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Last 50 tweets from @RepJoeKennedy
There’s heartless and then there’s whatever the hell this is.
ICE arrested a California man on Wednesday when he stopped for gas while driving his wife to the hospital for her C-section. She ended up driving herself the rest of the way, giving birth alone.…
16,568 13,723
10,880 24,460
Stigmatizing addiction, targeting Native Americans and placing burdensome requirements on working families seeking care defies the mission of Medicaid and the promise of American health care. #ProtectOurCare
Trump and WI governor Walker are set to force people to disclose addiction histories to get onto Medicaid. Native Americans Seto be cut from Medicaid, overruling state wishes.

Trump readies new round of controversial Medicaid changes via @politico
489 227
2,196 4,584
Three weeks after a court deadline, 565 immigrant children, 24 under the age of 5, will sleep alone tonight on American soil without knowing where their parents are. No more excuses, no more delays. Reunite these families. #FamiliesBelongTogether
18,093 38,983
Words of remorse and prayers of repentance fail to match the urgency of a crisis housed within and covered up by the Catholic Church. Those responsible & those who turned a blind eye to abuse must be held accountable for their crimes.
A hierarchy of Roman Catholic Church leaders covered up child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests over three generations in Pennsylvania, according to a sweeping grand jury report released Tuesday.
Report identifies over 300 predator priests in Pennsylvania - The Boston Globe
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57 57
1,049 3,824
Unless you’ve got diabetes, asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, a substance use disorder, depression, or any other pre-existing condition @realDonaldTrump’s junk insurance won’t cover — including pregnancy and childbirth.
"Trump wants to help the forgotten people hurt by Obamacare. Here’s how," HHS Secretary Alex Azar writes in Opinions
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51 70
8,266 15,831
A #FreePress reflects our own words and actions for the world to see. So if you don’t like the story being written, maybe you should change the story being told.
4,059 11,942
As California battles historic forest fires & a toxic algae bloom in Florida kills wildlife, @POTUS & his @EPA are more focused on increasing coal company profits than protecting health & safety of our communities from coast to coast. #ActOnClimate
The Trump administration is proposing a replacement for the Clean Power Plan that would do far less to reduce greenhouse gases, according to a partial draft obtained by @politico. via @emilyhholden
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33 24
1,232 2,710
Make no mistake, this is @realDonaldTrump & GOP’s vision for health care. One system that stigmatizes the sick, suffering and striving. And another that protects the healthy & wealthy.
Here is what the Trump side will be arguing to eliminate in the Oral arguments 60 days before the election.
6,729 4,858
11,476 17,863
Great afternoon at the Kids Summer Café in Attleboro last week. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped me build sundaes with rapidly melting ice cream!
118 810
Targeting and trapping law abiding immigrants pursuing a legal pathway to citizenship inside government offices will never make our communities safer. This practice must stop and anyone currently detained should be released to their families immediately.
A Boston-area immigration office appears to have coordinated with ICE to arrest undocumented immigrants when they showed up for interviews, emails show
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650 566
5,426 12,156
Trump Admin led by @BetsyDevosED would force defrauded servicemembers and veterans to choose between promising careers and relief from crippling student loan debt. You can let her know what you think of her plan here:…
"Veterans groups concerned with DeVos ‘borrower defense’ plan"
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110 77
3,517 5,508
A fitting tribute to a President who challenged us to be the best version of ourselves. @RFKHumanRights #RFK50
Bobby Kennedy was one of my heroes. He was someone who showed us the power of acting on our ideals, the idea that any of us can be one of the “million different centers of energy and daring” that ultimately combine to change the world for the better.
37,895 210,721
2,349 9,839
In the last year this nation has learned time and again that hatred and bigotry will never be a match for the unstoppable force of equality and justice. Today we remember Heather Heyer and all who have sacrificed for the kind of country we believe in.
8,993 35,518
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Paper beats rock ⁦⁦@RepJoeKennedy⁩ . Get em next time.
117 1,240
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
After 35 years at the helm of @CivilLegalAid, there is no doubt that Lonnie Powers will be missed and we are deeply grateful for his service. Looking forward to working with Lynne Parker in the years ahead!
143 921
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Today @RepJoeKennedy and I heard from Mainers who’ve regained their personal and professional lives because they had access to substance use disorder treatment with @MaineHealth. Thank you for sharing your powerful & hopeful stories of recovery!
83 346
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
This morning @RepJoeKennedy and I are meeting with Mainers who've received substance abuse treatment at the new Maine Behavioral Healthcare IMAT Hub operated by @MaineHealth in Biddeford. #mepolitics
68 346
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@BetsyDeVosED proposal to tighten rules on student loan forgiveness contains inaccurate statements about @usedgov precedent for handling fraud claims, consumer group says:
DeVos plan on student fraud claims contains errors, group says
208 327
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Tonight Join Congressman @joekennedy to hear him speak on the importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund #SaveLWCF, a conservation and recreation program which has helped fund and preserve Brookline parks. Wed, August 1st, 5-6PM Fisher Hill Reservoir Park, Fisher Hill Ave
74 184
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Today we had our official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. We were joined by @USGSA ,@NWS, @MassEMA, @RhodeIslandEMA, @CondyneCapital, and Congressman @RepJoeKennedy, along with other government officials. Special thanks to @NortonMaPolice for Presenting the Colors!
56 222
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
This morning members of the @NortonMaPolice Honor Guard pitured with keynote speaker @RepJoeKennedy presented the colors at the ribbon cutting of the new @NOAA facility in Norton.
75 405
25 Russians indicted. 5 guilty pleas. Mr. President, what you call a stain, we call a justice system standing strong for our democracy. Your fear of this investigation will not bring it to an end.
..This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further. Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!
25,339 96,824
13,531 39,491
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
We are so excited to announce 50 Miles More Massachusetts, the next state to take on #50more in #50states. Follow their journey @50MoreMass as they continue the fight for common sense gun legislation.
74 245
Fortune 500 companies have spent nearly $250,000,000,000 in stock buybacks in less than a year to reward international investors as wages continue to stagnate. Meanwhile, @POTUS & GOP decide millionaires aren’t making enough money.
Real wage growth under Trump fell flat over the past two months and have been running decisively slower than under Obama. My @Morning_Joe chart:
1,597 2,083
6,768 9,965
Allowing untraceable guns to enter our schools, our churches, our airports, our neighborhoods and our businesses will cost American lives. @realDonaldTrump must stop cowering before the gun lobby. #StopDownloadableGuns
URGENT THREAD: A few days from now, *anyone* with a regular internet connection and a 3D printer will be able to make their own untraceable guns in just a couple clicks. This includes terrorists and people who can’t pass a background check.
1,909 1,667
8,977 21,306
Sat down with Paul Letendre and @TauntonToGo City Editor @rebeccahymanWL to discuss everything from bridging the partisan divide in Congress to the opioid epidemic to raising two sleep averse toddlers. Watch here!
SouthCoast Matters 163
148 584
If one child sleeps alone on American soil tonight without any idea where their parents are, @realDonaldTrump has once again failed to meet his legal and moral obligations. Mr. President, you alone started this crisis. Together, we will not allow you to ignore it.
Deadline brings disorder at border. Volunteers described navigating a maze of bureaucracy, difficulty locating parents & children, and rushed parking lot reunions in cases.… via @BostonGlobe
Trump administration rushes to reunite children with parents separated at the border - The Boston Globe
630 815
16,522 40,277
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Rep. @joekennedy says the people calling the shots in DC aren’t addressing the issues young voters really care about. Full interview here: #SkimmLife
261 844
Children alleging sexual, physical and mental abuse deserve a fair, thorough investigation. Deeply troubled that my constituents have not been granted that investigation by the Air Force. Read more here:…
1,831 3,861
A year ago today @realDonaldTrump turned his back on thousands of American transgender troops. To all of the trans servicemembers still bravely serving our nation a year later, he does not speak for us. You are heard. You are seen. And we will fight for you.
Our soldiers do not discriminate. They defend all of our nation's people. Their government owes them that same decency in return.
4,612 10,052
6,222 19,204
Voted against the NDAA today because Congress cannot continue to ignore and abdicate its obligation to authorize our use of military force overseas.
449 1,986
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Full interview: @RepJoeKennedy joins #AM2DM to talk Trump, border separations, tariffs, and more…
BuzzFeed News @BuzzFeedNews
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61 158
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
.@RepJoeKennedy 'stunned' by GOP effort to impeach Rosenstein #MApoli…
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127 522
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
"You've got to be kidding me." @RepJoeKennedy on House GOP introducing articles of impeachment against US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
  · · en
343 1,019
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
LIVE NOW: @RepJoeKennedy talks about the future of the Democratic Party and more #AM2DM
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61 127
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
#AM2DM is LIVE! We're talking DNA, the summer of scam gets a literary twist, and @RepJoeKennedy is here ⬇️…
  · Media Studio · en
27 56
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Don't miss it!

#AM2DM is LIVE on Twitter with guest @RepJoeKennedy. Tap here to watch now.👇…
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28 54
Impeaching one of the few people in this Administration focused on getting answers and protecting our democracy is unfortunately predictable for a GOP Congress that would rather be blindly loyal to @POTUS than stand up for the American Public.
11 House Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein.
House conservatives move to impeach deputy attorney general
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1,152 1,340
13,068 37,225
Education Department’s mission is to “promote student achievement.” But Betsy DeVos’s mission seems to be “defend predatory profits and abandon striving students.” Shameful but not surprising.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed new debt-relief rules that would narrow loan-forgiveness eligibility for students who say they were defrauded by for-profit colleges
DeVos Proposes to Curtail Debt Relief for Defrauded Students
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191 118
4,849 11,586
Complex rules and regulations should never barricade a child from the lifesaving care he or she deserves. Through our Accelerating Kids’ Access to Care Act, we can ensure that young lives aren’t lost or forever altered because of a bureaucratic delay.…
1,705 5,274
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
After Judy Shepard’s son, Matthew, was murdered, one of his killers used an LGBT “panic defense” & claimed Matthew’s sexual orientation provoked the violence. @RepJoeKennedy & I are working to ban this hateful practice, which is still legal in 47 states.…
Opinion | My Sons Killer Claimed 'Gay Panic' Made Him Do It. Never Again.
902 2,613
In 2017, the GOP chose corporations over citizens. They handed multinational businesses a $1.5 trillion gift and asked working families to pay for it with their health care & social security. #TaxScam2 changes none of that.
Wages were supposed to rise after Trump's tax cuts. Instead, they’ve fallen via @bopinion
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18,723 17,175
6,118 10,325
Legalized discrimination is wrong. #AderholtAmendment codifies prejudice & bigotry. Kids searching for a home and a family deserve better from their government. #LicenseToDiscriminate
1,181 3,021
We must #RejectKavanaugh AND we must #CommitToRoe because @POTUS & @VP attempts to criminalize abortion and limit access to health care for women will not end at the Supreme Court.
7,959 23,704
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Thanks to Harvard-Smithsonian #CfA’s Dr. Charles Alcock and team for treating @RepJoeKennedy and I to such an awe-inspiring presentation and keeping the Commonwealth at the forefront of astronomy and astrophysics research!
86 307
Hard not to take this one personally. But you won’t find me disagreeing with @StephenAtHome’s choice either. #LSSC
#DenzelWashington gracefully accepts his Hunk of the Day Award. #LSSC
43 317
181 1,709
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
Massachusetts 4th Congressional District Congressman @RepJoeKennedy joins the show! #LSSC
197 1,583
Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted ·  
“I have an awful amount of faith in the American public, my faith in the administration this past week didn’t quite hit that same level of confidence.” @RepJoeKennedy #LSSC
467 2,735
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