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Last 50 tweets from @mvxedpapi
damn some wings sound gr8 rn
24 13
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
need me a girl who down to setup for me while i practice my trick shots
544 1,568
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
I never really text anyone unless I like you bc i’m a horrible texter lmaoooo
17 23
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
CLICK THE LINK FOR THE FULL VIDEO! 🙏🏼 & Let me know what you think!
70 101
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Leaving earth 🍄see ya later 🐱🚀
8,611 35,769
if u don’t contribute anything to my life i am not wasting unnecessary energy on u
15 14
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
your english teacher bouta pull up with a UMP45 silenced running Marathon Pro, Cold Blooded Pro, and Ninja Pro
4,594 11,965
if u drive drunk ur a piece of shit I don't give a fuck who u are
127 113
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
rest in paradise babygurl👼🏼❤️ @Jassii_13j
105 302
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Her: please, just do it one more time for me lol

8,403 16,733
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Ep 1 of Tokyo Ghoul:RE scheduled to air on April 3rd.
1,355 2,400
What is sleep
27 13
My sleep schedule is pure trash
72 58
someone cuff my lonely ass already im tryna fall in love
234 288
A fat blunt would smack rn
165 152
I swear some people really don't know how to drive its amazing like who tf gave u ur license
10 28
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
5,075 10,763
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
listening to music makes things 10x better
19 15
A pretty smile and nice lips are my weakness fr
40 89
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
xxxtentacion is dropping new music today
183 1,001
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
bro please delete this before my girl wakes up
7,007 24,092
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
i lowkey wanna have a carne asada w the homies
100 94
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
this is what landing at tilted towers looks like
26,748 67,123
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Yet again. Nike outdoes Adidas. There’s actually LEVELS.
48,029 108,597
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
i could really use this rn..
1,727 3,819
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
my dms are open to new friendships, we can hang out, hit the gym, match on a blunt, go out to eat, u know all that shit
5,134 8,831
Can someone send me a list of all the marvel movies and what order to watch them in so i can understand everything
6 25
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Está de vaca-ciones
3,203 3,722
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
When you hear a Japanese word and you understand it without needing subtitles
18,457 37,039
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
So who’s tryna run a dodger game date???
2,925 4,068
I hope the tournament of Power isn’t the end of Dragon Ball Super 😞
3 5
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
about to land at LAX
2,150 6,720
Jiren really powering up like he ain’t already the strongest person in existence 🤣
1 6
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
You ever touch your WCW hand when she passing you the blunt? I miss her
326 1,033
Black Panther was sick af
3 21
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Rey Mysterio😭
20,506 29,969
Your fine followers NEVER live in your city or state that shit be mad annoying
37 81
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Lemme tell y’all. Thrift stores are gold mines
20,550 62,718
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
If you don’t like avocado sum wrong with you
  · Twitter Lite · en
520 561
don’t ever take people in your life for granted because you never know when they could be gone forever
36 46
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
Jiraiya: *defeats 1 of the Pains*

2 other Pains around the corner:
1,856 3,249
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
yea she's giving u a dry hand job at the movies but she signing my yearbook telling me she hopes i enjoy the summer n that she's gonna miss having homeroom with me
3,047 17,018
God’s Plan video really made my whole day that shit so beautiful
519 878
My DMs are open if anyone wants to share funny tweets with me
36 26
Pervy Sage 🦇💕 Retweeted ·  
hmu if you tryna fall in love
135 98
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