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Last 50 tweets from @officialmcafee
Just rediscovered this: it's a small essay of advice for drug dealers in Third World Countries. I wrote this in 2012 - long after I quit dealing drugs but before I got too senile to remember. Quaintly titled "A travel guide to Central America":…
The McAfee central America Travel Guide
26 96
Will find out who made this. I promise
20 121
Again, can't remember who made it. Will find out tomorrow.
18 106
Same here can't remember who made it. Will find out tomorrow.
20 135
Same here can't remember who made it. Will find out tomorrow.
28 118
Same here can't remember who made it. Will find out tomorrow.
9 59
Been travelling. Cant remember what meme number or who made it. Will work it out tomorrow
9 48
First meme of the day:
68 720
@officialmcafee @MikeTront What defenses are you preparing against the false attacks the media will wage against you?
0 0
Replying to @NateDaw67659571 :
@NateDaw67659571 @MikeTront None. What do I care about media attacks? Just follow me on Twitter for the truth.
0 8
Had to share these today. From @MikeTront
52 262
Oops. Promised @CRYPTOK1RK to post his today:
31 217
Last meme if the day. An inside joke for followers of my Mixology 101 classes:
45 374
@officialmcafee Sir, who exactly defines inappropriate and why do they feel they have the power to do so?
0 1
Replying to @Littleguppie81 :
@Littleguppie81 FOAB - The Frederal Office of Appropriate Behavior. A division of the IRS.
0 5
@officialmcafee Cuz this’s paid modelling work and the models often feel demeaned by the work they are being offered, but have no option but to take it in order to make ends meet in an expensive, uncaring world.

Supply meets demand—it’s our job to make sure our demands aren’t hurting others.
0 0
Replying to @PeepBeachGirl :
Sneaking another one in before my staff eradicates it. From @Kkaiserrr
33 164
@officialmcafee it's because it's a still from a pornographic film
0 0
Replying to @HLTV_masterbait :
@officialmcafee Because it is inappropriate, John.
0 3
Replying to @0xzak :
@officialmcafee It depends on what planet your from. If your really running for president... You may have to much... You waste too much.
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0 0
Replying to @jbearclan :
@officialmcafee Get this man in office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you can dismantle the office.
0 6
Replying to @TheFadedApe :
@officialmcafee I wonder what’s about to happen. 🤔🤔🤔
0 3
Replying to @MarkCryptos :
@officialmcafee @said_mitch You will always be my supreme lord commander, Mr. McAfee.
0 13
Replying to @uniconaut :
@officialmcafee So you’re saying you’ll make the trains run on time?
0 30
Replying to @KenEarl86 :
@officialmcafee I'm writing you in regardless, I can see it now "Crypto Twitter bands together, and elects McAfee President"
0 3
Replying to @jbrack89cuitg :
@officialmcafee @TanjaTravelFund I'm thinking the news orgs will have absolutely nowhere to go in terms of digging stuff up on Mr. McAfee
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0 3
Replying to @JohnGerard5 :
@officialmcafee @TanjaTravelFund I am amused by the replies from people who upset over this picture. Makes me wonder if they ever really understood who they were following to begin with.
0 4
Replying to @uniconaut :
@officialmcafee @TanjaTravelFund You're narking your chances with the Puritan-minded voting bloc, not that you care...
  · TweetDeck · en
0 1
Replying to @HeidiSHecht :
@officialmcafee @TanjaTravelFund Oh John... my grandma blocking you, not fans anymore 😐
  · Twitter Web App · en
0 4
Replying to @Infosiana :
@officialmcafee @TanjaTravelFund But hackers robbed your coins right ?
0 2
Replying to @tresloukadu :
@tresloukadu @TanjaTravelFund No sir. Trusted employees did. If you value access to my page you will enlghten yourself.
0 10
@officialmcafee @TanjaTravelFund yes!!! More of this John😆😍
0 7
Replying to @Crypt0Candi :
@officialmcafee I don't get this meme... But I'll still vote for you! Pls follow me back on Twitter sir!
0 0
Replying to @fluffyherbivore :
@fluffyherbivore The skinny white girl is about to get pounded.
9 40
@officialmcafee I think you might not be president
0 11
Replying to @said_mitch :
@said_mitch If course I won't be. Don't wanna be.
1 50
@officialmcafee HOLY FUCKING SHIT LMFAO. Omfg dude im laughing so hard over here it hurts, that is the funniest and most terrible fucken thing ive seen in the past....shit I was on the dark web last the last 8 hrs...but still. Funny shit
0 5
Replying to @Three3ZERO1 :
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