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Last 50 tweets from @raejohnston
Might go offline (except games) for the next four days. The only thing stopping me, really, is what happens if I think of something funny? Do I just...tell my FAMILY? Will that be enough for my hungry ego?

Time will tell.
Rae Johnston Retweeted 路  
Hey Twitter, I wonder if anyone knows some STEM-advocating Indigenous people/organisations in NT? @IndigenousX @AstroKirsten @karlienoon @ABCIndigenous @aboriginalastro #IndigenousSTEM
Rae Johnston Retweeted 路  
Stop sharing that real estate agent video! Real estate agents only dance on kitchen benches when they're in distress! Smdh you think it's FUNNY but it's NOT!!!!
Decision-making in games is great and all - but what if those choices could teach you more about yourself than you ever expected?

Love this story by @IndieGames_Muso featuring @MarsUnder, @stillnessgame and @objectsgame <3鈥
Thank god this isn鈥檛 coming out around It: Chapter 2
That'll just be a whole other thing again.
Rae Johnston Retweeted 路  
Replying to @amandamyeo @angharadyeo and 2 others
I cry-laughed the entire time - that counts as happy, yeah?
Rae Johnston Retweeted 路  
Yhuun yheedun buural my followers. Yhurramuulun Ngunna dhaara.
Daramoolen Ngunna dhaara.
Naangi whiinyu Ngunna dhaara.
Nii Mullyan yheedun Yhurramuulun gaaur Ngunna dhaara
Have a beautiful journey today and enjoy the beautiful smiles around you
It was for you. I can understand ppl choosing to mute after streams or vile abuse rather than comment or query but, it's a can of worms debating that. I was more interested in her initial comparison which drew criticism.
To be clear: I was being literal when I said I didn't have time to educate randoms. I have a full-time job to do that doesn't involve posting on twitter. Now, I'm at home spending time with my family. I'm not interested in debate, I just hope people help.
Rae Johnston Retweeted 路  
This is not true, FYI. Game companies have access to your in-game communications. I've received FOIA responses from the FBI containing WoW players' chat logs from as far back as 2008. The best way to communicate privately is through software designed for that!
when are we allowed to say 'dystopia'?鈥
Replying to @amandamyeo
DYSTOPIA DYSTOPIA DYSTOPIA when will the curse lady arrive to drag me away
There's been some killer songs for sure. So many.
Replying to @Serrels
Probably my spiciest take of all time is that no song in Beyonce's storied solo career can match-up to the absolute suite of bangers produced by Destiny's Child as a group.
rae don't make me do this rae
Replying to @amandamyeo @Blizzard_ANZ and 1 otherfalse
Read your mentions, Amanda. You know what must be done.
hi @Blizzard_ANZ, @PlayOverwatch, hope you're having a good day. quick question. what fresh hell is this?
Replying to @amandamyeo @Blizzard_ANZ and 1 otherfalse
I think the real question here is: are people thirsty for the clown, Amanda?
Twitter mob, I need your help.

How can we turn this deadly blackfulla thumbs up into an emoji? 馃槀
Replying to @banoky @ScottTrindall and 5 others
You need to make a submission to unicode!鈥
Would you consider attending an AGD Roundtable on native title issues with them? Because your passion and knowledge of the issues suggests you should
Replying to @ravirockks
No, I should know my place. The elders and traditional custodians from these regions are already doing everything they can, and should be the only ones to speak for themselves and their ancestors. Let me assure you, my passion and knowledge pales in comparison.
Rae, you raise valid concerns. Have you considered lobbying the AGD for concrete reforms to the Native Title Act that you advocate for? After all, we can all tweet our heart out, but it will be for nothing if we don鈥檛 get our voices out in the actual policy process
Replying to @ravirockks
I'm not the only one with these concerns, and my role is to help elevate and broadcast the voices of the people already lobbying, taking every option available to them - those whose country these trees are on.
Oh - maybe you鈥檙e right - maybe my expectation that professional communicator should have the skill to make their point without coming across as a narcissist cashing in a cultural tragedy is unreasonable. Or maybe your tweet was an exercise in false equivalence. Who can say?
Replying to @DifficultNerd
You don't know me, or anything about me. My words were from the heart. I hope you have a nice day.
For more information on how to help save these sacred, ancient, indescribably important trees, you can head here:
Replying to @raejohnston
I鈥檓 muting these tweets now, I don鈥檛 have time to educate Twitter randoms. Those who can鈥檛 grasp how one event could possibly make me think of the other can yell into the void, or better yet, click on the link and do something to help.
This is the most amazing attempt st cynical spin I鈥檝e ever seen. It鈥檚 also an example of why our society has fractured and we no longer share media.

Not everything is about one鈥檚 hobby horse.
Replying to @DifficultNerd
My tone may not be clear to you, but nothing about this is cynical. I saw an 800+ year old spiritual place being destroyed, devastatingly, and naturally thought about our own that are about to be.
Devastating news about Notre Dame, a genuine shame to see a beautiful, historic, spiritual place destroyed. In Australia, this happens all the time - usually for the purposes of mining, development or - in the case of the 800+ year old Djab Wurrung birthing trees - a highway.
Replying to @raejohnston
For more information on how to help save these sacred, ancient, indescribably important trees, you can head here:
Devastating news about Notre Dame, a genuine shame to see a beautiful, historic, spiritual place destroyed. In Australia, this happens all the time - usually for the purposes of mining, development or - in the case of the 800+ year old Djab Wurrung birthing trees - a highway.
No concern unless it鈥檚 Snapchat Premium
Snapchat filters making you feel cute like
Turns out my Mum uses Snapchat?
Rae Johnston Retweeted 路  
Hey, you can read my full #GameOfThrones ep.1 recap for @junkee rn which includes such sub-headings as Dragons Get Horny Too, White Walkers Love A Feature Wall, Vagina To Peen Count & Bran Is Back On His Bullshit鈥
Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: Every Easter Egg
Rae Johnston Retweeted 路  
Something I wrote for @junkee - Shopping centre food courts should have subway and maccas and Indian and a kebab shop. Keep your fancy dumplings and your $8 pressed juices.鈥
Shopping Centre Food Courts Are Getting Way Too Fancy
You getting charged double.
Replying to @Yetanotherrando
For being helpful rather than vague but also letting her work with her own style?
Just send my tattooist an email with 15 inspiration pics, a detailed breakdown of what I like about each one, and my availability for the next 2 weeks BUT also the phrase "honestly I'm cool, whatever works for you" so it's safe to say I am an EXTREMELY CHILL individual.
The wonderful @Yazberries took me to see Baker Boy, today was such a good day 鉂わ笍
violence from dad here has hit me hard today. not sure i will recover from this one.
Replying to @dctrjack
By 鈥渇riends鈥 does he mean the award you won instead of him?
katie u babe
Perfect birthday. Thank you all for your well wishes. I feel calm, powerful, content, and like I'm gaining a whole lot of wisdom that can really help others. 37 is wonderful.
@raejohnston Happiest of birthdays to ye madam!
@raejohnston Happy Birthday Rae you are a true Wonder Woman I hope you have amazing day 鉂わ笍馃巶
Happy birthday @raejohnston you continue to become more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine I look forward to seeing you absorb the galaxy and start anew 馃憼
Replying to @allymcleangames
Ahhh thank you, my constant inspiration and support xx
Happy happy birthdayyyy @raejohnston ! Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of licks from Mia and family hangs 鉁
Happy birthday, @raejohnston! Can't wait to celebrate with you. X
Happy birthday to an extraordinary human being @raejohnston 馃帀
Replying to @RaygunBrown
Thank you so much 馃槉
Happy Birthday to my absolute babe of a wife, @raejohnston

I love you to bits.

(馃摳: @amandamyeo)
鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 thank you xx
Oh I really do like that @raejohnston. Other guy really difficult to work with I鈥檝e heard.
Oh wow really?! I鈥檝e heard he鈥檚 an absolute delight, and takes a killer selfie.
He is an objectively handsome man
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