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Last 50 tweets from @MeeraAlSuwaidii
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
الحياة أبسط بكتير من إننا نكلكعها على نفسنا، اللي عايز يقرب يقرب، واللي عايز يبعد يبعد، اللي يحبك متخسرهوش، اللي عايز يمشي افتحله الباب واشكره على الفترة اللي كان موجود فيها، اللي يهتم اهتم بيه، واللي يحسسك إحساس حلو رده بإحساس أحسن منه ، واللي يحسسك إحساس وحش متقفش عنده..
596 1,027
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
Early morning walk to Craigh Na Dun this morning over looking the lights of Inverness #Outlander
6 83
i can’t watch a video about artificial intelligence or future technology and not relate it to Black Mirror.. It has officially ruined my life
0 0
0 1
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
Filters can really help!
Four images of (with The constellation of Orion, Pleiades, Aldebaran, Rosette Nebula and part of Seagull Nebula in frame) from last night brief photo session.
@AlSadeemAstro #UAE #AbuDhabi
6 10
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
فاضل المهيري | Fadel
#WarnerBros Gotham in Abu Dhabi: Warner Bros World Opening in 2018 UAE 🤟 🇦🇪
1 4
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
The #Oscars stage designer deserves an award
34,343 88,497
Kirochka | ユーリ!!! On Ice ❄️💍⛸
Replying to @synikhvily :
@MeeraAlSuwaidii @ItsJustFaisal Dead pool kills the marvel universe ?????
0 0
Replying to @BelabdAlmur :
@BelabdAlmur @ItsJustFaisal That comic is so awesome ! 💥
This one is just him vs Thanos , so funny 😂
0 1
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
1 1
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
أكبر مكتبة في الصين حيث تضم ما يقارب المليون كتاب.
533 1,174
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
#LegionFX { season 2 } // official cast photos ⛒
187 278
@MeeraAlSuwaidii 🤣🤣 عادي انا ف ايميلي مكتوب alsuwaid 🤣🤣
0 0
Replying to @queenmoony2 :
@queenmoony2 No way 😂😭😂😂💔 معنه اسم عايلتنا سهل ينكتب ، سخيفين 😂😂
0 0
@MeeraAlSuwaidii @meelectricity @Elwejddan السويدي مكتوبه غلط
0 0
Replying to @queenmoony2 :
@queenmoony2 هيه ناسين i 🤦🏻‍♀️
0 0
here are some of the many looks of lupita nyong’o colour coordinated for aesthetic purposes
22,340 54,288
2 7
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
he's back and we have been blessed again
47,236 105,206
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
The Four Elements: Finding Your Element And What It Means… via @JoinGaia
0 0
Who wants to sing this with me in the car once I get a car but also a license because I still don’t have one of those yet either
0 2
Replying to @MoonlightMai :
@MoonlightMai ME!!! I love singing along to this 😂😂🙏🏻 one of my all time favs
0 1
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
@VirtualTal @MaryPoppins I almost expected to see Voldemort zipping down through the clouds cursing everyone left and right. Harry Potter has forever changed my outlook on everything.
  · Twitter Lite · en
2 178
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
everyone needs a friend like keegan michael key is to jordan peele
4 3
Angelic ✨
New Chanel ambassador Margot Robbie wore custom Couture gown to the #Oscars
  · Hootsuite · en
1 6
1 1
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
أكبر الفائزين في حفل الأوسكار
Shape of Water: 4
Dunkirk: 3
Blade Runner 2049: 2
Coco: 2
Darkest Hour: 2
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing: 2

74 215
“Mark me.” #outlanderfanswillgetthis
Here’s one for all with a Jacobite interest out there. Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Engraved locket in gold with portrait miniature resting upon a tartan swatch with lock of hair opposite. To be sold at Mellors & Kirk Auctioneers, Nottingham, 7th March

  · Twitter for iPad · en
19 52
0 0
The type of morning motivation we all need 💪🏻💫 Thank you Mr. Wade
Good morning everyone, it’s a new day and you all know what that means? It’s another day to keep faith of whatever you’re dreaming and achieving cuz at some point of your life you will have what you always wanted
2 3
0 2
Frances’ speeeech 💛💛💛 #oscars
0 0
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
viola davis INVENTED every color in the book #Oscars
9,277 25,777
This GIF made my day. #WakandaForever CONGRATS!
Chadwick Boseman presenting Daniel Kaluuya for Get Out winning best feature film at the independent spirit award
64,074 167,627
7 11
NO. I like Remember Me but This Is Me is a much better song ugh #Oscars
1 2
Replying to @m1nwa :
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
بعد 14 ترشيح، الكبير روجير ديكينز يفعلها أخيرا ويفوز بجائزة الأوسكار لأفضل تصوير في 2018.
24 80
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
أداء أغنية فيلم #TheGreatestShowman الرائعة “This Is Me” من حفل الأوسكار 😍💖
#Oscars #OscarMix
79 290
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
Meera Stark Retweeted ·  
Margot Robbie's looks at the Academy Awards throughout the years (2014—2018) #Oscars90
136 471
0 0
Replying to @MeeraAlSuwaidii :
0 0
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