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Last 50 tweets from @onepeloton
I’m about to clip in for the @Beyonce ride! PR here I come…

@onepeloton #Beyonce #onepeloton
Replying to @TheEventsGirl
Let's get that PR, we believe in you!
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton any updates on when the treadmill + will be on sale again? I want to buy the tread so bad but want the tread+ option. Hoping for great news. #winteriscoming
Replying to @HennerHope
The Tread+ continues to be subject to a voluntary recall. Tread+ sales are on hold for the foreseeable future, but you can sign up to be notified once timing updates are available by visiting:…
Peloton | Exercise Bike With Indoor Cycling Classes Streamed Live & On-Demand
400th ride on @onepeloton in 573 days of ownership 🤝
Replying to @sokernow
Congratulations on your milestone!
Tuesday WOULD be a #NoBonesDay 😒
Replying to @tiktok_us
we came ready with some class recs…
Shoutout to @onepeloton for this midday @Beyonce ride 🔥🔥
Replying to @cicilygenell
Here's a shoutout back from Team Peloton for joining us! Enjoy the rest of your day!
Replying to @RobinNYC
We are patiently waiting to see what songs are on your playlist tonight!
In reply to @KingslayerTX
Well done sir. I did #500 this morning as well.
Replying to @rdw0330
Congratulations on your incredible milestone achievement! Together we go far!
Century ride today @onepeloton 🚴🏾‍♂️
Replying to @customatic
Congratulations on joining the Century Club! We're with you all the way to 200 and beyond!
Thanks to @onepeloton . Peloton Tread makes this happy birthday girl happy. Live long, be happy, stay motivated, keep smiling.
Replying to @bchan77
Happy Birthday from Team Peloton!
Replying to @BarrettSallee
Amazing! We're having trouble keeping up with this one!
So after two years our @onepeloton bike got a new friend this morning! Tread bootcamp this evening 💪 (Perfect customer service and polite, professional delivery team from @onepeloton - thanks guys!)
Replying to @nicknickster
That’s awesome! Together we go far.
Ironically, I'm unable to tap the Accessibility text.

@onepeloton - this ones for you!

#HireTesters // @HireTesters
Replying to @HireTesters
We are sorry to hear that. We are passing this to our team for assistance.
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton I can’t get into my account. I know my username but not the email it’s associated with. I’ve tried all my emails! :( I pay monthly but just got a new phone. Please help!!
Replying to @Mimaincuba
We’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues. Please let our Support team know about it here: or call using this number: 1-(866) 679-9129. We’ll make sure our team works to resolve this with you.
In reply to @onepeloton
And vote at abc dot com !!!!
Replying to @robinhartcarrol
you can do that, too!!
how many times do we text CODY to 21523?
patiently waiting for Cody to be on TV
In reply to @onepeloton
So I agreed to the recall on August 16. Since then, Peloton has sent a company called OXP to pick up my Tread -- 6 times. The pickup requires a 3 man team and 2 men show up, every time, including today. How can this be so difficult for Peloton? Can you help?
Replying to @joytarbell
We're sorry you're experiencing issues. Please DM us with your information.
Oh…Just hit century club… no big deal. 💁🏾‍♀️😏🎉🙌🏾 s/o to @InspirACEional1 for riding with me! @onepeloton
Replying to @IamlowKEYagain
Amazing. Congratulations on your milestone! Keep it up.
In reply to @shepisthename
Still having this @onepeloton lagging issue. Insane that you can’t continue where the ride started lagging.
Replying to @shepisthename
Thank you for letting us know and we’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues. Please chat with our Support team here: We’ll make sure our team works to resolve this issue for you shortly.
In reply to @onepeloton
Could we have a @BlondieOfficial ride. So many great hits. It would be so, so popular
Replying to @Gailsman4Lego
Great idea! We'll pass it along to our team.
Heard there was a new Beyoncé class series on @onepeloton but can’t find it =/ @onepeloton did you know there is no search function on the iPad app? I know there’s one on the bike! Help!
Replying to @love_stevenq
Bey is a day away! Classes will be launching both live and on-demand starting on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 through Thursday, October 21, 2021. For more info, check out the schedule at 🐝
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton when I try to preload workouts, the download status just hangs like this. Any ideas?
Replying to @JackPeacock
Sorry to hear that. DM us and we’ll help!
I need a Taylor Swift ride @onepeloton 🤩
Replying to @fancyfranci_
Great idea! We'll share it with our team!
In reply to @BeyonceHiveNews
Is there going to be new classes?
Replying to @yoncemyname
Starting on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, through Thursday, October 21, 2021, we are launching the return of our Beyoncé Artist Series with a collection of new classes! We are releasing live and on-demand classes across multiple disciplines, including cyc...…
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In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton I've tried twice now to get an extra seat post and saddle mount. First I waited a week and got a seat slider w/ no mount. Then I waited another week and got a seat post w/ no mount. And each time, since it takes a week, I can't even rate/reply to the support ticket.
Replying to @AsherLangton
We're sorry you're experiencing issues. Please DM us with your information.
The newest chapter of our epic Beyoncé Artist Series is here:
17 live and on-demand classes.
16 instructors.
3 days.
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton Hey, Peloton--have you reconsidered your position that DVMs are not doctors?
Replying to @MinglewoodBlu
Veterinarians are doctors, too. Peloton values the important work vets and their teams do (including for all the Pelo-pets that we love!). We sincerely apologize for the initial oversight and are looking into this.
Can’t express how proud I am of @mtnwxman for completing 500 @onepeloton rides in the last 11 months!

Keep it up, you are looking great! 💯🙌
Replying to @JNJR
Awesome! Keep up the great work.
Thanks @onepeloton, @RobinNYC, @MattWilpers and other marathon training. PR’d @DukeCityRun half marathon at 1:40:30, 47th overall. Next stop, marathon.
Replying to @AMEdstrand
That’s awesome. Together we go far.
In reply to @onepeloton
Replying to @TheTechRabbi
Send us a DM with your info and we can help!
begins 10.19
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton I found your customer support extremely unhelpful. We purchased 21 days before a £300 price drop & haven't set up the bike until Oct. Because of this we have missed out on a significant price deduction. Ours is on a payment pln, what about that suggests affordability?
Replying to @SheanaLeighM
We performed a price adjustment for Members that are currently waiting on a Peloton Bike delivery or if they received delivery of a Peloton Bike on or after Tuesday, July 27, 2021. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a price adjustment outside this eligibility period.
Big goal achieved today with my 1,000th ride. Thanks,
@onepeloton -- and mega-thanks to
@Denis__Morton for bringing yoga (and heretofore unappreciated genres of music) into my life. Here't to number 2,000 -- and beyond! #peloton
Replying to @kris_inman
Together we go far!
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton My 2nd bike in less than a year is now on its 2nd repair! Why can’t you all send me a bike that actually works? My first bike broke less than 3 months in, the replacement broke at 4 months & I’m still waiting on a 2nd service appointment. A working bike would be great
Replying to @SheEsq_11
So sorry! Send us a DM so we can assist.
This is the week! My @onepeloton Tread arrives on Tuesday. I have lots of #Peloton bike friends but no running buddies. Any Twitter Tread friends around? 😳🤗🏃‍♀️
Replying to @SheriOBaker
Welcome to the family!
hit 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ rides on @onepeloton this am. @fitxkendall played AVICII and i feel like i’m flying ⚡️
Replying to @fransaraco
That’s awesome!
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton I tried to do the Becs Outdoor Recovery Run that dropped yesterday and the class keeps freezing with 15:10 left. Is this a me thing or a app thing?
Replying to @anniezillabeth
We’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues. Please let our Support team know about it here: or call using this number: 1-(866) 679-9129. We’ll make sure our team works to resolve this with you.
In reply to @onepeloton
Hello OnePeloton- recently i order the tread before and after the recall and forgot to apply my student, veteran, and healthcare worker benefits. would you be able to assist this will my current order that was missed by 1 day after your 30 day deadline?
Replying to @thi3gho3t4u
Thanks for reaching out! Feel free to reach out to our Support team by submitting your inquiry here:
I couldn’t change my peloton cleats (I was advised by their technician that I should change them to the new model) today because the screws were stripped. Customer service suggested that there is nothing to do and I need to buy new shoes! Really? You can do better @onepeloton
Replying to @TopcuogluLale
So sorry! Send us a DM with your info so we can assist.
I probably wouldn’t cancel my @onepeloton order if you had listened to my original complaint. I’m sad we couldn’t make it work, please don’t drag out our break up
Replying to @katevalentinetv
Thank you for letting us know and we’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please message us with your information to help you get this resolved.
I peddled 8.33 miles today 🥲 💪🏽@onepeloton
Replying to @NekitaSingh
That’s awesome!
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton when will you shipped your products to Quebec, Canada ?
Replying to @MarcoAndrew24
Please sign up to get the latest information on our international expansion plans here:
Had my first @onepeloton ride today. I get the hype now.
Replying to @bmastrangelo
Awesome!! Keep up the great work.
In reply to @MrVelvet
Hi there! Same here, the guys were absolutely rude, scratched the floor and the tread doesn’t even work! The worst experience ever for a reputable company like peloton! I had a better service from @macys when they delivered my furniture! I could not believe my eyes!!
Replying to @didonna_michele
Sorry to hear that. DM us and we’ll help!
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton why so slow to upload classes on demand? You don’t respond to tweets or emails. Don’t promote new classes and content if they’re not available for members to take
Replying to @laurenjm99
Typically, classes become available on the On-Demand library within 6 hours. However, pending any editing or reviewing the content needs prior to posting in the library it may take up to 48 hours. Hope that helps!
That’s 💯➕💯➕💯➕💯➕💯➕💯➕💯= 700 #Peloton rides for @LeslieKrunch 🚴🏻‍♀️ Gracias to @RobinNYC and all you @OnePeloton #Hustlers 💪🏻
Replying to @BrownBagDC
This is an amazing achievement, congratulations on your milestone! Together we go far!
My 1000th @onepeloton ride. While me in a bike shirt may be embarrassing, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your family health history or getting screened for colon cancer. #iamaliveandkickn #lynchsyndrome
Replying to @AliveAndKicknDD
Congratulations on your 1000th ride, this is a truly incredible achievement! P.S., your fur-baby is adorable to the max!
In reply to @alextoussaint25
Celebrating 150! I waited because I wanted it to be this ride!!
Replying to @jayhawkjess28
Congratulations on your amazing milestone achievement! We are cheering you on to 200 and beyond!
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton is there a way you can filter your PB to the type of ride - eg so I can ride against me PB for a 20min hill climb vs a 20min EDM ride
Replying to @JonHook
Send us a DM and we can help!
In reply to @onepeloton
@onepeloton Two questions: 1. do you have technicians in the field that do tune-ups on peloton bikes. Make sure the bike is functioning properly? 2. Golf season is ending can you put out a series for golf workouts?
Replying to @mercedtrade81
Hi there, if you'd like to schedule maintenance on your Bike, please let our Support team know about it here: or call using this number: 1-(866) 679-9129. We’ll make sure our team works to determine if a technician needs to come...…
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