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Last 50 tweets from @NosaIsabor
Nosa Isabor Retweeted ·  
Attention.. attention is some sort of currency to people
  · Twitter Lite · en
3 2
Nah fam you a bird for that. Y'all quick to try to put people on blast for what?
I'm done with these so called young "men" 😂
911 3,235
78 93
Smoke now? Smoke later ? Or both? ....
17 37
0 1
Y'all out here wilding
185 165
Day 91 without pussy:

Wendy Williams fine as fuck
11,587 37,497
3 7
I've learned sometimes you can't share the ideas you have with everyone because if they can't see themselves accomplishing it then it can't be done. Just because you can't warp your mind around it doesn't mean it can't be done
0 12
Replying to @beautee_ :
@beautee_ I had to read that twice I thought I was tripping for a second lol
0 0
Ight calm the fuck down you doing the most right now

Do not see the movie in first week so that PoC have a chance to see it first. If you've already bought tickets, give them to a PoC.

Post a positive review at Rotten Tomatoes. Do not wait to see the movie first.

Sit in the back of the theater.
240 425
69 95
My thing is as a professor why are you teaching off a PowerPoint your wasting my money. I might as well stay home and teach myself for all that. I paid to be taught not have a someone read slides to me.
10 30
wait hold on. is this real ???
2 1
Replying to @paigen_yurdiary :
@paigen_yurdiary Apparently so, it on YouTube supposedly
0 0
i love you bitch! i aint ever gon stop loving you.
@NosaIsabor It's one if the final episodes. I feel like most people had stopped watching at that point.
1 5
Replying to @TobiAnnam :
@TobiAnnam Make sense I stopped watching bricks before the final season
0 1
When did this air? Cause I don't remember this
80 149
Aye....y'all think they threw that egg away?
35 49
Replying to @VanityFares :
Right. Niggas couldn't be out pass 6pm or you got picked up
We had a damn curfew and everything
0 3
0 1
Funny how when the Baltimore riot happened the national guard was called and everything but when white people doing shit like this nothing it's just people "celebrating"
49 76
Nope that's a white woman 🗣ancient epyptians were not white stop trying to change history accept it
World, meet King Tut’s mother and likely the true face of #Nefertiti! First discovered in 1898, the badly damaged mummy of the so-called “Younger Lady” sits in the Egyptian museum. Through 3D imaging and forensic reconstruction, she lives again. #ExpeditionUnknown @travelchannel
2,958 9,731
96 136
Light hair no hair ....if your pussy tastes good he not gonna know the difference
10 17
2 2
Shit I hope so
It’ll calm his ass down some
0 0
1 1
@NosaIsabor Child services gon have to boonk gang whole lotta gang shit his baby
2 8
Replying to @travyy__ :
The last nigga that needa have a baby
68 118
I shouldn't have to paid full months rent for February it ain't even a full month
23 67
It's 2018 and it's sad when students have to take matters like this in their own hands rather than the school taking action and ensuring the safety of all students @StJohnsU do better
This girl Jess Mauro, messaged me with racial threats on IG. My roommate and I found her place of employment and where she goes to school. Give them a call, thanks.
1,676 1,600
16 17
Tom Bardy to the referees

"One job you all had one job and to make sure Tom won now...Tom's upset"
41 57
Issa joke Mikey
What’s crazy is refs aren’t even impacting the game
0 0
0 0
Tom: what'd we discuss earlier at the meeting
Referee: Tom wins
Tom: exactly and Tom isn't winning right now is he....FIX IT
112 129
When your guardian angel gotta stop you from doing some wild shit
84 100
Tom Brady waiting in the back ready to deflate them footballs real quick
72 123
I ain't here for all this baby talk on my TL
53 73
Sounds like what y'all did to the native Americans but y'all called it manifest destiny
A stranger who doesn't speak English breaks into your home. They tell you they're here to stay.

They eat your food, go to your doctors, draw money from your bank, enroll in your schools. Then, they make demands of Congress.

You complain to authorities. You're called a racist.
879 1,541
201 231
If Anyone Needs Any Helpful Info Before Filing There Taxes Hit Me Up So I Can Ignore You Because I Am Lying😂
4 8
Replying to @Kimbeex :
If I were the judge I woulda looked away for a good minute and let him give The doctor the works
WATCH: The father of 3 Larry Nassar victims charges at the disgraced doctor in court today.
5,319 13,451
38 79
We have been providing free content for the past 4 years. It has helped teenagers get into their dream colleges and land great internships!
19 63
Replying to @TheAffinityMag :
@TheAffinityMag What's the best way to contact you on getting featured on your magazine?
0 0
When she ain't got no ass and she trying twerk her lower back on you
53 66
Orgy? Nah fam we on two different pages here lol
@NosaIsabor I’m not about to pay $475 for an orgy
0 0
2 7
Spell joke without using the word joke.
12 18
1 4
Not everyone going give you them A1 strokes or tongue action
Penis is free ladies and so is head
0 0
1 5
Bet imma show y'all one day lol
@NosaIsabor I don’t believe it 😂😂
0 0
0 0
I can braid hair don't judge when you got four sisters you learn a few things
What’s one of your talents NO ONE WOULD GUESS that you have?
0 0
8 20
I don’t know about the other Africans on my TL but I have never seen a panther other than the ones at zoo Atlanta....
3 6
0 3
If you don't mind me asking what it was lol
0 0
0 1
I'll take it.
i’m mad i ordered something for my boyfriend as a surprise & it’s here today but he broke up with me 💀 bitch i am shook
66 261
1 3
"You need this book to pass"
"No last minute work allowed"
"No grade curves"
"No extra credit"
"Attendance required"
86 138
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