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That's literally $33,333 per person evicted. Imagine if that money just went to those who were evicted so they could pay for housing. Just imagine.
NEW: The City of Toronto just announced it spent ~$2,000,000 to violently evict 60 people experiencing homelessness from park encampments this summer.

This is class warfare.

They'd rather spend money to hide people living in poverty than actually help people living in poverty.
NEW: The City of Toronto just announced it spent ~$2,000,000 to violently evict 60 people experiencing homelessness from park encampments this summer.

This is class warfare.

They'd rather spend money to hide people living in poverty than actually help people living in poverty.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Get vaccinated for all the kids who can't.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
I don't know who needs to hear this, but a child with "underlying medical conditions" is still a child who didn't need to die of this horrible disease.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
There were more than 15,000 COVID-19 related deaths in #LTC facilities in Canada.
What are the four federal parties saying about the future of elder care this election? This election we're voting for #BetterMedicare.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Skyler Williams came to lamport stadium in July to stand with unhoused people whose homes were being raided. a toronto cop smashed Skyler's face with a baton and sent him to hospital. yesterday, after Sky spoke about what police did, they arrested him…
Indigenous activist arrested moments after speaking at Toronto presser on encampment clearings
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
"COVID-19 doesn't change its virulence or transmissibility as it crosses provincial borders. There are signs this pandemic has overrun, or will soon overrun, health systems. We need all hands on deck to acknowledge that the ship is sinking." - @AlikaMD…
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
We're starting to get some numbers re: Toronto police & vaccines — of 80% of employees who disclosed, 92% are fully vaccinated, 5% have had 1 shot.

But 20% have not disclosed — & won’t face discipline, an arrangement negotiated by the police union…
Thank you for the insightful chat tonight on reconciliation and anti-racism #HCinCanada @HCinCanada. Fantastic speakers: @LeeannInspires @NaheedD @SGaibrie @AmyTanMD @DrMTByass @AlikaMD. How will national leaders shape healthcare in this election 🤔? #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
Replying to @NutritionArtist @HCinCanada and 5 others
Thank you so much for joining us @NutritionArtist! 🙏🏽
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
“For every leader, diversity is a strength in Canada. Racism is a reality, dismantling racism should be a law. A law of the land that has to stay.” @DrMTByass
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
“If you put the time & energy to remove racist and colonial structures in Canada all of the other issues would come into place. It all starts with dismantling and tackling systemic racism & colonialism.” @AmyTanMD
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
I heard someone ask today, "why are the most empathetic roles paid the least?" PSWs must be paid more. #HCinCanada…
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
"Injustice for one is injustice for all. COVID-19 has taught us that." - @AlikaMD #HCinCanada
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
“We need to get past the defensive ‘I’m not racist’ or ‘My organization is not racist’ because there is work to be done…” re: addressing racism in healthcare — @AmyTanMD 🔥 #HCinCanada
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
"This election, people are expecting our leaders to move beyond performative actions on reconciliation. People are now expecting action." - @AlikaMD

#HCinCanada #Elxn44
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
“Racism is a public health crisis.” — @LeeannInspires #HCinCanada
Canadians won't be healthy without reconciliation & anti-racism in healthcare...So we're going LIVE in 5 minutes to talk about it on Twitter Spaces.

Speakers: @AlikaMD @AmyTanMD @DrMTByass @SGaibrie @LeeannInspires & I

Join us @HCinCanada & #HCinCanada!…
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
What does reconciliation & anti-racism look like? Let’s end the structural barriers to health.

Election conversation by #HCinCanada x @CMA_Docs

With our expert panel @AlikaMD, @DrMTByass & @AmyTanMD.

Join us here on @TwitterSpaces on Thursday, September 16th at 8pm EST!
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
3 protests in Toronto this week:

1) First responders against vaccines. No uniformed police.

2) Anti-vaxxers against hospitals. Small uniformed police presence, maintain their distance.

3) Housing activists against destruction of homeless encampments. Mounted police and arrests
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Decolonization is not a synonym for diversity, equity, or inclusion.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Health Canada wants you to choose your starter!😂😭 Comirnaty🍃, SpikeVax🔥, or Vaxzevria💧?
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Our elders have been most at risk in the #COVID19 pandemic, & are also most at risk in heat waves, forest fires, & other climate-related disasters. We can & must address the elder care crisis & #ClimateCrisis together. Thx @AmitAryaMD for the collaboration…
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
‘They were forgotten once, and I hope that whatever government comes into power, they are not forgotten again,’ @NaheedD tells @UsaidM16… #Elxn44 #COVID
In a COVID hotspot, Canadas election prompts little enthusiasm
Some have suggested that health workers should refuse to provide care for unvaccinated people who get sick with COVID. Please. Don't do this. The common denominator in healthcare is compassion. Health workers should provide compassionate care whether or not someone is vaccinated.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Alberta’s in a state of crisis. Saskatchewan’s in a state of crisis. Ontario’s premier is MIA, just hired an anti-masker to be a MOH, school outbreaks have started, and our public health unit just sent out a memo to remind kids to wash hands and cover their face when they sneeze.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Just putting this out there, Canadians.

R for COVID-19 as of Sep 13

Canada compared to the world and other medium-large high income countries
In reply to @NaheedD
Where can I find this information?
In reply to @NaheedD
Accountability. What a concept. Uttered often. Practiced rarely. This whole pandemic boils down to just that.
Replying to @SharkawyMD
This is so true Abdu.
NEW: The Financial Accountability Office has found the Ontario government didn't spend ANY of the $2.7 billion COVID19 Response transfer payment it received.

This money could have made schools safer for our children & prevented a lot of suffering (and deaths).

Just. Sickening.
Reminder: If the Ontario government really cared about vulnerable unvaccinated children, they would have done everything in their power to make schools safe this September.
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Only three months ago in Canada, a Muslim family was killed on an evening walk in what's been described as an act of terror.

Yet Islamophobia has barely registered during the election. That silence could have dangerous consequences, some warn.

My latest:…
A Muslim family was killed in Canada 3 months ago. Many wonder why party leaders are 'silent' on Islamophobia | CBC News
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
After the COVID-19 catastrophe in LTC, most Canadians agree: for-profit LTC must go.

So how can we make it happen?

Read our latest op-ed in @IRPP, with @jackiebrownTO & @a_longhurst.

The Vohra Miller Foundation has committed $5-million to set up First Exposure, a hub for evidence based info on exposures to medications & other substances in pregnancy & lactation at @UofT_dlsph. Launching soon!
@SteiniBrown @ihpmeuoft @UofT @craigmillr…
Replying to @SabiVM @UofT_dlsph and 4 others
I’m always in awe of your passion and compassion. Thank you @SabiVM @craigmillr 🙏🏽
Two years ago, a Canada-wide hotline that helped answer questions from pregnant and new parents on medicine safety was abruptly shut down. It had been receiving 200 calls a day, and had helped nearly a million parents. Going forward, those questions would go un-answered… (1/3)
Replying to @craigmillr @SabiVM
This is such an important contribution, thank you @craigmillr @SabiVM 🙏🏽
PSA: If a politician isn't fully vaccinated, they probably aren't the right person to represent you during a pandemic. Don't vote for them. #Elxn44
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DesmondCole
when BLMTO stopped the pride parade in 2016, Ibbitson called them "blackmailers" and said pride leaders shouldn't give in to them all that toughness for black queer folks demanding inclusion, but he will make space for a white supremacist, anti-intellectual political party
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
Once surgeries get cancelled the health system isn’t at risk of being overrun, it is overrun.

#COVID19 #medtwitter
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
The minimum staffing level required in LTC is 4.5 hours/resident/day.

No jurisdiction meets this standard. The 2016 Ontario average is only 2.77.

Which political party will commit to ending the ongoing neglect of people living in LTC?

Some personal news: I am very excited to announce that I will be joining the @Sunnybrook Research Institute as an independent Scientist this October!

First and foremost, I want to thank my family, mentors, and colleagues for supporting me over the years during this journey.
Insightful perspective of Palliative Care functions to treat the whole person and caregivers through the journey from diagnosis and when needed, in bereavement, shared by Canadian Palliative care physician Dr. Naheed Dosani #palliativecare #hapc #hpmglobal
Replying to @WaltherPallCare @WHO and 6 others
Thank you for sharing @waltherpallcare 🙏🏾
Taps mic🎤

My bio makes it painfully obvious: I'm a climate reporter first. (Every reporter should be.) It's the biggest crisis of our times and has been for as long as I've been alive.

So I'm thrilled to join the @thenarwhalca's bad-ass Ontario bureau…
This is amazing news. Heartfelt congrats @fatimabsyed!
To all those who attended protests outside hospitals across Canada today: You may not have realized, but your actions today showed health workers who've worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic that their sacrifices & hard work don't matter to you. It's just so heartbreaking. 💔
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
From an ICU Nurse who has personally cared for anti-mask/vaxx patients, I am so deeply saddened by the fact that the very people we might eventually care for in two weeks, are outside our workplaces threatening patients and staff all in the name of protests. This is nauseating!
It's official! @SteiniBrown and @DFisman have been named to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, the most prestigious honour of its kind in Canada. #weareDLSPH
Replying to @UofT_dlsph @SteiniBrown and 1 otherfalse
Incredible news. Congratulations @SteiniBrown @DFisman, this is so well deserved!
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
VIDEO: I asked Mayor ⁦@JohnTory⁩ why police and city staff will forcefully move people out of homeless encampments but aren’t using the same tactics on anti-vax protestors. He called the comparison “unfair.”
Naheed Dosani Retweeted ·  
One ER doctor on hospital row in Toronto with a sign “Protect hospitals.” He came before his shift. “This is sacred ground behind me,” he said. Let them protest, he added, but not here. @globalnewsto
VIDEO: I asked Mayor ⁦@JohnTory⁩ why police and city staff will forcefully move people out of homeless encampments but aren’t using the same tactics on anti-vax protestors. He called the comparison “unfair.”
Replying to @dmrider @JohnTory
Thank you @dmrider for asking this important question. Many health workers & community members are wondering the same thing.
Yes, you have the right to protest. But if your protest leads to the obstruction of care for those who are sick or the abuse of health workers who care for the sick, then you've more than lost your way...Please. Be respectful of hospitals. They are an oasis of care & compassion.
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