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Last 50 tweets from @pewdiepie
I'm away a few days but wanted to share this at least here
3,501 22,774
ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ Retweeted ·  
Introducing Elgato Key Light.

✅ Software controlled
✅ Works with Stream Deck
✅ Ultra space saving desk mount
✅ Ultra bright, fully dimmable

Shipping January 14.

Learn more:

1,384 10,092
80 mil xD rawr
19,133 218,870
The King has spoken
5,172 57,716
Replying to @drewisgooden :
@drewisgooden Drew Gorden*
251 11,430
17,413 141,640
ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ Retweeted ·  
We built @pewdiepie vs T-Series in @FortniteGame using 20,000+ blocks. Who should I do next? 📺 -
3,112 30,807
@pewdiepie you have had that same avatar for too long
108 6,504
Replying to @KEEMSTAR :
@KEEMSTAR you change yours, Ill change mine
210 10,490
Now do you see why I say YouTubers should make more money??
71 3,507
Replying to @KEEMSTAR :
@KEEMSTAR YouTube taking that 55% 🤠🔫
101 5,731
Ok top voted reply gets displayed on my tv in the bg of a video
4,418 112,987
2,597 41,975
Replying to @KEEMSTAR :
@KEEMSTAR Holy shit, it's actually real..
564 22,307
@pewdiepie What type of ad is this? 😂
0 61
Replying to @Aidanharlem :
you should react to this @pewdiepie
4,216 19,339
9,822 67,742
ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ Retweeted ·  
The one tiktok that will never die
14,724 65,367
4,759 67,552
Replying to @pewdiepie :
@hackergiraffe doing gods work
494 18,971
Somebody is scanning the internet and playing YouTube videos to exposed Chromecast, Google Home and Samsung TVs - they're at about 4000 devices so far
1,840 9,534
4,783 67,945
@pewdiepie Enhance this image
747 12,658
Replying to @maxmoefoe :
taking photoshop requests hmu
2,406 88,822
@pewdiepie please stop it. Some asshole did translate your video with Google translate named Cat Meow Covers. (so, broken translate) And your channel administrator accept it. Please stop accept that asshole's WRONG translate. He trying gather subscriber with video credits.
0 44
Replying to @WorsterTV :
@Worster04656076 Do you know what mod approved it?
8 212
Replying to @pewdiepie :
wear it with pride
14,445 71,168
I made a compilation art for @pewdiepie's Youtube Rewind ~ It's pretty rushed but I hope you still like it! The video is just THAT good.
3,230 27,915
Replying to @reurangel_ :
Due to high demand of this collection, we are opening pre-orders till December 31st.

They won’t be back after this period.
1,232 35,035
1,422 37,059
Replying to @shanedawson :
It’s your last chance to enter for a chance to win a NEURON gaming desktop just like mine! One lucky person will win a custom NEURON including Brofist artwork!

Enter here:

824 18,982
Hey @pewdiepie am I imagining things, or are you averaging 2 uploads a day lately???
1 75
Replying to @robertoblake :
@robertoblake Nah, I wish though 😤
9 303
subscribe for daily lets prays 👏
16,758 183,045
Replying to @PyrocynicalTV :
@PyrocynicalTV priestdiepie 👏😌
340 14,846
Top 5 youtube channels of the year in no particular order

827 19,296
Replying to @PyrocynicalTV :
Replying to @_ganiro :
@_ganiro The side of me that media refuses to acknowledge.. smh
66 3,189…
I'll tank any "controversy" for more of this 🔥
Pewdiepie SRNGLS DOGS!?
726 19,964
go jul fo fan
3,420 67,689
931 14,126
Replying to @QuackityHQ :
You deserved so much more than this. 😭 Rip..
30,577 208,208
A BATHING APE®をお探しなら #Googleで 「近くのBAPE」と検索してみてください。
#bape #google
161 771
Replying to @BAPEOFFICIAL :
@BAPEOFFICIAL nani the fuck
26 464
2,913 71,846
@pewdiepie just talk about serious topics while also playing DDR
47 3,011
Replying to @nakeyjakey :
@NakeyJakey Holy shit, you just saved a gamer life bro +1
44 3,725
Replying to @Jack_Septic_Eye :
@Jack_Septic_Eye Collect 5 Gnoll pelts and return here for 3 GP
260 15,607
@pewdiepie Just a clarification to the video. It is not YouTube who decides who wins the claim if it is disputed. The claimant actually decides! It's stupid. The people who claimed you get to decide???
19 1,009
Replying to @MlSTERSANDMAN :
@MlSTERSANDMAN Yeah from what I can tell YouTube doesnt interfere because that would put make them legally applicable
39 1,941
Copyright gets abused every day on YouTube through manual claims.

👇Give a watch to understand how bad the situation is.👇…
YouTube's content claim system is out of control
4,334 45,976
Replying to @pewdiepie :
I hummed the themesong of Halo for 3 seconds while singing "sponsored" and it got manually claimed a few days ago lol
1,939 47,954
Copyright gets abused every day on YouTube through manual claims.

👇Give a watch to understand how bad the situation is.👇…
YouTube's content claim system is out of control
4,335 45,992
RT if you're against everything this dumbass teacher is saying.
Our history teacher told us that by supporting @pewdiepie, we are supporting anti-Semitism, racism, ignorance, etc. He also said that @WSJ is a very reputable news source. How ignorant can you get? The political arguments are more and more ironic daily. @ChrisRayGun @benshapiro
13,598 47,700
100,169 144,283
@pewdiepie hey pewds, do our Youtube red subscriptions help with the lack of ads? #pewdiepie #YoutubePremium
0 36
Replying to @Josh3174 :
@pewdiepie Is this what the kids call a "gamer moment" ?
56 4,928
Replying to @Slazo :
@Slazo Too much gamer juice
58 4,242
Epic pdp 2014 moment
16,701 114,625
WSJ joins the fight vs tseries 🔥…
1,064 25,244
Replying to @pewdiepie :
lol they deleted it, WSJ is still on angery list
781 31,083
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