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Last 50 tweets from @PES_PSE
PES Retweeted ·  
Sad about the election of #TorraPresident. His racist remarks are utterly disgusting and cast deep doubts about his fitness for the job.
#QuimTorraPresident @socialistes_cat
369 394
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Na dnešním jednání KVV jsme přivítali hosty @jhamacek a @jirizimola. Diskuse o případném vstupu @CSSD do vlády se zúčastnila většina členů KVV.
4 3
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When you’re inclusive but still hate the poor.
  · Twitterrific · en
25,874 97,374
PES Retweeted ·  
Moved by touching tributes to Tessa Jowell in the Commons, to her warmth, compassion, and her bravery in using her illness to campaign for better cancer care.

She will be remembered as someone who gave her life to public service and campaigned to improve the lives of others.
  · TweetDeck · en
159 674
PES Retweeted ·  
Beschluss des #dgb21: Keine Zusammenarbeit mit der AFD! #Antifaschismus ist ein Grundpfeiler der gewerkschaftlichen Arbeit. Machen sich Intoleranz und Rechtspopulismus breit, stehen immer auch die Rechte von Frauen auf dem Spiel! #dgb21 @DGBJugend
17 30
Daily chart: Climate change will affect developing countries more than rich ones… via @TheEconomist
2 1
PES Retweeted ·  
@PES_PSE Make sure you don't forget the most vulnerable. Levels of homelessness are art crisis point. More here…
3 3
@PES_PSE @socialistes_cat What racist remarks do you mean? Speaking of, what about your party colleague, J. Borrell? Watch the video and and tell me what it is. Any comment on that?
Borrell: Tenemos que desinfectar Catalua
6 40
Replying to @Engel34123095 :
@Engel34123095 @socialistes_cat You are not seriously expecting us to criticise a former EP President, a great progressive and European, over your misconceptions, or are you?
3 29
PES Retweeted ·  
In 2015, it was uncovered that @McDonalds had avoided paying over €1 billion in corporate taxes in EU: Tax evasion on a super-sized scale. 3 years on have they changed their ways? Nope! #TaxJustice
25 24
.@PES_PSE adopts position on future #ESF.…

Could you please explain what is this Child Guarantee, how will it work in practice, what will it cost, how should it link up with the FEAD/ESF, and what budgettary means should be reserved for it.

Thank you.
0 0
Replying to @FreekSpinnewijn :
Economic and social policy, migration and cultural diversity, democracy and the rule of law, international policies. Read the conclusions of our working group on the #FutureofEurope…
High-level working group finalises a progressive vision for Europe's future
8 10
PES Retweeted ·  
Tens of thousands of #Palestinians took to the #Gaza - #Israeli fence in the biggest massive protest in the history of Gaza , our producer in Gaza says more that 80,000 participated in the protest . #GreatReturnMarch
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
372 266
PES Retweeted ·  
BREAKING PLO announces strike in Palestinian Territories on Tuesday to 'mourn' slain Gazans
  · · en
31 20
A day without abuse from the Janša's is a wasted day. @strankaSD
S(o)c(i)alni demokrati vabijo na spontane vstaje v Bananastanu…
10 13
4 11
Policy instead of culture wars.
.@larsklingbeil bei #spdpk: SPD-BundesministerInnen sind stark in Regierung gestartet: #Brückenteilzeit, Gute-Kita-Gesetz, Musterfeststellungsklage, bezahlbares Wohnen. Union muss jetzt Koalitionsvertrag einhalten statt Symboldebatten führen.
9 39
0 2
PES Retweeted ·  
@AlexaLondon @PaddyBriggs @Keir_Starmer I wish that someone would tell us because I can't understand that either!
6 2
@PES_PSE @socialistes_cat Excuse me? Are you calling "racist" to all the catalans that defend catalan culture?
3 1
Replying to @JosepPedrol :
@JosepPedrol @socialistes_cat No, we are calling HIM a racist. Read the tweet.
0 0
PES Retweeted ·  
J'en appelle aux Européens pour qu'ils puissent, sans tarder, établir des contacts avec l'Iran afin d'éviter un embrasement de la situation. (2/2)
14 36
PES Retweeted ·  
Je condamne fermement la décision unilatérale de Trump, qui est irresponsable et pourrait nous entraîner dans une période de forte instabilité mondiale. (1/2)
16 49
PES Retweeted ·  
La flambée de violence à la frontière de la bande de Gaza doit cesser. C’est une nouvelle preuve du caractère irresponsable de la décision unilatérale américaine. L’escalade nous conduit à de nouveaux drames. 1/2
27 64
PES Retweeted ·  
Tragedy and shame that the 70th anniversary of Israel is overshadowed by escalating violence at the Gaza Strip and President Trump breaking the international consensus over Jerusalem. We need the two-state solution with a secure Israel and an independent Palestine more than ever.
29 29
Iceta told you to repeat the drill. Good boys.
0 1
Replying to @XeniaBusse :
We think that moving the US embassy to #Jerusalem is a sloppy diplomatic move. We are concerned that this will spark a wave of violence.
12 23
Jerusalem embassy and Gaza protests: 41 Palestinians reported killed by Israeli gunfire at border…
1 2
Sad about the election of #TorraPresident. His racist remarks are utterly disgusting and cast deep doubts about his fitness for the job.
#QuimTorraPresident @socialistes_cat
369 394
We need to have a clear and ambitious programme ahead of the EU election next year. We shouldn't settle for the lowest common denominator.
3 11
Our High Level Working Group on the #FutureofEurope is about to start in Brussels. Ministers, commissioners, MEPs and parties' representatives will discuss our vision of a #EuropeanUnion focused on its citizens.
10 14
PES Retweeted ·  
Drie van onze amendementen zijn voorwerp voor discussie @PES_PSE HLWG Future of EU: EU werkloosheidsverzekering, opvang vluchtelingen in de regio en EU Hoge Vertegenwoordiger voor mensenrechten. #europalinksaf
5 8
PES Retweeted ·  
A great example of random selection of cases just to prove pre-made scenario.
Instead of facts leading to conclusion, the conclusion already exists and we'll find random cases to prove it.
2 4
PES Retweeted ·  
Voilà une proposition du @PES_PSE qui fonctionne. La gauche européenne peut changer la société. #act4youth
3 2
Our Europe ministers today called for a balanced EU budget to emphasise solidarity. They also discussed the rule of law in Poland, and Brexit with @Keir_Starmer.…
PES European affairs ministers call for balanced European budget
5 5
PES Retweeted ·  
Recep Tayyip Erdogan to start 3-day UK trip on Sunday… via @financialtimes Totally inappropriate - my friend @hdpdemirtas @PES_PSE + 1000s more including academics in jail, no freedom of the press
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6 2
PES Retweeted ·  
Pensées émues pour les proches et les familles. Hommage au sang-froid des forces de l’ordre. L’horreur frappe une nouvelle fois la France, une nouvelle fois la Republique sera plus forte que la douleur. #Paris
253 412
PES Retweeted ·  
"As a sister party of the Labour Party, the SDLP calls for Labour to get off the fence and protect all of our interests by remaining in the Single Market" - strong words from the SDLP's @ClaireHanna MLA…
Hanna: Jeremy Corbyn Must Get Off the Fence On the Single Market | 2018 | News
455 1,008
PES Retweeted ·  
The SDLP, our sister party, has appealed for us to back the EEA amendment. It would go a long way to meeting the Govt’s NI border pledge but it is also about jobs, workers’ rights and the prosperity and security of working people.…
Labour sister party in Northern Ireland urges its MPs to back single market membership
43 54
PES Retweeted ·  
.@zgurmai_EN @PES_Women svari pred vzponom orbanovske desnice. Prepričana je, da je @strankaSD jamstvo, da bo “glas vsakega državljana in državljanke slišan in spoštovan, njihove človekove pravice pa zaščitene.” @MatjaNemec @tfajon @DejanLevanic
Socialni demokrati.
11 14
PES Retweeted ·  
Happy birthday to Richard Overton, America's oldest living WWII combat veteran, who turns 112 today
31,210 146,260
@fjavilopez @PES_PSE I am sure we can find a lot of things much further from UE values than @QuimTorraiPla
Police beating down pacific people, governments not respecting the results of an election, absence of separation of powers, governments ruling against part of its population...
0 0
Replying to @epratss :
PES Retweeted ·  
Carles Puigdemont chooses an identitarian hardliner for President of Catalonia. Independent n11 on his list with a large number of supremacist and xenophobic declarations about Spaniards and half of the Catalan population. Nothing is further from European values. @PES_PSE
557 633
PES Retweeted ·  
The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th. We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!
62,936 234,924
PES Retweeted ·  
#Turkey @Twitter users are sending a loud and clear message to the Sultan Erdogan: ENOUGH! #Tamam
Via @TGlobePost
1,191 1,892
PES Retweeted ·  
"What have i done?" T A M A M #Tamam
311 877
Let's learn from refugees themselves and remove policy obstacles for their access to higher education. Brussels, 15 May.
7 8
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