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Last 50 tweets from @NiallOfficial
. @latelateshow tomorrow with the lovely @juliamichaels, can’t wait ! Also can’t wait to see @JKCorden @benwinston and everyone at the show .
4,178 20,775
Hey @NiallOfficial, just wanted to pass on this apology from @jackwhitehall for his jokes about you at last year’s #BRITs
929 4,665
Replying to @BRITs :
can’t stop thinking about niall’s outfits what will he wear tomorrow
105 918
Replying to @poemstonjh :
Niall Horan Retweeted ·  
Hey @NiallOfficial your boy @connor_syme is through to Round 2 at the #WS6Perth. He goes head to head with New Zealander Gareth Paddison.
1,066 8,031
Looking forward to watching @connor_syme today at the @ISPSHanda World Super 6 final 24.
Best of luck Con. Congrats on a great week @WestAustralia @PGAofAustralia
4,522 33,026
Niall what's your biggest phobia?
56 403
Replying to @CeliaVgb :
here’s my attempt at flicker on the guitar, what do ya think niall?? 💕
728 4,791
Replying to @vanillahughoran :
@vanillahughoran 😍😍😍 love it ! Perfect
1,232 7,085
Is niall off to play golf
228 2,398
Replying to @happysocksni :
@happysocksni No Niall is sick and going to buy soup Hahahaha
2,677 12,304
Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful people ! Go and spread as much love as you can ❤️
51,922 189,556
Now we’re onto the @ISPSHanda World Super 6 this week. Good luck to the @modestgolf lads. Love Perth, have so many great memories of Western Australia @WestAustralia! @PGAofAustralia
4,777 33,833
Niall, do different guitars help you figure out the sound & vibe of a song you’re writing.?
51 402
Replying to @flickernialler :
@flickernialler Oh yeah for sure and different guitar pedals
841 4,386
Niall your thumbs are too fast
47 379
Replying to @flickernialler :
@flickernialler I know . That’s why I always have typos
930 4,794
Niall what’s your favorite song off Julia’s album besides what a time!
49 492
Replying to @niamstide :
@niamstide Well she played anxiety most nights on tour so I spent a lot of time with that song . Love it.
1,211 5,492
niall are we going to get any new music soon? a new single perhaps ????
49 337
Replying to @nhtuned :
@nhtuned Not yet . . There’s no secrets . I am writing a lot but not ready yet
1,058 5,022
Niall score predictions for the match you’re watching
21 144
Replying to @flickerdem :
Remember when Niall wasn’t a model ?? cos I don’t x
158 1,079
Replying to @sarah_devaney98 :
So Niall who is gonna win the championship?
32 207
Replying to @derbyteesniall :
niall how is your acid reflux?? any better??
68 525
Replying to @ohfireaway :
@ohfireaway Much better actually . Changed my diet completely , don’t eat dairy these days
933 4,590
niall have u heard ariana’s new album
61 476
Replying to @happilygracie :
@happilygracie Course I have . She’s the best .
1,248 5,967
Replying to @daintymirrors :
@daintymirrors The whole room apart from the ceiling Hahahah . Don’t know why I’m looking up there Hahahahahaha
835 4,040
Happy birthday to my friend @thegreatkhalid .. love you brother
13,179 110,479
Niall can you explain this?
  · Twitter for iPad · en
242 1,354
Replying to @navyhoran :
@navyhoran We all grow up and our taste buds change
1,031 5,166
Niall, those sneakers are new? because nobody have a sneakers white so cleans 🤷🏽‍♀️
78 649
Replying to @sncewerenjh :
Niall, what books are these??
37 270
Replying to @thunderroadnjh :
@thunderroadnjh 2 amazing Bob Dylan books.
627 3,096
good evening ,is niall going to the studio to do some magic today ?
158 1,062
Replying to @flickernialls :
niall what even happened at that party
413 2,458
Replying to @thisflicker :
@thisflicker Hahahahaha they are 3D glasses
1,045 5,423
niall are those paul smith socks
124 995
Replying to @flickernialls :
Niall are you proud of your huge chest hair comeback ?
194 1,566
Replying to @niallholdsteady :
@niallholdsteady Yeh it’s great to see it back and making an appearance
1,331 6,090
nali 𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒏
Niall have you considered to have Maggie as opening act for NH2? She’s so talented! We’d love to see her on tour with you!
196 1,647
Replying to @_niallsmysmile :
The power of music 🤟
28,122 119,659
niall was robbed of a grammy this year nh1 deserved so much better bye
692 3,178
Replying to @darlingflicker :
@darlingflicker Listen there’s nothing we can do about that, If we dont get nominated that’s fine . Let’s just relish it when/ if we do.
2,710 11,397
I like how you are so private with your life and how little by little you tells us your things. you're so cute. thank you Niall for trust in us!!
219 1,718
Replying to @sncewerenjh :
@sncewerenjh Keep my head down, keep my life private and work hard , that’s what I’m here for .
2,393 9,925
Niall how would you react if you got nominated
59 466
Replying to @YeaNarry :
@YeaNarry I’d cry for about 9 hours I reckon
2,124 9,732
niall you WILL be at the grammys next year we will make sure of it
381 1,999
Replying to @nhtuned :
Big day for our people! Proud of everyone involved . @RecordingAcad
7,930 50,877
Niall is this your sense of humor again or are you being serious the people deserve to know
318 2,183
Replying to @tofalIsofar :
@tofalIsofar Nahhhhh I actually am colourblind . Big problem with blues and purples / yellows and greens
5,468 20,316
Niall are your trousers blue or pink? I’m so confused hahaha
210 1,704
Replying to @navyhoran :
@navyhoran I’m colour blind but I know they’re not pink. That’s just a certain Light
3,112 14,014
Niall Horan Retweeted ·  
That was so much fun. Thank u
3,209 25,689
@NiallOfficial And Shawn goint to win his 2 Grammys, true?❤
227 2,776
Replying to @tommoxmyxking :
@tommoxmyxking Fingers crossed for Shawny boy!
6,128 26,117
This place is crazy on Grammy week !
12,463 83,463
niall can you explain this 👀
158 1,052
Replying to @darlingflicker :
@darlingflicker Football kits we had made for when we played on tour
959 4,925
is this what niall meant with “pints in different places” ?
127 932
Replying to @flickernialls :
Niall Horan Retweeted ·  
Watches @JuliaMichaels' "What a Time" ft. @NiallOfficial once...

... immediately starts crying about crush, but can't remember their name.

(It's okay, let it out)

3,638 16,628
Niall Horan Retweeted ·  
@NiallOfficial @GolfChannel @leona_maguire @connor_syme @guidomigliozzi @ivancantero @modestgolf @GolfAust Thanks @NiallOfficial for tuning into the @VicOpenGolf. Some incredible golf off the tee from @modestgolf’s @leona_maguire! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
1,053 8,209
Watching @ISPSHanda on @golfchannel . Have @leona_maguire @connor_syme @guidomigliozzi @ivancantero playing this week for @modestgolf . Great to see @GolfAust making big moves for golf . Exciting times ahead
4,316 31,778
My cover of @Camila_Cabello’s Crying In The Club is nominated for #BestCoverSong at the #iHeartAwards ! RT to vote !
22,416 49,161
Niall wish me luck at the doctors please im scared skkd
38 520
Replying to @nialImendes :
Did Niall ever tell us what this thing was in his house? 🤔
51 402
Replying to @AllyLuvsNialler :
@AllyLuvsNialler It’s a clay candle holder that doesn’t currently have a candle in it.
841 4,246
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