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Last 50 tweets from @PozeBaroze
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Another Turkish war crime. @NATO command, we are keeping track and the entire command who stayed silent will be charged in due time. #TawanCeng
17 14
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Turkish FSA Jihadists are using all their arsenal of #FakeNews and #Falseflag attacks against YPG:
1- Market bombing
2- Hospital bombing
3- IDPs camp bombing
4- Chemical attacks

Makes you wonder what the hell was true or fake coming from rebel sources in the last 7 years
96 114
Baroz Retweeted ·  
If the #West fails to muster a basic degree of resolve, then the horror of the massacre of the #Kurds will be added to the #shame of watching their killer gloat atop the ruins of our honor. #SpeakUpForAfrin #supportkurdistan
261 390
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Turkish state was using teachers, doctors etc civil servants as MIT informants when I was studying in my hometown. These informants were smiling at our faces but informing Turkish police&army to punish us for us speaking Kurdish or demand Kurdish rights. =Turkey = Apartheid State
  · TweetDeck · en
9 11
Baroz Retweeted ·  
.@StateDept should warn Americans about risks of traveling & doing business in Turkey. Politicized Turkish courts sentenced Serkan Golge, a US citizen, to prison on false charges. Other Americans, including Pastor Andrew Brunson, remain wrongly detained in Turkey.
143 141
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Turkey shells cemetaries in #Afrin
196 132
Baroz Retweeted ·  
US Treasury adds Turkish company to sanction list as “ISIS facilitator” for providing drones to ISIS…
27 27
Baroz Retweeted ·  
If you wonder why Erdogan does not want his mercenaries to film anymore: The gangs Erdogan sent to Efrîn not only loot chickens/turkeys. They loot complete inventory of Efrîn homes..even doors.
44 52
@nadiabelush Their native dialect is different from the Kurds and Ezidis of Mosul. I understand it is like the dialect of Zaza Kurds of Dersim and the Hawramani Kurds. That said the ones I've met speak a nice Kurmanji too.
0 0
@nadiabelush Kurdish. When my dad expressed surprise because of their son's claim to be Arab, they said ignore him, we're Shabaki Kurds. Hunayn Qado, a Baathist spy, who hates Kurds and used to identify as Arab (now as Shabak) has parents who ONLY speak Kurdish. Iraq is an interesting place
0 4
Replying to @PozeBaroze :
@nadiabelush What is hilarious is this guy could only communicate with his parents in Kurdish yet vehemently denied being Kurdish. Then his parents turn up, disavow him and say of course we're Kurds! (Though they lived in a village near Mosul, his parents knew no Arabic at all.)
0 1
@nadiabelush Most Shabak are Kurdish but I understand that some, a small minority, are from other communities who adopted the faith or married in. Similar situation with Druze of Lebanon. Most are Kurdish but unlike Shabak they no longer know Kurdish. Even the word Druze is of Kurdish origin
0 0
@nadiabelush This was all part of Baathist tactics of divide and rule. Ezidis and Shabak near Mosul were under pressure to distance themselves from Kurdish identity as a means to get on in life. Those who refused risked anything from not getting work or a university place to being killed
0 2
@nadiabelush Kurdish. When my dad expressed surprise because of their son's claim to be Arab, they said ignore him, we're Shabaki Kurds. Hunayn Qado, a Baathist spy, who hates Kurds and used to identify as Arab (now as Shabak) has parents who ONLY speak Kurdish. Iraq is an interesting place
0 4
@nadiabelush It's funny there is a Shabak MP in Iraq who always claimed to be Arab and spoke only Arabic to other Iraqi students when he studied in Scotland in the 70s. Then his parents and sister visited and my father bumped into them on the street. Guess what the only language they spoke ..
0 1
Baroz Retweeted ·  
#Turkish army jets targeting#Afrin city center and 19 area in and around the the city. Civilians are directly under the attacks of Sultan! And world is still sleeping...
#StopAfrinGenocide #Rojava #Humanrights #TwitterKurds #Efrin
27 46
Baroz Retweeted ·  
#Turkey's president #Erdogan says he got inspired to name #Afrin military offensive as "Operation Olive Branch" from Muslims* Holy Book Quran and recites 95:1 verses which mentions "Olive". #Caliph
34 15
Witch hunt against Kurdish politicians in Turkey continues
Arrest warrant has been issues to detain #HDP co-chair Sarpil Kamalbay - #Ankara court
11 7
2 0
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Turkish Ministry of Education letter cites it is “inadmissible” to address the children with “political rhetorics such as being against war” in this his delicate period Turkey is going through.
35 21
Baroz Retweeted ·  
#SDF : Turkish army and its jihadist factions take from displaced people in Atmeh camp as human shields. Since today morning they moved thier heavy weapons & artillaries colse to camp and from there they have started shelling #Afrin villages and towns.
31 19
Baroz Retweeted ·  
He had message to bomb and kill Kurds in #Efrin.
BUT the message went back to his family and he lost his life during YPG shooting down his tank.
Karma will always get back to you.
#TwitterKurds #SDF #YPG #YPJ #EfrinNotAlone #DefendAfrin #Rojava #SDF #Efrînê #JinJiyanAzadi
67 111
@TarekFatah @JustinTrudeau who do you support in this video? I’m a little confused.
160 224
Replying to @pdumonti :
@pdumonti @TarekFatah @JustinTrudeau Like one or two western convert Muslims I've met after several years of taking it all too seriously
0 0
Chicken rustling jihadists and petty thieves embarassing themselves by stealing from poor Kurdish farmers #Afrin
This video where FSA members steal chickens from a Kurdish house in #Afrin has widely been shared on Kurdish social media world!
241 260
0 1
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Seems Turkish army worried about video's leaked to social media/media showing Syrian rebels involved in singing Jihadi songs, mutilating female & male fighter bodies, destroying a liquor shop and stealing chickens.
221 237
Gissur “Gilgo” Simonarson
That's some firepower.
  · TweetDeck · en
6 23
Replying to @GissiSim :
Baroz Retweeted ·  
In Raco alone since January 20, 60 houses have been destroyed by the Turkish Army's attacks. There was also a primary school, a middle school, the Education Commision Center and the Red Crescent Center, Trade and Aggriculture Center v/ @hawarnews #DefendAfrin
35 16
This. Especially the second paragraph. Hahahahah
0 1
Two senior American generals visiting the front line outside the northern Syrian city of Manbij arrived on Wednesday with American flags on their vehicles.

"You hit us, we'll respond aggressively," one general said, in response to Turkish threats.…
On Northern Syria Front Line, U.S. and Turkey Head Into Tense Face-off The New York Times traveled with two U.S. generals to a northern Syria city where armed conflict between the Americans and Turks is now a possibility.
2 3
UK Idiots....words can not describe my outrage....
  · Twitter for iPad · en
5 14
Replying to @Amercans4YPG :
@Amercans4YPG Tory govt of UK does this to please the Turks and sell them more weapons. Kurds dont have a govt to protest about harassment against its citizens or its friends
0 2
@nadiabelush Russia wants the Turks to head east to fight the Kurds in areas where the US soldiers are based and thereby force the US out of Syria. Humiliate and eject USA
0 1
@nadiabelush Dunno about anyone else but I'm the descendant of genies! Fact!
0 0
YPG ATGM obliterate an invading Turkish tank in Ali-Bhiskah village of Rajo district. #Afrin
150 257
Replying to @AfarinMamosta :
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Another Turkish tank destroyed by #YPG-led #SDF in Rajo, #Afrin. February 6.
381 732
Baroz Retweeted ·  
For the second time, #Turkish authorities prevents @K24English from covering #Afrin operation in border areas. War licenses has been canceled.
15 16
@nadiabelush Qatari money and stolen oil and artifacts from Syria
0 1
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Gissur “Gilgo” Simonarson
These side by side maps show you the difference between progress of the Euphrates Shield Op (left) and the Olive Branch Op (right).

Both show the first 18 days.

What happened to "YPG can't fight without an airforce"?
  · TweetDeck · en
30 52
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Most analysts agree that it is highly unlikely that the YPG used chemical weapons on Turkish backed rebels in Syria. Now, Syrian Kurds are saying Turkey gassed it’s own proxy rebels in Afrin by mistake. A report by @vvanwilgenburg…
Syrian Kurds now say Turkey gassed its own proxy rebels in Afrin by mistake The Syrian rebels working with Turkey on Tuesday ...
95 86
Baroz Retweeted ·  
SHOCKING footage of a police "medic" repeatedly punching a Kurdish protester in the head during yesterday's #DefendAfrin demo in North London. Today Italian police attacked Kurdish protesters in Rome. Erdogan's authoritarianism extends well beyond Turkey's borders #TwitterKurds
442 269
Baroz Retweeted ·  
This is the Turkish Free Army, stealing even the chickens of the Kurds in Afrin
509 429
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Today' subject of Turkish trolls: We love Kurds,we are not fighting them but YPG & PKK

YPG controlled areas are free, Kurds can study in their mother tongue&learn their history #Afrin

in Turkey: Kurds are not recognized as Kurds but Turks, Kurdish language is banned at schools
  · TweetDeck · en
29 39
Looks like Turkey's jihadist puppets were ready for use of gas as they are the ones with plans to use it
REMINDER: A so-called “rebel” is wearing a gas mask at the beginning of Turkey’s war on #Afrin.
Now these “rebels” are accusing YPG of the use of chlor gas
171 118
3 3
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Turkish-backed rebels claim that SDF used chlorine gas against their troops near Sheikh Khurus. Next week they will claim that YPG uses barrel bombs.
  · Buffer · en
227 409
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Turkey, NATO's second largest military, is failing in #Afrin, it's forces are committing war crimes and they're trying to distract with claims so mad neutral observers are mocking them. #DefendAfrin
199 201
Baroz Retweeted ·  
France 24 - The Turkish army is unable to make progress in Afrin
133 187
Baroz Retweeted ·  
Baroz Retweeted ·  
"The United States and Canada continue to ride Kurdish coattails of bravery and success, but have not offered protection to civilians in Afrin, nor a clear and definitive stand against Turkish aggression."…
11 27
#Turkey to hand over #Manbij to ‘#Arab owners’ after ousting #YPG: Erdogan #TwitterKurds… #nrtnews
  · TweetDeck · en
7 12
Replying to @NRT_English :
@NRT_English What is Turkey's business in Syria? Is he in the business of Ethnic Cleansing?
0 5
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