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Last 50 tweets from @officialmcafee
@officialmcafee You could’ve found a decent Lafite, Mouton or Haut Brion for $700. Why Shafer Hillside Select 2014?
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Replying to @drivebymusings :
@officialmcafee Expensive wine is mostly a gimmick. There’s really no reason to ever pay more than $10.
0 1
Replying to @ispreadliberty :
@officialmcafee Link for the sludge shit?
0 1
Replying to @SlappinElbows :
@SlappinElbows No Website. A local wine from Frisco, NC.
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@officialmcafee Primal leaves no heartburn?
0 1
Replying to @NE_redneck :
@NE_redneck Not if you drink at least two bottles in a sitting.
0 4
@officialmcafee How do you get 1.63 for your primal wines? It’s 40+ on the website
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Replying to @bllyray :
@bllyray You have the wrong company. The most expensive wine is $2.00
0 3
@officialmcafee @officialmcafee Well that's because Shafer is hyped over priced bullshit wine🤣😂
0 3
Replying to @KEropkin8 :
@officialmcafee Where can I find the primal sludge?
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Replying to @AnarchoBaptist :
@AnarchoBaptist Frisco, NC. I have pre-purchased ten years of their total production.
0 6
@officialmcafee Suggested retail = $295 or so. I'd imagine he would pose that challenge, with a mark-up like that.
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Replying to @ShitcoinSherpa :
@officialmcafee where can I get some of this Primal Sludge?!
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Replying to @CaloriesProper :
@CaloriesProper Frisco, N.C. they produce 3,000 bottles per year. I have pre-purchsed a ten year supply.
1 10
@officialmcafee Why does cheap wine taste better?
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Replying to @jacky32475 :
@jacky32475 No clue. It just seems to follow everything else in life. Rolls Royce's are the worst cars on the planet. The most expensive Scotch is shit. Homes in Beverly Hills are tiny cause they sell for $10,000 per square foot. The cheapest Ho's on the planet are Thai. They are the best.
6 32
My Sommelier challenged me to drink a bottle of wine that Hilton Hotels sells for $700 per bottle and compare it to "Primal Sludge" which we buy, in volume, for $1.63 per bottle. It was a no contest. After downing a bottle of each, Primal Sludge won, hands fucking down.
68 507
Replying to @soby_jorgen :
@soby_jorgen Awesome. Then simply re-read my post. Slowly. Taking in each word, phrase and sentence as if it were the one and only truth. Sit quietly. Digest. If still unclear, repeat step 1 and continue until an epiphany Dawns.
2 36
@officialmcafee What were they trying to accomplish?
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Replying to @Trakstar209 :
@Trakstar209 As always . . . . . . . Nothing whatsoever.
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@officialmcafee Did you like man in the high castle season 3?
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Replying to @LiamB_Unreal :
@LiamB_Unreal I am ....... the Man in the High Castle. I dont need to watch.
0 10
@BearishTurk I should be shame? I should be lame. I should be blame? I should be aim? I should be frame? I should be same? You lost me.
0 16
El Tano #BoletaÚnicaPapelYA #NetNeutrality
@officialmcafee Ahhahhh that’s Argentina bro, we apologize to the world for that 😰
0 7
Replying to @quetool :
@officialmcafee 🧐 what was this supposed to be about?
0 10
Replying to @soby_jorgen :
@soby_jorgen What was what supposed to be about? Please tell me your native language and I will DM you a translation.
0 9
@officialmcafee i dont get why you have all these problems. what did you do? did you piss off putin or what?
0 0
Replying to @haha71852548 :
@haha71852548 What problems do I have??? You lost me somewhere along the way. Or . . . . Maybe you are one who wakes up, goes to work, comes home, gets weekends and summer vacation off, parties, loves, leaves and calls it life? In other words-- a slave. We can rescue you too, just not today.
0 6
@officialmcafee You need #JESUSCHRIST in your life. #LIFE is short. Stop with the shenanigans and get HELP
0 0
Replying to @Machete_Mambi :
@Machete_Mambi I do not need Jesus Christ. You simply need to wake up. I can help if you'll let me. Life is too short to live in a dream. As an aside -- you did bring this up first. Not me. I will not be held responsible for the outcome.
2 6
Replying to @LalaChayma :
@LalaChayma Good. My men are all under sound command
0 2
@officialmcafee VA beach?!? Come party on my boat!!!
0 1
Replying to @Fishing4Crypto :
@Fishing4Crypto I've heard that more times than I can count. I know you have a bucket of cement somewhere. DM me
0 5
@officialmcafee Can i come meet you and say hello. I live in VA Beach?
0 2
Replying to @Air_Christ :
@officialmcafee Welcome to VA john. Hit me up if you want some medical stuff sir im 15 minutes from ya.
0 1
Replying to @cryptosparkz :
@officialmcafee Figures, @officialmcafee is in my city, Virginia Beach, while I’m away on a business trip in NC. Murphy’s is a good spot!! Sad i missed ya Mr. Mcafee.
0 2
Replying to @brentestey :
@officialmcafee Film idea: "Being John Malcovitch" remade to "Being John McAfee" it's a winner.
0 2
Replying to @filffyRich :
@officialmcafee The very best of luck to you John. Godspeed <3
0 1
Replying to @pewpy :
@officialmcafee May the light of Crypto / Blockchain be on them ...
0 2
Replying to @issamsatoshi :
@officialmcafee I think of few of them follow my social media. 🤔 😆
0 2
Replying to @MichaelGolpe :
@officialmcafee Oh i know....i just dont own one of those planes that put fires out....
0 1
Replying to @BlindJustice187 :
Women --- while they do not know they are being observed. Rare, one of a kind footage. The last time women were observe in their natural state was in Atlantis - just prior to its disappearance beneath the ocean.

Why our Founding Fathers didn’t allow women to vote
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
1,169 2,512
63 273
A family member has gone AWOL. We love him. We are collecting him. En route, we stopped at Murphy's Bar in Virginia Beach. The hospitality was so enormous that we enlisted every patron at the bar, plus 3 bar employees, in our quest. You may monitor our progress, here, on Twitter.
37 281
@officialmcafee @UnderdogAudienc John what do you think about monero as an investment? Overall project coin?
0 0
Replying to @JacobvHarringa :
@officialmcafee That is fine but can we(when research) know is some wallet address belongs to some wallet? That must be info accessible by Interpol's team f.e...?!?
0 0
Replying to @UnderdogAudienc :
@UnderdogAudienc I pray not. If there is no anonymity, we will have no power.
0 4
This is he full complement of the 50 Docademic (MTC) hand made coins. No more will ever be made. You are looking at a fortune on this table. We will only give them out as prizes.
228 1,094
@officialmcafee you told Docademic will be 0.73 and BTPC will be 200 USD when it was 24 USD in May, now it is only 2.40 USD. 10 times less. you miss lead us all and made me lost a lot money
1 7
Replying to @Seo_X :
@Seo_X It's a bear market. Fucking relax.
0 30
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