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Last 50 tweets from @PES_PSE
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So @BorisJohnson has granted permission to Bermuda to abolish same sex marriage. This totally undermines UK effort to advance LGBT rights.
1,574 2,305
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Mobilisation, social media, targeting, digital campaigns... In London representing @RainbowRose_PES the @PES_PSE Campaign Managers seminar. Learning from the @UKLabour campaign team and their experience. Valuable input and best practices 🌹🇬🇧💪🏽🇪🇺
3 2
Random facts of Creeping Sharia™ in Europe: in Spain a 24-year old has to pay 480€ because he posted this photo of Jesus Christ with his own face on instagram
10 5
2 1
PES Retweeted ·  
Ich verzichte auf den Eintritt in die Bundesregierung und hoffe, dass damit die Personaldebatten innerhalb der SPD beendet sind. Wir alle machen Politik für die Menschen in diesem Land. Dazu gehört, dass meine persönlichen Ambitionen hinter den Interessen der Partei zurückstehen.
  · TweetDeck · de
713 2,527
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For the #PayGap deniers. Here's where it starts. (figures from Denmark 🇩🇰). And guess why. @PES_Women @Spolitik
6 5
PES Retweeted ·  
@PES_PSE @PES_Women @Spolitik Au 🇩🇰 naissance d'1 enfant rejette la carrière de la mère 7 ANS en arrière (pas des mois).Le père: pas 1jour.Et en 🇫🇷? #PayGap #EgaliteFH
1 0
For the #PayGap deniers. Here's where it starts. (figures from Denmark 🇩🇰). And guess why. @PES_Women @Spolitik
6 5
PES Retweeted ·  
Para los tuiteros superlistos que dicen que la brecha salarial es una chorrada y un invent:

Probad a quitaros de vuestro sueldo entre el 14,9% (dato del Gobierno) y el 23% (dato de la oposición).

¿No mola, verdad?

Pues es lo que les pasa a vuestras compañeras. Saludos.
352 513
PES Retweeted ·  
Spiktävling avslutar studiebesök på Peabskolan i Göteborg som gör mycket bra jobb bl.a. med nyanlända ungdomar. @YlvaJohansson och @soffangbg #svpol
4 3
PES Retweeted ·  
Wij wensen #TeamNL heel veel succes! 💪🏆🏅⛸🎿🥌🌹
68 83
PES Retweeted ·  
Todo un honor representar al @PSOE en el encuentro de Londres que organiza el @PES_PSE campaign managers network meeting
157 171
PES Retweeted ·  
.@TheProgressives great to be in London for @PES_PSE meeting. Discussing joint efforts to make Europe more social. #europetogether we can!
6 13
Starting now: campaign managers network. @IainMcNicol & Marije Laffeber opening the meeting and underlining the need to engage with voters
2 10
PES Retweeted ·  
A quand un #BlackHistoryMonth en France ? Ce serait un travail de mémoire utile à tous, qui pourrait contribuer au renforcement de notre belle République. Le débat est ouvert. Replis identitaires non, ouvertures et esprit solidaire, oui.
3 3
PES Retweeted ·  
Europe's economy has entered 2018 in robust health. The #eurozone is enjoying growth rates not seen since before the financial crisis. Unemployment and deficits continue to fall and investment is at last rising in a meaningful way.!tN89jc #ECforecast @ecfin
33 38
@epicariello Well, you have to have different options, if the poll is to be relevant.
0 0
Replying to @PES_PSE :
@PES_PSE For a progressive party "it is a waste of time and money" is not an option.
  · TweetDeck · it
0 0
Replying to @epicariello :
@epicariello Well, you have to have different options, if the poll is to be relevant.
0 0
PES Retweeted ·  
Content per l'èxit de la trobada d'activistes @PES_PSE ahir a #Barcelona. Moltes ganes de parlar d'Europa i de contribuir al canvi necessari el 2019 @EuropaPSC
6 8
PES Retweeted ·  
While most people will fortunately not find themselves in a risky scenario, it is really important that we take any steps we can to ensure people feel safe on a night out. - @RebeccaMoy #AskForAngela
26 21
PES Retweeted ·  
In London, @gualtierieurope meets with UK Home Secretary @AmberRuddHR to discuss citizens rights. Protecting citizens most affected by UK leaving EU is our group’s priority. #Brexit
15 16
PES Retweeted ·  
Interesting analysis by @VoteWatchEurope of the policy implications of the likely redistribution of EP seats post-Brexit. Inter alia, the Eurozone will dominate the EP…
37 33
PES Retweeted ·  
I was walking without the veil in the street. Then, these women working for the morality police surrounded me. They wanted to warn me. However, as you can see in the picture, I still continued my civil disobedience in front of them against forced veil #WhiteWednesdays
176 497
PES Retweeted ·  
There’s so much CO2 in the atmosphere that there’s not enough space on the planet to plant the required trees to reverse climate change.
376 232
@PES_PSE What a limited and limiting view of what access to space means to a modern, thriving economy.. What about economic impact? Soft power? "Apollo effect" ? No wonder european left doesn't inspire youth and europeans anylonger... Wake up it is XXI century!
0 0
Replying to @PieroMe64 :
@PieroMe64 Why are you complaining, your points are made in option 1.
0 0
PES Retweeted ·  
Moya d’Baha, qui sur cette vidéo arracha magistralement le drapeau confédéré protégé par les fachos US à Charleston, a été abattu lundi. Un appel aux fonds a été lancé pour les funérailles…
1,637 865
PES Retweeted ·  
Parliament is ready to reject any contender for European Commission President who is not nominated as a “lead candidate” [spitzenkandidat] by European political parties ahead of the 2019 EU elections.
  · CX Social · en
17 18
PES Retweeted ·  
MEPs want the European Commission to undertake a thorough assessment on summer/winter time change and to propose changes to current system if necessary. Read more at
  · Media Studio · en
58 85
PES Retweeted ·  
S&D MEP @gualtierieurope arriving in London for a meeting with UK PM @theresa_may to discuss #Brexit
9 10
PES Retweeted ·  
PES Retweeted ·  
PES Retweeted ·  
N’oublions pas les victimes du métro #Charonne mortes le #8fevrier 1962 parce qu’elles ne voulaient pas de la guerre d’Algérie.
2 7
PES Retweeted ·  
1. Theresa May announced a new unit to combat Fake News, with the spokesperson telling The Times it was aimed at controlling critical articles on the government and the Conservative party, rather than focusing on broader disinformation.
187 269
PES Retweeted ·  
😡 Rajoy no quiere “meterse en eso” de la brecha salarial. Tampoco en las pensiones de viudedad. Tampoco en dotar de recursos la lucha contra la violencia de género……
  · Hootsuite · es
113 89
PES Retweeted ·  
Flat Earthers came out in full force during yesterday's @SpaceX #FalconHeavy launch. 🌍🚀 #StayWoke
  · Media Studio · en
71 117
PES Retweeted ·  
The shocking Brexit impact figures, the contradictory statements from the government on the Customs Union. What a week. Brexit is falling apart, isn't it?

Here's why we need the Customs Union and, ultimately, the EU:
536 731
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