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Last 50 tweets from @priaribi
I find it upsetting that no one flagged me on the part of the Seema Verma story about the $325 stolen moisturizer that is very clearly La Mer purchased on Net a Porter
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @priaribi
Does crooked media get paid out on the money that you raise? I tried looking into it and had a hard time finding an answer. Earnest question not trying to be a troll.
Replying to @MattyDubs7
all of it goes to fair fight! (we keep the beans though)
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
Hey @TeamWarren are you guys selling gum yet or what?
At his rally in Hershey, Trump says Warren was rising in the polls until "she opened that fresh mouth of hers."
DONATE SO I GET MORE SCREEN TIME and also to protect elections, ok thank you
The beans are back! We crossed $1.7M in donations to @fairfightaction, but we're not done yet. Help us reach our $2M goal and fight voter suppression in 2020. Donate:
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
It's super interesting to me that the one political opinion many DC journalists feel comfortable expressing online is being incredibly dismissive of climate change activists
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
4% of KY's adult population is about to gain right to vote, in one stroke of pen.

That's huge. Also, a massive indictment of a system that makes voting rights so condition, and at whim of politicians who want to restrict it (as Bevin did).

Elections Could Expand Voting Rights This Fall. They Will Take Place in an Intolerable Condition.
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @jonfavs
Ultimately, the Republicans have a massive, well coordinated propaganda machine backed up with millions in ads and Dems are relying on the mainstream media to communicate their message. It’s a battle we will never win.
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
With McKinsey making the news again for helping ICE “streamline” their evil deportation process, I was drawn to re-reading my favorite college student essay, the powerful and prescient “Even Artichokes Have Doubts” by Marina Keegan 1/…
Even artichokes have doubts
DNC release a debate date with more than 30 days notice challenge
Feel like we can thank @JordanUhl for this one…
inbox: Buttigieg Campaign Announces Fundraisers Will Be Open and Names of People Raising Money Will Be Made Public
Honestly my apologies to everyone who has to date in NY
Russia is now completely banned from participating in the 2020 Olympics because of doping
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
NEW: Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are pitching voters on their ability to unite Congress and bring Republicans aboard to pass their agenda.

But actual Republicans and Capitol Hill veterans say that’s not gonna happen.…
Way too many boys at bars wearing Bill Barr glasses thinking that works for them 😬
new jersey my god!!!!
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
This should be unanimous, not partisan. Impeachment in the House is not a conviction. The trial happens in the Senate. All the House does is charge impeachable conduct. All we need is probable cause. That threshold is easily met with the existing evidence.
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
Literally 48 hours after they take away food stamps from 700,000 people.
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
Just understand for context that the Voting Rights Act since 1965 has always been, until now, a bipartisan bill. When it was reauthorized in 2006 the vote was 396-33.
Incredibly proud to say that I’ve never once even contemplated ordering one of these fucking stupid suitcases
In December, Caroline was wrapping up work at 1AM when she saw a Slack message from Pasanen. “Okay everyone! Take a photo with your computer in bed when you get home. Here’s mine!” She was sitting in bed wearing a face mask, still working.…
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: House Dem bill lowers prices for top drugs by **55%**. For the first time, caps drug costs and adds vision, dental, hearing benefits to Medicare.

Trump opposes the bill, breaking his promise on Medicare negotiation.…
I knew relatively little about the Iowa caucuses before I started Tommy’s series, but it’s really great—super informative, inspiring to hear what the organizers on the ground do/what motivates them, and tbh just a fun listen
Hey it's Friday. Maybe you're bored. Want to learn about the Iowa caucuses before they happen? The stakes. The history. The rules. Why people think they suck. I got you covered.…
Have fun. Be safe. 😉
Thank you Spotify for making everyone’s Instagram stories even worse than usual
About 10% of the last graduating class at my college became consultants, and offers at places like McKinsey always seemed fairly coveted. When disturbing stories like this come out, I always wonder if other kids now in the same spot will choose differently…
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
This is a very smart ad
In which we go over the all-time greatest @crookedmedia white elephant gifts and discuss Kamala Harris’s exit from the race, impeachment, and Baby Yoda
.@jonfavs @tvietor08 and @priaribi are live now answering your questions on impeachment, 2020, Baby Yoda, and more.

Come watch:
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
What a disgustingly cruel decision that will hurt the most vulnerable people in our society. Many SNAP recipients have physical or mental disabilities that keep them from working. Meanwhile, he gives corporate bailouts to agro business and trillion dollar tax cuts to billionaires
It is raining in Los Angeles and I for one cannot wait to make small talk about it for the next 8 hours
Replying to @priaribi
OK I have just realized that this may deter the post-black Friday package thieves who stole the hoop earrings I was very excited about so the rain is good now
In reply to @priaribi
told me he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t figure out what “that sound” was.
It is raining in Los Angeles and I for one cannot wait to make small talk about it for the next 8 hours
.@AkilahObviously and @GideonResnick let me hang out with them for ~heeeeadliiiineees~ on today’s WAD pod!…
Don’t mind me, just looking up the campaign donation records of everyone I’ve ever met
Donor Lookup
Definitely send us your politics questions but also send us some fun ones ok
It's that time again — @jonfavs @tvietor08 & @priaribi are taking questions for tomorrow's livestream. What do you want to talk about? Drop questions below 👇
HEY, it’s Giving Tuesday. Will some of you reply with where you’re giving/why in case people (like me!) want suggestions? 😇
Me doing slacks in the office
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @crookedmedia
@crookedmedia out there doing things right. (And now I can feel less guilty about spending alllll the money on Crooked merch!)
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
Harris supporters were most likely to also be considering Warren and Biden, per the Economist/YouGov. Klobuchar also surprisingly high here given her low standing overall. Still, Harris had only ~4% of the vote, so won't hugely shake things up.…
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
NEWS - Kamala Harris is dropping out of the presidential election today, I'm told reliably. She's informing staff now.
Extremely rude of Elizabeth Warren to make me cry at 9:30am!
I was asked at a town hall “if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you really looked up to maybe didn’t accept you as much?” Here’s my answer:
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
This might be the most important story in politics today
Priyanka Aribindi Retweeted ·  
It’s unfortunate that @nbc the same network that protected disgusting men like Matt Lauer and punished women for speaking out or not putting up with it...has not changed their practices or culture. I support @itsgabrielleu commitment to speaking up to injustice. It takes courage
It’s 11am and we’re already talking about “open borders” let’s gooooooooo
Lord give me the strength to not be a total fucking hater as my small cousins perform songs from their musicals incessantly all weekend, amen
couldn't let you go without a black friday/cyber monday themed shit i bought and liked, now could i?…
In reply to @priaribi
Status update: at store #2, mom keeps trying to drop me off alone at the front, saying she’ll meet me inside. Still traumatized from doing this at age 6. Not happening.
Replying to @priaribi
Status update: lost my mom, dodging people I went to high school with, truly living a nightmare, at least I have the cart?
Status update: chasing after my mother in the grocery store while pushing her fully stocked cart, yelling “mom” to get her attention as she willfully ignores me
Replying to @priaribi
Status update: at store #2, mom keeps trying to drop me off alone at the front, saying she’ll meet me inside. Still traumatized from doing this at age 6. Not happening.
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