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Last 50 tweets from @samanthamaiden
In reply to @samanthamaiden
Fold up table tennis tables are the best when two of the 3 kids lose interest and 1 can just use it to hit against themselves with it half up. 5 stars.
In reply to @samanthamaiden
The chip board will warp out in the weather.
PING PONG enthusiasts I am thinking of getting a table tennis thingo for my three children for Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„please tell me what’s good ideally I want to put it under pergola so I want an allegedly outdoor one but will nag and annoy children to put cover on it too
I don’t know who came up with the idea of a shop that basically sells 50 different kinds of salt but I very much applaud it
Replying to @stephaniedowric
That’s correct. The scrutiny is occurring via Owen Jones speaking on national television. The election was held and people voted. What would you propose that only people who agree with you vote?
The principles of democracy vital to a functioning society. But how is it β€œdemocratic” when mega-business interests can freely buy influence, control much of the media and use unlimited wealth to trash any β€œthreat” to corporate greed, whatever that greed costs people and planet?
Replying to @stephaniedowric
I suppose on some level you need to decide how many decades you want to keep losing and blaming everything else but leader and policies and at what point you want a progressive party to get its act together and win an election.
In reply to @samanthamaiden
I lived in UK for 16 years into the Thatcher era. Professionally and personally, was fully immersed in progressive politics & witnessed incredible harm done by socially destructive politics. @jeremycorbyn could, decades later, have reversed some of that harm. Please reconsider.
No I believe in democracy. Voters have delivered their verdict. If Labour wants to win they need a better leader and better policies
In reply to @garigalAnj
The ABC relentlessly promotes News Ltd click bait on #insiders
Replying to @garigalAnj @natecochrane and 1 otherfalse
On some level what you are asking for is some sort of weird news ghetto where you don’t get told any news printed in some outlets because you don’t like the proprietor that’s just weird . The terms click bait is also over used and meaningless
In reply to @garigalAnj
The ABC relentlessly promotes News Ltd click bait on #insiders
Replying to @garigalAnj @natecochrane and 1 otherfalse
Yes but you are essentially arguing News Corp stories shouldn’t be mentioned because they are published by News Corp. I had plenty of good stories in Sundays when I worked there and they were mentioned because they are newsworthy
In reply to @samanthamaiden
That’s not how voters loom at it. You’re looking through the lens of an accomplished and respected media professional. Murdoch maintains his power through these platforms. It’s why he keeps the loss-making enterprises running. He’s evil but he’s smart.
Think about it though. Like newspapers shape debate and news cycle definitely. But I don’t think you could argue Sky does most of time anyway most voters aren’t watching t so that’s weird take. Opinion makers are sometimes certainly that’s fair but it doesn’t have a mass audience
In reply to @samanthamaiden
But Sky News? And the cascading influence of stories where one brand sets the tone and frame and everyone else follows?
Like you’re all focused on MSM a lot of game has moved to ungoverned airspace on Facebook. That’s what you should be worried about
In reply to @samanthamaiden
But Sky News? And the cascading influence of stories where one brand sets the tone and frame and everyone else follows?
Come now. Sky News is a pay TV operation with modest numbers that follows newspapers. Name one major story it has broken in last year
This guy thinks 43 per cent of voters in Australia are functionally illiterate and have no idea what’s going on. Very hot take maybe we should disenfranchise them? Hot take mate
In reply to @samanthamaiden
You are blissfully unaware that 43.7% OZ adults are functionally illiterate & 69% innumerate (I.E. at or below proficiency level 2). These results are above OECD average. It means in OZ & UK & US they've got no idea what's going on.……
Aw he’s a youth pastor. Cute. Also this pretty obvious what’s happening in this video and it ain’t waving at camera. What a complete BS artist
The man accused of slapping @wsavalexb's backside while she was on the air is telling his side of the story.

In an interview with @InsideEdition, 43-year-old Tommy Callaway says he went to wave to the camera and got caught up in the moment.
β€˜As for the 2019 Tory intake, you may find yourself gripped by a hunch that the party has spent about 15 minutes vetting half the newbies, whose moral eccentricities will gradually unfurl themselves to us like so many exquisite lotus blossoms’
My bit about the election result and so on…
Denial is an understandable reaction to shock but it is still depressing to see many Labour supporters reacting to their party's worst defeat since 1935 by portraying the voters who rejected them as stupid or bigoted. Insulting voters is no route to recovery
Samantha, what's your take on why people vote against their own interests?

If it's not stupidity - is it gullibility?
Replying to @ItsBouquet
I think sometimes it is against interests and sometimes it’s not. So if you’re more exposed to economic downturn you’re more risk averse and exposed than wealthy. That’s a failure of political salesmanship not a failure of voters if you get what I mean.
A rare good night for British opinion polling. My no-frills aggregate showed CON 42.9%, LAB 33.7%, LD 11.9%. Almost-complete count: CON 43.6%, LAB 32.3%, LD 11.5%.…
In reply to @samanthamaiden
I don’t want to sound petty, but other than the fact that Corbyn has terrible policies, I couldn’t get over his glasses. Why didn’t they fit.
Replying to @IanDThomas
He looked like the worst kind of whinging Pom. Its a PhD how the conservatives could be such a complete shitshow and Labour could not get elected.
This is not an argument that Corbyn was good. It is confirmation that Theresa May was shit and made him look good
In reply to @samanthamaiden
Don't think I agree with that, or he wouldn't have done so well against May a couple of years back.
In reply to @samanthamaiden
Yes, he keeps those papers running at a loss purely for the laughs. Nothing in it for him at all.
Look, if you want to stick to this idea that voters are stupid, that they are led by the nose by evil newspaper proprietors with declining circulation be my guest. Yes, they influence debate. But that power is declining not increasing idea that voters are dumb is patronising
this was a good column forgot to RT it last week
James Campbell (@J_C_Campbell) pulls no punches in the Herald Sun.

Robodebt is a genuine national scandal that β€œif ministerial responsibility meant anything, would have cost Stuart Robert or Christian Porter their jobs”.…
In reply to @samanthamaiden
Imagine wading out to the water at waist height & them BOOM they're everywhere
Replying to @ShaughnessyMat
From now on, we know. When a bunch of dicks wash up on a beach, somewhere else in the world one is getting elected.
glorious state of British politics that the Prime Mniister gives a victory speech while flanked by Elmo and a guy with a trash can on his head
Marina Hyde tweeted 27 minutes ago. I am not going to RT it lest someone else tell me off I am simply notifying those that wish to research this matter
In reply to @samanthamaiden
So where is it for sale?
the extremely fancy pants new plant shop I rang Bunnings they said "lady, buy it they take so long to grow not a bad price' I am going back tmw haha
Can someone please point me to the best "Jeremy Corbyn will not contest the next election but wishes to stay for a 'period of reflection' articles. I am crying with laughter I need laughs it is Friday night. WTAF
I live for PVOs 'no fucking gift wrapping' Christmas tweets.
No wonder David Jones is dying in the arse....won’t throw in gift wrapping
In reply to @samanthamaiden
My yard was full of those when I bought the place in the 1990s. It took me 20 years to get rid of them. Don't tell me they are back in fashion.
In reply to @samanthamaiden
4 days, but by then someone else would have purchased as a Christmas gift
In reply to @samanthamaiden
Better to break (off a piece). Just cut off a piece and put it in water...
Have developed this weird obsession with this Sansevieria aka Mother-in-law tongue which size of small child and possibly as expensive. Now I just visit it once every few days. How long before I break and purchase it ?
Indeed ... and that would be the reason he bothers owning populist media. πŸ€”

Because it has no effect at all!
Replying to @ItsBouquet
It’s not no effect. But idea it alone decides elections I disagree with. Republican referendum is another example
Another under analysed aspect of PM public service reshuffle. He’s shot all the women so it used to be 9 out of 18 I think and now it’s not
In reply to @samanthamaiden
Shorten wasn’t increasing taxes. This is why journalism is hopeless.
Sorry? How is reintroducing a deficit levy and having an effective marginal tax rate of 49 per cent for high income earners not increasing taxes? You’ve really got me scratching my head here
In reply to @samanthamaiden
Yeah Sam much better to slash and burn everything good we ever had in this country and get franking credits right?
Replying to @LindaConno
I suppose the Labor Party will just have to keep losing until they get so sick of it they want to win. Tweets like yours are a reminder That many supporters are happier to have nice thoughts from opposition.
"It's so obvious what needs to happen...they are delusional if they thing the public are going to support (Corbyn) policies
β€œIf Boris Johnson gets a full term, it will have been 50 years since any Labour leader other than Tony Blair won a general election"

Alastair Campbell calls on the party to β€œreroute their politics back where people live their lives” #BBCElection #GE2019
β€œIf Boris Johnson gets a full term, it will have been 50 years since any Labour leader other than Tony Blair won a general election"

Alastair Campbell calls on the party to β€œreroute their politics back where people live their lives” #BBCElection #GE2019
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