscribe to the project #newsletter to keep updated on hydraulic risk adaptation and mitigation measures! ➡️ #ClimateChange #LIFEprogramme #Floods #Water #Resilience
#StayHome, #StaySafe and stay tuned with our #LIFEprogramme news and events, which will be available to you online!

It’s #FollowFriday #FF!
Tomorrow is the #InternationalDayofForests – a good opportunity to follow these five #LIFEprojects on #SustainableForestry 🌲🌳:

➡️ @lifesystemic
➡️ @LifeBiorgest
➡️ @healthy_forest
➡️ @mixforchange
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
#stayhome #staysafe and stay productive!🏠💚💻
Tip of the day: When writing your LIFE Proposal make sure there is a clear link between the proposed actions, means and the project objectives. View the full video with Hints & Tips➡️
Are you planning to apply for #LIFEProgramme funding?

Alfonso from #LIFEproject @lifebiobcompo 🇵🇱🇮🇹 explains how he and his team applied for their #ClimateChange project and shares his top tips 💡 on how to succeed.

Read the full interview here ➡️!qb44Pw
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🚨 Do you have a ground-breaking close-to-market idea to help tackle the #CoronaOutbreak 🦠? #EUeic invites you to apply for #eicAccelerator funding by 18 March! 👉!Ht67xK (1/3)
#COVID19 #medtech #medicalresearch
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Renewable energy ⚡️will play a fundamental role in achieving the EU’s energy and climate objectives. Read and learn more about #renewableenergy, milestones and future possibilities in our "in focus" article ➡️!Nv96cM #EUGreenDeal
In reply to @LIFEprogramme
Awesome! When does it come out, and will it be available to watch?
Replying to @Marta_Calix @DocPointHKI and 9 others
Dear Marta, thanks a lot for expressing your interest. The producers are waiting for the international film premiere but the coronavirus outbreak has complicated the situation. We will follow up as soon as we have news on the release date. Kind regards, LIFE Social Media Team
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Our 🌍 is losing one of its most unique landscapes at record speed.
Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice 6️⃣ times faster than they were in the 1990s.
On current trend, sea levels could rise by 1️⃣7️⃣ cm until the end of this century.
👉🏻… #ClimateAction
We want your opinion!

What is your wish for the future #LIFEProgramme? Take part in our consultation 💬 and tell us how you think the LIFE Programme 2021-2017 should be like.

LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
📢Needed: project evaluators for the 1st #InnovationFund call
✅Expertise in: decarbonisation of ⚡️intensive industries, renewables, ⚡️storage, #CCS & #CCU , finance & legal issues.
Got it? Then sign up & be part of the transition to a #ClimateNeutralEU 🌍!hj34jM
Due to #COVID19 related restrictions for applicants, we are extending the 3rd deadline for submitting proposals for LIFE preparatory projects. You have now time to apply until 📆 20 April 2020.

LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
In these difficult times for all of Europe, we stand with our Irish friends and we wish them a happy Saint Patrick’s Day. ☘️

Ireland has been part of the EU family since 1973.
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
Help reduce #COVID19 spreading by taking these simple precautions:
1. Wash your hands
2. Cough/sneeze hygienically
3. Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth
4. Stay away from others
5. If unwell, stay home
Together we can protect ourselves & all those around us
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🆕The Circular Economy Action Plan was adopted by @EU_Commission to help industries become greener♻️

Many #clusters will gain from the #EUGreenDeal in the #CircularEconomy and in supporting #SMEs

Learn more -

LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🚨 #Covid_19
We are very sorry to inform you that the #EUBlueDeal conference "safeguarding marine environment in Europe" has to be postponed, probably to October.
In these difficult times, stay safe 🙏
#EUBiodiversity #Biodiversity2020 #OceanEU #MSFD #Natura2000 #OurOcean
Do you have a good idea for a #LIFEproject 🌱💧♻️ but you don’t know if you are eligible for funding? And can NGOs apply for #LIFEProgramme grants? Find the answer to these questions and other useful information here!
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
We are calling for startups and small businesses with technologies and innovations in:
👨‍⚕️ treating
🧪 testing
🔍 monitoring
🦠 other aspects of #COVID19

Apply for fast-track EU funding – deadline 17:00 CET on 18 March ↓
How will we experience #ClimateChange and bird extinction in our near future? A new experimental film featuring #LIFEproject #NorthernBaldIbis explores this question through a fictionalised story from the future.

Watch the #trailer now ▶️
LIFE Programme Retweeted ·  
🔵Spare a thought for Europe's healthcare professionals, researchers & scientists, who are working around the clock & under tremendous pressure to keep us protected during this #coronavirus pandemic.

We are so grateful for your commitment in these difficult times 🩺

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