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Last 50 tweets from @namshine
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Global News can confirm that Prime Minister Trudeau has signed off on an end to vaccination restrictions to enter Canada, and with that ArriveCan becomes optional when current public health restrictions expire Sept 30th. Cabinet will discuss masking on trains and planes today.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Ontario reporting 8419 new cases this week, a 7-day average of 1202.71 (+46.29).
65 new deaths in the last week, a 7-day average of 9.29
In hospital today: 1141 (-19)
In ICU: 129 (+2)
On ventilators: 58 (+8)
10286 new tests conducted, positivity 13.1% (+0.1)
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
How Mahsa Amini became a symbol of defiance in Iran
In search of a hot-pink blazer or similar style jacket… anyone with tips on this *very specific* thing j have suddenly decided I need?

(Clearly, defense prep is going well 🙃)
Replying to @ashleighweeden
.@argent has beautiful suits. A little pricey and I'm not sure if they ship to Canada yet. My dream suit 😍…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
is still the most bad ass journalist I know. She's straight forward. Skilled. Smart. Worldly. Supportive. Fierce. She does the right thing not the easy thing. Hear why Iran's President refused to sit down with her.…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
In reply to @amanpour
I politely declined. We are in New York, where there is no law or tradition regarding headscarves. I pointed out that no previous Iranian president has required this when I have interviewed them outside Iran. 4/7
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Protests are sweeping Iran & women are burning their hijabs after the death last week of Mahsa Amini, following her arrest by the “morality police”. Human rights groups say at least 8 have been killed. Last night, I planned to ask President Raisi about all this and much more. 1/7
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
🧵New PEN America report highlights how challenges to books have become a political issue in the US. “This is a concerted, organized, well-resourced push at censorship,” says PEN America CEO @SuzanneNossel...

Read free in the NYT:…
Advocacy Groups Are Helping Drive a Rise in Book Bans
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
It’s been 7yrs today since Nathalie Warmerdam, Anastasia Kuzyk & Carol Culleton were murdered in Renfrew County. This summer, after the coroner’s inquest, Nathalie’s child, Malcolm, spoke w/ me about how to protect others from being killed by their abusers…
We Need A System That Isnt Just For Catching Monsters
In reply to @namshine
What are the arguments for Ontario? I'm sure Huron is best. It seems impossible to choose another if one has spent any time interacting with Huron... Georgian Bay... Bruce shores...etc
Replying to @bikehounds @TheAgenda and 1 otherfalse
.@sarainfox made the important connection that all the Great lakes drain into Ontario and she spoke about the connection to Indigenous people, the stewards of this land. We take the lake for granted even joking that it's the 'toilet' of Ontario. But without it, where would we be?
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DavideMastracci
This article summarizes the research I released yesterday, and offers a closer look at some of the findings. Curious to know which MP has 16 rental properties? Or which one has a residential property in Kyiv? It’s here, plus much more.…
.@TheAgenda This was a fun episode to watch. I'm with @sarainfox that Lake Ontario is the #GLOAT but apparently some of you don't 😒😅 Vote here:…
Collectively, they are the Great Lakes. But admit it: you have a favourite. @LakeSuperior, @MeganALeslie (@WWFCanada), @WSendzik (@St_Catharines), @sarainfox & Tony Dekker (@GreatLakeSwim) debate which lake is the greatest, with @spaikin…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Child welfare agencies, families left in dark about ‘high-risk’ group homes, some linked to deaths | via @andrewglobal, @CJarvisGlobal, @michael_wrobel…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Biggest story in sports.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
No one liked Canada's COVID restrictions (thankfully, they're ending).

However, thanks (in part) to highest vax rate in G10 & health restrictions, some facts:

Canada's rate of COVID-19-related deaths was 919 per million, second-lowest behind Japan.…
Canada's COVID-19 response better than many comparable countries, study finds | CBC News
This happened to a family friend. Thankfully the kids & her are well. Barely 12, her son is a hero. I didn't want to share before I spoke to her. She's home now & recovering. If you're able, please donate. Link is also in article:…
Supporting a family in crisis! Donate now please, organized by Gavin Trevan
WARMINGTON: Cops who shot armed attacker lauded as heroes by neighbours
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
While Canada mourned the Queen, obsessively following every aspect of a lengthy funeral, 350 Indigenous Peoples gathered in Edmonton to discuss unmarked burials and missing Indigenous children. We worked to repair the damage overseen by the Crown…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Chicago's water is not OK. Out of 24K tests, about 1K homes had lead exceeding fed standards. "There are an estimated 400,000 lead pipes supplying water to homes in the city, and the vast majority were not tested as part of the program."…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
We're thrilled to share @Raptors Pascal Siakam (@pskills43) has made a generous donation to the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, enabling @TorontoMet law students to work this summer w/ orgs that support communities facing barriers to the legal system.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
This Olympic gold medalist shared a fake tweet. 4,189 retweets. This is viral disinformation.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Cannot express how frustrating it is for journalists to report on this pandemic when basic info — like how many hospital ER closures there have been in Ontario — are treated like state secrets.
"...the gap between what education systems could be and the reality of what they are is immense. A report from the World Bank and UNESCO earlier this year found that the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened already existing gaps in education investment."…
In reply to @namshine
My daughter had a non-Covid fever last week. We were well stocked with liquid ibuprofen and Tylenol but she stubbornly decided she’s a chewable-only girl now. Two sold out stores and then found the last bottle of chewable Tylenol. This feels grim.
Replying to @femmefetalis
Hope she's feeling better.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
A group of journos have gotten together to raise $10K in 10 days for #PakistanFloods emergency relief through @humcoalition.

We are over halfway to our goal! $ will be matched by the Canadian government until Sept. 28, so please consider contributing:…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
A theme in the 6-hour-plus feature "The U.S. & the #Holocaust" @KenBurns co-directed with @LynnNovick & @sbotstein, is what the U.S. could have done to avoid the worst of the atrocities that resulted in the deaths of approximately 6 million European Jews.…
Why the U.S. Didnt Do More to Stop the Holocaust
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
I have poured my entire being into this public lecture. I have been a journalist for nearly a decade and amid the current climate in Canadian journalism, I have summoned every ounce of my knowledge. These are critical times.

I invite you to join me.

Thank you @JSchool_CU
"The huge increase in wealth of the richest 0.00004% of the world’s adult population comes as billions of low- and middle-income people – many of whom saw their savings wiped out during the pandemic – struggle to cope with soaring food and energy prices."…
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
A Métis woman from Saskatoon pulled her son out of a daycare centre after the caregiver gave the boy a haircut without her permission.

Jana Nyland says cutting her son's hair was insensitive – and racist.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Today is marked as the International Day of Peace. It seems like an overwhelming task to make it a reality. But we can all do small things. We can make peace in our own lives . We can make peace with our families. We can make peace with our colleagues and our competitors.
I’m seriously going to stop saying “everything will calm down after this news cycle.”
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
I’m seriously going to stop saying “everything will calm down after this news cycle.”
In reply to @namshine
Buy it online. Even if you hate Amazon, they have it in stock.
Replying to @Ikat0
I checked on Amazon last night and they "are temporarily out of stock". Will keep checking back.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Lexialex
That's why the pandemic has to be over
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
I have a friend who almost caused me to let my guard down about Covid because he had it 3 times, always milder than a cold. Then yesterday I saw a post of his on IG & almost dropped my phone. He's in a wheelchair, lost 30lb, looks nothing like his old self. 4th time Covid did it.
Week 3 of school, 4th water bottle
Replying to @raniawrites
😩listennnn! Also, why are water bottles for kids so expensive???
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
CHEO's beloved therapeutic clown Molly Penny, is retiring. She met up with one of her biggest fans, a 15-year-old boy whom she's helped over the years recovering from a critical burn injury. @HallieCBC Sign Molly's Kudo Board here
Kudoboard for Mollypenny | Kudoboard
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  

If the unionization bug spreads to a huge, important company like Home Depot, that's a big deal.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
These stories should be on the front pages of every newspaper. About the terrible conditions that international students and other new entrants to Canada are living in. But they're not. And that's a problem.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Pay attention, #cdnpoli

Quebec election has profound implications for the rest of Canada ⁦…
In reply to @namshine
My recommendation would be to head to Costco. They usually have jumbo sized Advil and Tylenol bottles. Just an FYI. Best of luck.
Thanks for this. We went but they only had infant tylenol. Nothing for 2 and older.
In reply to @namshine
It’s ridiculous. Saw in one of my FB mom groups that Costco North Oshawa apparently had some.
Replying to @NnekaElliott
I saw some infant tylenol at Costco too but nothing for 2-11.
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
We have learned so much listening to @Pacinthe in classes @ubcjournalism and on the page here and in @thewalrus Her ideas and curiosity and questions are a true gift. Please share this important work
In reply to @namshine
I'm masking still because the only years I haven't had bronchitis were years I masked. Schools are going to spread anything going.
Replying to @craven_kerr
Take good care of yourself Kerry 💕
I went to six different stores before I was able to find some Life brand acetaminophen for my sick 4yo ... and that was back in JULY.
Replying to @BraydonHolmyard
Wow. I am at a loss for words. Hope all is well now.
"...Not only does it impact legal and illegal economies at all levels, from neighbourhood to national, cannabis touches on issues of Indigenous sovereignty, the gig economy and financialization." via @TheGreenLineTO
@TheHoserMedia written by @meganysta…
In reply to @TheAgenda
Are there too many pot shops in Ontario? @namshine spoke with @MitchellOsak, president of Quanta Consulting, about the cannabis retail reckoning underway on a high street near you. #onpoli
nam kiwanuka Retweeted ·  
Tory was elected mayor 8 years ago and SmartTrack was the central plank of his campaign. He promised 53 km of surface subway in 7 years.
“Seven years gives you a lot of time to get this done. It starts with the will. It starts with the mandate” - quoting Tory in 2014
In reply to @namshine
What geographical location is this? (Country, region, city etc.)
Replying to @ikarenmccluskey
I'm in Toronto, Ontario.
In reply to @1_Non_Blonde
Longer - it had been an ongoing issue when we were struggling to find it when one of my kids had surgery the week after the election.
Wow. I knew there was a shortage in the summer but I naively thought it was a blip. I hope all is well with you now 💕
In reply to @namshine
Teachers cannot take a vacation during the school year. Very likely your child's teacher is sick. I, too, am at home with Covid after not contracting it for 2.5 years. It's terrible and I would much rather be healthy and at school with my students. 😥
Replying to @K3Ellengale
I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon.
In reply to @namshine
I couldn’t find any last night! I was informed by a Shoppers Drugstore in Scarborough that there is a shortage. Unbelievable!
Replying to @Author_YTM
I'm in Scarborough too. We even tried Costco in midtown and Shoppers uptown. Sigh.
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