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Last 50 tweets from @neiltyson
A lost opportunity.
They should have connected a Flux Capacitor

[Video: 7 sec]
Creating an artificial lightning by sending a long copper wire into a lightning prone cloud using a small rocket.. ⚡️

🎥 via 9GAG
When contemplating the cosmos, we don’t always know all that we don’t know. So for me, I yearn for the questions I don’t yet know to ask.
Meanwhile, back at Columbia Glacier, Alaska

After departing land, a chunk of "flowing" glacial ice had been forced underwater -- until this moment.

It then broke loose, and bobbed up, seeking buoyant equilibrium as a free-floating iceberg.

[Video: 30 sec]
Omg! 😱

Columbia Glacier, Alaska
🎥 YT: Skeater
Stuff You Thought You Knew…

What it means to us all when Mercury is in Retrograde
[Video: 18 min]…
In reply to @neiltyson
Wow. Lol. That was cute! PS I know you said you only would bend down on a city street “to pick up a quarter” but I have to tell you, in spite of my huge brain crush on you and science, I pick up pennies to put in the jar at church. They are stardust to me.
Replying to @PamelaJ36014108
If you instead leave the pennies for a homeless person, then you’ve cut out the middleman. p.s. Welcome to Twitter. Mostly a cesspool of anger, but occasionally a platform of enlightened communication.
And there I was, all this time, thinking Cleveland was voiced by a space alien.
It’s been an honor to play Cleveland on Family Guy for 20 years. I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color. Therefore, I will be stepping down from the role.
can't believe nobody is talking about how absurd it is that a baked potato takes like an hour to cook
If it’s any consolation, the thermodynamics of the situation tells us the longer it takes to cook something, the longer the food stays hot after your remove it from the heat. For example, compare baked potato and toast.
My favorite Painting.

Worked for me.
So cool!

1. Look for ten seconds at the black and white spinning circles

2. Now see Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ come to life! ✨

3. RT if it worked for you 😊
In reply to @neiltyson
Safe to assume Elenasto's chemical composition is calcium, nickel and neon: CaNiNe ? Or does that need to be translated to Elvish as well?
Replying to @LosferWords
Good one. Nicely geeky.
It’s actually the other way, @neiltyson, one day for dogs corresponds to one week for humans 🤨
Replying to @vrucsandescu
Sure. But my statement is meant to imply that if you are gone for a day, they experience it as a week.
In reply to @elonmusk
Is there any way you can paint an An amorphous image on the Starship landing pad? #Spacex #elonmuskbirthday Happy Birthday!
I think you mean “anamorphous”. And I agree, that would make a cool visual effect upon takeoff and landing.
In reply to @neiltyson
@neiltyson Neil I have a question, why all single mission go in almost the same path let's say right, but never up or down. There is not something interesting on up or down our solar system?
Replying to @pajafumo
All the asteroids, planets, their moons and an entire class of comets orbit the Sun in a roughly flat plane. So yes, to visit them we go left or right (or straight). But not up or down. Google “Oort Cloud” to learn what’s above and below us.
Curious about that canine with whom I was ROTFL?

A co-woorker's Support Dog named Elenasto, which means “Stardust” in Quenyan Elvish.
In reply to @neiltyson
hmm not very scientific
Replying to @juddbrochill
Yup. That’s why the tweet uses the word “Maybe” twice.
Ever notice how enthusiastic your dog can be? In life expectancy, a single day for humans corresponds to a week for dogs. Maybe they know this. And maybe that's why they make every day count.
In reply to @neiltyson
Are you suggesting a disparate evolutionary process couldn't have come up with a similar solution to a problem thereby creating a "similar" appearance?
Replying to @jay_hernandez
Sure. That could happen. On Earth, sight and locomotion both developed along several different evolutionary paths. But similar capability is not synonymous with somilar appearance.
In reply to @neiltyson
@neiltyson my friend and I haven't seen each other in over 20 years. We just reconnected and would love to have dinner with you. I can cook! I would love to treat you to a Southern mask filled, social distancing dinner, sir! *salutes*

No reason to think space aliens would have the same array of senses — sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell — as humans. They could have more senses than we do. Or all their senses could be completely different from ours.

A space alien with no DNA in common with life on Earth should look more different from life on Earth than **any** two life forms on Earth look from each other.
In reply to @neiltyson
So each galaxy contains 1 Star orbited by 1 planet? 🤔
Replying to @adrianmariscal
Yes, if you averaged it. But may stars have no planets and many stars have many planets.
You'd be inexcusably egocentric to suggest that Earth was the only place in the observable Universe with life -- among the hundred-billion galaxies, each containing a hundred-billion stars orbited by a hundred-billion planets.

Yet how terrifyingly lonely it would be, if true.
In reply to @neiltyson
What do you think this is, Neil? This video is from a friend in Miami Can anyone explain?
I don’t know what it is for sure. Which makes it “Unidentified”. And from the video, it’s clearly a Flying Object. So it’s just a UFO.
A @StarTalkRadio explainer video on Nothing. Offered for all those who are curious.

[Video: 14 min]…
This is how you do that.

[Video: 60 sec]
This girl and her daddy playing in a puddle..

“Come here, hold my hand” 😊

🎥 IG: James Gym Jones
Curiosity in children -- something to be cherished.

[Video: 1 min]
Actually the only “down" on Earth is towards its center. So Aussies are Down Under only to Northern chauvinists ( ¡ ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ʎɐp,פ )
Do you prefer being a scientist, or a science communicator @neiltyson
Replying to @gerbreenkerry
I prefer no labels at all.
In reply to @neiltyson
I am reading it everywhere that sollar eclipse will emit harmfull rays which can be very dangerous !
I fail to relate it with facts how can the moon (with no atmosphere) blocking part of the sun, can amplify its radiations ?
please tell me its a myth!
Replying to @oxheer
Congratulations for using your wit and senses to realize when others are clueless. That’s the beginnings of science literacy.
Saturday, June 20, 2020

Happy Winter Solstice to the 15% of all humans and 100% of free Penguins who live down under.
In reply to @neiltyson
Some say you and @elonmusk are aliens.
If you ask us if we are space aliens, we will deny it.
How to test for whether your child is from another planet.

[Video: 75 sec]…
In reply to @chiamamimarie
Odd for you to presume what I know or don’t know. I’ve listened to every word of the album, including those final words of the title track. And, of course, they are also wrong. But I had no tweet room left to include “nor is it all dark”.
A resonance in the laws of orbital physics leaves the Moon showing only one face to Earth. Yet over a month, all sides receive sunlight. So there's a Near Side. There's a Far Side. But @PinkFloyd take note: there's no Dark Side.

Rotating Moon from deep space
[Video: 20 sec]
Full rotation of the moon

🎥 IG: bosplanet
In reply to @neiltyson
I think meat eaters will be looked upon as being barbarian savages 50-100 years from now. (I am guilty).
That’s a common one. But I can imagine a future where all meat protein and vitamins are lab-grown, and planet eaters are seen as barbarians for killing defenseless life forms that can’t run away.
In reply to @neiltyson
I'm just going to assume you didn't put alot of thought into that comment, because like bruh there's some pretty obvious reasons why we segregate sports by gender (E.G. the fastest woman is slower than 2000 men at the 100m sprint).
Odd to presume how much I think about anything. I suspect that as gender binarity is dissolved, the future of sports will be competitions among people with comparative hormone levels. Also, there’s a dozen sports now that are needlessly segregated. TableTennis Archery Curling...
In reply to @neiltyson
I wonder what we’re doing now that’s going to be looked down upon in 50-100 years.
Replying to @spejampar
I think about that all the time. All I can come up with is gender-segregated sports.
It’s not that Aunt Jemima was a symbol of a racist past, she was the very embodiment of a racist past. She will not be missed by anyone who knew that.
In reply to @neiltyson
And Harvard recognized that? Because most students who get into Ivy leagues have straight A's, not average grades.
Replying to @sleepyheadns @bluebutterflyns and 3 others
What you are missing is that most students who have straight A's actually don’t get in. For example, they reject up to 3/4 of all Valedictorians who apply.
In reply to @StarTalkRadio
Listening to your latest @StarTalkRadio episode... If you were an average did you get into the Ivy league?
Replying to @sleepyheadns @bluebutterflyns and 3 others
Thanks for listening. I had average grades but I was not an average student. Most of what I achieved was not what accrues to one’s GPA.
Like having conversations with humanoid machines?

A chat with @RealSophiaRobot about her Artificial Intelligence and AI’s role in Public Health.

#Kobe died, WWIII was a threat, riots, murder hornets, #COVID, hey @neiltyson why do I get this feeling we're due for another CME so big we will "party" like it's 1859?
Replying to @GNN_Home
We’re at a particularly low activity point in the Sun’s 11-year sunspot cycle. Dangerous CMEs are therefore highly unlikely at this time.
Gotta agree. The extinct, badass dinosaurs surely sounded like this. And if they didn't then they should've.

[Video: 30 sec]
The sound of a dinosaur.. 😱

The American alligator 🐊

🎥 Via 9GAG, unknown
My Abs look just like his, except mine sit beneath four inches of middle-aged man-belly fat.

[Video: 20 sec]
This guy 💪🏻🏀

🎥 IG: Fanuel
In reply to @neiltyson
Maybe this will make you smile and laugh a bit 😊😝.
Maybe we can all use a little bit of this right now.

[Video: 2min]…
In reply to @neiltyson
Neil, do you have any favourite crisps / potato chips?
Replying to @Crispy_Crayon
I, like many, have a weakness for crispy potatoes. I’m good with Kettle brand, and any others that ae extra crispy.
A highly innovative invocation of acoustic physics.

[Video: 60 seconds]
Saxophone echo play..🎷

This is Armin Kupper playing at a natural gas pipeline in Germany.

🎥 YT: Armin Kupper
FYI: I hardly ever retweet. Only if I think it will make you smile — because it made me smile — in a time when smiles are understandably rare, or possibly left unseen behind our COVID masks.
In reply to @neiltyson
@neiltyson Big fan of StarTalk. Thought you'd might be interested in seeing this. Filming the speed of light at 10 trillion frames per second. 👌🏾
In reply to @neiltyson
@neiltyson I have a question, lets say your on the beach on an airplane looking right at the sun set now when that suns starts to go under the horizon and you take off on that airplane going straight towards the sun, will the sun start to become visible as you fly towards it ?
Replying to @AfKtomorrow
Depends on your speed and your location on Earth. At 30—>40 degrees latitude, about 800 mph would be sufficient to freeze the Sun on the horizon, chasing it at exactly the rate it’s setting from you.
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