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Trials are a gift from the Almighty. The hardship you’re experiencing might just be what earns His Pleasure. It might just be your ticket to Paradise. He’s watching to see if it softens your hardened heart; if it makes you admit He is the source of everything. He is in control.
The truth is we’re being favoured daily. The Almighty bestows His many blessings on us in various forms but often we don’t see them. The closed doors He’s protecting us from, opening new doors & opportunities, the new people He brings forth or removes from our lives. Thank Him!
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When haters find no fault to pick on then even the way you breathe becomes an issue.
Don’t beat yourself over something that happened in the past. Repent, seek forgiveness, move on. We all sin; we all make mistakes. But the best are those who learn from their shortcomings, focus on becoming a better version of themselves, leaving no time for futile activities!
When the Almighty takes something away from you, do you wallow in self-pity, thinking negative thoughts or do you have firm belief that He will replace it with something better? If you understood His Plan, you’ll be ever hopeful what’s to come will be better than what’s gone!
Yemen needs your help!
Yemen needs your help!
Yemen needs your help!

#AbdullahAidUK #Yemen
Supported by Mufti Menk
How do we react when we’re really upset; when it feels like our world has exploded? Acknowledge the feeling but don’t let it get out of control. Ignoring your feelings won’t make them go away, it just prolongs the healing process. Confide in the Almighty who controls everything!
Be mindful of the people you allow into your inner circle. Make sure you’re familiar with every one of them. Make sure the people in your boat are rowing in the same direction as you are. Remember, it’s better to be alone than to be with those who’ll jeopardise your Hereafter!
Whatever you’re going through, know that nothing is too big for the Lord of the Worlds. There’s no promise He can’t fulfill, no prayer He can’t answer, no obstacle He can’t remove, no heart He can’t mend, no illness He can’t heal & the list goes on! Stay encouraged; stay focused!
Growth is usually uncomfortable. It’s human nature to resist it because it takes you out of your comfort zone to a different version of yourself. So don’t be so hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack, say a prayer. You’ll get there sooner or later if you set your mind to it!
Trust the Almighty to remove certain people from your life because they no longer serve a purpose. Accept it and allow Him to bring in new people into your life for the next stage of your growth. It may seem daunting but He knows what He’s doing. It’s your leap of faith!
Don’t waste your time confiding in others e when you have a problem. It’s been shown most don’t care. The rest wished you had it worse & only a small number feel sorry! Turn to the Almighty who is always there for you. He’s the Best Listener. What more do you need!
Focus on where you’re headed. Where you’ve been is the past. Don’t waste your energy reliving those times. There’s a reason the Almighty has brought you to where you are right now. Remember, sometimes those with the worst past have created the best future! Don’t lose hope!
The Almighty will bring you what you need. Don’t doubt that. Turn to Him. Cry. Beg. Ask for guidance, understanding, relief, forgiveness etc. Never underestimate the power of repeating your supplications with beautiful patience. Keep asking with full hope & you shall receive!
When you appreciate yourself, it becomes easier to appreciate others. When you lack self-acceptance, that’s when you have enemies. How else can you accept other people’s uniqueness if you can’t honour yours. Be true to yourself. Your journey is yours alone. Don’t imitate others!
You are what you focus on. What thoughts do you entertain in your head? What you allow to grow there will be your centre of focus. If you think positive thoughts, you’ll attract positivity into your life. That’s how it works. Don’t let negativity creep in! Do it consciously!
In reply to @TeamKhabib
@TeamKhabib Brother Khabib. Our deepest sympathies & condolences to you and your family upon the passing away of your father & coach. May Allah Almighty grant him forgiveness & paradise! Aameen
إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون. اللهم اغفر له وارحمه وسكنه في الجنة
Never underestimate the impact you have on those around you. The smile you gave, the helping hand you extended, the words of encouragement, that pat on the back etc. You don’t need a reason to be kind. Don’t wait. Just do it. Be guided by your heart, you’ll know when it’s right
Almighty. You are our refuge & strength. We place our trust in You especially during these tumultuous times. There’s so much violence, terror & political upheaval. We turn to You for courage & hope. We need peace badly. Peace in the world & peace in the hearts of people. Aameen!
Everything has a beginning & an end. So why do we constantly stress over the state that we are in? There’s light at the end of the tunnel. The storm won’t last. The heart will love again. You’ll be amazed at what will come your way! Just ask the Almighty! The Eternal.
Even during your darkest days, don’t neglect the Almighty. You may think your situation is so complicated, there’s no solution; but the truth is the Almighty’s watching you. He wants to see how much you truly need Him. He will respond even to a silent prayer of a heart in need!
Don’t let your heartache consume you. Even when your pain felt like it would never go away. Just raise hands & cry out to the Almighty. Begging. Never doubt that He will respond. He will answer you immediately or when you least expect it. But remember, none of the pain will last!
Feeling lost and hopeless, bobbing on a boat in the middle of the sea. No sight of land. Feeling anxious not knowing what tomorrow holds. Feeling stuck when every move you make brings you to a dead end! Know that the help of the Almighty is near. Very near. Patience. Trust.
When a person turns away from the Almighty, another ten or more turn towards Him. The loss is never His but ours! Don't let yourself be replaced by others. Don't let your name be registered on the wrong side. It's not too late for a comeback. Turn towards Him & remain steadfast.
If you've gained a million likes by posting something disliked by the Almighty then you've lost! Leave a legacy you’ll be proud of on the Day you meet your Maker! Be responsible. Avoid anything immoral or sinful. If you can’t be responsible, then it's time to uninstall some apps.
Do yourself a favour. If you’re doing something to show off, don’t do it. It’s futile really. You might bask in momentary glory and people will admite you etc but honestly, it means nothing to the Almighty! It’s His validation that you need. That’s the only thing that matters!
Never doubt that the Almighty knows how tired your heart & soul are. So cry if you must. Weep your heart out if you must. Take time out if you must. And when all is said and done, get up and walk again with courage. Stand firm knowing that He is always with you. Keep going!
Let’s face it. You will meet people who have the ability to bring out the worst in you. They may provoke you to say things you regret or pressure you to do things you wouldn't normally do. So stay true to your values and refuse to let others have a negative influence over you!
Surely we have enough of our own faults, leaving no time to look at others. And never judge people by their past. Why? Because people learn from their mistakes. People change. People move on. So don’t be stuck in your mindest & label people based on what you used to know of them!
Take constructive criticism in your stride. Often, in the heat of the moment, we tend to become defensive or even angry. Don’t! When there’s value in what’s being said, listen, identify your weakness & use it to your advantage. How else will you be able to improve yourself?
We all have our difficult days. But don’t use that as an excuse to treat your loved ones badly. It’s easy to take your feelings out on those closest to you, but that doesn’t mean they deserve it. Ask them for advice on how to deal with issues that are making you so irritated!
Some people will hate you because of what you’ve achieved in life. They want what you have but make no effort to do anything about it. They resort to spreading rumours & gossip about you. This is a test from the Almighty. Don’t retaliate. Let the good you do speak for itself!
The challenges you face in life can make you a stronger person. It also cultivates patience, a trait that is so loved by the Almighty. How you deal with challenges says a lot about you. Learn from them; apply them to your life or keep whining about it wishing it never happened!
You’ll never walk alone because the Almighty is always with you. Don’t you forget that. Always have hope in the face of discouragement, faith when all seems lost. Keep your peace in times of anxiety. Never let your feelings get the better of you when you fall or feel abandoned!
Very short clip. Just 4 minutes.
Lessons from the Liverpool Victory - Mufti Menk
Don’t look for quick fix solutions. Short cuts will get you nowhere at least in your personal development. Moreover, quick fixes often backfire. The road to improving ourselves is one that’s long, continuous & persistent. It requires time, commitment, self discipline & hard work.
Are you among those who’ll spend most of your time fixing other people’s problems but your life’s a mess? Remember, charity begins at home. The best way to help others is to help yourself first. Invest your time in being a better version of yourself; everything else will follow.
Stop sweating the small stuff. Always remember how short this life is. All it takes is a split second for things to change. Learn to be grateful. Focus on His blessings no matter how small it is. The happiest people don’t have everything but they make the most of what they have.
Don’t be surprised if people try to detour you from your path when you’re doing well and headed in the right direction. It’s a normal human trait. Recognize it. Know their game and be on full alert. Stand your ground politely but firmly. Do what you must and don’t be distracted.
Almighty. Grant us the strength & the courage to carry on. A lot’s going on around us & it’s easy to become despondent. Our energy & motivation are constantly being tested. Don’t let the pressures of life push us down. Help us not to quit but to keep going at a steady pace!
In reply to @muftimenk
Mr Mufti Menk who am i. I am an account with 300 followers. Don't understand why you needed to clarify your position on Instagram. You must have got a few messages like mines. I didn't mean any offence. Make dua for me please
Replying to @Cornerstore26
Much love habeebee. You just gave me an opportunity to add value to the discussion. You said nothing wrong. Have a lovely evening!
In reply to @muftimenk
Stick to religious tweets ffs
Replying to @Cornerstore26
😂Relax! When prayers are answered 30 years later & the excitement is so much that the pain of previous losses is forgotten, surely the lesson learnt glares us in the face! Never give up! Never! I didn't even take sides. Beautiful religious tweet. Your turn to pray if I may add!
If your heart is not in the right place, you’ll never feel at ease. Purify your intenion in everything that you do. In this age of social media it’s easy to show off, get carried away & thrive on exaggerated needs for acceptance & validation. Protect your heart at all times.
The Almighty is the Controller of Hearts. He can change things in the blink of an eye. Don’t forget! He can heal what has been hurting for years in a flash. He can forgive as He wills. Nothing is beyond the Lord of the Worlds. Have faith that things will work out in the end.
Pay heed to whatever comes out of your mouth. Every word you utter matters. It really does. You may not think so but trust me when I say that the power of words is immense. It can make you or break you. It has the ability to change someone’s life! Choose your words carefully!
Man is always comparing. We often feel the other person is in a much better state than we are. Instead of accepting & appreciating what we have, we always find a way to look at what others have. Be wary. In trying to achieve something better, one may end up losing what one has!
Don’t worry about how people act. That’s on them not you. Always choose kindness, that’s under your control. Spread it far and wide, whichever way you can, even if it means giving a smile or a word of encouragement. Never underestimate how contagious being kind can be!
Learn to see the best in people. Believe the best about them too. No matter how much you disagree, try to find common ground. Spread peace. Quit fighting and bickering. Build bridges. Don’t hate. Don’t look down on anyone. Life’s too short to be doing otherwise.
Quit stressing yourself unnecessarily. If you’ve done your best, then leave it to the Almighty. If something’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too! Overthinking is not going to change it. Let Him work it out for you. Be prepared for the best outcome!
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