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Last 50 tweets from @MikeRoyce
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
"You can't tell me what to do with my body." -Leslie Dracarys "The Bitch" Jones, #SNL
It’s Rep. Amash*

(It’s Rep. A Monster Mash)
Replying to @NoahGarfinkel
This one snuck up on me then just kinda gave me a hug
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
My sons live in LA now, so just received my Mother's Day gift in the mail.
They know me well - perfect. Please #SaveODAAT so I can use this mug while I watch new episodes written by @MikeRoyce and @everythingloria
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
This story will make your heart ache, and it should. It is worth every second of the time you’ll spend with it.
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Bumping this thread for whoever needs it today.

Remember you can google “low cost therapy” in your area (or online) and they often work based off your income.

Or if you are in college they often have therapists working towards their certification.
I have done both of these
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
"Help, help, I’ve just been attacked by a large Middle Eastern country around 636,000 square miles in size."
You may not have heard they hired the Asian chick, who hates all white men. Does that not make it better?
Replying to @DickInman @moryan
Hey you’re incredibly wrong. Any last words before I block your dumb ass?
In a world where so many mediocre men fail upward, Bret Stephens continues to stand out as a particularly impressive case of whiny, lazy, bland stupidity somehow getting an enormous, undeserved platform. But as a former Huffpo twerp, I guess I *would* say that...
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
It's Friday! That means #WGAStaffingBoost Writers Lists Day! Showrunners: Great writers for you to hire.👇🏽

The Black Book (Black Writers)…

Write Women (Women Writers)…

La Lista (Latinx Female Writers)…
The Black Book (Black Writers in the WGA)
The Write Women - 1st Edition
And now it’s official. I’m writing my feature film debut ‘Three Weeks’ - a romantic-comedy-drama about abortion. Backed by
@_eva_yates at @BBCFilms & by produced by @julianottingham #youknowme @Variety…
Replying to @susan_wokoma @_eva_yates and 3 others
Fantastic 👍👍👍👍
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
As the kids say, 🤔
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
This is what we need to see. It's not enough to be pro-choice. It's not enough to denounce abortion bans. We need both leadership AND a plan to get out out the hole the @GOP has dug. So grateful to @ewarren for leading with her. #stopthebans…
Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Save Abortion Rights
"The Cool Kids"?
Hahaha the joke is that it’s a 20th show I get it
And this is the same studio which couldn’t see the value in making sure the full Murphy Brown catalogue was streaming somewhere other than Starz (where I think it is/once was). Praying the new WarnerMedia service opens the TV vault. Let me stream Alice and Flo!
Or a certain never-yet-streaming show about 3 dudes in their 50s I mean that would be my JAM
Thrilled to be joining the @NBCBluffCityLaw room. I like to think my bleeding heart liberal attorney father would approve. Hope you’ll all be tuning in!
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
.@GileadSciences paid its former CEO $180 mil, while making billions in profit from lifesaving HIV drugs that are unaffordable for people who need them. The kicker: those drugs were developed using tens of millions of TAXPAYER dollars.

And someone needed to call 'em out. 🗣️
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Verve Signs WGA’s Code Of Conduct, A First Crack in Agencies’ Solidarity…
Which one are you doing?
Replying to @EmilySchooley
the "half-assed" one... Orenda but using up the rest of one I had leftover
I'm on cleanse so if food drops on the floor instead of the 5-second rule I eat it and everything around it and my hand
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
I don’t understand what she’s asking for in this video but goddamn it I want her to have it.
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
.@amnestyUSA, @producersguild, @ucla_law and @uclaanderson hosted a conversation with leading voices in Hollywood to talk about how to tell and honor the stories of refugees in TV and Film.

Their answers are worth hearing for yourself:
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
If you're headed to @ATXFestival in June, don't miss the panel "Better with Age: Growing Older on TV" featuring writer/creator @MikeRoyce, writer Sarah Thompson & actor @MimiKennedyLA, moderated by our own @Katefolb!…
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
why are women’s bodies more controlled than guns? which ones are the actual threat to life?
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Biden May be the lamest Dem Presidential candidate I’ve ever seen and with Kerry, Gore and the Clintons that’s saying a lot.
Warren being behind Buttgieg in any poll is fucking pathetic.
oh oh i get it this is a metaphor. Knicks = feeling you get before you fart. Gots it thx
This works on a sports and biological level
mike he’s doing it again
if it's not a fart or food that causes a fart then what do you want him to do, know it?
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Warren team is very good at:

- Consistently making news of their own choosing
- Doing so in a way that reinforces her brand
- Doing so in a way that drives contrasts with others running

This is only possible when your candidate has a North Star and isn't afraid to mix it up
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
If you are hiring writers right now, a reminder that @LizAlps has made an incredible spreadsheet of writers whose work has been read & recommended by upper level writers through the #WGASolidarityChallenge. So many great writers and links to scripts included in this ⬇️
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Everyone has heard of 1994, but no one has had the courage to spend a week in 1994...until me…
1994 Was a Prison of My Own Making
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Thanks to the amazing cast of @OneDayAtATime for coming to @sagaftraFOUND for #Conversations about their show. And thanks to @SocialRosy for moderating!
“You know it’s like... it’s a thing on your shirt and it keeps your shirt together? Fuck I don’t know” *hops back into my time machine, angrily sets it for 300 years earlier than that*
Replying to @justin_halpern
Maybe you just point at leaves or something
Trying to figure out how far back in time I’d have to travel before I would know how to invent something meaningful. I said “1500s, I could invent sandwiches.” Wife says “you know how to make bread?” Silence. Shame washes over me. The search continues.
Replying to @justin_halpern
This is like the movie where the guy is the only one who knows all the Beatles songs except you’ll be the guy who knows what a button is
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
“The town stopped during the ‘07 strike, and that’s not the case now. I feel like staffing season has been a real feeding frenzy. ” Showrunners @totalvaligirl & @MikeRoyce talk to @KimMasters about staffing shows at an unprecedented time in the business.
Another #WGAStaffingBoost #WGASolidarityChallenge while I have a sec... I read @MaisieCulver's "Molly Snaps" and loved her dark hilarious writing and excellent plotting. I have no job for her right now but maybe you do!
My friend Shelby took this photo of me so I could use it to “get some” online. Enjoy.
Replying to @mrbabycline
Love a dude sitting near Canada
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Catch @totalvaligirl & @MikeRoyce talking to @kimmasters about staffing season sans agents any time on the podcast or at 1:30 (just a few mins away!) on @kcrw
This is a great listen with ⁦@MikeRoyce⁩ & ⁦@totalvaligirl⁩, it was inspiring to listen to how these two jumped into this unique staffing season full force! Sorry your own pilots didn’t go this year but just a shout out with my appreciation!…
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
This is a great listen with ⁦@MikeRoyce⁩ & ⁦@totalvaligirl⁩, it was inspiring to listen to how these two jumped into this unique staffing season full force! Sorry your own pilots didn’t go this year but just a shout out with my appreciation!…
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