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Last 50 tweets from @MikeWardca
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
In reply to @TheRealOJ32
Love that you're taking a stab at politics instead of women for once.
What a goddamn lunatic. The laugh at the end is perfect
Whats happening in America!!!
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
A lotta folks complain that gay people took the rainbow but no one mentions how the mentally challenged took the word 'special.'
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
"SERIOUSLY? of all the fucking places, Brian"
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
We decided to combine the shots and the episodes because it was getting confusing for listeners. Show 60, shot 39, WTF? From now on even numbered shows will be available everywhere, odd numbered shows will be exclusively on @CompoundAmerica
Episode 100 is now available on Youtube:

This week on 2DM, @michaelmalice joins us. We talk about his new book, the bagel boss guy, visiting North Korea and more.…

2DM episodes are also available on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify.
In reply to @MikeWardca
@MikeWardca il y un podcast ou on peut écouter ton matériel en anglais ?
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
In reply to @MikeWardca
My name is Andrea, and I've broken both ankles. And I approve Mike's sensible approach.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
I don’t think the bagel boss is really the boss. Assistant manager at best.
A direct mail marketing campaign, very 2019
When you reach the right customers, you get better results. Discover a powerful mix of address intelligence and influence that delivers success. #SmartmailMarketing #WelcomeToBetterResults
The flight attendant should smash his ankles like Kathy Bates did in Misery.
My friend who doesn’t have twitter sent this from her flight. It belongs on Twitter.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
By "old school" you mean you're going to break into the old school next door and wash your dick and balls in the girls washroom sink?
No outlet in the new bathroom so I guess I’m going old school.
Cette photo a été prise il y a 5 ans. Quelqu'un peut me dire pourquoi j'ai âgé de 20 ans entre-temps?
The spanish Jackie Chan
Olee oleeee oleeeeeeeeeeee!
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
Tuesday, we are BACK! Make sure to get tix online for the first show in our downstairs showroom because it will sell out fast! With @AriShaffir @bigjayoakerson @DanSoder @JudahWorldChamp @JessicaKirson @marknorm @bonniemcfarlane @Derek1Gaines @PaulVirzi…
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
I miss Harry Anderson.

He was amazing in Night Court
Very happy for you guys
YES WE ARE OPEN! AGAIN! Thanks to all the awesome comedians that came together to help us with this. We're looking forward to having everyone back!
So he didn't get the bagels?
In reply to @oliviabradley88
If you guys wanted to know what happen next, here ya go
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
In 2015, Ronda Rousey shut down the women's soccer equal pay question with logic.

"How much you get paid should have something to do with how much money you bring in. I'm the highest paid fighter, NOT BECAUSE (UFC owners) wanted to do something nice for the ladies." #USWNTParade
Why is he still on dating websites? He's such a charmer.
so in bagel boss this morning, the misogynistic douchebag seen in the video was degrading almost all of the female staff as well as other patrons. fuck this guy.
In reply to @BigP4H
Comment tu peux traiter un gars de tas de marde quand t'asaucune idée de sa vrai vie....tu juge sur cet extrait là...bravo belle compation, la mère prends la peine de le dire en plus qu'il a essayé et essayé et ça fonctionne pas surtout dans sont coin de pays.
Replying to @yone1968 @BigP4H and 1 otherfalse
Mon frère vit dans ce coin de pays, un gars qui veut travailler, va travailler
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
Her son is a piece of garbage. You're 52 dude, get a job even if it's not in your field. No grown man should let his mom deprive herself because he is too proud to get a job that is "beneath" him. Shit son.
I ran into Jean in Penticton. Please listen to her story. I'm running to be Prime Minister to help her and her family get ahead.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
If you don’t understand what this is about, go check out our latest episode.

For the full episodes, subscribe to @CompoundAmerica:…
(Use promo code Canada20 to save 20%)

Subscribe to our Youtube channel for free episodes & clips!
In reply to @ConfuzionMMR
one more thing i forgot to mention when you talked about canada going to war with the phillippines. my friend is from their & visits. he said the Filipinos, alot cant have guns, so they walk around with gun holsters with L shaped wood guns in them 😂so you guys would prob win 😅
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
Bill Clinton is lucky, he's married to someone who has professional experience getting child-rapists acquitted.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
The media is generating conspiracy theories about @realDonaldTrump and Jeffrey Epstein.

In 2016, Potus warned you that Bill Clinton would have some problems because of his trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
This guy had too much 4th of July @5thyear (Via IG/jnslingerland)
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
Recap of the Kawhi Leonard era in Toronto:
So good
I was on BBC News this morning debating the commercialisation of Pride and the LGBT rainbow flag. Here's a clip.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ewarren
no 2nd grader distinguishes between wanting to be a public school teacher and a private school teacher.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
While the 🇺🇸 enjoys its time off, 🇨🇦 continues ever forward with a NEW episode of @2DMpod with @MikeWardca & @BigP4H

Get it here…
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
Pool Owner Has Bathing Suit That Touched His Penis You Can Borrow
In reply to @MikeWardca
@MikeWardca Bonjour Mike, j'écoute souvent Sous Écoute et les nombreux insides sur l'industrie que tu donnes. On vient de me proposer une gig monstrueuse et j'aurai aimé te demander conseils si possible, car je n'ai que peu d'expérience sur scène. merci de ta réponse!
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
The @justforlaughs festival have never let me anywhere near a gala for 17 years. Now they're asking me to host my own. 2 things:
1. Someone dropped out last minute and they were beyond desperate.
2. This will be the best gala ever but I'll never be invited back to the festival.
July 22nd at 7pm I'll be performing at Le Bordel Comedy Club in Montreal during the Just For Laughs Festival with the great @MikeWardca This is a special English show mainly because I don't know a lot of French (except kissin')!
5 years ago was my Independence Day.
Thanks to everyone who joined up with us and especially all the people who have supported freedom of speech and fearless comedy for the past 5 years.
Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends and followers
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
I know it’s heresy to deviate from the doctrine of the cult, but I actually think the Washington Nationals wearing Expos unis to mark the franchise’s 50th anniversary is a thoughtful and respectful gesture.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
A very sad day for parody, satire and art. 😞
Don't know if I can imagine the world without you right now.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
If we’ve decided we don’t forgive people anymore, don’t be surprised when people decide it’s not worth it to change.
Mike Ward Retweeted ·  
The craziest thing about stand up is that people who suck at it think that they’re better than the people who are the best at it.
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