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Last 50 tweets from @mcuban
Are you not registered to vote?

No worries, stop by Mavs HQ Tuesday, 9/22 for the drive-thru voter's registration event from 7AM - 2PM and we’ll get you registered!

Mark Cuban Retweeted ·  
New Feature Alert 🚨🚨🚨:

You should know where your seller is based, so we added a new feature that shows their location right under the product title! Download our extension in the Chrome store here:…

#ShopLocal #SupportLocal #SmallBusiness #BuyAmerican
Mark Cuban Retweeted ·  
🚀 We’re super excited to launch today on @ProductHunt!

It’s been an extremely hard effort from the whole team and a 4 year-long journey to ship the first text-to-video platform.

Extremely thankful for your support on 🙏 Let’s create more video!
Mark Cuban Retweeted ·  
😤 ALL-NBA FIRST TEAM 😤 Congrats, @luka7doncic!

How about this - Clippers/Nuggets 2.16 (18-49)/5.2m viewers. Pre-Primetime Celts/Heat 1.57/4m viewers .


@RealDonaldTrump TownHall Live on ABC .3/3.96 million viewers.

Opposite the games. Same time.

So I guess

Being Woke Beats Being @realDonaldTrump

Am I Right ?
Ratings for Game 1 of the NBA Conference Finals plummeted.…
The next time @mcuban pretends like he is going to purchase literally anything from Pittsburgh can we please all just ignore him. He had no intention of ever buying The O, he just likes the press for being a "cool" billionaire.
Replying to @StevenEsquire
Actually we agreed on a lease with the realtor and then the owner of the building jacked up the price and gave the lease to someone else
Help #NCAA make the right choice and let these students have the day to make sure their voices are heard. #MakeHistoryWithAVote…
Let Them Vote | By Chris Bosh
2020 is about removing every obstacle between people and their right to vote. That includes student-athletes.

This week the NCAA can #MakeHistoryWithAVote and give all student-athletes Election Day off - not just this year, but every year.

Let's Go.…
🔥🔥🔥. Let's Go @DallasStars !!! Well done !
The @DallasStars have won the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl as the top team in the Western Conference! #StanleyCup
In reply to @Alex_Roarty
finley was out of bounds! robbed T-Mac, who was playing out-of-his-mind great that series
Replying to @Alex_Roarty
I prefer to remember it as us losing the first 2 at home and when we got to Houston there were fans with brooms :). What was the score of game 7 :)
This article indirectly explains why tv ratings are how they are and why businesses may pay attention to one age group and not others. Americans don't act monolithically and smart businesses and politicians know their demo.…
In reply to @kjohnmiller
It’s ok. Go to your local inner city and help that little black boy or girl and each them to become a capitalist...please. Give them money to help them become a business owner. Do that and get the fuck off Twitter. Yes I have done it, I have helped many. Can you do it?
Thanks for the Follow !
Dallas, Pittsburgh, Austin, Columbus Ohio, Nashville off the top of my head.
In reply to @mcuban
Name those well run cities Mark, I will wait. Explain why liberals seem to leave those cities and move to conservative cities.
It’s not hard to find facts if you look. An objective observer would note that 71 of the top 100 largest cities by population are run by Democrats. Odds are there will be poorly and well run cities by Democrats.
In reply to @TheOtherDonald7
Like computers, we are only as good as the information we take in. The (D) cities and states versus the (R) cities and states. Why are the D areas so run down and people so miserable despite tax and regulation? Are there prosperous cities and states for Dems? Help is appreciated.
When you start with “over regulation” and “excessive” it’s a statement not a discussion... California has historically had net + immigration and growth industries. People want to go there and technology and entertainment and more thrived. Tax policy will respond to trends
Replying to @mcuban
Environmental policy will respond to reality. Fires, heat, sea levels, whatever else happens to change. Younger generations growing up experiencing the impact of climate change will vote in response to their reality. Not just in Cali, but everywhere
When you start with “over regulation” and “excessive” it’s a statement not a discussion... California has historically had net + immigration and growth industries. People want to go there and technology and entertainment and more thrived. Tax policy will respond to trends
In reply to @TheOtherDonald7
From "the left", How do they justify over regulation and excessive taxation with California as the best example. Considering taxing those who already left? Doubt the legality but the strategy indicates systemic greed for power and money to fuel the system. Inherent to "the left"?
Not necessarily. The issue is less how much is spent and more how it is spent. There can be low overhead programs that create a multiplier effect and have a net positive impact on the economy and of course just the opposite. As an example, Creating productive jobs can be positive
Thank you, Mark. There are a few things I am struggling with currently from "the right" which I am more than ready to call BS on if true. "The economy is roaring back" yet 52% of current GDP is government spending. A healthy economy would realize less than a third of that. True?
Chills. Again and Again. Thank you Mike Breen
Great moments in Mike Breen “BANG!” history.
Follow @vestibularveda for #BalanceAwarenessWeek - Sept. 13-29, 2020 - and get the facts on #dizziness, #vertigo + other balance-related #vestibular disorders. Read about my own vestibular experience at….
Mark Cuban's Dizzying Experience - VeDA
More like: “I don’t think my parents fully understood what was going on. Thank you for taking a stand. You have a customer for life“ World Changing Businesses take a long term view knowing their brand and sales are driven by creating value and commitment
“I’m totally allowed to drive customers away from the business that employs me by insisting on sharing my controversial political opinions while I am at work.” — The Last Employee in the last business on Earth
We are here to help Donald. Feel free to post anything and I will help you with your fact checking.
Mark, once again not true. I look for reasons to call bullshit on my fellow conservatives. After I wash away the sleazy fake news and reporting and look at the math, the facts and the agendas, I seldom find reason to attack my own but I will when warranted. How about Libs? Same??
Lack of “Diversity of Opinion “ often is the precursor to what people in positions of power want to impose under the guise of “common moral principles” on those with out power.
“Diversity of opinion” often is invoked as justification for lack of common moral principles.
In reply to @NatefromATL
Always delete old tweets. What's the upside lol
Mark Cuban Retweeted ·  
In reply to @mcuban
And this is how a disagreement on social media should go. Well done fellas, hopefully some peoples minds were enlightened/opened to other points of view. Gm7 bout to be 🔥, but hell, Clips/Nuggets gm 5 is 🔥🔥🔥 too! NBA, I LOVE THIS GAME🖤
And yes. This clips nuggets ending is unreal !!! @NBAonTNT
In reply to @mcuban
And this is how a disagreement on social media should go. Well done fellas, hopefully some peoples minds were enlightened/opened to other points of view. Gm7 bout to be 🔥, but hell, Clips/Nuggets gm 5 is 🔥🔥🔥 too! NBA, I LOVE THIS GAME🖤
The customer isn’t always right.
Mark Cuban on Why You Should Never Listen to Your Customers
In reply to @mcuban
Revenue numbers? Well- it "is" a business (with employees) all the way down to the nacho vendor, so most companies "try" and give customers what they want? If not, sell the team and give all your $$ to some Climate Change initiative.
I knew I liked you. Mad Dog 2020 ? Right ? For me, I’m going to make the right decision and tune into @NBAonTNT and strongly encourage everyone to do so. It’s a game 7 !!! @raptors VS @Celtics Let’s Gooooo. I’m rooting for 3OTs !
I agree, which is why I’ve tried to conduct this conversation respectfully...and not just because I’m a fan of the Tank. I think you’re an interesting person. But it’s Friday night & I’m now drinking with friends — and for those reasons, I’m out. (For now!)
Of course they can boo. And some did. Of course partisan media is going to take sides and play to their audiences. But then what ?
In reply to @mcuban
So he’s allowed to do it his way but 100 KC chiefs fans can’t boo at an event they paid to be at? Interesting
Now we know where you stand and you get to add to the discussion as you see fit. Hopefully those of us with open minds can learn from each other, leave behind dogma and narratives as fact, most importantly, QUESTION EVERYTHING and LOOK FOR FACTS
Well, I disagree strongly with them. And I do have a problem with calling police pigs & the country racist. I also believe he has the right to say whatever he wants (🇺🇸).

I have learned from some blm advocates — while also not being terribly interested in “learning” from Kaep.
So What he didn’t comment or do interviews? @Kaepernick7 gets to do it his way. Maybe he has the better approach ? He isn’t an elected official. He gets to do it his way.
In reply to @mcuban
Hey Mark - Hope you’re well. To answer the question: Colin Kaepernick wore socks depicting police officers as pigs. He also didn’t make any statement after criminal justice reform was passed in the Democratic House and the Republican Senate. He also won’t permit any interviews.
Do I agree with them ? No. Do I have a problem with them? No. We allow and learn from non-violent dissent in this country. Societal Change and Disruption are never easy and often make people uncomfortable. No change agent gets it all correct,Kap has had a positive impact
Depicting police as pigs, calling July 4th ‘a celebration of white supremacy’ & glorifying Fidel Castro. I have a problem with those. Do you?
What are Colin’s worst excesses ? I’m fine with diversity of opinion anywhere, anytime As I’ve said before I’m more concerned with the country we leave for our kids than my revenue numbers.
In reply to @guypbenson
And here are some Q’s for you: Do you think someone can support blm and also take issue with kneeling during the US anthem? Or Colin Kaepernick’s worst excesses? Trying to bring this back to sports. What do you think of fans in, say, Dallas who find anthem protests disrespectful?
You obviously get to believe and support what you choose. I’ve alway been clear that violence and looting is wrong and should be prosecuted. That doesn’t make the BLM Movement goal to end systemic racism and reform police departments any less important or necessary
In reply to @mcuban
Ok, so what counts & what doesn’t? Am I allowed to support the underlying proposition & not support the organization? Can you support blm without endorsing the worst behavior of some protesters/activists, or the tenets of the platform on the BLM website?
That’s great you support the BLM movement. Let me ask another question. If this was about the website and it’s positions, don’t you think there would be a .com everywhere there was Black Lives Matter ?
In reply to @mcuban
I’m referring to the organization that controls the .com and .org website. They have elements of their platform that I do not agree with at all. Am I allowed to support blm without supporting ‘BLM’? Do you endorse the ‘BLM’ platform in its entirety? If not, why not?
Are you referring to the organization started by the people who created the BLM hashtag ? What is their involvement in the current movement ?
In reply to @mcuban
I think there’s a difference between believing fervently in the fundamental and correct proposition that black lives matter (and, btw, understanding why ‘all lives matter’ misses the point) and BLM the organization. I support the former, not the latter.
Thank You. How would you define Black Lives Matter ? And what do the founders of the hash tag have to do with what is going on today ?
In reply to @mcuban
I applaud @mcuban for engaging. He’s always been a ‘let’s get downto it’ guy. I love that ... and his loyalty to players. Mark, we passionately believe black lives matter. But not Black Lives Matter, the Marxist enterprise. FWIW:…
Any combination of positions are possible. But let me ask a question. Since my support and @NBA support of BLM seems to be at the heart of this matter, how would you define Black Lives Matter ?
In reply to @mcuban
Oh yes there are bubbles on both sides. And what you described is not at all how I operate or what I believe. One can (a) not worship Trump or even like his messaging on anthem/kneeling controversies AND (b) be put off by politicized sports, which can/should be a unifying force.
Actually, the biggest bubble that I participate in is Conservative FB. It’s a world where whatever Trump says is gospel, any criticism is an obvious lie and all other perspectives are Marxist. All absolute positions with no room for discussion w memes used as a foundation of fact
In reply to @mcuban
Given the Gallup results, might this response suggest that you’re in a bit of a bubble? I’m a huge sports (and Shark Tank) fan & have seen some of the coverage you reference. But there is absolutely another side to this that’s turning off a *lot* of people.
The only "discussion" of sports being politicized that I have heard is on @foxnews and similar media.

During pro sports broadcasts I have seen promotion and discussions of Unity, Equality and ending Racism.
The plunge is driven by Republicans and independents. Yes, there are other factors, but an undeniably enormous one is the politicizing of sports (NBA especially bad/hypocritical on wokeness re: China) and to pretend otherwise is head-in-sand stuff.
In reply to @willcain
"For each of the following business sectors in the United States, please say whether your overall view of it is very positive, somewhat positive, neutral, somewhat negative or very negative" Tell me how this question can be attributable to any one aspect of the sports industry ?
Replying to @mcuban @willcain
You can read into it whatever you would like. The reality is that this poll tells us nothing about sports. Tell me one thing that could improve attitudes about accounting by 34% ? Lol. These types of polls are good for getting the pollster media coverage, not much more
In reply to @mcuban
Cmon Mark. This isn’t a reflection of youth sports being shut down. We saw what happened to NFL in 2016. We’re seeing it again. What company thinks it’s good biz to insult such a big percentage of their customers? You can be principled, but you can’t tell me that’s good biz.
Replying to @willcain
"For each of the following business sectors in the United States, please say whether your overall view of it is very positive, somewhat positive, neutral, somewhat negative or very negative" Tell me how this question can be attributable to any one aspect of the sports industry ?
Ok @willcain

Define "Sports Industry"

Could this be because kids sports were shut down? Maybe college schedule shutdowns ? Maybe, protests didn't go far enough ? Maybe not enough spikeball ? Sometimes @willcain, a poll question is so broad the results mean nothing.
In reply to @willcain
I know many in sports don’t want to believe this, but they are destroying their audience. They are committing industry suicide. Sports is now viewed more unfavorably than lawyers...and CNN anchors!…
Mark Cuban Retweeted ·  
Don’t Mess With Texas tackles PPE littering. ⁦@TxDOT⁩ is teaming up with ⁦@McConaughey⁩ ⁦@GeorgeStrait⁩ and ⁦@mcuban⁩ seeing an increase in masks, gloves and wipes littered across the Lone Star State.…
Mark Cuban Retweeted ·  
🏀ABC's broadcast of #Lakers #Rockets GM2 on Sunday generated 5,432,000 viewers, peaking w/ 7,012,000 viewers from 1045-11PM ET. (Nielsen)

✔️Most-watched 2020 #NBAPlayoffs broadcast.

✔️Most-watched TV program in M18-34 demo since the finale of The Last Dance on ESPN (May 17).
#VOTE By Election Day almost 25% of the Trump Presidency will have been served during a Pandemic. #VOTE
In reply to @mcuban
“Get woke go broke” is catchy but it’s is a con. The NBA, NIKE, NFL, and other companies they said would go broke are all thriving.…
In reply to @mcuban
Let’s be forward thinking and bring your athletes and DPD and Dallas city officials together to discuss and find solutions. Be the heroes the community needs right now!
Replying to @46Writer @NBA and 1 otherfalse
We have been doing this and have had these programs for years. People don’t really care what we actually do. Just what we tweet
Yes. At practice, Yes. And of course, many do. I hired a former Police Chief at the Mavs for special Mavs/DPD programs and we have actively supported the DPD for yrs. Can you support @NBA players when they criticize @realDonaldTrump and police brutality and ask for reform ?
Questions for @NBA players: Is a player allowed to be a Trump supporter. Is a player allowed to wear a #MAGA hat during practice. Is a player allowed to have family members in law enforcement. Please forward your answers to me ASAP . @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @FoxNews
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