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Last 50 tweets from @memeprovider
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his reaction has me crying
  · Buffer · en
44,339 122,963
memes Retweeted ·  
the end of an era.
24,398 97,748
the end of an era.
#BREAKING Toys R Us to file for bankruptcy according to Bloomberg. Amazon competition & kids wanting tablets not toys has hurt the company.
27,508 35,252
24,398 97,747
Great places to take ur girl on Valentine’s Day🌹:

Pleasant Park
Tomato Town
Snobby Shores
Tilted Towers
Retail Row
Moisty Mire
Shifty Shafts
Lonely Lodge
Wailing Woods
24,762 81,933
my FBI agent is my number 1 fan
113,990 402,246
just got fortnite where am i dropping
33,530 127,435
Elon Musk sent a Tesla blasting David Bowie on the radio strapped to the most powerful rocket ever launched into the orbit of mars and you’re still amazed at the fact that a celebrity could have a baby without telling you
16,131 56,348
*puts hand over webcam*

FBI agent: where’d he go...

*takes hand off webcam*


FBI agent: dam haha you got me bro
80,153 284,070
2018 women are still:

-not texting back
-out in the club
-having bad communication skills

While dudes:

-stay home n gang up in the Battle Royale
-all land together at Tilted Towers
-make sure their squad has full shield
-let everyone know there’s shots coming from SE 345
61,112 176,807
Yo where tf my Uber taking me
13,590 53,941
Tom Brady trying to run with the football
29,808 103,182
The first pic of Kylie’s baby is so cute
11,174 49,296
2018 bout to be wilddd
13,211 57,956
You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about
15,791 66,407
You know I had to
34,634 125,915
The evolution of technology continues to amaze me. The new corolla’s can smoke and use selfie sticks.
22,050 71,942
this how vegans go swimming
18,560 72,853
My homie over there thinks you cute.
23,215 89,654
Italian condoms are weird
50,217 169,880
I love twitter dot com
86,239 266,125
RIP to the pup in my profile picture named Bailey. Your legacy will live on. 😞
18,482 112,985
Stages of Twitter:

1) Create an account.

2) You don't understand.

3) You left for a few months.

4) You returned.

5) You become addicted.
68,600 240,965
RT for a healthy and wealthy 2018
95,303 90,875
this is it. 2017 officially peaked on its last day.
45,710 139,492
🎼 can i speak to your managerrr🎤🎼
41,750 130,538
i didn’t flinch on this one. death gonna die before Morgan Freeman does
BREAKING: At the age of 80 Narrator/Actor Morgan Freeman woke up peacefully in his home this morning.
2,881 6,644
23,838 89,377
Rare pic of Britney Spears, Barack Obama, and Michael Jackson, 2000
24,084 94,388
Going out tonight, B day flow.
50,223 151,320
Taken: A Break
Liam Neeson is finally tired of doing action movies
  · SocialFlow · en
696 3,738
24,310 103,970
39,016 85,229
After centuries, we are finally seeing evolution.
33,234 115,838
Lil Pump is short for Little Pumpernickel
23,023 94,889
not sure what I'm supposed to do with this information
29,915 83,636
so no net neutrality?
43,563 117,659
Why you don’t put Christmas lights on palm trees.
68,790 208,382
Just found a penguin skeleton in the road. Poor little fella 😢
42,465 143,905
Lil Forrest Pump (1994)
51,436 145,739
I hope every person who ever thought I would fail sees this.
23,303 106,968
Yeah animal crossing is fun, but have you tried crossing my mind

╭┈┈┈┈╯   ╰┈┈┈╮

 ╰┳┳╯    ╰┳┳╯
  💧       💧

  💧       💧
10,515 38,840
"what tf is up kyle? no what did you say dude? what tf dude? step tf up kyle"
22,124 74,436
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