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Last 50 tweets from @RichaChadha
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Remembering Pt. #JawaharlalNehru the first prime minister of India on his death anniversray.

In these photos, #Nehru Ji is with 1) Singer & Music Composer Hemant Kumar 3) Mohd. Rafi 4)David Abraham Cheulkar.

#bollywood #bollywoodirect
I hope your brother heals fast bro ! ❣ prayers.
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
My brother Ritesh(28) is in a grave condition. His liver has seized functioning and the only option that is available is a liver transplant. The doctors we have estimated a cost of 25 lakhs. We need help.… @priyaldhuri
ऐम टेम्प्टेड 2 से चायनीज़ वाइरस, आफ़्टर सीइंग देयर इन्फ़िल्ट्रेशन अव आउर बॉर्डर
So much for safety , eh? @SetuAarogya ? This is a global embarrassment. You can’t get your act together and you’re forcing Indians to download the app? You don’t care for our privacy? What will you use the app for ? #Datamining ? #CambridgeAnalytica style election influencing ?
The code of #AarogyaSetu, the Indian contact tracing app, is available on Github…
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Anyone discussing politics right now is not a politician. He’s a mobster. When people are dying they’re buying and selling Power. Remember this!!!
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
चीन के 5-10 हज़ार सिपाही भारत में घुसकर, हमारी ज़मीन पे कबज़ा किये हुए हैं.

मीडिया उनकी बात नहीं कर रही.
एक "कबूतर जासूस" की बात कर रही है.

आप को फिर से गुमराह किया जा रहा है, ताकि आप अंकल से सवाल न करें.

देखना हो, तो साफ़ दिखाई देगा. न देखना हो तो थालियाँ पीटते रहिये. 🙏🏼
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Film Industry is badly hit - how do we survive ? Lowest class was hit last month , now its coming for you all one by one up the pyramid. 🧐
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Support a team of young journalists. Support an independent media organisation that tells it the way it is. Join the community of members that will help us tell you stories of #Kashmir.
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Preliminary assessment at this point: One PLA brigade group each operating against
(a) Galwan
(b) Pangong Tso
(c) Harsil

Smaller PLA units against Demchok and Naku La (Sikkim). Apparent aim: Throw Indians off balance, divide reaction.

Worrying question: Why silence from Delhi?
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
I was Feeling hopeless, I realised that this feeling is coming from being hopeful at some point, I went back to the origin of hope & saw why I felt hopeful, trying to create that environment again.
A BIG THANK YOU to each one of you who contributed...
चाईना इस ट्राइइंग तो इन्वेड इंडिया
Commentary in Global Times echoes same line as PLA-linked Sina.military website earlier: that the entire Galwan Valley belongs to China. As I wrote in Business Standard y'day, this violates China's own post-1962 claim line, which claimed only a part of Galwan. Fundamental change.
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
आपके संदेश हमें इस रफ़्तार से मिल रहें हैं। मैं और मेरी टीम पूरी कोशिश कर रहें हैं हर किसी को मदद पहुँचे! लेकिन अगर इस में हम कुछ मेसजेज़ को मिस कर दें, उसके लिए मुझे क्षमा कीजिएगा 🙏
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Long day ends.

Pack up .

Our bit for humanity and our country .
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
India only country where medical emergency now a full blown police state. Why is @DelhiPolice arresting anti CAA protesters during #lockdownindia ? Where can they go? Remorseless to keep pregnant Safoora in jail and re-arrest #PinjraTod after they were let off by court!
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Start drive in theatres... will come to the movies... or beach cinema like Cannes. Limited seats, distance maintained...
In reply to @DelhiPolice
Warning: Abusive Language.
Two policemen of Shastri Park police station in North East Delhi have been sent district lines after they were caught on camera thrashing a woman. @DelhiPolice
In reply to @IndiGo6E
@IndiGo6E plz refund at the earliest, at the very least.
3 labourers, no income since lockdown, tried repeatedly for train tickets, then heard flights to restart @HardeepSPuri. Family back home in Murshidabad sold cattle, on May 22 paid Rs 30,600 to @IndiGo6E for 3 Mum-Kol May 25 tickets. But flight cancelled, no refund. Stranded.
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
मेरे प्यारे श्रमिक भाइयों और बहनों. अगर आप मुंबई में है और अपने घर जाना चाहते हैं तो कृपया इस नंबर पर कॉल करें
और बताएं आप कितने लोग हैं, कहाँ हैं अभी, और कहां जाना चाहते हैं. मैं और मेरी टीम जो भी मदद कर पाएंगे हम जरूर करेंगे.
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
In reply to @RichaChadha
@RichaChadha and @alifazal9 join the battle for PPE protection for our cops at the frontline of the covid19 fight

Apart from our medical corps, our police is routinely exposed to the deadly virus in their daily work

Time we protect them
Pls do assist…
ali fazal on Instagram: it is critical that we provide non-medical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits to our policemen for their protection in this
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
मेरे प्यारे श्रमिक भाइयों और बहनों. अगर आप मुंबई में है और अपने घर जाना चाहते हैं तो कृपया इस नंबर पर कॉल करें
और बताएं आप कितने लोग हैं, अभी कहाँ पर हैं और कहां जाना चाहते हैं. मैं और मेरी टीम जो भी मदद कर पाएंगे हम जरूर करेंगे.❣️
Eid Mubarak to one and all! Let this festival teach us to be kind to others and self,
to share food and love in these tough times,
And be optimistic ! What do we have, if we don’t have hope ? ❤️
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Driving through Karnataka to Kerala can't help but feel a clear North South distinction in the management of this Pandemic and lockdown. DAY 70.
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Restrain, Frugality, Patience, Sacrifice, is the core of Id-ulFitre. Practicing these qualities are the need of the hour. Else Eid becomes just another festival, Superficial. Happy Eid to all! 😊😊😊
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
“Marigold in Rain”
Dish dedicated to @BDUTT
It took me lot of thought to pay my regards to someone who has been on the road for 70 days.
Some of my #FeedIndia projects were guided by her work.
Soon I will show you how to make this.
Eid Mubarak to everyone! Prayers, peace and abundance to everyone! #prayathome #EidMubarak
Salute !
Senior AIIMS doctor Jitendra Nath Pande dies of #COVIDー19 in Delhi…
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Sundarban is World Heritage site. Mangrove forest and royal Bengal tiger reserve. It's worst effected by #AmphanSuperCyclone . We need to speak about it. I request all the environment activist speak about it. #AmphanUpdates #savesundarban @tanmay_shinde99 @shubh_banwal @deespeak
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Remembering #IsmailMerchant, film Producer & Director on his death anniversary (25/05). He worked for many years in collaboration with Merchant Ivory Productions which included Director #JamesIvory as well as Screen-Writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Their films won 6 Academy Awards.
Arti’s employers suck.
Arti works as domestic help in Juhu's buildings. Not just will they not let her in, homes where she worked haven't paid her for the last two months. "Yeh Virus Plane Vale Laye aur Sadak par Gareeb Aadmi hai cycle par. Yeh Kya Insaaf", she tells me. Her story soon on @themojo_in
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Delhi Police arrest two women from Pinjra Tod over February protest. The Jafrabad sit-in had prompted a pro-CAA rally by BJP’s Kapil Mishra. Mishra who gave the call of 'Goli Maro salon ko' is still at large. But peaceful protestors are arrested!…
Delhi Police arrest two women from Pinjra Tod over February protest
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Muslims are fasting but they don’t let anyone go hungry . This is real Deen, real khidmat of Insaniyat
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
My son Rohith was martyred in struggle for inclusive education. He was vilified & hounded. Today I am enraged to see similar attacks & arrests of Jamia students by brahminical regime. They don't want students from marginalised communities to get higher education. #StandWithJamia
बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद !
#balrampurpolice थाना रेहरा बाजार में महिला के साथ हुई मारपीट की घटना के संबंध में तत्काल अभियोग पंजीकृत कर चार अभियुक्तों को गिरफ्तार कर लिया गया है।
We live among monsters.
👉1 woman beaten up by 6 men in UTTAR PRADESH with lathis

👉There were 2 UP Policemen on the spot but they DID NOTHING. This is the reality of UP Police

👉Like movies, the Police car arrived 20 seconds after the assaulters left

👉More details in this story I've compiled 👇
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
A Train with Migrants that left from Vasai Road in Maharashtra to Gorakhpur In UP, lost its way and reached Rourkela in Odisha. Much respect for @PiyushGoyal. He is letting people tour different states without Paying extra for it
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
As a doctor what can be more disheartening then to know that a pregnant lady is jailed & harassed for being vocal against discriminatory CAA.She is still in jail whereas the real culprits of unrest are roaming free. Repeal UAPA against #Safoora_Zargar immediately #StandWithJamia
Mamata Illustrating best what a lot of women I know feel around men these days
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
For MahatmaGandhi,Jamia Millia Islamia was a nationalistic project as well as an initiative which wud serve as a living example of Hindu-Muslim unity.
Targeting of Jamia students for standing up for their rights is an insult to the legacy of Father of the Nation.
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
The resumption of air travel-as-before raises obvious questions:
Why is it ok to sit close to a stranger for three hours but not ok to sit at a restaurant table with your family? Or to ride pillion with your wife? Either we have 6 foot distancing or not.
Can we have it both ways?
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Anyone know of ngos managing the transportation of migrants from Mumbai? A lawyer friend and his batch mates wish to help with the funds. Please help in figuring who is working on this?
In reply to @RichaChadha
Reminds me of Dimple Kapadia in Saagar...beautiful photo 👍
TheRichaChadha Retweeted ·  
Amplify the voice of ten women leaders and keep going. Thank you for tagging me @AntaraLahiri
I am tagging my sisters, leaders, fellow comrades..
@RangitaNandy @RichaChadha @SethShruti @minimathur @ReallySwara @smritikiran @parvatweets @RanaAyyub @TannishthaC @kalkikanmani 💜💛
How can a train lose its way and reach Odisha instead of UP?
Shramik special train set off to Gorakhpur (UP) from Vasai road (Maharashtra) on 21st May, 2020 reaches Rourkela station in Odisha today morning. Clueless passengers claims that driver has lost the route. No official word from @WesternRly. Can someone help.
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