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Last 50 tweets from @skamille
In reply to @moonpolysoft
Here's a helpful rule of thumb: anyone who habitually and unironically writes threads of 10-20 tweets is out of their fucking mind, disregard them like you'd disregard someone jacking off outside the caltrain station.
Replying to @moonpolysoft
I keep thinking about this tweet
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
American Academy of Neurology position statement: Neck restraints are a form of deadly force & their use by law enforcement should be prohibited.
In reply to @harryh
17th NYCiversary today. No particular plans other than hanging out with the fam. Love this city.
Replying to @harryh
I guess I'm at 16 years last month, I never remember my anniversary date exactly. Damn, what a good run so far.
The season is almost over, gotta enjoy it while it lasts
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
<Norovirus kicks in the door> corona who? 2021 is mine
Replying to @emilyst
astronomy and good bad jokes?
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
If you start seeing egos, selfish agendas & lack of peer empathy getting in the way of executing on what's right for the user, don't hope it'll just go away

Drop everything else & nip it in the bud.

Unchecked interpersonal drama is a bigger killer of companies than competition.
In reply to @skamille
If you don't need MAC address passthrough (for enterprise device management or w/e), I don't think there's any particular value to using that port vs. adding an ethernet adapter to your TB3 setup. I single-cable my T480 for power, USB, two displays, and ethernet.
Replying to @bink
Yeah I'm just very lazy so haven't tried to solve the problem beyond cutting the adapter casing
In reply to @skamille
Clean your equipment!!
Replying to @codesgood
I like to live in squalor
In reply to @SeanTAllen
Not sure exactly it is my work laptop
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
No one:

Every competition reality show promo:
In reply to @skamille
huh I always thought they wouldn't work together (for whatever silly reason) so they'd made it impossible. Good to know it is if you try hard enough
Replying to @carlosmn
I'm not 100% sure they do work that well together because my wired ethernet definitely gets messed up when it's not plugged in all the way but I think they *can*. Like, who designed this, I am so so mad
In reply to @skamille
Ugh! And that's a custom Ethernet adapter too! Like, they should KNOW better!!
The person who designed this Thinkpad such that the Ethernet plug thing is so close to the second USB-C slot that I have to hack away the plastic covering of the adapter to try to get both to fit should be forced to sleep under a blanket of cicadas
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Dixie3Flatline
I am in orbit over the image wikipedia uses as a visual example of bisexual lighting
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
even if "diversity of thought" were a thing I'd still be unclear about why you need SO MANY white dudes to have it
Went to see In The Heights in the theater today. It was awesome. Vaccines rock.
Replying to @CLINT
I find this take not cynical enough about the possibility of monitoring software being deployed to remote employees, TBH
In reply to @PratherLab
In reply to @skamille
Or, get one when you don't have a CTO and you're too small to justify that
As for what to look for, a VP should be a strong manager and operator
In reply to @itskingori
I think there's a bit in my book I feel like right now, my take is: get a VP when you're ready to have more than one eventually
Or, get one when you don't have a CTO and you're too small to justify that
In reply to @skamille
@skamille I was looking if you have any takes on VP of Engineering roles. Closest I could find is the attached tweet. I am trying to figure out when a company consider getting one and what should they look out for. Any pointers?
Replying to @itskingori
I think there's a bit in my book I feel like right now, my take is: get a VP when you're ready to have more than one eventually
In reply to @skamille
I sort of view the need for project managers as orthogonal to the need for product managers - the things needing that coordination are often foundational stuff like large-scale debt paydown efforts, where it would be wasteful for every PdM in the company to become an expert
Replying to @jgoldschrafe @cap
agreed, but I manage to schedule things like that without project managers across more than 2 dozen teams. There is a lot that technology can do against these types of problems.
In reply to @jgoldschrafe
at the scale of two dozen coordinating engineering teams that all need to ship in unison, yeah, you need a project manager, but that is absolutely not the read most people will take from that original tweet because it's not a problem most people have
Replying to @skamille @jgoldschrafe and 1 otherfalse
and if you are running 2 dozen coordinating eng teams and have no product managers at all you are I dare say really fucked, arguably more so than without project managers (and that's saying something)
In reply to @skamille
Alternatively, a great way to enable two dozen coordinating engineering teams to ship to each other, at the right times, as opposed to at random and to no one in particular
Replying to @jgoldschrafe @cap
at the scale of two dozen coordinating engineering teams that all need to ship in unison, yeah, you need a project manager, but that is absolutely not the read most people will take from that original tweet because it's not a problem most people have
In reply to @skamille
I think this misconception comes from the fact that “project management” is the lever that everyone can see, while the real action happens elsewhere.
Replying to @ketchpaw @cap
that's an interesting perspective, I dig it
In reply to @skamille
bummed that I had to scroll this far down to see the correct take. 100% agree
Replying to @jxxf @cap
I got blocked for this tweet so
In reply to @skamille
💯 with you on this, but I do frequently wonder what makes an eng/product relationship work? I've seen it work out poorly reasonably often.
Replying to @josebiro @cap
that's a different conversation but hiring a project manager is just a good way to create busywork. Engineering managers should not be neglecting project management in favor of play-acting product
In reply to @skamille
it’s true for my very limited sample but i’m usually on the eng side & care a lot about product so i may be just be used to playing the role of product manager role & sorely lacking the project management ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Replying to @triketora
you can't manage engineering well if you delegate the project management to someone who has no skin in the game on either the product or engineering side. you will end up with thoughtlessly-applied process.
In reply to @cap
absolutely not
Replying to @skamille @cap
this is a great way to build an engineering team that has no idea how to ship
Hot take (I'm told): most engineering/design teams need great project managers, not product managers.
Replying to @cap
absolutely not
Replying to @triketora
absolutely not follow this at your peril
out. of. control.
This is nuts. Nicole Harper was pulled over by an Arkansas state trooper. She pulled to the side, turned on her hazards, and looked for an exit.

He waited 20 seconds and then used a PIT maneuver to flip her car. She was pregnant.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: Major expansion in NYC's in-home vaccination program. New groups now eligible:
* All NYCHA residents aged 12+
* All public employees & retirees of City of New York

This is in addition to all NYers aged 75+ or any age w/ disabilities. Sign up:
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
In reply to @2AvSagas
I think I've possibly underestimated how Uber's heavily subsidized fares had previously screwed up transportation Manhattan, and I've long believed those fares had really screwed up transportation in Manhattan. It wouldn't occur to me to take a cab 7 blocks.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
A reminder. Nobody is pushing to CRT in k-12 schools. Nobody. This is an entirely fabricated "controversy". It's a clear example of how white supremacy is used to manipulate white people.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
spent too much time reading about Eric Adams and now I’m getting weird ads
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Please do not be fooled by this. Borough Presidents simply don't have that much legal authority in the city to be working hard late at night every night for years on end. It's largely a ceremonial position at this point. You make some CB appointments and cheerlead for the borough
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
I’ve taken care of people with “indigestion” who had heart attacks

People with “pink eye” who had vision-threatening infections

Ppl with a “tension headache” who had brain bleed

This policy is horrible. Patients shouldn’t be forced to decide if they’re having an “emergency”😬
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Here's Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President, doing the Brooklyn Democratic Party Mayoral Debate from his condo in New Jersey.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Just thinking about how Eric Adams drives in from New Jersey, parks his car on a public park and sometimes sleeps in his office because it's too far to drive back home to New Jersey and is somehow going to be the next mayor.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Weird name for a cat but I’ll take it
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
"When the 32BJ union health fund crunched the numbers on how much its members were paying for colonoscopies, knee replacements and baby deliveries, it was stunned to learn they were paying 358% more at NY Presby than Medicare"

(@_SaraRothstein rocks)…
Union kicks off statewide fight against secret health insurance contracts
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Fran, who called de Blasio “a very negligent and foolish mayor” in The New Yorker, goes with @KGforNYC
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