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Last 50 tweets from @Sai_Pallavi92
🙈Thank you @Suriya_offl Sir and #Jyotika mam for the kind gesture ❤️ This means a lot ☺️❤️
@SakthiFilmFctry ☺️
Jo & I are glad to associate with team #Gargi Some characters just stay in our minds! New thoughts and writing must be celebrated!Hope you all like it!
@Sai_Pallavi92 #Jyotika @prgautham83 #AishwaryaLekshmi #GovindVasantha @kaaliactor @SakthiFilmFctry @blacky_genie @2D_ENTPVTLTD
Here is my clarification!
I wish you all happiness, peace and love!…
#VirataParvam seems to be a film which will leave you thinking. @venuudugulafilm brother, good luck. And this man @RanaDaggubati, never ceases to amaze us with his selection. @Sai_Pallavi92 garu killing it like always! Good luck to the entire team. @SLVCinemasOffl
Replying to @hanurpudi @venuudugulafilm and 2 others
Thank you Hanu Garu!☺️
Sai Pallavi Retweeted ·  
#virataparvam is love poetry in motion @venuudugulafilm ♥️
@RanaDaggubati and @Sai_Pallavi92 are so earnest! Pallavi will make you cry with her! P.S. is there anything you can’t do? 🤗🤗♥️
Replying to @RaashiiKhanna_ @venuudugulafilm and 1 otherfalse
Raashiiiiii🙈🙈🙈 🙏🏻😘❤️
#VirataParvam A truly moving story inspired by real life events, led by the brilliant @Sai_Pallavi92🤎 and stellar @RanaDaggubati 🔥
@venuudugulafilm @sudhakarcheruk5 @SureshProdns 👍🏼
Replying to @iSumanth @RanaDaggubati and 3 others
Thank you so much Andi!!! ☺️
So waiting for #VirataParvam for many reasons one being @Sai_Pallavi92 as vennela and @venuudugulafilm poetry with blood. @RanaDaggubati anna dalam kosam eduru choostuntanu.
Replying to @Rahul_Sankrityn @venuudugulafilm and 1 otherfalse
Thank you Rahul!!!☺️
#VirataParvam trailer looks like visual poetry ❤️ Riveting! All the very best to @Sai_Pallavi92, @venuudugulafilm, my boy @RanaDaggubati and the entire team.

@SLVCinemasOffl @SureshProdns
Replying to @VenkyMama @venuudugulafilm and 3 others
Thank you so much Sir ☺️
Thank you Rakshit!!!☺️
What an impactful trailer! @RanaDaggubati your love for cinema and passion to explore untold stories is inspiring. You and @Sai_Pallavi92 so effortlessly elevate the story with your enigmatic performance. Definitely looking forward to this one 😊
Shyam🙈☺️ Thank you so much !!! And I can’t wait to watch Ante Sundaraniki!!!!
This is fantastic. Such quality. You @RanaDaggubati and my Rosie @Sai_Pallavi92 🔥♥️ sold.
Floating through all kinds of emotions after watching this beautiful movie #virataparvam
@Sai_Pallavi92 and @RanaDaggubati will take you to their world and make you feel like a part of their journey with great performances.
Thank you so much love ❤️
Thank you so much andi ☺️🙏🏻
Thank you so much Andi ☺️🙏🏻
#VirataParvam is poetry in motion.
Deep, impactful, hard-hitting, powerful and extremely beautiful.
@Sai_Pallavi92 has blurred the lines between the art and the artist.
@RanaDaggubati is brilliant - a silent storm.
@venuudugulafilm sir - take a bow. Gem of a writing.

🙈🙈🙈Thank you so much Sir !!!
You are very kind Sir ☺️ I’m humbled ☺️❤️ Thank you so much ❤️
This looks fantastic Rana!!!! Can’t wait to see it! Intense Raw and Rivetting!!! You are superb! And I am a huge @Sai_Pallavi92 fan! ❤️
In reply to @Sai_Pallavi92
#SaiPallavi We were waiting whole day for the event... To see u, ur pictures, videos.... But rain😭😭 Still we got some videos but dont know we will get any clear pic Or not... @Sai_Pallavi92 Garu please tweet Or post some pics for pallavians 🤗🙏❤ Please🙏🙏
Replying to @Moumita05491351
Forgive me. I was really looking forward to seeing you all today. We ll meet some time soon! Thank you all so much for coming over and staying back even though it rained. I hope you all got home safe.
Replying to @sundeepkishan @RanaDaggubati and 1 otherfalse
Thank you Sundeep ☺️
In reply to @Sai_Pallavi92
To watch you grow makes me so happy! Love you too 😘😍
Replying to @IamSeeratKapoor @RanaDaggubati and 2 others
My heart is full now 🙏🏻 Thank you 😘❤️
This is jus amazing!!!

Waiting to watch the superb performances of @RanaDaggubati bro and @Sai_Pallavi92 and the brilliant making of @venuudugulafilm on the big screen !!
Replying to @sreevishnuoffl @RanaDaggubati and 1 otherfalse
Thank you Andi ☺️
In reply to @Sai_Pallavi92
@Sai_Pallavi92 you stellar beauty! ♥️ Absolutely love the trailer!! @RanaDaggubati can’t wait to watch!
Thank you so much Raashi 😘❤️
This is very emotionally stirring @RanaDaggubati and @Sai_Pallavi92 we haven’t met but If I may use this opportunity to express, I am your ardent fan! #VirataParvam Looking forward. My best wishes to the entire team @venuudugulafilm what a cut sir! 🌸🤍 @SureshProdns
Replying to @IamSeeratKapoor @RanaDaggubati and 2 others
Seerat❤️ Thank you so much🙏🏻 lots of love to you ❤️
Thank you so much Sir 🙏🏻
Here is the Interesting trailer of @venuudugulafilm 's #VirataParvam.💥

Solid content with superb visuals, looking forward to watching it. This film will create an impact&discussion.

Best wishes to the team💐
@SLVCinemasOffl @RanaDaggubati
The biggest moments in history have originated from simple incidents.
The key lies in the purity of emotion.
This is one such story of honesty, love and adventure.

I’m proud to share with you all the trailer of VIRATA PARVAM❤️🙏🏻

The biggest moments in history have originated from simple incidents.
The key lies in the purity of emotion.
This is one such story of honesty, love and adventure.

I’m proud to share with you all the trailer of VIRATA PARVAM❤️🙏🏻

In reply to @Sai_Pallavi92
Ask me #SaiPallavi ani petandi we have some Questions to ask 🙏
Replying to @92Saipallavi
Done! Very soon!
Ikkada anthe scene ledhandi 🙊

Nene chaala lucky, ppl have been extremely kind and sweet.
I’m the one who’s excited to see them all at Kurnool❤️
Love drives you crazy and we’ll show you a glimpse of their madness on the 5th of June ❤️

@RanaDaggubati @venuudugulafilm @SLVCinemasOffl @dancinemaniac @sureshbobbili9 @SureshProdns #DiwakarMani
ఇంతదాక పుట్టలేదుగ - ప్రేమ కన్న గొప్ప విప్లవం ♥

#Nagaadaarilo Song from #VirataParvam out now!


@Sai_Pallavi92 @venuudugulafilm #SureshBobbili @SingerVaram #DiwakarMani @dancinemaniac @SureshProdns @SLVCinemasOffl @LahariMusic
Sai Pallavi Retweeted ·  
నేటి #విరాటపర్వంవార్తలు లోని ముఖ్యాంశం...

విరాటపర్వం చిత్రంలోని 'నగాదారిలో ' పాటని, JUNE 2వ తారీఖున విడుదల చేస్తూ...చిత్ర ప్రచార కార్యక్రమాలను ప్రారంభిస్తున్న బృందం.

#Nagaadaarilo Song From #VirataParvam on JUNE 2nd 💥💥

We’ll see you sooner 🙈
#VirataParvam from the “17th of June” ♥️
@RanaDaggubati @venuudugulafilm @SLVCinemasOffl
It was a delight working with ⁦@Sai_Pallavi92⁩ garu
So effortless and so beautiful is her style of working and that’s taken her to great heights!
Looking forward to making many wonderful films with you!
Replying to @venuudugulafilm
Venu Garu! Your writing has brought us all together! I can’t wait to read what you’ve got for us next!
This is so heart warming ❤️ My heartfelt wishes to @Kiranraj61 , @rakshitshetty and the one tugging on my heartstrings, Charlie❤️
Pet lovers, you’ll need tissues🥺

Here’s the trailer of #777Charlie !

@RanaDaggubati @ParamvahStudios @SureshProdns
Welcome @Sai_Pallavi92 💐
Happy to work with a super-talented actor. Looking forward 😊👍
Replying to @Siva_Kartikeyan
Thank you! I’m elated to be working with someone as hard working and dedicated as you are. And My best wishes to you & the team for Don! ☺️
Thanks. Welcome to our RKFI family. Keep your earnestness intact and your talent will shine. It already is. Become part of the family, empower our director to make a good film with your team spirit.
Replying to @ikamalhaasan
Thank you so much Sir! I definitely will!
In reply to @Saipallavi_love
The pure Joy & Love In their Eyes...This one is Really touched 🥺♥ On the occasion of @Sai_Pallavi92 Birthday Provided Food ,Fruits Distribution & Cake Cutting at Asha Kuteer Girls Orphanage in Uppal❤ #SaiPallavi #HBDSaiPallavi
Replying to @Saipallavi_love
♥️🙏🏻🥺😘❤️ Thank you so much 🙏🏻
From pulling off any role effortlessly to inspiring us with her preference to go makeup free both on screen as well as off screen, @Sai_Pallavi92 has truely proved that looking fabulous is more than just makeup! Here's wishing this amazing person a very happy birthday.
Replying to @SahaEna
Thank you so much love 🙈❤️ 🤗 Very sweet of you ☺️
Wishing one of the leading Actresses in South @Sai_Pallavi92 a Happy Birthday..

Wishing her a great year ahead.. 😊

Replying to @rameshlaus
Thank you so much☺️
One of almighty’s chosen few, gifted and blessed with a reservoir of talent ! Happy birthday @Sai_Pallavi92 To eternal shine and smile for you and your legion of fans 👍 Godspeed
Replying to @PrasadVPotluri
You’re extremely kind sir. Thank you so much 🙏🏻
In reply to @Sai_Pallavi92
Brilliant First-Look 🎬
Replying to @Actor_Mahendran
Thank you Mahendran!!🤗
Replying to @h_tejas
Thank you Tejas ❤️
From dhee contestant to one of the best actresses in south. Movieloss vasthe money thirigi iche antha manchithanam,andam confidence meedha depend ayyedi ani cheppi money vasthunna kuda fairness ads ki no cheppe gunam unna grt person.

Happy Birthday @Sai_Pallavi92
Replying to @Thyview
Thank you ❤️
You have fought against all odds to reach here. The world will know your talent when #Gargi comes out. So happy for you my friend @prgautham83… All the best. @Sai_Pallavi92 Happy to see you dub in Kannada. Wishing you Happy Birthday 🎉🥳
Thank you Rakshit 🤗
Happppy bdayyyy you super talented girl!! Keep doing the amazing work and keep smiling always ❤️🤗 lots of love @Sai_Pallavi92
Replying to @Rakulpreet
Thank you so much Rakul ❤️ lots of love to you ❤️🤗
My best birthday wishes to the most talented, blessed and gifted actress @Sai_Pallavi92 🎂❤️
Wishing you a fantastic year ahead Pallavi !!
Replying to @konavenkat99
Thank you so much sir 🙏🏻
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