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Last 50 tweets from @SIfill_
So happy to see Leah & Louise in Charlotte on this list. This Black-owned, hip, well-located restaurant is just superb. The food is just wonderful, as is the atmosphere.…
Leave aside Trump. How is there not accountability in our profession for lawyers in DOJ leadership - namely Barr (according to Berman) -who abetted this? Using govt lawyers to target enemies w/malicious prosecution is among the most dangerous tools in the anti-democratic toolbox.
In reply to @therecount
In his new book, Geoffrey Berman alleges Trump's Justice Department pressured him to pursue criminal cases against those Trump viewed as an enemy.…
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
Join us at 1 p.m. ET for The #19thRepresents: Equality on the Ballot watch party — happening here! We're talking all things midterms featuring:

🟣 @staceyabrams
🟣 @coalitionbuildr
🟣 @outsidechild13 and more!
Civil rights groups pushed Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok to toughen disnformation policies - The Washington Post…
But here’s the kicker. @CharlesMBlow calls out the sad, cynical game, describing Walker as:
A really important column by @CharlesMBlow. On “country boys and competence”- a reminder:
A really important column by @CharlesMBlow. On “country boys and competence”- a reminder:
“Enough of this foolishness. Enough giving the unqualified undue lenience. Enough of giving laurels for simply bare-minimum composure and demerits for knowledge and acumen,” writes @CharlesMBlow.
Every one of these cases matter. We are not full citizens if we have to fear violent assault because of our race. Keep it up ⁦@CivilRights⁩!…
Seven honorees to be awarded W.E.B. Du Bois Medal – Harvard Gazette…
READ THIS. I’ve been flagging the “Sheriffs Fellowship” sponsored by the right-wing Claremont Institute. Here @JessPish, who’s been writing important pieces about the “constitutional sheriffs” movement, goes deeper on the Claremont connection.
A look inside the secretive Claremont Institute program to indoctrinate and empower "Constitutional Sheriffs" to defy state and federal law.
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
Today my staff was thrilled to attend the Birmingham Xpress ribbon cutting ceremony!

I fought hard to secure funding for this project and I am proud to join with the City of Birmingham and partners to celebrate the opening of the ONLY Bus Rapid Transit system in AL! 🎉
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
The preliminary Emancipation Proclamation was issued by Abraham Lincoln #OTD in 1862. It held that he would free all people in bondage in any state "in rebellion against the United States" on January 1, 1863.
Watch this important hearing. So powerful.
WATCH: Faith Leaders Congressional Briefing | Poor People's Campaign…
WOW. It gets even worse. “Perla” lied to dozens more asylum seekers, put them up in a hotel for days with false claims about jobs and housing, and when DeSantis suddenly cancelled the Delaware flight yesterday, she dumped some back at the shelter and stranded the others.
LOL. And the laptop, right?
Trump: There’s a lot of speculation because of the severity of the FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago, were they looking for the Hillary Clinton emails…
Hannity: Wait, you’re not saying you had it
Trump: No, they may have thought that it was in there
Can you imagine?
Trump says you can declassify documents by just thinking about it
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
Attorney Mark Paoletta said Thomas is “eager to answer the committee’s questions to clear up any misconceptions about her work relating to the 2020 election.”
Virginia Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, agrees to interview with Jan. 6 panel
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
Tesla is recalling nearly 1.1 million vehicles in the U.S. because the windows can pinch a person's fingers when being rolled up.…
Over 1M Teslas recalled because windows can pinch fingers
This THREAD. Thank you for sharing this @CleverTitleTK. I really have no words. Sharing what you and your family learned & saw is also part of #ResistanceGenealogy. Refusing to forget & compelling us to see the connections to our contemporary moment. Thank you.
My great uncle Shmiel Jager. My grandfather quite literally carried these haunting final letters from his brother in a billfold till the day he died.
In reply to @SIfill_
After Mom passes, I'm gonna donate all of it to the place where I think it will be preserved and used best. I also have Grandad's Iron Cross certificate, which got him released a year later (thanks to Grandma)
In reply to @SIfill_
I have two postcards my grandfather wrote while in Buchenwald. Because they only allowed pencil, one is incredibly faded, and the other looks blank. Photoshop helped kind of reveal writing, but I can't read German cursive. My Dad, his son, had already passed when I found them.
Replying to @Unhip1
Oh my goodness. I am so sorry.I’m sure that there are folks perhaps at the Holocaust Museum who could help you with this.
In reply to @SIfill_
Our own country has places of state-sanctioned terror (plantations, lynchings) and mass graves (Tulsa, slave cemeteries). Americans need our own Vergangenheitsbewältigung — reckoning with the past, as Germans have done.
Replying to @sewellchan
I’ve written extensively about this. It is essential for our future.
It’s tough to give up these sunsets, but I am taking the slow road home. Had to make some weather adjustments—I’m not as hardy as our neighbors to the north!
Replying to @DonnaFEdwards
Looks divine. Take care.
Can’t stop thinking about the words from this postcard:
“I would want there to be somebody who would remember that someone named David Berger once lived…farewell.”
Yes, I am familiar with “trophy photos.” This is the indication of the loss of the soul. Whether lynching photos or mass execution photos by the Einsatzgruppen, this desire to memorialize participation in torture & murder is a particular horror.
That Trump was allowed to pick up the slogan “America First” with very little sustained outrage, demonstrates how so many in positions of power & influence took the path of appeasement rather than sounding the alarm about the danger we faced.
#USandTheHolocaustPBS @PBS
In reply to @SIfill_
Have you seen the HBO series "The Plot Against America" based on the Philip Roth book?
Replying to @ljyphoto @PBS
Yes. And read the book.
Lindbergh is the worst. Period.
#USandtheHolocaust @PBS
In reply to @SIfill_
My great uncle was shot down, captured and imprisoned in Stalag 17b during WW2. He was from NJ and these American Nazis would call his parents and harass them, saying he was being tortured and would be killed. Their own fellow Americans.
The story of the St. Louis. Devastating.
#USandtheHolocaust @PBS
“When you go out into the street or drive in the road, you’re barely 10% sure you will make it home with your whole head or your legs in one piece.”
-Schmiel Mendelsohn in Poland, 1939
#USandtheHolocaust Episode 2
Bund Summer Camp
Andover Township, NEW JERSEY.
#USandtheHolocaust @pbs
In 1939, the American Legion, the Daughters of the American Revolution, & the “American Coalition of Patriotic Societies” opposed bills that proposed expanding immigration quotas to provide opportunities for increased immigration of Jewish refugees.
#USandtheHolocaust @PBS
Strapped in & watching Episodes 2 and 3 back-to-back.
I cannot recommend more highly ⁦@DAMendelsohnNYC⁩’s extraordinary, epic book “Lost” which begins with his desire to learn more about the great uncle his family members so often told him he resembled.
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
One of the subtle but *very* significant threads in the Eleventh Circuit's ruling is the panel's *unequivocal* rejection of the repeated insinuations—from both Trump and some of his amici (looking at you, Texas)—that this was all just bad faith or harassment by DOJ.

Not so much:
Sheryl Lee Ralph Is Glowing - The New York Times…
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
This is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador @vanessa_vash's message to world leaders at the #TransformingEducation Summit. 👇

#UNGA #LetMeLearn
In reply to @SIfill_
To whom was he speaking?
Senator Cruz voted against this.
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
I'll just leave this here.

Vladimir Putin in 2014: Don’t believe those who try to frighten you with Russia and who scream that other regions will follow after Crimea. We do not want a partition of Ukraine, we do not need this.
Just a half hour til the season premiere of @AbbottElemABC. Need the joy of this show after a looooong day!
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
House Jan. 6 committee reaches deal to interview Ginni Thomas
Sherrilyn Ifill Retweeted ·  
Yes. But will Ken Paxton, Judd Stone and all those other red-state AGs pay a reputational cost for filing a drivelbrief?
Listen! Make it plain, @RepRaskin. Make it plain.
Raskin: You pulled the plug on the investigation you originally advocated because Donald Trump didn’t want it. Let’s tell some truth! You’re talking about truth, I’m giving you the truth!
Oh, this is it!
11th Circuit opinion reviewing Loose Cannon’s legal conclusions have big The Devil Wears Prada energy
Virginia Thomas agrees to interview with Jan. 6 panel (from @AP)…
In reply to @AmbRice46
For a heartfelt take on the summit by an Orthodox Jewish attendee, read this in @JPostOpinion: "At the White House, I met the diverse Americans–Jews and gentiles, young and old–who survived violent hate crimes... Together, we mapped a hopeful future.”…
In reply to @SIfill_
It's what Dubya did to perfection. It's called lowering expectations. He's a lot smarter than he seems.
Replying to @ethannichtern
I agree with this.
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