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Last 50 tweets from @RepJoeKennedy
Hamas’s playbook of violence, oppression and deceit continues to have deadly consequences across the region.…
Hamas co-founder admits we are deceiving the public about peaceful protests
67 127
America’s adults have failed America’s children when students feel this way about going to school.
A Santa Fe student had a hopeless reaction to Friday's shooting: "It was eventually going to happen here, too."
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89 102
2,094 6,108
Who is and isn’t worthy of health care isn’t a decision for the Trump Admin to make. #TitleX decision will build barriers to care for women – especially low-income women – and continues dangerous pattern by @POTUS.
919 2,983
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@RepJoeKennedy is right. We need action, not thoughts and prayers.
362 1,053
Thinking and praying harder won’t stop this. We need to act. Heartbroken for #SantaFe.
5,218 17,138
#GOPFarmBill would reduce or eliminate SNAP benefits for over a million American households. Last year, Peter Edelman and I wrote an op/ed in @TIME about the roots of this program and its success reducing hunger in our country. Read more here:…
Donald Trump Wants a Budget That Could Starve Americans
1,016 1,669
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
"We hear an awful lot these days about FREEDOM. Those calls for freedom ring pretty hollow when this country cannot guarantee the most basic fundamental freedom, which is the freedom to be YOU."

- @RepJoeKennedy on @Trevornoah
The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Ears Edition by Comedy Central on Apple Podcasts
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72 219
To every single member of the LGBTQ community, know that you are seen and you are heard. On #IDAHOT, we proudly stand against hatred & bigotry in any form.
2,760 12,913
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
From the Archives: Massachusetts Representative @RepJoeKennedy discusses the Trump administration's immigration crackdown and explains the Democratic plan for revitalizing health care.

Listen and subscribe:
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123 535
Only Speaker Ryan & House GOP remain standing in the way of a free and fair internet. Time for House to take up @SenMarkey’s fight for #NetNeutrality.
BREAKING: The Senate just voted to restore #NetNeutrality! We won.

To all of those who kept fighting and didn’t get discouraged: you did this. You raised your voices and we heard you. Thank you.

Now the fight continues. On to the House!
12,556 36,910
7,794 22,332
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
“If that is luck in the American health care system, then we should be ashamed.” @RepJoeKennedy #CAPIdeas
60 144
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
“The problem with public stigma is that it digs deep roots. Unchallenged, undeterred, quietly making itself at home until it becomes the only reality we know.” @RepJoeKennedy #CAPIdeas
66 130
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@RepJoeKennedy in a powerful speech at #CAPIdeas: “A year ago, Republicans finally got the chance they had worked for: to repeal and replace. And then they ran into the American people.”
258 915
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@RepJoeKennedy is truly reminding the room of the very real consequences of our broken health care system on the public, from children to veterans. #CAPIdeas
95 248
Joining #CAPIdeas shortly to talk health care and the future of mental health reform. Tune in here:… @amprog
CAP Ideas Conference
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107 316
Happy #MothersDay to all the moms out there. No idea how you do it. You’re the best.
855 7,521
For Fall River’s Philips Lighting workers the American promise that hard work pays off was broken. Those workers deserve better and we will fight by their side every step of the way.
1,239 4,897
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@RepJoeKennedy talks to and hears from kids at the Epiphany School in Dorchester. He explains what #Congress is, and asks kids what lawmakers should be doing. These children are asking for help with #housing, #poverty, #policebrutality, #schoolfunding.
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171 613
Unlocking economic opportunity and tearing down systemic barriers to success requires an open, free and fair internet. That’s why we must reject @realDonaldTrump & @AjitPaiFCC’s efforts to control it. #SaveTheInternet
1,359 4,229
Using health care for low-income kids as a bargaining chip was bad enough. Using it for a PR stunt is even worse. And using it to pay for corporate tax cuts is unconscionable.
Trump is proposing cuts to CHIP and the ACA as part of a $15 billion package of reductions in previously approved spending.…
Trump wants Congress to slash $15 billion in spending
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335 167
6,615 13,229
Although the JCPOA is not perfect, its enactment was a critical step in keeping nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands. Instead of ensuring vigorous enforcement & accountability with our allies, @POTUS has damaged our credibility and commitment to our obligations before the world.
6,029 19,258
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Hatred is not harmless, and if allowed once again to seep into our communities, our policies, and our laws, the consequences will span generations.
-Representative Joseph Kennedy III
#NLS2018 #MyGoodFight @RepJoeKennedy
193 420
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Today we are all called. Dignity can not be bargained away. We have learned a painful lesson. Hatred is not harmless. If allowed to seep into our communities, the consequences will span generations. @RepJoeKennedy inspires the #NLS2018 crowd.
207 454
A year ago, Speaker Ryan, House GOP & @realDonaldTrump gleefully celebrated taking health care away from 23 million of our neighbors. Then they learned that their callousness was no match for compassion & strength of American people.
6,551 22,437
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
When asked by me & @RepJoeKennedy during an @EnergyCommerce hearing, the Trump Administration wouldn’t commit to rejecting #Medicaid lifetime limits. This decision should be easy: reject policies that will take health care from American families
Trump officials abruptly pull back from decision on Medicaid lifetime limits
224 383
Under @realDonaldTrump & GOP’s sabotage, 4 million fewer Americans have access to health care and his own former Cabinet officials are admitting he’s leaving patients with unaffordable costs.
Trump's former HHS sec, Tom Price, says repealing the individual mandate will drive up health-care costs…
Tom Price: Repeal of Obamacare mandate will drive up costs
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184 205
5,247 10,245
Dismantling critical environmental protections. Ignoring climate change. Blatantly misusing taxpayer money. Lying to Congress and Americans. Only in the Trump Administration would Scott Pruitt still have a job. #BootPruitt
NEW: EPA whistleblower says Scott Pruitt "bald faced lied" to Congress.
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739 1,201
11,340 25,567
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@PhilipsLight can afford to shell out $187 million to shareholders, so @RepJoeKennedy and I want to know why they’re planning to outsource nearly 200 jobs to Canada & Mexico. One thing is clear: @realDonaldTrump’s #GOPtaxscam isn’t working for Fall River.…
Joe Kennedy III to Trump: Help keep Philips jobs in Massachusetts
1,496 3,609
Always impressed with the engaged, inquisitive students at Franklin High School. Big thanks to FHS senior @bekahred18 for the invite!
151 906
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
“You often hear the stories of our troops and we cherish and celebrate them. The stories of caregivers are too often overlooked.” - Congressman @joekennedy. Thank you, Congressman, for helping us share the stories of our #HometownHiddenHeroes.
96 251
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@RepJoeKennedy speaking at @FranklinHS also urging @Philips CEO Chris White to save 160 jobs headed to Mexico from Mass: If he’s so set on it, come down to Fall River & look those families in the eye and give them an explanation on why he feels those jobs need to move. #WCVB
98 231
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
The United States turning its back on the world will do nothing to keep U.S. citizens—or the country—secure and prosperous.
Time for a New U.S. Foreign Policy Narrative
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233 475
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Pax Americana is over. The next chapter of America’s role in the world is still being written.

@RepJoeKennedy and I on the alternative to “America First” @ForeignAffairs
↓ ↓…
Time for a New U.S. Foreign Policy Narrative
103 219
For 50 years, @ProjectBread’s #WalkForHunger has not only raised awareness about challenges of hunger facing MA families, but inspired action across our Commonwealth. Congrats on an extraordinary milestone!
233 1,090
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
#340B hospitals have proven themselves to be efficient, effective, and an essential part of accessing care in rural and under-served communities,” @RepJoeKennedy writes in a letter to HHS @SecAzar #Protect340B
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101 294
$342M in global profits, nearly $200M in share buybacks to reward international investors, 1 shuttered American plant and 160 lost American jobs. Make no mistake, that is the legacy of the #GOPTaxScam.
  · Media Studio · en
5,400 10,330
GOP has spent the past year on a crusade to dismantle Medicaid and roll back the health care protections those battling addiction depend on to survive. Where was your urgency then?
WATCH: Chairman @repgregwalden responds to Democrats trying to slow walk today's bipartisan bills to combat the #opioidcrisis
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39 50
1,788 4,551
Global leadership today requires a stern rebuke of nationalism, a vision for combatting generational crises like climate change & a willingness to fight for civil rights. Thank you @EmmanuelMacron for bringing that needed message to Washington this morning.
“You can play with fear and anger for a time, but they do not construct anything. Anger only freezes and weakens us,” French Pres. Macron says. “Closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world. It will not douse, but inflame, the fears of our citizens."
651 1,500
5,174 16,489
Impact of #GOPTaxScam. Multinational company Philips Lighting announces $342M profits in 2017 & $187.4M in planned share buybacks in 2018. Immediately lays off nearly 200 Fall River workers and moves factory to Mexico.
Philips Lighting plant closing puts many workers in dark place, writes @JessicaHeslam #mapoli
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164 93
9,611 10,312
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Four years later, Flint families are still recovering from the water crisis and having to use filters & bottled water. In the richest country in the world, clean drinking water should be a basic human right. #DontForgetFlint
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2,003 2,921
And somehow that's an upgrade on my pre-parenthood sense of style.
“A suit accessorized with spit up and an unhealthy relationship with coffee.” @joekennedy for #dadoftheyear 😘…
60 409
259 2,482
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Lightening Round! @RepJoeKennedy reveals "old Kanye" is on his workout mix and he "begrudgingly" admits Paul Ryan is "in better shape"
176 936
Becoming an expert at animated readings of Dr. Seuss books. Very attentive audience this morning at Thacher Elementary School in Attleboro!
498 4,017
Teamed up with my good friend, @PaulFeeneyMA, for the most recent #Tour34 stop in Sharon. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
62 299
Allowing bigotry to enter exam rooms is heartless, hateful and ignorant. Trump Admin continues to render civil rights protections meaningless.
The Trump administration says it plans to roll back a rule that prevents doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies from discriminating against transgender people
Trump Plan Would Cut Back Health Care Protections for Transgender People
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1,746 969
5,190 11,904
#EarthDay reminds us that we cannot ignore threat of climate change to our environment, economy & national security. Generations to come will be forced to bear burden of our inaction.
4,026 14,377
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
#BOTB18 honoree @RepJoeKennedy shares a story of a Pride parade memory that always gives him hope. Spoiler: it involved @BarneyFrank and @jasoncollins98.
98 402
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