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Last 50 tweets from @RepThomasMassie
Thank you to @HerreraBeutler for cosponsoring my bill to audit the Federal Reserve, HR 24.

The American people benefit when we work to increase government transparency.
Cut all foreign aid.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests the United States should cut aid to Israel.

“It has to stop.”
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
In an enclosed space vs open air environment. That's the difference I don't know why you try to make a bigger deal of things than they are
Replying to @JayLock89590369
Everyone on that airplane was tested.
In general elections you vote for a party.

In primary elections you vote for a person.
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
You must submit to the science
Replying to @NoahWWall
I will never submit to political science! 😉
Mask wearing is a ritual.
WATCH: Joe Biden arrives in South Korea, wears mask as he exits plane by himself, then as he approaches another person, he takes it off.
.@Newsweek is still publishing fake news and promoting a false fact check by @BrowneEdd. They should delete the fact check or issue a correction. Comirnaty is not available in the United States. It was an agreed upon “bait and switch” by the @US_FDA and @pfizer and @SecDef.
Fact-checker is just another word for propagandist.

@Newsweek should retract the attached article and issue an apology to @RonJohnsonWI.

According to and, Comirnaty is not available in the US.…
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
#sassywithmassie on a Saturday night! Love it!!
This Brit got the ratio he so richly deserved… but I perhaps he deserves more. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed… and we’re sure as heck not going to take advice from the SOBs our founding fathers battled to gain our independence.
In reply to @gunpolicy
Please tell us how the 2nd Amendment has ever helped the USA? Has it prevented any deaths? Has it stopped an invasion? Has it given us confidence in shopping without fear? Has it protected kids from school shootings? Has it reduced gun violence? I’m genuinely interested.
Although the hue of my hair and the number of my chins has changed in 10 years, my message has not: Printing money is going to destroy this country! Here’s a blast from the past:
Candidate @RepThomasMassie said in 2012 that the Federal Reserve’s devaluing of the dollar “is going to destroy our country” and hurt the middle class and poor the most while his Democrat opponent defended corporate bailouts.
Ross Ulbricht's (@RealRossU) sentence is the greatest violation of the Eighth Amendment that I'm aware of in the United States today. The Eighth Amendment prohibits the federal government from exacting cruel and unusual punishment.
My tactics worked. I simped so hard for @RepThomasMassie that he followed me! Haha It is an honor sir and thank you for being the best congressman currently in office!
Replying to @nhrulz
Are you saying my algo for follows is simple? #sassywithmassie
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
Lol. What will the energy requirements actually be for this to operate? Not just directly but indirectly as well. I'm sure we will never find out. Looks more like a money pit.
Replying to @BiblicalLift
Not enough of my colleagues asked this question before rubber stamping the spending.
This is an epic waste of taxpayer dollars and a depressing misdirection of human capability.
Scoop: DOE is announcing a massive investment in 4 direct air capture hubs. When built, each should be capable of removing over a million tons of CO2 per year (removing 1 million ton of CO2 is like taking ~200k gas cars off the road).…
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
Why did you vote against easier access to baby formula?
Replying to @singleplayerguy
Why did you vote for the people who voted for the policies that caused this problem to start with?
Do you support antisemitism, @RepThomasMassie? In this day and age, a resolution condemning #antisemitism should have no opposition. That yours would be the lone vote against this resolution is horrific.…
Replying to @JGreenblattADL
Shame on you for not reading the resolution.
I don’t hate anyone based on his or her ethnicity or religion. Legitimate government exists, in part, to punish those who commit unprovoked violence against others, but government can’t legislate thought.

This bill promoted internet censorship and violations of the 1st amendment
Thomas Massie Retweeted ·  
Is this a serious piece @paulwaldman1?
While UCR shows violent crime rose 5% in 2020, you can’t blame increase on guns b/c gun crimes fell by 27% (Table 8). NCVS also finds same 27% drop.…
IAC, what about release of jail inmates? Changes in policing? Etc?
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
And you think you’re right and every other R member of congress is wrong?
Replying to @SbredOldFriends
It wouldn’t be the first time. See March 27, 2020.
I don’t hate anyone based on his or her ethnicity or religion. Legitimate government exists, in part, to punish those who commit unprovoked violence against others, but government can’t legislate thought.

This bill promoted internet censorship and violations of the 1st amendment
Bill to condemn antisemitism has passed 420-1. Massie was the lone no vote.
Thank you @NTU for keeping score and for letting taxpayers know who is looking out for them here in Congress.
Congratulations to @RepThomasMassie and @RepRalphNorman, the 2021 Taxpayers’ Friend Award winners in the House.
If we just voted based on the names of the bills, I’d vote for almost all of them.
I condemn the Radical Left's last ditch effort to influence the Supreme Court through intimidation.
Thomas Massie Retweeted ·  
Q: "Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?" -@RepDanBishop

A: "Yes." -Democrat witness
The biggest loser in last night’s primaries was @KyChamber.

They backed all of the incumbent state representatives in NKY who lost their elections, and they backed @SavannahLMaddox’s challenger who lost his. 🤦‍♂️

Article by @joesonka…
Northern Kentucky House committee chairmen lose primaries; Rep. Burch ousted in Louisville
Thank you to @congbillposey for cosponsoring HR 5874, the Restoring America's Leadership in Innovation Act of 2021 (RALIA). RALIA reverses several harmful changes to patent law that arose from Supreme Court rulings and the enacted Leahy-Smith "America Invents Act."
Including the $40 billion for Ukraine we passed in the House last week, Congress will have allocated more money for Ukraine in less than 6 months than Congress typically spends on US roads and bridges in a year (2019, 2020, 2021 average). @TransportGOP…
What she’s saying is blatantly untrue.
🍼 vs 💉

If the @US_FDA were as gung-ho to authorize baby formula production as they were to authorize mRNA vaccine production, we’d be swimming in it.
The @US_FDA has had the same impact on baby formula 🍼 manufacturing as the @USDA has had on meat 🥩 processing in the 🇺🇸 United States.

The US-duh and the F-duh are working every day to keep prices high and supply low, while making sure no new businesses can enter the market.
How about a caption that works for both your picture and mine:
“Patriotism and Family Values.”
When the government taxes, you pay now.

When the government borrows, you pay later.

When the government prints, you pay forever through inflation.
Thomas Massie Retweeted ·  
"Where are the Germans? Where are the British? Where are the French? Why is the United States paying for the defense of Europe?" said @RepThomasMassie of the new $40 billion aid package to Ukraine, on Monday's "National Report."
I'll be a guest on @Newsmax TV's "National Report" at 10:15 AM Eastern. Tune in!
In reply to @DeanClancy
Your think-tank is on empty.
You have a degree in journalism _and_ a blue check mark, and this is the best criticism you could articulate?
House Dems want war with Russia because they still believe the false narrative that Russians got Trump elected.
.@HouseDemocrats are recklessly putting American lives at risk by drawing us into a war with a country armed with nuclear weapons. Their policies will prolong the war and cause more inflation and shortages here at home, while enriching the military industrial complex.
We stand with Ukraine, support NATO & will confront Russian aggression.

It’s a battle to protect democracy against authoritarianism.

These Radical Republicans are increasingly in line w/ Putin.

@HouseDemocrats will defend democracy. Every. Single. Time.…
Thanks @RepMTG … why do they always leave me out of the picture? lol
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
Biggest flaw in the constitution is not having provisions for when elected officials break their oath to the constitution.
Replying to @SmileyGnome
I’d suggest there is a provision. It’s called “throw them out during the election,” but the voters don’t exercise that provision frequently enough.
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
Procedures for treaties are in the constitution. So by definition, the treaty isn't unconstitutional.
Replying to @ThatLawGuyKev
What a maroon.
Treaties don’t override our Constitution.

If a treaty purports to supersede our Constitution, that treaty is unenforceable.

It’s seditious to promote the idea that a President and 67 Senators have license to void the Constitution or any of our laws.
Thomas Massie Retweeted ·  
The passive drift towards war should alarm everyone.

Congressional scrutiny started pretty bipartisan. Out of 43 on the letter to President Biden, 25 were Democrats:…
Lemme fix that title for you:
@RepMTG, Rep Massie, @RepGosar, @RepMattGaetz and a few others have voted to avoid escalating Ukraine war into a world war, against wasting US tax-payer money, against causing increased energy and food prices to US consumers.…
Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie have voted against almost every single bill passed by the House to counter Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Thomas Massie Retweeted ·  
Are anti-war-democrats extinct in DC?

“This is the real story. Not that there’s 57 Republicans who’ve woken up to the folly of what we’re doing in Ukraine, but that there are zero Democrats. Every single one of them is on the wrong side of this.”…
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
Thank you! I took a screenshot to show my husband. Our peach trees (and apple trees) just went in this month, and we definitely have our fingers crossed. One of the peach trees already have a ton of peaches coming in, so we are hopeful they will do well!
Replying to @4k2s33f
Also don’t forget to thin them, right about now. Here’s a before and after.
Must watch! The uniparty in DC is marching to war.
In reply to @RepThomasMassie
@RepThomasMassie liked my tweet. Happy day! Is it too much to ask to come to my house and give us some peach tree advice? 🤣 Not in your district, but raised in it! 🍑🍑 #kentoncountyraised
Replying to @4k2s33f
Make a raised mound of good dirt when planting. Prune in the shape of a vase (open center) in late winter. Spray with Malathion (and/or Carbaryl) after blossoms drop, and at least once more in summer. Spray with Indar (and Captan) just before the peaches ripen. works for me!
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