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Last 50 tweets from @sayedzbukhari
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
“PM Imran Khan was criticised over the past 10/20 years about reconciliation with Taliban. He was right.The war in Afghanistan will end through reconciliation, with PM Imran Khan we have a unique opportunity to change our relationship “ leading US Senator Lindsey Graham
337 796
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
For years Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI 's call for a new way to peace outside of military solutions was mocked and ridiculed;he was labelled “Taliban Khan”.Today;the US and the world stand in agreement with his decades long pro peace stance.A true anti war liberal Prime Minister.
219 496
Soul crushing sight of children suffering&witnessing the #SahiwalKillings -such an act should never be an option for the State.Nobody is above law including law enforcers-unlike incidents in past,the State will ascertain complete impartiality and ensure justice is served equally.
244 1,633
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
When Dubai turned mini Pakistan, courtesy #Junoon.
327 1,075
@sayedzbukhari @InsafPK @HamayalC Sir you have contacts abroad..I need your help I can tell you?
0 2
Replying to @KamranH17157534 :
@sayedzbukhari @HamayalC Lovely to see, but sir please expedite the things into a pragmatic program that is visible to masses. So far people haven't seen and this is creating an uncomfortable feeling in an already ailing society.
0 4
Replying to @Manzer999 :
Such a pleasure meeting impressive brilliant young Overseas Pakistanis like @HamayalC who are excelling in their fields & making us proud at global stage.Was wonderful learning about his achievements & future plans-both speak volumes of Pakistan’s promising human potential.
98 1,084
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD
Writ of the govt established, 102 canals of OPF Valley Zone V Islamabad illegally occupied for 20 years have been taken back from Land grabbers. SAPM @sayedzbukhari along with @dcislamabad and SP Islamabad, Omer Khan visited and inspected the site of the regained OPF Land. 1/2
172 829
The embodiment of bravery, eloquence & courage.. defiance of injustice in the most difficult of times. That’s #ZainabBintAli (AS).
Everyone must study her words in front of tyrant Yazid, and learn from her unshakeable strength.
578 3,484
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
SAPM, Zulfikar Bukhari, Interior Minister, Shehryar Afridi & Aviation Minister, Muhammad Mian Soomro held a meeting on facilitation of passengers at airports across Pakistan. Digitization of airport facilities came under discussion
@ShehryarAfridi1 @sayedzbukhari
42 386
Positive outlook on improving situation of airports and digitalisation of processes to facilitate travellers, our team is working round the clock to start the implementation soon.
Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD
Special Assistant to PM @sayedzbukhari, Interior Minister, @ShehryarAfridi1 and Aviation Minister, Muhammad Mian Soomro held a meeting on facilitation of passengers at airports across Pakistan. Digitization of airport facilities came under discussion.
74 489
226 1,885
Many congrats @sadafjaffer on becoming the 1st lady #mayor of #Pakistani origin in US.Your engagement with the community & representing its diversity is truly remarkable, keep inspiring!
193 1,818
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
The ultimate targets of these attacks is not the Finance Minister but actually the Economy. By attempting to spread panic in the markets, some vested interests are trying to subvert the stabilisation and reform process. These feeble attempts will not hinder any reform drive.
489 1,520
Wonderful productive trip to Turkey representing Pakistan.Touching experience visiting the mausoleum of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi.
374 4,040
Airports are the first welcoming experience for any country- constructive session today at Isb airport,will be working alongside all stakeholders to resolve issues of airport tax,carrying multiple phones,wait in long ques & to further facilitate Overseas Pakistanis in every way.
662 5,017
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD
SAPM @sayedzbukhari at Islamabad airport along with respected Ministers to review complaints of Overseas Pakistanis. #Overseas
83 581
I reckon @sayedzbukhari can also do something about it. It affects all overseas Pakistanis
1 0
Replying to @omairhasan21 :
@omairhasan21 I’m personally looking into the issue, will be meeting Federal Minister for Aviation & CAA officials to resolve it at the earliest
0 2
تر جمان پاکستان
Y,day I took my flight 4m LHR at airport airline staff was charging some tax imposed by #CAA PKR 250 to 400 but upon asking for receipt they didn't give anything.if no receipt money will goes to? @Asad_Umar @Hammad_Azhar @sayedzbukhari @malindoair
@CAA_Pak 1/4
24 118
Replying to @xhashx22 :
@xhashx22 @Asad_Umar @Hammad_Azhar @malindoair @CAA_Pak I’m personally looking into the issue, have already started working to resolve it
25 436
@ImranIqbalJanj1 @ShabazGil “Mitt jaye gi makhlooq to insaaf karo gey” Pls help this old person & his US based family requesting for justice since now over a year. His land has been falsely captured by land grabbers and they keep registering fake cases against him @UsmanAKBuzdar @sayedzbukhari @ImranKhanPTI
1 3
Replying to @naeemafzal_ :
If 2018 was something- it was a year of fighting & winning. A year filled with struggle, for the country..for the truth..for a better future! Wishing the #newyear is a great new start for all bringing growth & peace across the 🌏
449 3,613
1/2While only landgrabbers/thieves/mafia come to Zardari Cartel’s rescue,a new LOW was reached by MuradAliShah when held accountable for his corruption.Shame on him for being a blind servant trying to justify his loyalty by stooping so low without any respect for
476 2,715
Replying to @sayedzbukhari :
2/2 his own family name. Before acting worse than scum defending Zardari-the criminal who’s own wife had disowned him & resorting to personal attacks, he should think if the same was reciprocated. Resignation should be the least of his options!
228 1,053
1/2While only landgrabbers/thieves/mafia come to Zardari Cartel’s rescue,a new LOW was reached by MuradAliShah when held accountable for his corruption.Shame on him for being a blind servant trying to justify his loyalty by stooping so low without any respect for
477 2,718
Well done brother! I know how hard you’ve worked to make this possible. Duas of millions headed your way. Keep up the great work. God be with you.
In the month of Muharram i visited Taftan border & was not at all happy wd existing facilities for pilgrims. Now we hv improved the area by installing 20 counters wd computerized systems, updated shelter & new building to host our pilgrims. Thumbs up for timely work done by Team
754 4,625
318 2,767
@pid_gov @AirportPakistan @sayedzbukhari @ShehryarAfridi1 @MoIB_Official Shahryar sb need support to improve CAA services. Planes landing at Islamabad airport Wait for long till plane doors opened causing inconvenience & suffocation to passengers. This is worsening with time. Please need your special attention as nowhere in world this happens.
0 2
Replying to @afaiz288 :
@afaiz288 @pid_gov @AirportPakistan @ShehryarAfridi1 @MoIB_Official Went their last week. The airport has good bandwidth. Ops are being optimised to kill the bottlenecks.
0 2
@pid_gov @StaunchInsafian @sayedzbukhari @mophrd Highly qualified Over seas Pakistanis r denied posts in their own home country pak. Like in case of PTA chairman appointment. merit was not given due respect. I challenge u merit was not considered major Bajwa was selected and highly qualfied engineer dropped.
0 1
Replying to @drasadt :
@drasadt @pid_gov @StaunchInsafian @mophrd We are building Naya Pakistan Calling Database to cater this. Pls check out on OPFs website.
0 3
@sayedzbukhari came from London on 25th December through Islamabad airport.after putting a stamp on passport , another officer was standing after three yards checking every body stamp. Why? Waste of time for everyone. Rest were smooth and efficient.
0 0
Replying to @loondkhwar :
@loondkhwar This step was added to have two step stamp verification. Working with other stakeholders to make the whole transition more smooth.
0 1
@sayedzbukhari I am disgusted with #NADRA as no response to the Ticket #801687. They messed up my daughter's SNICOP by printing wrong signatures in the first place. Could you look into this please and thank you!
0 0
Replying to @MisbahHassan20 :
Grateful to HM the King of #Bahrain & his govt for granting pardon to 12 overseas Pakistanis- appreciate the gesture on behalf of people of Pakistan.A job well executed by our community welfare attaches, hope to reach out to other countries too to help our diaspora across globe.
599 3,927
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
SAPM to PM Imran Khan on Overseas Pakistanis @sayedzbukhari talks to @MoeedNj regarding PTI Led Government initiatives. 2/2
128 703
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
SAPM to PM Imran Khan on Overseas Pakistanis @sayedzbukhari talks to @MoeedNj regarding PTI Led Government initiatives. 1/2
60 291
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
Martin Kobler, German Ambassador to Pakistan, called on the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari to discuss investment opportunities in Pakistan.
165 1,209
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
Zulfikar Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister along with Qatari Ambassador inaugurated "Visa Facilitation Center" in Islamabad.
A goal of filling 100,000 job vacancies promised by Qatar for Pakistanis will be materialized.
262 1,412
@sayedzbukhari Zulfi...Congrats
You’re a superstar!
Keep at it..
No doubt Allah is the Greatest of all givers, Judge for all judges, the most Beneficent & Merciful
14 302
Replying to @AliHZaidiPTI :
@AliHZaidiPTI Thank you Ali Bhai, you’ve always been a true brother
10 243
Alhamdolillah for the petition getting dismissed by the highest court & a huge Thankyou to family&friends for their unflinching support throughout. With the hurdles over now, my top priority is to focus on the work for the cause of our biggest national asset-Overseas Pakistanis.
614 4,791
Shocked & saddened to hear about the tragic death of #AliRazaAbidi. He represented a seasoned and educated class of Pakistani politicians and his presence will be missed. My heart goes out to the family, may Maula be with them through this hardship.
567 4,185
#Quaid’s unparalleled vision lives on in foundation of our state and gets implemented each time a leader serves people of Pakistan with honesty,loyalty,justice&equality among all.This is the same lesson taught by Prophet(PBUH)&true spirit of Naya Pakistan we are working for!
165 1,359
A joyous #Christmas⁠ ⁠ to everyone across the globe-wishing you peace, love, happiness and great start to the new year! Hoping in this festive season everyone goes out of their way to make things a little more special for someone in need.
#MerryChristmas⁠ ⁠
57 628
A huge thankyou for the wonderful event organised by PTI elected body in UK & a special thanks to Roomi Malik. The love & respect I’ve received here by the Pakistani diaspora during the past few days has won me over. I’ll go back home recharged to keep working for their cause.
226 2,512
Congratulations and wishing all the best to @ZarlashtFaisal on the launch of her amazing new website at and very cool concept store in Karachi. Do check out
Hopefully soon payment gateway & logistics issues will also be sorted. We support young businesses.
68 736
Humbled, touched and honoured at the warm welcome at #Heathrow airport. Back after 7 months..want to thank everyone for such a touching reception
617 5,824
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
Fantastic news that British Airways has announced it will resume operations in Pakistan after a decade.

I’d like to congratulate and also thank Syed Zulfikar Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on...…
Naz Shah MP
  · Facebook · en
51 289
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
Delighted to learn British Airways will be resuming flights to Pakistan. Well done @sayedzbukhari & a special thank you to the British High Commissioner @TomDrewUK . This decision is an acknowledgement of Pakistan's continued efforts for peace & elimination of terrorism.
791 6,031
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
This is fantastic news @British_Airways
Will boost, trade, travel and tourism.@ukinpakistan
And help to strengthen long established links for diaspora communities @sayedzbukhari
125 603
Airlines mean connectivity, @British_Airways resuming operations after a decade is a huge leap for Pakistan! Glad to have helped in my humble capacity
1,855 11,710
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
British Airways returns to #Pakistan after a decade. Pakistan is the new investment destination of Asia.
343 1,729
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
After a decade, @British_Airways resuming its flights to Pakistan from June 2019. British Airways will be the first European carrier to return to Pak as Pakistan returns to peace through effective policies by Govt. Great Work @sayedzbukhari
48 337
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
British Airways @British_Airways to restart operations in Pakistan from June 2019. What a great news! Great effort @sayedzbukhari 👍🏼
296 2,997
Sayed Z Bukhari Retweeted ·  
@geonews_urdu Great news! @British_Airways resuming its flights to #Pakistan from next year. Congratulations to @sayedzbukhari and @ImranKhanPTI, Abdul Razzaq Daud and @ukinpakistan
37 224
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