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Last 50 tweets from @MMFlint
Are you ready for this week’s double dose of pandemic RUMBLE? I have with me on today’s podcast my other Anti-Covid hero, the feisty truth-teller from Columbia University, Dr. Irwin Redlener. Listen to RUMBLE on Apple: and
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
Pls listen 2 this wk’s urgent episode of RUMBLE: “Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is The Plauge.” My guest: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Laurie Garrett. Her beat for 30 yrs: pandemics.

Ep. 98: "Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is The Plague" (feat. Laurie Garrett) from Rumble with Michael Moore
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
On that rare day, there is good news:

Central Park 'Karen' Amy Cooper Facing Charges For Filing A False Police Report…
Central Park 'Karen' Amy Cooper Facing Charges For Filing A False Police Report
Trump Slaughters Dozens Of American Troops In Hopes Of Cashing In On Russian Bounties… via @theonion
A painful reminder from Rep. Ilhan Omar to wear a mask:

"My father was an avid mask-wearer...And I just know that the people he came into contact with, if they were wearing a mask, that his life would have been saved (last month) and he would have still been here with us."
A 4th of July song by 12 young immigrants to this country to honor the 27,000 Dreamers who are frontline health care workers during this pandemic — risking their lives to save the lives of many people who’d rather seem them banished. Powerful.
Looking for a cool B-day gift to our country? Every time Trump tweets, we donate to swing state organizers working to ensure his defeat. You can give just a penny a tweet! So far, #DefeatByTweet has raised over a half-million $$ for Black-led GOTV groups!
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
While Trump is rallying at Mount Rushmore, join me in donating to Native-led voter groups. Check out this video my friends made & DONATE today at @movementvote #NativeVote2020 #LandBack
New Rumble! My guest today is Rep. Ilhan Omar who represents the place where Minneapolis cops murdered George Floyd. We discuss that, the recent death of her father due to complications with Covid-19, & Palestinians.
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
New RUMBLE: I spoke with Eddie Glaude Jr. about the rebellions taking place across America, capitalism, hope versus despair, and his thoughtful and important new book on James Baldwin, "BEGIN AGAIN." Listen here


Replying to @MMFlint
And please consider reading Eddie's book, "Begin Again: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own"…
Begin Again: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own
New RUMBLE: I spoke with Eddie Glaude Jr. about the rebellions taking place across America, capitalism, hope versus despair, and his thoughtful and important new book on James Baldwin, "BEGIN AGAIN." Listen here


Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
Today on RUMBLE: What exactly is a desperate Trump plotting to do btwn now & Nov 3? We must accept nothing less than Trump’s defeat and Game of Thrones-style “SHAME!” Tour, complete w Septa Unella ringing her bell behind him.
And on Apple podcasts
It’s like General Franco saying everyone needs eight hours of sleep.
It’s like Stalin saying get a flu shot
On RUMBLE, I spoke to Oscar/Emmy/Golden Globe-winner Christine Lahti & playwright Emily Mann about "Gloria: A Life," the off-Broadway show on Gloria Steinem airing at 9/8c on PBS tonite!

Listen here:


Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
One month ago today. George Floyd. Murdered. Lynched by a cop’s knee w/ a lynch mob of cops looking on. His little girl was right:’“My daddy changed the world!” Now it’s up 2 us 2 make that happen, to transform a broken country & ensure the sacrifice Mr. Floyd made wasn’t in vain
What if Trump is quite aware that being a psychotic is his greatest strength — and his most powerful weapon? My guest today on RUMBLE is Dr. Steven Reisner, psychologist & longtime political activist. A must-listen! Spotify or
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
Everything I know about history I learned from statues. This is why I know that in the past there were maybe three women.
In Germany, they believe the only way to redeem themselves from what their parents & grandparents did was to continue to make reparations — even to this day. And every German child is taught the Holocaust so that they understand that Germany is not the greatest country on Earth.
In reply to @schwarz
From Michael Moore's 2015 documentary "Where to Invade Next": "They don’t whitewash it. They don’t pretend it didn’t happen. They don’t say, 'Hey, that was before my time. What's this got to do with me? I didn't kill anyone.'"
Headline writing contest! Submit yours. (Note: Keep in mind Trump can still win)

Trump Tanks in Tulsa
Tulsa Too Tiny for Trump
Teeny-Weeny Tulsa Turnout
Testing Negative in Tulsa
Teens Trick Trump in Tulsa
Not OK in Tulsa, OK
Tulsa to Trump: You’re Toast
Trump Talks, Tulsa Walks
As others are reporting, looks like attendance here in Tulsa is well below campaign's expectations. Here's the main floor at the arena currently
Just for the record—as I’m told daily how much better things are now virus-wise—there were more new coronavirus cases reported worldwide yesterday than ANY DAY since the outbreak began back in Dec. 150K new cases on Fri! 25K in the US alone. Won’t we beat this when we face facts?
Massive, moving Juneteenth demonstrations all across the country today. This is the day of Black Liberation — in 1865 from enslavement, and, if we have the will and the conscience to make it happen, a 2nd Black Liberation here, in 2020, the majority of us demanding CHANGE! NOW!
It’s Juneteenth, and my special guest on our RUMBLE podcast is Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA). She is the granddaughter of a slave. We talk about the many possible changes taking place right now. Listen on:
Six months ago today we began our RUMBLE podcast. 11.5 million listeners later, thank you to all who’ve been on the rumble with us! Today’s episode can be found on Apple, Spotify and Stitcher.
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
In reply to @briantylercohen
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
Nobody understands law & order better than these Fox News crime experts
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
You want to know what defunding the police means? It means that Wendy’s could have called a tow truck instead of 911 and #RayshardBrooks would be alive tonight.
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
Peaceful protest in East Meadow, NY (Long Island):

An officer abruptly stops so the protestor walking behind him bumps into the cop.

Then the man is violently arrested.

Bystanders: “they kneeled on his neck & had about 6 officers holding him down.”
Episode #91 of RUMBLE is live: The Supreme Court has ruled that LGBTQ ppl are covered by the Civil Rights Act. Also: The police murder of Rayshard Brooks, killed while running away after falling asleep in line at Wendy's. Listen:……
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
Ep. 91Good News: LGBT Victory! Bad News: Executed for Dozing While Black - Rumble with Michael Moore
There’s a new crime that lets cops execute Black Americans:
Rayshard Brooks spoke respectfully to the cops for 26 min. Because when a Black man dozes off in line, you need to question him! For 26 minutes! Then cuff him! And shoot him! Bastards!
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
Oh look, someone took a photo of what my life is like debating Republicans in committee each week
My 90th RUMBLE episode: “No More Police State” w/ Alex Vitale, author of "The End of Policing". Police "reform" has failed, leaving racist cops in place. It’s time to defund the police. Vitale explains how. Listen:
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
Ep. 90: No More Police State (feat. Alex S. Vitale) - Rumble with Michael Moore
Nelson Mandela once in an interview was asked, “What did you do all those many years in prison?” He replied: “I was preparing... for when I would get out.”
I’ll be on MSNBC with @JoyAnnReid at 7:30 PM ET. Tune in!
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
Jim Clyburn is a tool of the ruling elite to make otherwise radical Black people conform to and be complicit with the very police state cracking our skulls.
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
In reply to @hamiltonnolan
"They're diluting their own message with looting and violence!" lamented the makeup-caked news anchor who would stop covering the protests as soon as there was neither.
“The Floyd Rebellion”. Episode #89 of my podcast, “RUMBLE w/Michael Moore.” Just posted. We have all joined the rebellion, each in our own way. They can’t stop us now. No more words. No more promises. ACTION! ACTION!
Ep. 89: The Floyd Rebellion - Rumble with Michael Moore
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
On in 90 minutes!
Tonight, @SethMeyers interviews filmmaker and activist Michael Moore (@MMFlint) and #TheKingOfStatenIsland actor Bel Powley. Plus, a new #ACloserLook.
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
Georgia closed 214 polling places after Supreme Court gutted Voting Rights Act

There were 80 fewer polling places for June primary in metro Atlanta, where majority of black voters live

Mitch McConnell is blocking legislation passed by House Dems to restore the VRA
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
So Trump is holding his next rally on Juneteenth ... in Tulsa, the site of the 1921 race massacre ...
I just taped NBC’s Late Night w/Seth Myers (airing tonight). A special pandemic appearance— Seth in his attic, me in my guest bedroom. I explain how Trump is preparing to “postpone” the election and what we need to do. And 🖤George Floyd🖤. It airs tonight on NBC at 12:35am ET/PT
Wow. After 30+ years on TV, “COPS” is finally being cancelled. In “Bowling For Columbine”, I interviewed a COPS producer about racist tropes that show perpetuated—and I suggested a true crime tv show to replace it. Is it finally time for "Corporate Cops"?
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
In loving memory of our dear sister Breonna Taylor. @MMFlint Thank you for saying our dear sister's name and for standing with us against injustice. Watch the full episode at
My weekend RUMBLE podcast. Episode 87: “Our Collective White Knee on the Neck of Black America”. Make your voices heard this weekend! And all this month. We must keep the pressure on!

Listen on Spotify:…

And on Apple podcasts:…
Ep. 87: Our Collective White Knee On The Neck Of Black America - Rumble with Michael Moore
Rumble with Michael Moore on Apple Podcasts
JUST NOW: Great news! We are back up on YouTube after 12 days of being shut down by an outside attack using the copyright law to silence us and not let you see Planet of the Humans. Now you can watch what they don’t want you to see.…
Michael Moore Retweeted ·  
In reply to @joshtpm
If you listen carefully, you will hear the exact moment when the hamster falls off the wheel in our president’s head.
In reply to @MMFlint
(2) FOUR HUNDRED AND ONE YEARS! The white knee to the Black neck... The collective white knee— your knee, my knee —to the neck of Black America. The white noose around the Black neck. White silence is the knee White silence is the noose White inaction is the death of us all-
Replying to @MMFlint
(3) - the death of us all! — and it isn’t that far away. MAMA! MAMA! THEY’RE KILLING US ALL. MAMA! MAMA! THEY’RE KILLING THEMSELVES. I CAN’T BREATHE. WE. CAN’T. BREATHE. Mama! Mama? Mama... Mama... Mama... Ma......... M...................... —MM
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