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Last 50 tweets from @Michelangelo2
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Here's Afrin city, which Turkey is bombing tonight.
No Olive Branch military presence anywhere remotely near it.
Clear indiscriminate bombing, targeting of civilians.
War crime.
128 85
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Official FCA Anthem feat.Erdogan
296 518
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  

Turkish Army seen heading through AlQaeda stronghold of Idlib heading to Southern Aleppo front. Unclear final destination yet. AlQaeda is providing protection to the @NATO member along the route.
322 182
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
#Kurds in #Rojava fight & capture #ISIS terrorist financed & supported by #NATO member #Turkey to keep everybody safe from the barbarians. However, Turkey is bombing and attacking the same brave #YPG #YPJ forces & civilians while NATO and the Western governments remain silent!
0 2
VIDEO: Turkish soldiers are torturing a villager at rural #Afrin in order to get information on ATGMs.
554 212
0 0
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
YPG captured an ACV-15 and armaments from Turks/Turkish-backed jihadists after clearing Sheikh Khoruz hill and surrounding villages. #Afrin
188 291
Footage of a precision strike targeting terrorists that downed Russian jet in #Syria
  · Media Studio · en
78 153
Replying to @RT_com :
@RT_com Your own fault abandoning the #Afrin & #kurds in a #traitorous deal with #Turkey. you reap what you sow! #DefendAfrin #Rojava
0 0
To get some perspective
The huge light orange country is Turkey.
The small blue dot = Efrîn
And only the existance of that tiny blue dot is such a risk to mega orange
They have to throw all their planes, tanks, artillery & mercenaries on it
And destroy it
346 342
0 0
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Turkey pushed Al-Nusra Front to fight us in north-east of Syria, it doomed to death, then Turkey pushed Daesh to fight us in Raqqa, also it doomed death. Now Turkey involved directly in fighting us , but it will be its end in Afrin. @trpresidency
  · Twitter Lite · en
235 364
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
According to World Health Organization (WHO), in a week of Turkish army incursion into #Afrin, 86 civilians have been killed, 200 others wounded, including 7 killed from the same family.…
Health Cluster Weekly Situation Report: Whole of Syria, Week 5, 26 January 1 February 2018 Situation Report from World Health Organization, Health Cluster, published 01 Feb 2018
85 25
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Turk invade neighbour country w intention to colonize it and drive out original inhabitants, replace them w AQ jihadis. Anounce you're on jihad...but when your soldiers get killed you scream #killeramerika
117 194
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
#Turkish aggression in #Afrin continues, besides aiming at peaceful Kurdish people, it's an attack on another country. This helps #ISIS re-emerge and the Int. coalition which defeated ISIS with #Kurds should not stay silent. US & #Russia have a responsibility to stop the attacks.
173 288
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Turkish warplanes bombed and completely destroyed the Khalidiyah village in Sherwa area
167 105
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Gissur “Gilgo” Simonarson
Erdogan is allied with terrorists from Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to ISIS and al-Qaeda. Now he is attacking our best anti-terror partner, and the only women’s liberation group in the Middle East.

It is time for the world to stop #ErdogansWarOnAfrin
297 237
If anyone had told you 10 years ago
That a #NATO army would allign with Al Qaeda Mercenaries & they would attack together using NATO weapons/warplanes/tanks
And that all world would look away from it
You would have put that person in mental hospital
Today it is reality
291 341
0 0
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Ramin Hossein Panahi, a 22yr old Kurdish activist from Sanandaj (Sine), was shot & arrested by IRGC on June 23, 2017. Since then, Panahi has been subject to torture & inhumane treatment while locked in solitary confinement | #SOSramin
73 88
Turkish official TV channel TRT says that Turkish army deliberately attacks civilians in Afrin.
637 488
0 0
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Ministry of Interior files criminal complaint against Turkish Medical Association for their statements against the war in Afrin.
23 18
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Why is Islam, one of the most misogynistic, human-rights-abusing and hateful ideologies on the planet protected by such an insane level of privilege that its atrocities, both past and present, cannot be honestly criticised without accusations of bigotry falling upon the critic?
1,263 2,599
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Update Afrin: Kurdish official accuses Turkey of using forbidden Napalm weapons in Afrin.
300 187
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
#PYD announced that #TurkishArmy uses the forbidden #Nabalm #weapons in #Afrin against civilians.
#Rojava #YPG #Efrin #AfrinUnderAttack
34 49
A child severely injured by Turkish air raid, one of the many civilian victims of the raids today. #Afrin canton officials call on the international community to condemn and stop the civilian massacres.
184 79
0 0
Turkish Parliamentary Speaker İsmail Kahraman: "We are in #Afrin now. We are a big country. One cannot progress without jihad, cannot stand tall. What business do the American cowboys have here?"
87 41
0 0
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Never FORGET!!!
195 324
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
This is what happens if worldleaders keep appeasing, ignoring & excusing Turkeys goons hoping that will make tensions calm down. It don't. They see it as weakness & fear & become more megalomanic every day
71 57
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
"Allah o Akbar we are gonna kill atheist Kurds"

Not ISIS but #Turkey backed jihadist attacking #Afrin and now they are part of NATO!

1,138 730
Turkish air raids destroyed the Ain Dara Hittite temple complex, an archaeological site south of #Afrin.
991 514
0 0
BREAKING: Health council of Afrin Canton has announced that 86 civilian were killed and 198 civilians wounded in eight days as a result of ongoing Turkish Army assaults. #WarCrimes
333 127
0 0
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
many foreign journalists in Turkey pretty much repeating what officials claim. One of them told me if they cross the red tapes they will be kicked out. I take my deportation as a badge of honer. #shamelessjournalism
250 372
Precision strikes by @CJTFOIR killed nearly 150 ISIS terrorists near As Shafah, Syria on Jan. 20. Our SDF partners are still making daily progress and sacrifices, & together we continue finding, targeting & killing ISIS terrorists in the middle Euphrates River Valley.#defeatDaesh
243 371
Replying to @OIRSpox :
@OIRSpox @CJTFOIR How about protecting the very same "partners" in #Afrin from #TurkishArmy & murdering #Turkish #proxy #Terrorists ? Put your money where your mouth is
0 0
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Withdrawing #LeylaZana from Parliament is unjustified and completely political. It comes after a series of punishments against her because she defends the cause of the #Kurdish people. This shows the racial policy of Erdogan’s government, which should be condemned. @leylazanainfo
92 228
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
#Turkish build up of force on the border with #Rojava & threats by @RT_Erdogan government to attack #Afrin & #Manbij is totally unacceptable and an outright attack on the #Kurds. @CJTFOIR led by America has the responsibility to prevent this attack on its ally in defeating #ISIS
200 351
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Three years ago HDP MP İdris Baluken was part of the “Imrali-delegation” during the”peace process” between Turkish state & Kurdish side. Today Baluken has been sentenced to more than 15 years in jail #Turkey
38 20
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
#KRG spokesman corrects some of PM @HaiderAlAbadi's inaccurate information about @Kurdistan's oil sales, revenues and salaries.

Meaningful dialogue rather than misinformation via the media is long overdue.…
KRG Spokesperson responds to Prime Minister Al-Abadi
  · Twitter Lite · en
14 90
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
@brett_mcgurk Including the extension of the flight ban on KURDISTAN international airports?! A landlocked region that depends on its airports! A punitive measure against the people of Kurdistan Region that is only driven by false pride, vengeance and chauvinism as a response to referendum
3 9
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Another reminder that what we need right now are statesmen and women, not politicians #nationalinterestbeforeparty…
28 74
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
Update: PM Barzani warns Arabization will create a new cycle of insecurity and demands the UN and Baghdad become engaged to end the practice.…
48 69
Michelangelo Retweeted ·  
“In recent times, Iraqi PM Haider Al Abadi has been mistreating the Kurdish citizens in his country. It is time for this to come to an end.” #Kurdistan…
4 6
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