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Last 50 tweets from @realscottyriggs
blast doing The Clap., huge props to @HeymanHustle @TheDonCallis for getting this damn gimmick over.. ECW fans heeled on me so bad, it was great
In reply to @Wrestling80s90s
Young me: 😄 Rey got lawn darted Older me: 😄 what the hell was that hesitation by @realscottyriggs between looking at Hall and Nash then looking at Bagwell then back at Outsiders?
hindsight 20-20, should of grabbed one of those bats Hall/Nash dropped and gone to town.. would have never got Rey-Rey being lawn darted, lol ..good times
In reply to @realscottyriggs
Did you smack talk about Cowboys again, Mr. Riggs? They warned you. 🙃
we had won 3 outta 4 Superbowls that era, 1 of only 7 teams to win back to back.. hell yeah was talking smack #DallasCowboys
wow, old school days for sure, so cool ..hey @thedukeofmetal how bout the Stuck Mojo gear ..good times
In reply to @realscottyriggs
I found a few of you from the Stuck Mojo video shoot, roughly from that same time period. I have more, but the quality is horrible-I was using one of those Kodak disposables.
have never seen this.. very cool
thx @theraveneffect chicks dug the eyepatch 😜
In reply to @realscottyriggs
Why did you never follow the movie star route, Mr. Riggs? I'd have watched.
Replying to @NegansMiz @GiuliLovesNegan and 2 others
never part of my craft do that.. I could do "unrehearsed" "one take" "in front of live audience" "physical" performance.. my make-up was 180 of JDM, he has gift to draw emotion from ya thru the screen, big man is blessed.. I was wrestler, wrestling on tv at right time in an era
In reply to @realscottyriggs
You're gonna face an army next season. Just you wait. Better stock up your gear.
Replying to @NegansMiz @JDMorgan and 1 otherfalse
guess real bet is gonna be who has better record, NFL Seattle #Seahawks or XFL Seattle #Dragons ..or both gonna be insufferable ..extra smack lol
In reply to @realscottyriggs
I love The Losers. One of my favorite movies. Jeffrey as Clay is so great!
Replying to @GiuliLovesNegan @NegansMiz and 2 others
long time since seen it, caught my eye running thru program guide.. became Sat nite theater ..good stuff
In reply to @NegansMiz
#Seahawks, unfortunately, have a LOCK on an insufferable season.. JDM downplaying it in July, oh that's a shame.. shame, shame shame! my Cowboys gonna be riding a razors edge this season, will be sport'n all my #DallasCowboys gear for energy #GoCowboys
Replying to @realscottyriggs @NegansMiz and 2 others
and @NeganMorgan33 ya need to get well, heal up strong so you can jump in on this #Seahawks #DallasCowboys smack talk!
In reply to @realscottyriggs
Applying for the next Cowboys mascot with your cosplay, Mr. Riggs? Are they really that desperate? They will need your enthusiasm. Nothing is decided yet. Surprises are possible. Greetings from the other side of the pond. #GoHawks
Replying to @NegansMiz @JDMorgan and 1 otherfalse
watch'n The Losers on Bounce TV.. classic 12yrs younger, jacked, full faced JDM is fun watch for this old sun bitch on Sat nite.. 3 Stooges type slapstick entertainment
In reply to @JDMorgan
We're in this together. Maybe it's gonna be sufferable? 🙃 We can't let Mr. @realscottyriggs get away with a triumph that simple. The shame ... 😖 You are the very best celeb dude ever btw. 💚💙
Replying to @NegansMiz @JDMorgan and 1 otherfalse
#Seahawks, unfortunately, have a LOCK on an insufferable season.. JDM downplaying it in July, oh that's a shame.. shame, shame shame! my Cowboys gonna be riding a razors edge this season, will be sport'n all my #DallasCowboys gear for energy #GoCowboys
Super honored to be asked to ring announce Ric's last match @StarrcastEvents! Thanks to @HeyHeyItsConrad and the rest of the crew for believing that my 30+ year adventure in this crazy biz means something. Sometimes you forget. Very humbled! See ya in Nashville!
Replying to @davidpenzer @StarrcastEvents and 1 otherfalse
dig it for ya Dave.. congrats
What you think about 3 man booth?
Replying to @TheMarkHenry
3 wise men or is it 3 wise ass men, lol ..dig it
In reply to @realscottyriggs
@realscottyriggs it was wonderful to see you today! Be blessed and take care of yourself💜🙏🏻
blast to catch up with @IAmJericho ..been over 20yrs since seen Chris and his his "of course" reply gave me green light to come over and hang out.. so cool!
so sweet to see my lovely friend @VickieGuerrero's too good to catch up with her
got to share the ring and the road with this man's dad.. @FlyinBrianJr has amazing future ahead of him and without a doubt, best hair in wrestling #AEW
thanks to Mark Henry got to me this huge monster of a man.. Satnam is one cool dude who don't wanna piss off.. and yes, I was on my tip toes #AEW #AEWDynamite
really cool to catch up w/ @TheMarkHenry ..gave me that look from across arena cause my damn grey beard threw him off.. always blessing to see this man
very cool to meet and chat w/ @DaxFTR @CashWheelerFTR ..huge fan of these men who have reset the standard for tag team excellence #AEW
getting to hang with few old friends.. Dean Malenko @itsjerrylynn ..caught up with other old pals and chat with few new ones that I'm huge fan #AEW #AEWDynamite
binged The Terminal, man it's is kickass.. @prattprattpratt is badass in the role, his flashbacks are toughest, darkest part Pratt pulled off amazingly.. hell of a soundtrack, it's killer #TerminalList
For 22 years I’ve heard all the cutdowns & insults about @FOZZYROCK. Well now, WE can all stand behind what our band and hundreds of thousands of our fans worldwide have always known… FOZZY ROCKS! Thx to all who helped #Judas earn a GOLD FUCKIN RECORD! @RIAA #500kSold
Replying to @IAmJericho @FOZZYROCK and 1 otherfalse
congrats and well earned brother.. see ya Wednesday
In reply to @JDMorgan
We're gonna listen, Mr. @realscottyriggs, right? Brings back memories.
Replying to @NegansMiz @JDMorgan
gotta finish Terminal List first.. @prattprattpratt is kick'n ass in this role #TerminalList
Question for Wrestling Memorabilia Collectors. I have to ton of these type formats from WCW Saturday Night & syndicated shows from 95/96. They could be the only ones in existence although I have no idea. Would love to hear your thoughts. No wrong answers. TIA!
Replying to @davidpenzer
your saving sheet with American Males match segment to rake in big bucks offer
Aside from the nWo forming, what’s the most iconic moment of WCW?
one hell of a battle royal @therealKripke @TheBoysTV and damn Ackles brought Soldier Boy to life.. dig it #TheBoysFinale
In reply to @realscottyriggs
Thank you very much for this note, it put a smile on my face as well - and thank you for saying hi, that put a smile on my face too - thank you in all regards - and hi.
Replying to @AmyTrask @PuppiesIover and 1 otherfalse
ya gotta dig Morgan as Raiders president.. so cool being a trail blazer, beautiful thing - and hi to your and hi
In reply to @realscottyriggs
I recently watched Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski which a work colleague lent me and it is a very quirky film but I really enjoyed it! Glad you liked The Old Man and hope you enjoy the boys finale as well!😀
been glued to @TheBoysTV since JDM put it over huge, twisted shit is so cool.. dug Bridges since "Against All Odds" show how old this sum bitch is, lol
In reply to @PuppiesIover
I write on behalf of my client to advise you that we shall be bringing a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress - we would of course be happy to reach a reasonable settlement (treats!) of this matter - my representation is Pro BoneO (get it?) - and hi.
Replying to @AmyTrask @PuppiesIover and 1 otherfalse
needed that smile from the puppy and the grin you added.. dig it! - and hi
no sports to watch, so.. binged The Old Man.. damn Bridges and Lithgow make great opposing forces.. hell of an intense story, dig it! #TheOldMan

will finish #TheBoysTV tonite then start #TerminalList tomorrow ..strong stuff leading into #IsleOfTheDead @JDMorgan
Replying to @_MartinaTWD @TheBoysTV and 1 otherfalse
pretty badass stuff and insane comedy.. awesome is right
Happy 4th. 🇺🇸 Been MIA because myself, hubs and two kids have Covid. Hoping to kick out soon. 🙏🏼
Replying to @ECWDivaFrancine
had it twice.. bunch of 2 counts before got arm raised lol ..healthy wishes to fam and ya kiddo
In reply to @realscottyriggs
what episode are you in, Mr. Riggs? Wild ass world .... Literally! I'm glad JDM introduced us to this madness. Can't tf wait for him to join. And I'm glad you dig it. Means you're a good c*nt .. LOL
Replying to @NegansMiz @TheBoysTV and 1 otherfalse
watched 1 thru 7.. all day 'TheBoys.. just like being a Dallas Cowboys fanatic, gotta be twisted and insane to a 'Boys fan! #TheBoys #DallasCowboys
In reply to @realscottyriggs
You should check out the comic when you get a chance...although it might slightly spoil the show if you get ahead of the show though but I agree. I'm hoping Kripke manages to get @JDMorgan in there for season 4. Both show & comic are fantastic
Replying to @FloatyRedHead23 @TheBoysTV and 2 others
haven't been into comics since I was a little kid.. grew up on 3 Stooges and Bugs Bunny for juvenile slapstick lol
bindge'n @TheBoysTV.. amazing insanity.. @therealKripke you've picked right up and threw us back into a wild ass world, beautiful.. Ackles as Soldier Boy.. hell yeah! Butcher is a twisted hero didn't know I needed.. dig'n it! #TheBoys
In reply to @ScrewballSq
But he lost an eye! Not sure why it took him so long to get through glass one he uses now.
Replying to @Marcbuffbagwell @ScrewballSq and 1 otherfalse
nope.. gained an eyepatch and chicks dug the eyepatch 😜
Replying to @NegansMiz
when the world get nuts, this twitta machine can bring out worst or best in folks.. this old sum bitch choose to take break while others show their ass ..allows me to enjoy life actually.. dig ya checked
gonna be a blast get'n this dude to do the clap instead of double bicep..
American Males @WrestleCade 2022 @Marcbuffbagwell
This fellow will be appearing at @WrestleCade with me @realscottyriggs
one last run throw'n double dropkicks as fans do the clap @WrestleCade 2022
In reply to @realscottyriggs
It only took 35 years for the song to get over!
22yrs not even on the tube.. tattoo'd on fans brains
In reply to @TBARRetribution
I mean, at least I left @realscottyriggs for the NWO
that's like leavin nWo for the American Males ..just for the entrance tune
sweet pup Gio, beautiful name.. gonna be a awesome friendship ❤️
Replying to @Marcbuffbagwell
wasn't easy being that cheesy.. we lived it, survived it and if it takes away 5 years.. we'll go have'n good look'n corpses lol
In reply to @realscottyriggs
Every time Dax steps in the ring it steals the show
Replying to @Marcbuffbagwell @DaxFTR and 1 otherfalse
Dax single is amazing work.. together with @CashWheelerFTR is historic tag team wrestling.. dig their stuff!
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