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Last 50 tweets from @PFF_Sam
In reply to @PFF_Eric
everyone’s so mad about it! lol
In reply to @tofutoughguy
I blame Skyline
Replying to @PFF_Steve @tofutoughguy and 4 others
Las Vegas journal review ranks LV #1?
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
On today's show the guys drafted 10 players they would start a franchise with.

If the other 12 starters were all Taysom Hill...who has the better team?
In reply to @PFF_Sam
Ok but dud you actually watch him?
In 1983? No Subsequently? Yes.
Elways rookie stats are literally right there for you to view fam
Replying to @ScottyKrippin
Right, it's almost like it's not smart to compare them to stats that happened last year.
In reply to @PFF_Sam
Agree. My only gripe with the current system is that stupid post-ringing up scale at the self-checkout, so that when I put my reusable bag down to start bagging it yells for me to take off the unscanned item. Can we please fix that, grocery stores of America?
Replying to @JBradley1212
Ones in Kroger near me ask if you just put your bag down, click yes and away you go
PFF Premium Stats has data splits on man/zone.

Here's how CBs fared last year playing man/zone coverage. Some v interesting splits in the group.…
Best NFL cornerbacks in man and zone coverages
Trevor Lawrence was the best QB prospect since...Andrew Luck ('12), Peyton Manning ('98), John Elway ('83!).

However far back you want to go, we didn't really see it Yr 1.

Is an Andrew Luck-like career now a realistic expectation for TLaw?…
NFL Player Comps: Trevor Lawrence to Andrew Luck's career trajectory
In reply to @PFF_Sam
Every place we were at in the UK last week has an unlimited supply as well. They just charge for them.
Replying to @QBRating
Which you'll find has an incredible effect on the number of them being used.
In reply to @PFF_Sam
Dumping plastic bags isn't actually that bad for the climate (although manufacturing and distribution is of course). More terrifying is the breakdown of micro plastics and it's link to infertility in all biological life. Not ideal for life on earth.
Didn't say it was bad for the climate. Said it was bad for the environment. In particular wildlife.
In reply to @PFF_Sam
Plastic bags are one of the most environmentally friendly products for this function. Guess what I put my lunch in today. A plastic grocery bag. So now I've used it twice. Double all those numbers.…
Replying to @DrWindrunner
If climate change impact was the only issue that might be a fair point. They're one of the most UNenvironmentally friendly products when you consider what happens to them after they've been used. I.e. dumped where they won't biodegrade.
In reply to @PFF_Sam
They actually charge now fwiw
Replying to @BillyM_91
Depends where. Kroger here doesn't
Welcome to the rest of the world
Replying to @PFF_Sam
The idea that most of America still provides a limitless supply of plastic grocery bags for your crap is mind blowing to most of the rest of the world. Everyone's trying to do their little bit & then you let your mind calculate how many bags one store lets loose on the world...
Welcome to the rest of the world
First-world gripe: Colorado grocery stores are ridiculous. You check yourself out and bag your own groceries while employees stand idly by. They provide no bags and charge a dime for each paper sack. Customers outwork the employees - and pay for the privilege.
In reply to @PFF_Sam
That’s cutting out the right 50% tbh
Replying to @JeremyWGR
You're what's wrong with America. Stop dividing us, man!
In reply to @PFF_Sam
That’s lIke 20% savings!
Replying to @JeremyWGR
In exchange for 50% of people actually knowing wtf you're saying!
In reply to @PFF_Sam
But “Turn down the temperature” or “lower the thermostat" is so much more clunky. Turn up the AC gets the job done and is the correct answer.
Replying to @JeremyWGR
It's like ONE more syllable!
This almost broke the show
Replying to @JeremyWGR
Sidestep the entire problem by referring to the temperature not the AC unit itself.
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
In reply to @PFFNFLPod
@PFFNFLPod @PFF_Sam @PFF_Steve listening to today’s pod discussion about the bets with PFF… I think if the listener loses their bet they should have to donate a set amount of money to a charity of the show’s choice… keep the good will rollin’!
Man has his own name on his tire stickers!

In reply to @FloRugby
@FloRugby Any idea how long it's going to take these Ireland/NZ games to hit the replay archive?
Replying to @PFF_Sam @FloRugby
I still can't see any way to get this to play
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
USC and UCLA showing up to the Big Ten
Just listened to @PFF_Sam argue that having two good WRs is bad for an NFL team bc they still can’t score more than once per drive. 🤦‍♂️
Replying to @Jontaylor07
Not even CLOSE to what I argued
In reply to @PFF_Sam
But does that translate to WAR? I’m asking genuinely. I’d have assumed WAR would be heavily skewed to positions that touch the ball or rush the passer.
They're not amongst the highest players in WAR, but it's still significant. A dominant O-lineman is making a material difference to winning/losing. Less than dominant WR etc and not in the same ballpark as QBs. But it's signifiant.
In reply to @PFFNFLPod
How does an guard generate any sort of WAR?
By doing his job. Blocking well = other players gaining yardage = your team getting closer to winning games.
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
Our first official Sam&Steve vs the Fans wager is locked in!!
Matt Ryan ranked 6th in QBR and 2nd in adjusted completion percentage on throws where he was on the move (8 mph+) last year.

He's got plenty left in the tank.
Was Roethlisberger even capable of exceeding 8mph last year?
Aaron Donald actually recognizes that Tannehill is keeping the ball on 4th down but Leonard Floyd wipes him out
Replying to @Nate_Tice
That would have been a fun race to the pylon
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
We are collecting data to help understand how and why people bet on football and other sports.

Fill out the survey below for a chance to win some cool prizes, including subs, gift cards, etc.…
Replying to @Nate_Tice
You gotta build that winning culture
In reply to @PFF
I don't understand how you guys continually lower Lance/Higher Mac when Lance did exactly what he was drafted to do last year. How does having Mac Jones (with less upside) sit on the bench to learn change ANYTHING for SF last season?
Replying to @TheRealHqmza
Is it really that hard to understand why you would raise the only QB that excelled as a rookie and lower the one guy who couldn't get on the field?
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
.@PFF_Sam redrafts the 2021 NFL Draft

Check out where he sees the draft shaking out 1 year later ⬇️…
One player away...Tom Brady 😂😂
😂😂😂 Part 2!!

It’s like we all reading from the same script. 😭😭😭
In reply to @PFF_Sam
Replying to @JadenDurham4
I know! Trying to get fixed now
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
In reply to @PFFNFLPod
Remember, if you think the guys are crazy for any take, email and get your disagreement on the Pod vs Fans tracker for the season. If you're proved right, win prizes!!
In reply to @PFF_Sam
So Kyle Pitts falls completely out of the first round in your re-draft? Bold take my friends…
Replying to @FeralHogmollies
Oh man, total oversight. I was sure I'd re-drafted him in the top 10 Working on a fix.
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
Dan Quinn is relentless in the use of multifaceted players.
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
💪 Happy George North carrying Israel Folau on his shoulders day!
In reply to @FloRugby
@FloRugby Any idea how long it's going to take these Ireland/NZ games to hit the replay archive?
In reply to @TyJanes
Man changed his name
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
Monday's @PFF NFL Podcast:

Link to Apple podcasts:

Also on YT or wherever you get your podcasts!
In reply to @SwaggyVP
They. Don’t. Want. Him. This is what everyone needs to accept. You can say they’re wrong for it. Fine. But let’s deal in realities. He will never play of the Browns again.
Replying to @MarkSkog @SwaggyVP
That's literally what we're doing. If we can say they're wrong for it, then why are you here bitching about it?
In reply to @PFF_Sam
Gorilla mode forever. PS: hope everything is swell in your neck of the woods pal!
Replying to @QBsMVP
You too my guy!
When the new batch of supps comes in >>>
Sam Monson Retweeted ·  
The Lamar Jackson contract situation has the potential to soon become everyday TV coverage just like Dak Prescott's contract situation with the Cowboys once was.

Full show with @PFF_Sam:…
Bro your tweeting from an android
Replying to @rmac131313
Maybe if you were you could tweet without duplicates
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