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Last 50 tweets from @nilikm
In reply to @LauraMiers
Speaking to “back to normal” parents is uncomfortable. A lot of ANGER & HOSTILITY is directed at those of us who express concerns about Covid’s long-term effects on children. People NEED to believe everything is fine, & they lash out when they’re reminded it’s not. It’s scary.
Today, I filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump for engaging in years of financial fraud to enrich himself, his family, and the Trump Organization. 

There aren't two sets of laws for people in this nation: former presidents must be held to the same standards as everyday Americans.
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
I wrote about how not to talk about the Holocaust:…
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
Super excited to be welcoming @DFisman & @nilikm to our TSpaces tonight to join myself & @MaryJoNabuurs as we continue our COVID Conversations. #CovidIsNotOver #CovidisAirborne #GoodTrouble…
In reply to @nilikm
Wanting to live a normal life does not make people selfish. We have to get back to living our lives even if some risks accompany that process and each individual can mitigate that risk on an individual basis. Best wishes.
Replying to @TimHindson @DFisman and 1 otherfalse
That’s not how it works, actually. We all want to live life to its fullest, but public health measures are supposed to ensure that we go about our lives safely, at a population level. Many examples: ban on smoking in public places; sewage disposal; food safety; vaccines for HCWs
The same people who say, “just move on, get over it,” who pushed for kids to go back to school and adults to go back to work maskless, are the very people who demand to be seen by a doctor the moment they are unwell, and lash out if they don’t get what they want. #CovidIsNotOver
In reply to @CritiqueFaith
Have you considered that your views on covid are shaped by the audience capture arising from your use of social media? Have you considered the ways in which you've exacerbated polarization in Canada to satisfy your need for attention? @nilikm
Replying to @CritiqueFaith @DFisman and 1 otherfalse
Bot. Blocked.
In reply to @nilikm
Good faith critique here, @nilikm, don't call me a right wing troll (I'm 3x vaxxed, vote NDP) Have you considered that your risk tolerance is much lower than the public's? That it's not a small group but in fact the majority of Canadians who support easing covid restrictions?
Replying to @CritiqueFaith @DFisman and 1 otherfalse
It isn’t about risk tolerance. It is ableist and it is driven by individualist disregard for others. As a physician, I cannot in good conscience shrug and let people (re)infect my patients who are seniors, infants, people with disabilities. And we’re in a healthcare crisis, also!
Replying to @ReginaWatteel @DFisman and 1 otherfalse
Oh, previous PPC candidate in Ottawa Centre. Right. Good grief.
We have science at our fingertips, yet we’ve allowed a small, selfish group of people to undermine health policy, to make a “choice” to abandon vulnerable populations, to leave healthcare in crisis. I’ll speak tonight, Sept 21, with @DFisman on @TheReSisters2 Tspace at 8pm ET.
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
We're watching an organized effort to sow distrust in vaccines, spreading like wildfire. Because it's cloaked as a political criticism of the current PM, it feels like free speech. But it's manufactured mistrust of a public health measure that is in the collective interest.
The best time to learn from our successes and failures in this pandemic was from day one. The second best time is now.
The best time to learn from our successes and failures in this pandemic was from day one. The second best time is now.
We still need someone like you and @KatharineSmart to write the final chapters for Breaking Canadians. The “where do we go from here,” proactive, hopeful end to our book.
In reply to @nilikm
Toronto... maybe ask the film/television community.
Replying to @Vango_Jo
Yes, if we can’t find a broken gurney from a hospital in or around #Toronto for this community activism, perhaps Toronto area actors might be able to source one (@realsarahpolley or @jean_yoon)… This is for advocacy re better healthcare.
In reply to @nilikm
Someone is making a killer Halloween display.
Toronto medical colleagues, anyone know where I can source an old gurney? Needed for a good community activist reason…
In reply to @Itisallacademic
Yes very. It seems to take 6-10 days to clear for many people.
In reply to @nilikm
the fact that you are getting to them means you're on the right track. keep it up.
Replying to @Jangledog
But can you imagine anyone telling a male doctor’s wife to rein him in?
In reply to @JustinTrudeau
We’re providing a Canada Dental Benefit to children under 12 who don’t have access to dental insurance. Payments totalling up to $1,300 per child over the next two years would be provided to parents for dental care services – that’s up to $650 per child, per year.
Replying to @JustinTrudeau
Thank you, and thanks also to @theJagmeetSingh. The dental program will be a huge help for low income families.
“Your wife is a coward,” says a troll to my husband. No, it isn’t cowardly to block people who are spreaders of disinformation, antisemitism, racism, bigotry, misogyny. Pro tip: IT IS SELF-CARE. Also, kvetching to my husband? That’s some stone age shiznit.
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
Love me a solid public health campaign! Happy to support Jabapalooza (even though I am no where near Ottawa; I’m way over in Slate River). Way to go @nilikm

Thank you for making vaccines accessible to so many in the Ontario Autism community. ❤️
#PublicHealth #VaccinesSaveLives
In reply to @juuuubot
who is running for Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee in Capital Ward has continuously advocated for COVID-19 measures including masking.
Love me a solid public health campaign! Happy to support Jabapalooza (even though I am no where near Ottawa; I’m way over in Slate River). Way to go @nilikm

Thank you for making vaccines accessible to so many in the Ontario Autism community. ❤️
#PublicHealth #VaccinesSaveLives
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
Trudeau sings at a piano: This is disgustingly inappropriate.

Poilievre rubs shoulders with white supremacists: It was just a march, a conversation and a handshake.
It's my birthday. And per usual Mom calls to remind me that I don't get to celebrate till 8:20 PM Newfoundland Time. And that the surgeon knocked her out, used forceps & she had to force the nuns to give me back so she could feed me. Then she giggles & tells me I was perfect🧡
Think about the risks and make informed decisions on using individual public health measures to keep yourself and others safe from #Covid19. This includes staying home if sick, wearing a mask and improving indoor ventilation.…
Replying to @CPHO_Canada
Public health messaging for #COVID19 shouldn’t about “individual measures.” The focus should be community. When people choose to put others at risk - infants, children, seniors, people with disabilities - they’ve affected the population. They also harm the healthcare system.
In reply to @nilikm
Once the faux outrage settles down, maybe all politicians should take up singing, imagine all the positive energy.
Replying to @jessskoog
Absolutely. Singing is good for the soul.
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
I honestly don't know how schools will be staffed with this level of illness. 1/3 of my class off today, multiple staff sick and their positions unfilled.

The public is being gaslit that it is business as usual. I have never seen a year start like this. #onted
Replying to @wildplumbay @DadEducator and 9 others
Yes. Public health knew that would happen. Same with understaffing in hospitals and clinics. Preventable, had we been proactive.
Canadian healthcare advocates are singing “We are the Champions” in the shower this morning. While provincial policy makers sing “Another One Bites the Dust.”
Ok friends, I need the best option to travel from Montreal to Ottawa some time between 10 PM and 10 AM that isn't me sucking it up and driving myself. On a weekday. Have any flashes of brilliance?
Replying to @NoLore
There must be a rideshare you could use… McGill has a rideshare group… or why not the train?
Seeing the country ready to move on from #COVID is leading me to reflect on my own experience.
As a pediatrician, I know I haven’t seen nearly the devastation that my colleagues in adult medicine have.
As a pediatric palliative care doctor, I’ve seen enough.
🧵 1/7
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
When a hospital foundation goes ahead with their in-person maskless fundraiser despite said hospital having staff shortages, multiple covid outbreaks, and near-record admission census to the COVID unit.

This. Is. What. Is. Burning. Out. Doctors. And. Nurses.
In reply to @nilikm
Nutcase Nili is just happy the headings aren't talking about her being a nutcase like they were last week
Replying to @lawson_anders @althiaraj and 1 otherfalse
Oh, stuff it.
I feel very privileged to live in a country where the most controversial thing to have happened today is footage of the prime minister singing on Saturday night with a Quebec icon in the lobby of a hotel while in London for the Queen’s funeral. #perspective
Agreed. And it would be a quaint Canadian story, except that social media trolls attacking his singing shouldn’t have been picked up by any reputable #cdnmedia. The story that social media trolls want in the headlines is now in the headlines. That’s a problematic pattern.
In a video circulating on social media, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seen singing Bohemian Rhapsody just days before Queen Elizabeth's funeral.
Replying to @CBCNews
Not news worthy.
PSA: A person at any age may have #COVID19 even if they don’t have a fever. (So many patients with sore throat, aches, sinus congestion… but no fever, so they think it must not be COVID19).
At 1:30 ET today, I speak with @CityNewsKIT about the worsening racism, antisemitism, threats, and harassment of women in healthcare (and other fields) and why I’ve asked @jyduclos and @JustinTrudeau to speak with healthcare professionals/advocates across Canada. #EnoughlsEnough
I was in London as a Commonwealth Scholar when Princess Diana died. I remember the visceral grief of her mourning children. Watching #QueenElizabethII’s funeral procession, I think about all the grandmothers and mothers who have died without ceremony. Humanity is complicated.
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
What’s fascinating to me about those who ask “how long do you plan to wear a mask indoors?” is that it hasn’t occurred to them that many people are comfortable not knowing the answer to that question. We can cope with the uncertainty of not knowing when this actually ends.
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
Good news y’all.

If #COVID19, which is killing hundreds of people each day in the US, is over, we can say the same for diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, influenza & pneumonia, chronic lower respiratory disease, and kidney disease!
In reply to @deonandan
So funny. That was youth medium, as we’d run out of extra small and small. Meant for your child. But you can share, as long as that’s OK with your child!
Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD PhD Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lisa_iannattone
I understand that the denial and the gaslighting around how dangerous covid still is in the “after times” is a massive, global phenomenon but it’s a false narrative nonetheless. The excess mortality numbers tell the real story — covid is still a top 3 killer of humans in 2022.
In reply to @alandrummond2
Every now and again I go up there, touch her stuff and smell her clothes and cry. Six (going on seven) years later I still cry - each and every time.
That’s a wrap! Rainy but successful #Jabapalooza: 182 people boosted with bivalent #CovidVaccine for seniors, HCWs, immunocompromised and pregnant people; 2nd doses of vaccine for infants and young children. Way to go, #Ottawa! Raised $3080 for @tenoaksproject. Thanks volunteers!
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