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Last 50 tweets from @NicholasDenmon
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
What. Just. Happened.

Tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a peaceful protest...

...So that the President could get a photo op for himself...

...In the midst of a national crisis.

America is broken, and she deserves better than this narcissistic buffoonery.
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
Nothing about systemic racism from Trump’s hate speech today- just 10 minutes of threats toward those who dare protest the issue.
Meanwhile, he has cops gas peaceful demonstrators so he can get a photo op even tho he can’t quote a single line from the prop he’s holding. Sick.
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
Tear gas fired at young people protesting for a better world to clear the way for a monster to wave a bible in front of a church, with his little band of morally bankrupt enablers at his side. What a shameful moment for this country.
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
shout out to the people who voted for this asshole because they thought the libs would institute martial law and violently stop them from enjoying their constitutional rights. fucking bootlickers
We have to speak for each other, if necessary bleed for each other. “Riot is the language of the unheard.” -MLK
#BlackLivesMatter  #icantbreathe #Minneapolis #GeorgeFloydprotest #riots #GeorgeFloyd #BunkerBoy #BunkerDon @shaunking
We have to speak for each other, if necessary bleed for each other. “Riot is the language of the unheard.” -MLK
#BlackLivesMatter #icantbreathe #Minneapolis #GeorgeFloydprotest #riots #GeorgeFloyd
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
As my father explained during his lifetime, a riot is the language of the unheard.
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
Burning a police precinct is not nearly as violent an act as holding your knee on a person’s neck for several minutes and choking the life out of them. This is another moment where the elite call upon us to feel more empathy for white property than for our own lives.

I don’t 🤷🏾‍♀️
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
Thoughtful. Not yelling. Not reading talking points off notes. Weaving the facts, with her personal opinion and assessment. I wish she’d do more of this and less of the on camera sniping.
In reply to @LeoDiCaprio
Where is Shelby Foote when we need him.
In reply to @NicholasDenmon
What’s going on with your show For Nothing? Really looking forward to watching. Buffalo is a fun town.
Going well man. In the CGI, VFX, music phase
In reply to @NicholasDenmon
Lol. This is actually on the first page of a book I wrote, “For Blood And Loyalty.” Lol.
In reply to @NicholasDenmon
I’m of the belief that people who don’t wear seatbelts don’t wear condoms. Lol
Ha ha! More like people who don’t use their turn signal’s don’t wear condoms. It’s about protecting the other people right?
A thought... Ever consider that the fellas wearing face masks are probably the ones that also wear condoms? Look around. Pick your safesex partner accordingly!#AUGUSTD2isCOMING #Klobuchar #coronavirus #savesingleparents @realDonaldTrump should do humanity solid and wear a ...mask
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
It’s like blaming your ex whose been gone for YEARS for not doing the grocery shopping TODAY. Also, it’s like when you’re a liar and a maniac.
In reply to @fsuflash
If you connect it to your sideburns you’re on to something
In reply to @NicholasDenmon
Trying to overthrow a dually elected president through a bogus Russia collusion hoax along with illegal spying. It’s pretty simple unless you watch the MSM. Nice try though clown 🤡👋🏻 #ObamaGate #SubpeonaObama
Definition of dually. : in a double capacity : in two ways Since the library functions dually as a working room for a writer and a space for entertaining, the architect was careful to make a place for everything
I assume #SubpoenaObama has to do with I need my gun to get a @SUBWAY sandwich, the earth is flat, vaccines have gps transmitters, Epstein isn’t dead and I cant find my tinfoil cap.
Amazing ad.
Donald Trump just doesn't understand: We have an economic crisis because we have a public health crisis — and we have a public health crisis because he failed to act.
In reply to @NicholasDenmon
I agree. I was just showing that people were using the phrase. It’s not revisionist history to say people were saying “believe all women”. I felt that was the implication of the OP.
Replying to @zepedamikecheck @EricMGarcia and 1 otherfalse
Fair enough - twitter context amiright?
In reply to @zepedamikecheck
Replying to @zepedamikecheck @EricMGarcia and 1 otherfalse
Usage of popular hashtag’ing does not a nuanced stance make. Since you used me as an example - I “believe all women” deserve to be heard. Not that all women who accuse someone of something are therefore beyond scrutiny for said accusation. That would be ridiculous.
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
"He has a lot of critics waiting to see him fail, perilously attached to their pre-draft rankings," but Josh Allen is going to be the NFL's newest bonafide star, writes @FernandoSchmude
#GoBills #Bills #BillsMafia…
The Bills are back, and Josh Allen looks like the NFL's next star | Cover 1
...thus proving that squats and push-ups can be done anywhere...?
Replying to @chelseaperetti
Damn it Florida. Why do you always do this to us?
Seeing some rude crap last few days, that I don’t respond to everyone. One, that’s impossible. Two, ask better questions. “Send me a selfie” or “notice me.” NOPE. I don’t look to see who I reply to. Good questions. Respectful people. But this? Makes me not want to reply at all.
Replying to @JDMorgan
This guy took the time to talk to me about the business, and I’ll never forget it. Time is precious and he gave some of his to a fledgling artist. If and when I get to repay the favor I will - until then I’ll remember that JD is one of the good ones.
In reply to @RepJoeKennedy
For generations the profound injustice the poor and working class face in our civil courtrooms has persisted in the shadows. I’ll take all the tweets in the world. Let the sunlight in. We need a Civil Gideon. (23/23)
Replying to @RepJoeKennedy
Looking forward to working for you for President one day. Keep up the good fight.
In reply to @NicholasDenmon
Where at in Angola? I lived in Roat Acres. I went Most Precious Blood, where Laettner went to elementary school.
In reply to @NicholasDenmon
Yes! That’s where he’s from, actually. Even though he went to Nichols. Hope you and the family are staying safe, brother. You can’t escape Tom Brady in your life 😳
Replying to @SalSports
We are and I hope the same for you. Tom Brady just loves to be where I am as much as Gronk loves to be where Brady is...
The stories of how Jordan sometimes treated his teammates at practice was the same as what we learned about how Laettner treated Hurley. He's a complete a-hole and there's an "I can't deal with this dude" mentality.

Then you win titles you otherwise wouldn't have
Replying to @SalSports
His sister also lived 5 doors down from my Uncle in Angola. May have been his place for a time too?🤷‍♂️
Three years ago, before Paramount bought the spec script for #AQuietPlace and months before John & Emily came aboard, we created a visual look book to help sell the studio. A few fun discrepancies here from the final film. Also note our push for practical creature fx, ala ALIEN.
Replying to @beckandwoods
This is awesome. We did the same as we pitched @ForNothingTV - as you said, it can’t hurt as long as you put the same dedication into the accompanying material as the script itself (just my 2 cents)
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
We took a walk and I biked 20 mins because #ItsNotACrimeToBeBlack and #WeCanDoBetter Am raising my daughter and teaching my students to #BeKind #BeCompassionate #HaveEmpathy #RunWithMaud #JusticeForAhmaud
This is horrific. JOGGING. Mr Arbery was out for a jog. Broad daylight. And shot down. No arrests.
Replying to @JDMorgan
Finally arrested those asshats. It’s not often I tear up because of the news these days (call me desensitized)- but this one broke my heart. Glad to see the early beginnings of justice.
Expert on Blackface weighs in!
Replying to @soledadobrien
Better question is why are they comparing him to Kavanaugh when the true “equivalency” is Donald Trump? The fact is they can’t compare 29+ accusations and payoffs to 1 accusation which is 27 years old &has quite a few inconsistencies so they move the goalposts hoping to avoid it.
Replying to @TomPelphrey
Became a fan after your recent stint on the show. Excellent work brother.
Most excellent!! Collectible BILL & TED Princess pins now at WALMART!!…
Replying to @DianeFranklin80
Give my love to the princesses. Who? You’ll see!
You need to start sending invoices to people who waste your time 💰⏳💰
Replying to @SpeakerShinjini
Just had that same conversation today. Amazing @Mr_Frodo_esq
Surprised no one has said “Downeaster Alexa,” which is one of the best modern folk songs since Simon and Garfunkel.
Woke up with kidney stones today! Yeah it destroyed all my previous notions of pain but more importantly, THANK YOU @CedarsSinai, Dr. Altman & the nurses for being so adapted and safe during this pandemic. #grateful
Been there brother. May you never have to rock those again.
Nicholas Denmon Retweeted ·  
Wow, that's awesome. You're welcome. Do I get cut of that?! 😉
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Give a fish a beer, and...

...I'm sorry, I don't know where I'm going with this. I just thought you should see.
The globe still plagued by the mighty crown, Coupled by shaking in a Pacific town. One wonders how much a nation can take,
I watch this unfold and pray in its wake.
After reading the article and considering that by Buddy Nix’s standard, who was 16-32 as GM, I was done. Looks like I wasn’t the only one that should’ve been considered done.
FYI: 72 receptions, 983 yds, 9 TDs the following season...
Replying to @terrellowens
TO has been nothing but a Buffalo guy since he showed up, and he carries our torch even though it was for only one season (should have been 2-3). Any friend of Buffalo is a friend of mine. Thanks 🙏
In reply to @gtconway3d
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