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Last 50 tweets from @pbhushan1
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
ISRAEL, Covid cases, deaths & vaccinations,
20 Feb 2020 to 19 Oct 2021.
[owid data; unprocessed, apart from normalising.]
grey = daily new cases; red = daily new deaths; blue = daily new V's; dotted = cumulative V's; totals in key.
The real Dr Fauci: "Fauci has used his control of billions of $ to manipulate&control scientific research to promote his own&NIAID’s,institutional self-interest&private profits for his pharma partners to the detriment of America’s values, health&liberties"…
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
Yep! FDA’s risk-benefit analysis in connection with Pfizer’s EUA application to inject children ages 5 to 11 with its COVID-19 vaccine is “one of the shoddiest documents I’ve ever seen.”

SIGN UP #TheDefender:…
Sign Up for our Free News and Updates!
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
The cruel vaccine mandates have forced countless working class people out of work and to the edge of society, a new underclass.

The harm that authoritarian public health has done to itself and others is incalculable. It has earned the distrust of the public.
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
First time in history that the ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who haven't taken it
The trial lawyer of activists & the working class in Delhi, VK Ohri passed away at the age of 64. His loss will be felt by many, including myself. He represented me in several cases. My Condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace…
The ongoing lumpenisation of India by the BJP/RSS & their goon armies. None will be safe if this is allowed to go on. High time that our citizenry & our judiciary stepped in to stop this & fight back
Activists of the Bajrang Dal allegedly went on the rampage during the ongoing shooting of Prakash Jha directed web series Ashram-3 in Bhopal, ransacking property, including vehicles and also assaulting crew members @ndtv @ndtvindia
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
All that truly matters #INDvPAK
The fact that this extortionist racketeer is in cahoots with the NCB speaks volumes about what NCB has become. This fellow must be found & arrested
Look at this shady man’s greedy expression when he’s forcibly making Aryan speak on the phone. Anatomy of an extortion
Narcotics Control Bureau's witness in Aryan Khan's drug case(bodyguard of K.P. Gosawi, a Pvt detective who was used by NCB)claims that Gosawi asked 18 Crs to settle Aryan case!NCB Chief Wankhede was to get 8 Crs!
This bribery charge must be credibly probed
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
"Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles & lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive"…
Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on 'cruel' puppy
Cadbury's Diwali ad: "दुनिया में कितनी भी हो नफ़रतें, ज़िंदा रहती है मोहब्बतें".
This ad sums up SRK in real life.
Happy Diwali to you & your family in advance 😊
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
“In one, Ambani was involved, and in the other was a prominent officer of the Sangh [RSS]. I was told that there was a scam involved.”

Former J&K governor claimed he was offered Rs 300 crore to clear deals of ‘Ambani’, RSS officer
I was offered Rs 300 crore to clear deals of Ambani, RSS officer, claims former J&K governor
सही कहते हैं आप मोदी जी। "यह लोग महंगाई का म बोलने के लिए भी तैयार नहीं। अगली बार जब वोट करने जाएं तो गैस सिलेंडर को नमस्कार करके जाइएगा!
Watch: Vaccine efficacy in 2 minutes!
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
And who are the two who have made this possible ?
All those lapdog anchors who are high on 14 grams of ganja & asleep on 3000 KG of heroin will soon find themselves dry of viewers
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
What is there to say but:

COVID-19 is becoming a global pandemic of lies.
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
"major concerns regarding potential flaws in the reliability of the Israeli data with respect to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, as well as many significant legal & ethical violations that accompany the data collection processes”…
BREAKING: Israeli physicians, scientists advise FDA of 'severe concerns' regarding reliability and legality of official Israeli COVID vaccine data - America's Frontline Doctors
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
MUST WATCH: General Electric employees walk off the job to protest against vaccine mandates.

Do not quit your job over mandates. The vaxxed and unvaxxed stand together against tyranny. Keep the pressure on!
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
The @UCIrvineSOM suspends @akheriaty, their Director of Medical Ethics, for taking an ethical stance against mandating vaccines on those with superior natural immunity.…
It Is Done: Unpaid Suspension from the University Brownstone Institute
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
just to say it, you are aware that the jabs for kids are not going to be one-and-done? They will likely have to be repeated twice for each school year, at approx six month intervals. For minimal if any direct clinical benefit to the child. And will not prevent infection.
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
ट्वीटर पर पिछले 2 घण्टे केवल हिंदू-मुस्लिम किया,योगी जी ने।

मतलब,नींद उड़ी है।
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
"As scientists, we must now acknowledge that 400 years of scientific enlightenment may be coming to an end. It started with Brahe, Kepler, Galilei and Descartes. It would be tragic if it ends up as one of many casualties of this pandemic."…
The Decay of Science in the Age of Lockdowns Brownstone Institute
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
When hospitals start filling with “fully vaccinated” people the best thing to do is change the definition by mandating a third dose. So when people die with Covid after two doses they can say “It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” These guys are good.…
CDC director: U.S. may change definition of "fully vaccinated" as boosters roll out
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
As a Hindu I’m ashamed!
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
It’s amazing how you guys can dance like this without a spine
Delhi Riots-Court Says Police Commissioner Shall Be Personally Liable To Cost For Delay In Compliance Of Judicial Orders By IO. Good!High time that police officers are held personally liable for malafide investigation or prosecution…' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>……' rel='nofollow noreferrer'>…
Spicejet Chairman Ajay Singh tells Business Today TV that "it was a great honor for us to participate in AI disinvestment. A single bid situation would make it difficult for govt to disinvest. So he was bidding only that Tata was not the only bid.Rigged?…
Ajay Singh on bidding for AIR INDIA
Read this fine analysis of our frightened class: The prosperous in society & cut off from much of the working people, who fell easily in the laps of the fear mongers of Covid, who had a vested interest in promoting fear & thus Lockdowns, Vaccines & masks…
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
यह फोटो ऐतिहासिक है. यह चीख-चीख कर बताती है कि बीते 7-8 सालों में इस देश में क्या बदला है. क्यों तब एके-47 रखने वाले के साथ भी खड़ा हुआ जा सकता था, आज 22-23 साल के लड़के का साथ देने में पसीना निकल जाता है. सबसे बड़ी चीज जो इन लोगों ने हासिल की है वो है कायरता.
The suspension of Yogendra Yadav by the SKM for visiting the family of BJP supporters who were killed after farmers at Lakhimpur Kheri were mowed down by Abhishek Mishra's car is very unfortunate. YY's gesture of humanity should be lauded by all lovers of non-violence & Gandhi
Oil& Natural Gas Extraction is not ‘Mining’, Says Wildlife Conservation Panel!
The move, paving the way for rampant hydrocarbon exploitation in and around some of the densest forests, will potentially benefit corporate bigwigs in the oil&natural gas sector…
Oil and Natural Gas Extraction is not Mining, Says Wildlife Conservation Panel | NewsClick
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
Tents, tractors removed from the path by the protesting farmers
Metal barricades chained together still on roads
Who is blocking roads- Govt officials or Farmers??
"A top official at the NIH has conceded that the agency did indeed fund highly dangerous gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses in the Wuhan Institute of Virology."
So Fauci lied to Congress. Yet he remains in office & out of Jail?!…
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
When the fuel and commodity prices are scoring new heights, the unemployment rate breaches new records, the country's public debt is at an all-time high and, the PM's popularity is at the lowest in seven and half years, Rahul Kanwal knows, only Lord Ram can save the PM and BJP.
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
Do watch the full version of the video. It took us time to research, report the story of violence by Hindutva groups in Karnataka in today's context.…
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
#Shahbag rises again! Spirited torchlight procession in #Dhaka against the recent spate of fundamentalist violence against the minority Hindu community. The state must have no religion, asserted the marchers as they resolved to unite against fundamentalism.
मोदी जी का न्यू इंडिया!
The violence and extortion of hindutva groups like Shriram Sene who have been allowed a free reign of terror in Karnataka
सुनिए यूपी के महान नेता श्री योगी जी को: "हमने किसान का कितना फायदा कराया। पहले किसान डीजल से 25-26 रू यूनिट बिजली उत्पन्न करता था । अब हम किसान को ₹80 यूनिट बिजली दे रहे हैं!
No drugs found in possession of #AryanKhan. In any case, alleged offence is punishable with max 1 year Jail. Yet no bail to him even after 2 weeks! Absurd! Seems that many judges have no idea of the right to personal liberty & the priciples of bail.
Nihang Baba (whose members are accused of killing Dalit at Sinhgu) admits to secretly meeting Union Agri Minister Tomar, claims 'offered Rs 10 lakh' to vacate dharna site.
‘I did not go alone to meet Tomar. At least 10 members of our ‘fauj’ were with me'.…
Nihang Baba admits to secretly meeting Union Agriculture Minister Tomar, claims 'offered Rs 10 lakh' to vacate dharna site
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
When democracy backslides, the government is able to push through projects without enough public scrutiny

As more lives are lost in #Uttarakhand floods and landslides, read our 2020 report on the Char Dham project that threatens fragile Himalayan ecology…
Special report: Modi governments highway project in Himalayas is built on lies and legal violations
Former Director of the US Center for Disease Control: "More than 40% of people who died in Maryland recently were fully vaccinated"
Prashant Bhushan Retweeted ·  
Well, this is totally normal and not at all a conflict of interest
FIR in this case is of 2020. Radia of Radia tapes fame is a UK Citizen. She is 'summoned' now, giving her plenty of time to escape like Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi or the Sandesaras. This is how you bring siphoned out money back?
Delhi Police Arrests Niira Radia's Co-Directors for Siphoning Off Rs300 Crore Loan of Yes Bank - and there’s a link with the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh!!!…
Leader of Nihang Group Involved in Singhu Killing Met Union Agri Minister Tomar in July.
According to reports, Baba Aman Singh may have been part of efforts to end the farmers' protest against the three Central laws. Wow!…
Leader of Nihang Group Involved in Singhu Killing Met Union Agri Minister Tomar in July
Two kinds of hunger for bites!
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