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Last 50 tweets from @shannonjpower
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
The @rulgbtnet can help those at risk in #Chechnya escape to safety.
But they need our help to do it. Donate today to fund @AllOut emergency evacuation of LGBT+ people at risk in #EyesonChechnya
2 3
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
Thank you @AmnestyNSW @amnestyOz for rallying tonight for #Chechnya and calling for an end to this horrific State-sponsored torture, killing and persecution! There is no honour in #honorkilling 🙌🏾📸@WilliamBrougham #Sydney #EyesonChechnya
4 6
Have replaced coffee with meditation for the last two weeks and can quite shockingly report that I feel a lot calmer???
0 10
Replying to @SamLeightonDore :
@SamLeightonDore I gave up Diet Coke and feel the same!
0 1
What are you doing on Sunday? Come join me at the London rally in solidarity of Chechnya's LGBTI people
0 0
Is Chechnya's torture and killing of LGBTI people a new Holocaust?
0 0
All I want in 2019 is for Serena Williams to win more Grand Slams & Olivia Colman to win the Oscar for best actress. That's all I want.
0 1
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
olivia colman and gillian anderson playing 1970s british political icons in ‘the crown’ will be like ‘magic mike’ for queer women
331 3,004
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
Stefanos Tsitsipas and Frances Tiafoe are both:

A) Breakout men's stars of #AusOpen
B) Still in contention for the 🏆
C) Practice partners of Serena Williams this month
D) All of the above

On the ATP players Serena has whipped into shape, for @NYTSports…
Serena Williamss Practices Add a Wrinkle: A Top Mens Player
23 98
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
Shout to our friends in #Sydney Please join @amnestyOz Tomorrow Night to Say NO to #Chechnya Torture and Killings! Show up for Dignity, Equality and Solidarity and Please Sign @amnesty #EyesonChechnya petition👇🏾below Facebook event page here:…
2 3
And yes, I plan to do a combo of cardio + weights. I was going for a regular run around my neighbourhood for the latter half of 2018 - until winter hit and I was like NOPE. Lol Anyway I don’t expect 6 pack abs and I know results will take time either way. So send me your recs ✌️
0 1
Replying to @Elias_Jahshan :
@Elias_Jahshan We can work out sometime if you like!
0 0
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
Calling active allies! It’s happening again. We need our community to rally! We’ve partnered with @rulgbtnet @AllOut @amnesty and @RainbowRailroad and will be posting updates and calls to action links on social media via #EyesonChechnya and on our website:
4 3
Say what now?
The sugar pills in your birth control pack were put there to placate the Pope. “How could it be that for 60 years we have been taking the pill in a sub-optimal way because of this desire to please the Pope?”…
233 417
0 1
Turns out this was fake news: I was unaware of the 30c credit card fee (ping @bencubby)
2 10
Replying to @michaelkoziol :
@michaelkoziol @bencubby A 30c fee to buy a can of drink? Australia should be cancelled.
0 0
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
The Covington Catholic boys harrassed my friends and I before the incident with Nathan Phillips even happened. I'm tired of reading things saying they were provoked by anyone else other than their own egos and ignorance 🤦🏼‍♀️
106,671 294,510
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
Aboriginal youths are taking their own lives around the country and this is where the government is injecting money.
551 1,239
I'm raising money for Help Russian LGBTI campaigners. Click to Donate:… via @gofundme
1 4
@shannonjpower The ep is set up to be possibly the biggest twist with any outcome possible. By the end of it, it’s the most predictable outcome yet. Boring.
0 1
Replying to @davidFalexander :
@davidFalexander So it's the TV version of TL;DR
0 0
Replying to @GeordieJay :
@GeordieJay Ok, I'll stick to Grace & Frankie then 😂
0 1
ScoMo's just trolling us now
Scott Morrison says Government will provide $6.7 million to the Australian National Maritime Museum so its replica of Captain Cook’s HMB Endeavour can circumnavigate the country, hosting a series of events and activities at each of its proposed 39 stops. #AustraliaDay #auspol
48 82
0 0
@shannonjpower Tbh I love a good lip sync off.
I enjoyed.
0 1
Replying to @GeordieJay :
@GeordieJay I watched all the lip synchs already... Is that enough?
0 0
Should I bother watching the most recent episode of #DragRaceAllStars4 ?? Not sure if can be bothered unless it's really worth it.
0 0
I keep making cups of tea and then forget to drink them
0 2
OMG yuck
Woah. I only just realised babies born with all their teeth in their head. That’s messed up. I don’t trust babies anymore. That’s too many teeth.
302 1,478
0 1
@shannonjpower Can you get a good Latte in London?? I need 3 a day to keep my heart going. 😆
0 0
Replying to @WillLanting :
@WillLanting I don't know. I just drink long blacks about once a week out of necessity. I was never a big coffee fan,but I think growing up in Melbourne makes me a natural coffee snob.
0 1
My lord, why can't London cafés get their heads around what a long black is? But given this joint couldn't even spell espresso properly, I should've kept my expectations low
0 5
Hoo voy, Clapham really is the home of expat Aussies in London. I've heard more Australian accents in the past 3 minutes then I've heard in the entire 6 months I've been in London
0 3
Sabrina from the revamped series on Netflix
Guys who do you think is the most annoying TV show character? i’m stuck between Angela from Power and Elena from Vampire diaries
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
1,634 13,307
1 1
@lew_and_i 8 episodes means it's tight and consistent - just pray for a second season!
0 1
Replying to @TomCapon :
@TomCapon @lew_and_i They've confirmed a second season already!
0 2
@trianajade Of course! Enjoy your Sunday anyway you want!!
0 1
@trianajade I skipped it last year and it was such a relief not to force myself to go when I wasn't feeling it.
0 1
A bus driver just smiled at me & gave me a thumbs up as I was stood at the lights waiting to cross. Made my bloody day.
0 6
I need a Melbourne lawyer, please. Today. Migration law experience not necessary. I need assistance stopping a deportation to danger of an asylum seeker with Australian-born children.
The usual orgs don’t have the resources, please don’t tag them.
My DMs are open. ❤️🙏
Please RT.
139 68
Replying to @SarahRubyWrites :
Why did I wait so long to watch #sexeducation?
0 3
I just bought the ingredients for my dinner for the next 5 nights and it only cost me £2.25. I'm not even on a budget... Just doing life right
0 7
We can all do a bit to help the persecuted gay men and women in Chechnya. First thing is the @rulgbtnet needs money to help get them out of Russia. Donate here:
0 1
LGBTI people face torture and death in Chechnya - here's how you can help them
0 0
I'm 15 days Diet Coke free! I'm not even triggered by this GIF.
0 5
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
If your world view and activism picked only this murder, singularly, as something to stand up about, but none of the rest, then you’re the ones failing your Australian Dream.

Not Aboriginal people.
4 9
Do we know if the police are also considering Aya's death also as a hate crime?
I keep thinking about how Aya Masarwe was on the phone to her sister when she was attacked: does this mean she was speaking Arabic on the tram? Was this a racist hate crime too?
68 407
0 0
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
She was Palestinian 💔 not Israeli.. even in the most horrible pain they take away her identity.. #AiiaMaasarwe #AyaMasarwe #Bundoora #australia
499 1,389
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
So, is Australian media - apart from SBS - still colonising Aiia Maasarwe’s tragic death? If her family identifies as Palestinian, then they must acknowledge and respect that first before their Israeli citizenship. Not “Israeli Arab”, either - that is just erasure. Palestinian.
13 39
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
In April 2017, the world found out about the persecution of #LGBTIQ by Chechen authorities. Now it's happening again! More than 40 people detained and 2 deaths by torture. Women also targeted. Please share and support @rulgbtnet #Chechnya #EyesonChechnya
16 10
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
In which Emmanuel Macron nails Brexit:
16,537 34,130
Shannon Power Retweeted ·  
Posted on Facebook by young woman. This was left on her grandmothers car at Chermside shopping centre in Brisbane. No. Words.
739 1,176
0 1
Replying to @danielshaun_ :
@danielshaun_ How did you go trying to get Twitter's attention with this one babe?
0 1
This is... Beautiful
Nigel Farage uncomfortably trying to avoid admitting that he shells out big bucks to jet about in private planes to rail against the elite...

... is a joy to watch.
2,679 6,232
0 2
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