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Last 50 tweets from @MikeRoyce
Wrote an anthem for @ODAATwriters, @OneDayAtATime, @everythingloria, @MikeRoyce, every other cast/crew member.. & us, ODAAT fans, while we wait for someone to #saveODAAT! (+ Writing songs is the only thing distracting me from my headache😬👍🏻)
34 115
Replying to @IrenelovesODAAT :
This thread is 💯
Spec episode suggestions in brief:

For those of you following today's debate about writing spec eps of existing shows and feeling some panic over how to do this in the Peak TV era, here are just a couple short tips to help you get started.
12 67
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3 21
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
I snuck off to LA, got dinner with @everythingloria & @melissafumero.
Steady plotting. #SaveODAAT
1,854 18,269
LezWatch.TV 📺 🏳️‍🌈
@MikeRoyce And not “This Seems Drone-atic”? - M
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0 1
Replying to @lezwatchtv :
Just sold a documentary comprised entirely of drone footage called “This Seems Dramatic”
2 63
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Cool that this video of @JerryFalwellJr talking about shooting Muslims is still all over @twitter and @TwitterSafety hasn’t done shit.
5,744 11,361
I’ve smudged every chalk board I’ve ever written on. #SAVEODAAT
77 345
Replying to @Indiadebeaufort :
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
A reboot of Friends except all the story lines are about the characters in absolute clear minded terror over global warming.

201 2,075
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Had so much fun discussing all things ODAAT in this interview on @afterbuzztv! #saveodaat thanks again to @rickhong @Elphaba_Anne @CandiceRCruz!! Link below!…
127 602
@mindykaling I totally agree. I understand that submitting original pilots is what's in vogue (and therefore what prospective writers should probs do), but I think a spec of an existing show is a much better indication of what the writer can do in the job. Also pilots are hard!
4 314
Replying to @djgoor :
@djgoor @mindykaling I have been beating this drum for a few years now... specs are important!
0 22
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
*Share widely.* Police assaulted my colleague's young client. She & he asked that I share this disturbing video to help find witnesses & those who took video. 9/15/2018. Flushing Ave/Humboldt St Brooklyn. Front of Green Corner Fish & Farmers Market. Tips: Watch:
3,864 3,170
@MikeRoyce Will you be at the shoot on Wednesday too? I'll be there in the afternoon!
0 2
Replying to @theivanemilio :
@theivanemilio I won't but have a good time!
0 1
It’s happening!!! With the help of @perolike & @youtube we are shooting a mini Hollywood 101 class that will go out to you for FREE! Just the basics to get you started! Any questions we can answer? Let us know!! YOU CAN DO THIS! 👍🏽
98 862
Replying to @everythingloria :
@everythingloria @PeroLike @YouTube I kind of like the blue square around my face can you keep that in
1 68
this is still making me happy!
this is beautiful #SaveODAAT
23 101
11 77
@MikeRoyce I just wanted to know what Andy Cohen's show was called. :-(
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0 4
Replying to @TheFienPrint :
@TheFienPrint I always assumed that show was about watches, is it punctuated wrongly?
0 1
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
My mom died today. Joining my dad who passed away 40 days ago. She was a pretty remarkable lady. An immigrant from Cuba, she lived with the Oblate Sisters of Providence in Baltimore during college. Here (on the left) she is in Cuba in the 1930s.
9,447 132,587
If your take is "that's what happens!" consider not having a take
7 64
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
I wrote about One Day at a Time…
789 3,939
haha, not even kidding -- and I've talked about this publicly -- but this was the idea for the season season of the Big TV adaptation that @MikeRoyce and I did. Would've been cool.
3 9
Replying to @kbiegel :
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
The 1,100-pound whale was found dead with 88 pounds of plastic waste inside
Dead Whale Found With 88 Pounds of Plastic Inside Body in the Philippines
  · SocialFlow · en
194 154
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
I posted it on tumblr (thisisnotmiami) and it makes me so happy that people love it so much. ❤️ #saveodaat
859 3,762
@melissafumero @iamstephbeatz @everythingloria @MikeRoyce @djgoor I‘m the one who made this! :D I made it even before you and @iamstephbeatz got involved with odaat because I love both of these shows so much ❤️ #saveodaat
8 69
Replying to @charlotte20sl :
On top of everything else about this that is sociopathic, world’s worst use of an emoji
3 92
@MikeRoyce Who did this? I wanted ask if I could us his flyer because my computer is slow and I’m not great at this stuff.

Don’t major in Sociology!

0 5
Replying to @PeopleWhoPop :
@PeopleWhoPop They said yes everybody can use 😊
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0 3
im just gonna leave this here
6,590 16,271
Replying to @70slinetti :
@70slinetti I have never been happier
2 195
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
im just gonna leave this here
6,876 17,049
Love this mashup with what I feel like is our #Brooklyn99 primos!! #SaveODAAT @everythingloria @MikeRoyce @djgoor 🙏🏽🙌🏽
2,463 10,052
Replying to @melissafumero :
@MikeRoyce When you finish with that, I think you and @everythingloria would love #Shrill.
0 1
Replying to @NatSayth :
People are taking #SaveODAAT to the streets and I am in awe
  · Twitter for iPad · en
342 1,448
Replying to @MikeRoyce :
for those of you who can't see this, a fan made a stack of these flyers and put them in various public places... the QR takes you right to the show! : )
144 411
@MikeRoyce hey i just wanted to say something about a situation that’s just happened, is it possible for you to dm me? thank you
0 1
Replying to @thelightlive :
@thelightlive yes I think I consulted with the person already but go ahead and dm : )
0 1
this is beautiful #SaveODAAT
my phone got too excited lol :) am i gloria estefan yet? #SaveODAAT #RenewODAAT #WeGotYou
97 370
23 101
Another clip from my personal #ODAAT archives - super human superstar @GloriaEstefan dancing with the crowd and then her grandson takes over. This should be its own show #SaveODAAT
184 810
Done! And other writer/producers... please do!
I’m part of this group working to increase inclusion in television. Writer & producer peeps, add your name to the list and join in. 👇🏽#inclusionmatters
39 99
3 35
@MikeRoyce if views on Netflix go up does that help now that Netflix didn’t renew ?
0 6
Replying to @wholeila :
@wholeila anything that demonstrates how many people love and watch the show is 👍
2 20
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to address America’s legacy of housing discrimination is one of the most impactful racial justice proposals in the Democratic Primary right now.
942 3,144
People are taking #SaveODAAT to the streets and I am in awe
  · Twitter for iPad · en
342 1,448
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
My story on “One Day At A Time”: Can A Social Media Campaign Save Netflix's 'One Day At A Time' Reboot?
6 29
@MikeRoyce The grovelling is astounding from a man who used to write TV for the target 45 -55 white male demographic
  · Twitter Web App · en
0 3
Replying to @daveanthony :
@daveanthony Excuse me there’s no way I can write for people as young as 53
0 6
@MikeRoyce Desperate attempt to find work
  · Twitter Web App · en
0 2
Replying to @daveanthony :
@daveanthony Look if they need a third tween girl I’m in
0 5
2 episodes into #Pen15. It’s so good.
2 91
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
"I get criticized by the new left. I have the most progressive record of anybody running.” -Biden

❌ Voted for the Iraq War
❌ Supported mass incarceration, supports death penalty
❌ Voted for bankruptcy bill to protect credit card companies
2,833 8,481
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
“don’t quit until the miracle happens” i love them so much i’m gonna cry #saveODAAT
1,457 3,515
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
To everybody posting under #wegotyou thank you so much for your amazing personal stories

We got you too #SaveODAAT
1,180 4,699
Mike Royce Retweeted ·  
Ok. Fair enough. I will take a *front*-handed swipe at conservatives in America. If you weren’t so cravenly googly-eyed about an ancient and functionally irrelevant pro-musket amendment, you could do what New Zealand just did: ban assault rifles and try to save human lives.
4,413 33,134
@MikeRoyce I saw that and was totally upset. I miss you all already. Will the three seasons be available outside of Netflix? (Blu-Ray/DVD)
0 3
Replying to @cme2009 :
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