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Last 50 tweets from @MaximRoyreal
The music, the gold suit, the “money belt”, the INVISIBLE PLANE... 👏🏽💥⚡️💪🏽👌🏽 @WonderWomanFilm #1984 @PattyJenks @GalGadot
A new era of wonder begins. #WW84 in theaters June 5.
One of the best (heartbreak) love songs and such a beautiful voice. RIP #MarieFrediksson #Roxette - It Must Have Been Love
Maxim Roy Retweeted ·  
#CircusCruelty: After a series of #AnimalAbuse scandals + #AnimalWelfare campaigns, growing numbers in #China🇨🇳 have called for boycotts of #AnimalEntertainment - This has given rise to another monster... short-term #Animal leasing services - Article @ 🐅🐎
Antoine Olivier Pilon et moi (et Will mon AD Thai) sur le set de Gut Instinct qui change de titre pour devenir TARGET NUMBER ONE et qui sortira en Avril au Canada et en juillet dans le monde grâce à @UniversalPics
Trending on #Twitter today. Some find this funny, I find it terrifying.
Oh #Cat8!
Such amazing memories saving the world with @MatthewModine @RubyModine @MaximRoyreal #trevorhayes 💪🏻💕🌎☄️💫
@DiscoverSonar xo

Ps: good luck tomorrow 😘
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
Is it the case in Canada ?
Replying to @felixo77
There is a reform for certain sectors under way(if I'm not mistaking) but no law per say. I can assure you, it doesn't exist in the Arts.
Well Kevan @AirCanada just gave me hope that there are still kind, understanding & helpful people out there. I realize I have a blue ✔️ and that helps. I am lucky. But there is a serious problem with your system #aircanada Please don't leave us out to dry. ✌️
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
It’s been like that for months. Aeroplan too. It’s a joke over there.
I don't get it... So frustrating.
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
Hello Maxim, we are sincerely sorry for the wait. Due to system migration our volume of calls have been higher than usual and we sincerely appreciate your patience. Can you please provide your booking reference in DM in order to better guide? Best regards /Nick
Replying to @AirCanada
Thank you Nick, just sent you a dm. Hopefully this can be resolved.
.Been calling @AirCanada for 2 days trying to modify flights and it is IMPOSSIBLE to talk to someone? Literally being told my an automated voice "sorry, call later" is unacceptable! Come on, you can do better... no?!
Honoured to be part of this film(& amazing cast!) & play the inspiring, strong, brilliant woman that was journalist, Isabel Lebourdais. Her journalistic integrity could (and should) teach many. Calgary film retells Steven Truscott's wrongful conviction.…
All racial slurs are insults but not all insults are racial slurs. Boomer will NEVER be equivalent to the n-word. It is however equivalent to:
double-dipped moron
vintage idiot
bag of limp dicks
thundering fuckwit
skin-suit filled with expired cottage cheese
Replying to @kelcynical
Well said! The imagery’s amazing! 🙌🏽
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
I wanna adopt #BabyYoda ❤️
Maxim Roy Retweeted ·  
me watching my roommate getting ready to go out for the night
Maxim Roy Retweeted ·  
me watching my life fall apart in front of my very eyes
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
You must be on Season 3 already. I’m rewatching 1&2 before I start it. Almost there, will report back feelings about Charles. Sorry you’re sick, babe. 💋
Oh yeah... watched it in 3 days! So many mixed feelings this season.. 😣 Let me know! 💔
Maxim Roy Retweeted ·  
me sipping my red bull while my mom tells me i’m gonna have a heart attack
I want one #babyoda ❤️ #Weirdosunite
Baby Groot : im the cuttest
Baby Yoda : My beer you will hold

So damn cute! 😵😵😵
Waking up sick. Fail. Dog show on TV. Win. #DailyTweet
Replying to @TheRealMALTA
I feel you... been sick for 3 days... 😷 Watching @TheCrownNetflix and have developed a fondness for #PrinceCharles 😑
When I grow up I want to be Fiona Hill. ❤️
Replying to @Andrew_Airlie
Right?!? She’s my new hero!!! 🙌🏽✊🏽
Jennifer Williams and Alexander Vindman are firsthand witnesses to all of this shit, MAGAs.

We don't need the whistleblower to testify.

#DevinNunesIsAnIdiot #tuesdaythoughts
Replying to @AynRandPaulRyan
I actually LOL'd. Agreed and thank you.
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
Isn’t he the cutest thing EVER ?!?
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
Honnetement, je peux comprendre! Same here, same here!
Baby fever looking at #BabyYoda Is that weird?
Ummm. Since Tuesday, I lost my job, my furnace broke and my computer screen cracked. The computer is “vintage” and cannot be replaced. It comes in 3’s right? #superstitious
Replying to @TeriHart
Mercury in retrograde. Out with the old, in with the new!!!
Wait for it... WAIT FOR IT...😱😳
Regardez jusqu’à la fin🤭
Y'all I just died! At the very end of this is the Scariest shit I've ever scene!! Show your friends holy 🤭can't sleep
Maxim Roy Retweeted ·  
I’ve got bag news: Plastic bags aren’t accepted in most curbside recycling programs, but many local grocery/retail stores accept them. #MIRecycles
Very much agree. Burn After Reading is one of my all time fave movies. My buddy @sachasojic & I still texts each other randoms(brilliant) lines from it. If you haven't seen this Coen brothers' gem, now would be a good time. ;) #BurnAfterReading #OsborneCox #sensitivespyshit
Burn After Reading remains the most prophetic movie of our time, underestimated in the accuracy of its portrayal of Washington.
I was let go from Rogers today. In 4.5 years I did amazing things. I met, worked & created with amazing people. I told my infertility story on @cityline I was a part of the incredible @bttoronto which was a dream. I’m so proud of the people who I’ve been able to teach and mentor
Replying to @TeriHart @Cityline and 1 otherfalse
I pressed the ❤️ button but I'm not happy to read this! You are a GEM Teri, a rare breed. A solid pro who comes in prepared yet open to spontaneity... Onward to better things ! ✊ 🙏💥
Ok....😭❤️ we do love you #AlexTrebek
Trebek’s voice trembling has us crying in the club rn
Keanu Reeves is dating a woman my age who kinda looks like Helen Mirren and I have never been more attracted to him.
Replying to @LaCure
there's hope for all of us 🙏😏
“Voters should oust moral cowards.”

—Soledad 11:9
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
Isn’t it sent to just u?
In reply to @MaximRoyreal
@MaximRoyreal new 514 448 3700 🤪😺
Replying to @johnlecuyerfilm
You're making your # PUBLIC?! LOL!!!
Takes one to know one! 😘 Too short but very sweet. Thank you for the onset forbidden giggles! 🤭😂
A lady in a Tim Horton’s washroom legit just asked me if I was a man or a woman.... bc she was concerned when she saw my footwear (Blundstones) under the stall door...🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m convinced now more than ever that I need to get a @BlundstoneUS @blundstoneca endorsement 😉🙏
Replying to @KateDrummond_ @BlundstoneUS and 1 otherfalse
Oh dear..🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Je suis curieuse: quel est votre yogourt favori? #cvlc
Perso, j'ai un faible pour le yogourt au café ;)
Maxim Roy Retweeted ·  
Lead levels in the water of some parts of Montreal are as high as those in Flint, Michigan, at the peak of the 2015 water crisis. Despite that the city and provincial government says the water is safe. My & @CU_IIJ's latest for @globalnews. #TaintedH20…
Is Montreals lead problem worse than Flint, Michigans?
Maxim Roy Retweeted ·  
WATCH: Over the past year, reporters at Global News have reviewed more than 79,000 water tests in 33 cities nation-wide. They found hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been unknowingly exposed to lead, in potentially dangerous concentrations. @emcsheff
“I still have my friends from 30, 40 years ago. [When] I have to go to something ... they're like, ‘Oh, you just turned into Sharon Stone.’ It’s like she’s someone we deal with.”

@Allure_magazine November. TY @MsSummerton @giannandrea1 @PatiDubroff @mecnails @dkpergament
Replying to @sharonstone @Allure_magazine and 5 others
Loved loved looooved this interview. Thank you for opening up and being genuine about... everything. Aging... this business... & relationships in Hollywood... All the Legends are true. I’ll have coffee with you any day, anytime ! 😊
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