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Last 50 tweets from @Sethrogen
In reply to @Sethrogen
@Sethrogen in pineapple express, Red has a painting in his house of a cart that we later see in his yard, this is never explained. I can't find anything about it online. What the heck is going on?
Replying to @ErberLewis
It’s a still life of his cart that he has in his yard. That is all.
In reply to @Sethrogen
@Sethrogen when you gonna drop prerolls?
If you are going around saying that we shouldn't vote because the other side is going to cheat and we'll win nothing else...UNFOLLOW ME, NOW!

You can't win if you don't participate [PERIOD]
Replying to @WayneDupreeShow
I thought the elections were rigged! Why vote if they’re rigged man?!??
Seth Rogen Retweeted ·  
This week on Storytime with @SethRogen, actor and improviser @ikebarinholtz tells the story of a lie that went too far. Featuring Ike’s parents Alan and Peggy.
In reply to @ntreber
A new episode of my Poddy (cool word for podcast) is available with the hilarious @ikebarinholtz. Check it the fuck out wherever you listen to podcasts!…
In reply to @KidCudi
What the fuck I missed this haha
Replying to @Sethrogen @KidCudi
Yeah I’m in.
In reply to @Sethrogen
@Sethrogen come to a Lakers game w me Seth. We'll smoke and have dinner before itll be great
Replying to @KidCudi
What the fuck I missed this haha
My podcast got a good review which is much better than it getting a bad one because my ego is fragile.
It's Monday so here's today's @FT pod column on that rare thing, a celebrity-hosted pod that has a clear focus and avoids chummy chit-chat: @Sethrogen's Storytime with Seth Rogen.…
So many of you recommended this title. I shall watch it as Korean cinema continues at mi casa.
Replying to @nikkibenz
It’s fucked up yo
In reply to @Sethrogen
That is disappointing to hear (about the building). Too much attachment to the things we remember from our childhood or adult youth, to the point we cannot accept criticism. It’s seen as an allegory of sorts: if that art hasn’t aged well, then we ourselves have not aged well.
Replying to @kushibo @PFTompkins
I mean ultimately nothing ages well.
I still believe Holly Hunter was the first civilian to start casually calling it “Covid”
Replying to @ecareyo
I think about that tweet often
It is never not astonishing to me that people who are supposedly comedy professionals can’t remember that comedy is the art form that ages the most poorly…
Replying to @PFTompkins
I’m also confused by the idea that great art has to age well. Falling Water is the most amazing piece of architecture I’ve ever seen in my life and that shit is literally crumbling in to the river.
Anyone know who’s doing the wonderful illustrations for these? (@Sethrogen, enlighten us?)
Replying to @tball
I do! It’s Robin Richesson, who’s an amazing storyboard artist that I’ve worked with for years and years.
In reply to @Sethrogen
Hey Seth I listened to the pod and I am now a fan of the cast (podcast).
Replying to @nickkroll
Thanks for listening to my casty (Podcast). Please think of a story to tell as I have to produce an impossibility large amount of these.
I have resorted to burning Pokémon cards as a punishment when my kid doesn’t do basic stuff he has to do.
Replying to @LizMair
Save the valuable ones so they can pay for therapy when they’re older.
Cool to see Mel Gibson got a new gig as a school administrator in Texas.
NEW: A school administrator in Southlake, Texas, advised teachers last week that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also have a book with an "opposing" perspective.

Listen to the audio recording obtained by @NBCNews:
I’ve always wanted to be a game show host and I’m gonna be the best one THERE EVER WAS! Tix here:
Dear Seth. I’m a big fan of your movies and I look up to you like a mate. It was oils mean a lot to me if you sent me a message of support to help me through some tough times.@Sethrogen
Replying to @kanesalt18
Hang in there bro!!
In reply to @Sethrogen
Is this Spotify exclusive?
My pod (cool way of saying podcast) is out now and I personally am very proud of it and think you’ll love it!…
In reply to @Sethrogen
This is the greatest podcast episode I’ve ever heard thank you
The second episode of my podcast is out now. Listen wherever you listen to podcasts if you do in fact listen to podcasts!
Greg and I have to stand in these spots every mealtime for the dog or he won’t eat. He looks at Greg who says MORE then he looks at me and I say MORE and this lasts til he’s done. We used to have dignity
Replying to @BrotiGupta
As I’m sitting on the floor hand feeding my dog, she’s thinking the same thing about me.
Americans remain deeply polarized over the renewed push to get the country vaccinated.
Replying to @ABC
According to who? You?
My boss: What did you achieve today?
Me: ...
Replying to @talenthouse
I don’t understand this tweet. Are you saying that what you accomplished was retweeting my tweet?
Daily reminder that @Sethrogen isn’t funny. He never has been. He’s not funny when you’re drunk. He’s not funny when you’re high. He also looks like the human version of Beaker from The Muppets.
Replying to @Watchitswang
I don’t think you’ve actually been doing this every day.
In reply to @sarahschauer
I like all things vase related.
In reply to @Sethrogen
That’s super cool. Is that glass or resin???
Replying to @johngarcia263
It’s clay and glaze
Stephanie Grisham: "I tried to resign a couple of times" before January 6
Replying to @MeetThePress
Your show sucks.
FROM THE GODFATHER HIMSELF! (Not sure if anyone but me calls you that, but thank you so much Ira, we were obviously very inspired by you.)
.@Sethrogen sure brings a ton of school spirit to this new podcast he’s doing. At every turn he and his team go the extra mile, piling one fun, inventive moment after another. The sound production during the movie theater scene: so good! Storytime!!!!…
My mom is like one of those Muppets who when you take their glasses off, their eyes come off too.
In reply to @sups_n_downs1
For more context, big fan and love the product. The box (which has a dope design btw) was so hard to pop open on those little side tabs
Replying to @sups_n_downs1
New tins on the way
Seth Rogen Retweeted ·  
Do you have a great story? @SethRogen wants to hear it. On Storytime, he asks guests to share tales of the weird and wonderful. From Paul Rudd to Ava DuVernay, from grizzly bear fights to family secrets, each episode ends up in an unexpected place.…
In reply to @Sethrogen
I can come set ur house on fire bb.
In reply to @Sethrogen
ok rich, gimme some money then
Once you’re rich you shouldn’t be allowed to do stand up anymore unless you get a terminal illness or burned in a fire and even then it’s questionable.
Replying to @ihatejoelkim
I followed this rule.
The @Sethrogen podcast is a real work of art and wonderfully original. The @quintabrunson, Paul Rudd episode was therapeutic and epic. I’m a recovering JW that chose his dreams and also experienced a kindness from Rudd when I first got to LA that was impactful. Bravo Seth.
One of the most unique and delightful audio experiences I've had in a long time. So fun to see how a normal interview question can get blown out into a whole journey - cannot wait for more episodes.
The most important sighting in Los Angeles
Replying to @ecareyo
Just driving around on motorcycles drinking tequila.
Listen to Dan!!
I am a cog in a fascinating narrative machine in this episode of the new podcast “Storytime with Seth Rogen.” @Sethrogen contacted me to talk about my history with another of the guests on the show, Paul Rudd, and… well, you just have to listen.…
In reply to @Sethrogen
Why is Paul Rudd in the picture? Lmao 🤣
Replying to @onlylilhim
Listen and find out
Seth Rogen Retweeted ·  
That is a picture of me having my life changed. Go listen to @Sethrogen’s new and surprising podcast! I was on it, and I didn’t even know wtf was going to happen next. What a delight. Thanks for having me, Seth!
I’ve been working incredibly hard on a podcast and the first episode is available today!!!!! Aaahh!…
In reply to @tonytost
The great joy of rewatching this -- aside from just feeling bliss at the camera work, production & costume design, & inspired left-field casting -- is to sit there thinking "oh yeah, I really fucking love this scene" as just about literally every new scene begins.
Replying to @tonytost
Best cat performance in history.
I made this gloopy orb.
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