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Last 50 tweets from @Pokemon
Pokémon Retweeted ·  
A mysterious duo has arrived in Pokémon GO via a...Meowth balloon? The two call themselves Jessie and James, and it looks like they’re up to no good! Help us defeat them!…
On this day in 2005, Ash and Swellow fought hard to earn the Feather Badge from Winona and her Flying-type Pokémon!

Smart thinking from Ash to attack the ground and shield Swellow from attacks!
Is there anything sweeter than two Victreebel in love? 🥰
REPEAT: Don't mess with Weepinbell!

Bye, Fletchinder. 👋
Anyone else wishing they had an Alcremie as their baking partner right now? 🍓

From your kitchen to your #PokemonTCG deck, Alcremie is a treat to have by your side! 🍰

Sandaconda is slithering on by today to say hello!
#ThanksToVideoGames, we learned that shorts are comfy and easy to wear!
Don't underestimate Weepinbell, Trainers!
These leaves are rated B for Bulbasaur
Pokémon Retweeted ·  
Trainers, we’ve received alarming reports of #TeamGORocket balloons 🎈 appearing in the sky all around the world. Stay tuned!
Whether you’re chilling inside or poolside, you’ll have more fun with your favorite Water-type Pokémon by your side. 🌊

Check out the #PokemonCenter Sunset collection, US Trainers—and don’t forget the sunscreen!
Fortify your strategy with the #PokemonTCG: True Steel Premium Collection!

Themed after the Warrior Pokémon, Zacian and Zamazenta, these sets include a foil promo card, a figure, and a collector’s pin!

⚙️ Steel yourself—Zacian & Zamazenta arrive on 8/14:
Bellsprout didn't come here to play. It came here to WIN.
Machamp is back for another high five! It has four hands, after all. 🤚🤚🤚🤚
Searching for your favorite terrain-based Pokémon?

No need to dig any further—this whole month we’re featuring all types of solid Ground-type Pokémon! Which of these sturdy friends is your favorite?
Start your week off with a high five from Machamp! 💪🤚
Get ready, Trainers – Pokémon GO Fest is going virtual!

On this day in 2008, Gliscor (then still a Gligar) joined Ash’s team in the Sinnoh region!

Ash and Gliscor went through many battles, training sessions, and trials! Drop a 💜 below to leave some love for Ash’s Gliscor!
When facing a formidable foe, sometimes you just need a little extra help from a friend!
Machop took down a huge rock—and looks very proud of it!

(Retweet if you're proud of Machop)
Alright, Trainers...who thinks Machop could take down an even bigger rock than this one?
After getting into an argument with his friend John, Tommy wants to make amends. He enlists Allister, Galar’s Ghost-type Gym Leader, to help in a most unusual way.

Check out the latest episode of #PokemonTwilightWings:
The list of charitable nonprofit organizations receiving donations from The Pokémon Company group following Pokémon GO Fest 2020 can be found at the link below.
Digging into a big bowl of ice cream like:
Mega Evolution, Sky Battles, and more await Ash and Pikachu as they arrive in Kalos.

Don’t miss a second of their adventures in #PokemonTheSeries: XY, available now on #PokemonTV!

Watching your friend defeat that one boss that you couldn't:
This battle has taken a shocking twist! ⚡😨
Dragapult V is here to keep an eye (or six) on your #PokemonTCG opponents! 👀

Whose collection would you like to sneak a peek at? Tag them in the replies! 👇

How does Pikachu fare in this match against Kadabra?

Stay tuned... ⚡ 💥 🥄
GIF never know when an Abra will decide to surprise you back!
Pokémon Retweeted ·  
New information on the #Playpokemon 2021 Championship Series has been made available!

Get a first look at plans for the upcoming season and qualifications for the 2021 Pokémon World Championships.

More details here:
Pokémon Retweeted ·  
Congratulations, Trainers—over one million of you successfully defeated Zeraora! 🎉 Your rewards await you in #PokemonHOME. ✨

Details on claiming your Shiny Zeraora can be found here:
You probably shouldn't try to surprise a sleeping Abra, Pikachu...
Your favorites: restocked.
New designs: released.
Trainers: rejoice!
Pokémon x RockLove is back! Head over to @RockLoveJewelry to see what else we've hatched. 👀
Poliwrath (still) don't miss. 💪
Turn up the heat with Cinderace V & VMAX! 🔥

Add them to your #PokemonTCG: Sword & Shield Cinderace theme deck to ignite the battle. 💥

What's the hottest card you've pulled from Sword & Shield—Rebel Clash so far? Show us in the replies! 👇
Join Ash and Pikachu as they enter the Kalos region!

After arriving, our heroes make new friends, meet new Pokémon, and encounter challenges along the way. What adventures await them in Kalos?

#PokemonTheSeries: XY is coming to #PokemonTV this Friday!
Poliwrath don't miss.
Poliwhirl is looking like a true royal! 👑
Ampharos loaf 🍞⚡

RT if you agree. 💛
Pokémon Retweeted ·  
The Players Cup #PokkenTournamentDX Invitational broadcast continues! Today our remaining competitors will be battling it out to decide who will get to claim a spot at the top!

Watch here:
Poliwhirl wanted you to know that you dropped this...
Found you, Poliwag! We knew you'd be hiding in the water! ☺️
Giovanni is one boss you don't want to cross! 🚀

Start your path to world #PokemonTCG domination and find out about other game-changing cards from Sword & Shield—Rebel Clash here:
Pokémon Retweeted ·  
It’s time to throw down: Day 1 of the Players Cup #PokkenTournamentDX Invitational is on! Make sure you don’t blink—the action’s going to be lightning fast!

Watch here:
Time to play hide and seek with Poliwag!

Wonder where it's running to hide... 🤔
Arcanine's loud roar scares off anyone that might hurt its pups.

No one's touching those babies!
Tackle the toughest dungeons with the cutest rescue team around!
#PokemonMysteryDungeonDX plush are available now at the #PokemonCenter, US Trainers:
Rev up those engines, Trainers—Ash and Pikachu are at the starting line!

Tune in to #PokemonTV to catch high-speed excitement as Ash and friends race competitively in classic episodes of #PokemonTheSeries!

T-minus 24 hours until Day 1 kicks off. We'll see you there, Trainers!
We're mere days away from the Players Cup #PokkenTournamentDX Invitational broadcast! Rounding out our series of Invitational broadcasts, this weekend's competition will be full of top talent and breathtaking battles!

Get the details:
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