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Last 50 tweets from @Ostrov_A
Good. Israel should always stand up for our allies! Cyprus is an ally. Turkey under Erdogan, is not!
Israel poured cold water on all the theories of some kind of rapprochement with Turkey, repeatedly publicly taking Cyprus's side on Varosha. Guess one friendly phone call doesn't make up for a decade of antisemitism and harboring terrorists by Erdogan.鈥
Respect! This woman is a real hero.
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Media darling Mohammed el-Kurd comes out in support of complete destruction of the state of Israel, and invokes Yasser Arafat's version of the violent call to expel Jews and zionists from the land. I would remember this next time there's a puff piece or interview fawning over him
I can assure you the last place an Israeli diplomat will turn to for advice is J-Street, who have made it their mission to vilify the Jewish state and defend those who seek to boycott us.
Yet do your absolute utmost to defend and justify it!
In reply to @JeremyBenAmi
Both J Street and I oppose the Global BDS Movement, which doesn鈥檛 recognize the state of Israel or the Jewish people鈥檚 right to a national homeland. But when a company says it will continue to do business in Israel, that鈥檚 no boycott. 9/12
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
The leadership of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign speaks openly about their desire to destroy the Jewish state.

BDS seeks to achieve its objective by demonizing Israel and its people, and by encouraging economic and cultural boycotts of Israel.
鈥淒rink the sea.鈥

How classy! This is guy who some look at as a voice on Sheikh Jarrah. In actual fact, he鈥檚 just a kid making light of genocide.
In reply to @m7mdkurd
And it鈥檚 Free Palestine regardless of wether the lands were occupied in 鈥48 or 鈥67 and if you have a problem with this drink the sea. 鉂わ笍馃尮
One of my favorite spots in Tel Aviv, the Jaffa Clock Tower! #Israel
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Most important lesson I learned studying writing in college is to never blame your readers. If people do not understand what you wrote, it is your responsibility to write so they do understand. But the problem here is that his readers understood him perfectly. He just got caught.
President @Isaac_Herzog speaking out against @benandjerrys:

鈥淭he boycott against Israel is a new type of terrorism 鈥 economic terrorism. Terrorism that seeks to harm Israeli citizens and the Israeli economy. We must oppose this boycott and terrorism of any kind.鈥
We are seeing a rise in anti-Muslim hate in nearly every corner of the globe.

That鈥檚 why we are leading a letter with @RepSchakowsky calling for a special envoy to combat Islamophobia.鈥
If only you were as committed to fighting antisemitism, instead of fanning the flames of Jew hatred!
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
In just two days, our Israeli athletes will compete in the @Tokyo2020 #Olympics.

Join us in wishing the Israeli delegation good luck!

Make us proud guys馃挋.
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
"All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading one you will feel that all that happened to you and afterwards it all belongs to you. "

- Ernest Hemingway was awarded the 1954 Literature Prize
Actually, when a company discriminates against Jews and applies a double standard to the Jewish state, that is textbook definition of bigotry and antisemitism. So, this is just your regular public service announcement, that J-Street remains a voice *promoting* & *defending* BDS.
When a major ice cream company originally founded by two Jewish entrepreneurs decides not to sell its products in the occupied territories, that isn鈥檛 antisemitism.
Does anyone know if there is @benandjerrys in #Turkey? Asking for friend 鈥
#Varosha: Unilateral decision announced today by President @RTErdogan & Mr Tatar risks raising tensions on the island & compromising return to talks on a comprehensive settlement of #Cyprus issue. UN Security Council Resolutions need to be fully respected!WjNrJ9
WooW ! Over 100ct Diamond 馃拵 at Dubai鈥檚 馃嚘馃嚜 @DMCCAuthority
Hey, how did they get the engagement ring 馃拲 I got my wife!
Another young person was brutally killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. His name was Farzad Farisat. Farzad was protesting for water in #Khuzestan. He didn't deserve to die.

Speaking of 鈥榟alf baked鈥, that鈥檚 a pretty apt way to describe @KenRoth and his unhinged antisemitism and Israel obsession!
Rather than a boycott, I'm going to do a Buy-Lot(s) to thank Ben & Jerry's for doing the right thing and ending complicity in Israeli's war-crime settlements.鈥
Take that @benandjerrys!
Start-Up Nation continues its streak on Wall Street.

Report by @ZevStub鈥
And not only that, @BenJerrysIsrael also support Palestinian employees, who will be most affected, if they are forced to shut down and lose their jobs because of @benandjerrys global boycott of #Israel!
Avi Zinger, CEO of @BenJerrysIsrael, supports 100s of families in the south of @Israel. He鈥檚 been fighting the boycott for years & was punished by @benandjerrys taking away his franchise in 2022.

#Israelis showed him love 馃挋as sales rose today by 21%!#StrongTogether馃嚠馃嚤@benshapiro
Currently our office freezer at @The_ILF! What鈥檚 your @BenJerrysIsrael fav flavor? 馃崷馃嚠馃嚤
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Allies stand together.

@StateDeptSpox: "We firmly reject the BDS movement, which unfairly singles out Israel."
That truly would be beautiful!
As home to a long-standing Jewish community, Iran鈥檚 antiquity is entwined with the Jewish culture. Surely, one day people of Iran & Israel can visit each other鈥檚 countries.

Tweet No. 9,768,532 on Israel and Jews by @KenRoth in last 24 hours. One would think he鈥檚 got somewhat of a case of Jew hatred and Israel obsession syndrome!
The only way that the Ben & Jerry's decision not to sell in the Palestinian Occupied Territory constitutes a boycott of Israel, as the Israeli government maintains, is if the war-crime settlements are considered part of Israel.鈥
About to go on @ILTVNews and yes 鈥 I have a special prop with me! @BenJerrysIsrael 馃崷馃嚠馃嚤
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Brave man speaking from his hidden bunker.
Anything about children in Israel living with trauma of consent Hamas rocket attacks, tunnels, balloons and terror? No, didn鈥檛 think so. Your Jew hatred @KenRoth @hrw is just relentless!
The trauma of Israeli bombardment can be seen in Gaza's children -- one million of them, with only one licensed child psychiatrist to serve them.鈥
Post No. 8,359,276 in 24 hours by @KenRoth connecting Israel to NSO. It鈥檚 as if he鈥檚 got some kind of obsession with the Jewish state? 馃
Haaretz: "The countries in which journalists were targeted through" Israeli NSO Group's spyware "mirrors the list of countries with which Israel improved its diplomatic relations in recent years, under former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."鈥
Ken Roth might have deleted (but not apologized) for his tweet, but he can never erase his Jew hatred and relentless obsession with & vilification of Israel.

@KenRoth @hrw
I deleted an earlier tweet because people misinterpreted its wording. I repost the Haaretz article here without commentary: "UK Antisemitism Rose to Record Levels During Israel-Gaza Fighting" "The most intense period of anti-Jewish hatred in recent years."
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Hey @AP, you forgot to mention the culprit!

#Israel withdrew from #Gaza & hoped for a #Palestinian paradise. Instead it鈥檚 become a #Hamas-MADE HELL.

Hamas continues to use & abuse those children. They don鈥檛 care.

DO YOU @AP @ayaelb care enough to expose #Hamas? @benshapiro
Ch猫re Belgique, bonne #FeteNationale !

Beste Belgi毛, een gelukkige #nationalefeestdag !

Dear Belgium, happy #belgiannationalday !

Vos amis, uw vrienden, your friends, Israel.
Replying to @IsraelinBelgium @EmmanuelNahshon and 8 others
At the very least, surely we could have a video of His Excellency @EmmanuelNahshon partaking in the consumption of Belgium鈥檚 national food!
Always proud to stand with my friend @michaeldickson, making the case for peace, yummy 馃嚠馃嚤 馃崷 and calling out the antisemitic BDS haters! cc. @benandjerrys
a. The laws directly impact Israel.

b. He鈥檚 only calling on U.S. to enforce its own laws.

c. @chrislhayes has no qualms calling out Israel, but seemingly happy to acquiesce to the racist and antisemitic BDS Movement. How so very woke and progressive!
A foreign government appealing to us governors to punish Americans for exercising their rights seems kinda messed up, no?
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
When Archeology meets the biblical story and proves time and again our ancient history and the connection of the Jews to their land.
This was very moving, very powerful!
100+@IDF, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian & British soldiers parachuted into Central Europe to honor what would be the 100th birthday of Jewish & Hungarian born Hero Hannah Senesh.

Hannah was killed by Nazi forces during WWII after parachuting into Hungary to save Hungarian Jews.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussi! Oy, Oy, Oy! Go #Brisbane, go Australia!

This is how the BDS鈥檈rs define 鈥榲ictory鈥?
Firing Palestinians to free Palestine
I鈥檝e lost count how many times @KenRoth has tweeted about the NSO story, only so he can tie-in to Israel. One would think Kenny has somewhat of an Israel obsession syndrome?
"The Paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation into the suspected widespread use of spyware made by the Israel-based NSO Group to target journalists, human rights activists and political dissidents."鈥
But sure, tell me more how this is just about the 鈥榦ccupation鈥! Here is Chair of @benandjerrys Board, @Mittaloak, glorifying terror, promoting BDS and pursuing an extremist, racist and antisemitic agenda against #Israel. She clearly has history! cc. @Unilever @BenJerrysIsrael
.@KenRoth of @hrw deleted his tweet blaming Jews for antisemitism.
Good, but a person of integrity would-without any "but" as in the offensive tweet-also apologize. And an organization truly advocating for human rights wouldn't tolerate a CEO who denies these rights to Jews.
Replying to @DSchwammenthal @GeraldNGOM and 2 others
Ken Roth and integrity? Oh, that ship sailed long ago ...
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Roth deletes his "antisemitism is wrong *but*" tweet, claiming his comment was "misrepresented".
In parallel, over the last 24hrs Roth has tweeted about the *Israeli* NSO spyware company six, yes 6, times, and another four times on other Israel issues.
Obsessed much?
Bravo 馃憦 to Kashrut Authority of #Australia & #NZ, for showing solidarity with residents of Judea & Samaria, by revoking kashrut license from @benandjerrys over their #Israel boycott. Communities around the world are showing they will not stand idle in wake of B&J鈥檚 actions!
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Left: Iranian dissidents at @yadvashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, in Jerusalem

Right: the genocidal head of the Islamic Republic in Iran

@iVOLinstitute #CyrusIsraelMission
What a beautiful initiative! @gulfjewish
2k+ people joined us for our 1st virtual #ShabbatWithAGJC & shared pictures from all over the world. Let's do it again this week! Tweet us a pic on Friday of where you are spending Shabbat & tag #ShabbatWithAGJC & 3 friends. We'll start @RabbiElieAbadie @hnonoo75 @alexpeterfreund
Ben & Jerry鈥檚 actually made clear their intended boycott was of ALL of Israel. THAT is what @KenRoth of @hrw is defending. That is sheer Jew hatred and antisemitism!
Rather than roll back the illegal settlements, the Israel government wants to punish Ben & Jerry's because it seeks to avoid complicity in these war crimes.鈥
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
JUST IN: State Dept tells me it "firmly rejects" the BDS movement after @benandjerrys joins anti-semitic boycott movement -- "The United States firmly rejects the BDS movement, which unfairly singles out Israel"鈥
Arsen Ostrovsky Retweeted 路  
Thread of retailers announcing they will stop stocking @benandjerrys ice cream. Adding as we receive them.

Meanwhile, please continue to support @BenJerrysIsrael 馃嚠馃嚤.
This is what BDS and @benandjerrys considers a 'victory'?
The distributor for Ben & Jerry's beyond the Green Line says he's going to have to fire his Palestinian workers, who have pay and benefits parity with their Israeli counterparts, and earn way above Palestinian Authority salaries. But people in Portland were happy so 炉\_(銉)_/炉
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