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Last 50 tweets from @skamille
Boy reading Act of Oblivion really gave me a lot of opinions about the puritans I'm gonna be really fun at dinner tomorrow
Replying to @skamille
My Mom is so pleased that her recommendation made the top of the list…
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Boy reading Act of Oblivion really gave me a lot of opinions about the puritans I'm gonna be really fun at dinner tomorrow
Oh my god the spam on this site lately what a mess, I'm going to have to turn off open replies to attempt to reduce reply spam
In reply to @maayanroth
😂😂 but also totally agree, the only good thing about the holiday is that I desperately need a day off work in late November because I'm always losing my mind around now
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
'Most people can benefit from a stint managing if they’re willing to do the work and their manager is willing to give them enough support.' @skamille
In reply to @skamille
Luckily I have no followers to test this assertion, but I will say I *am* seeing a ton more like… casual antisemitism and weird social commentary in peoples’ replies
Has Elmo encouraged the reemergence of reply guys?
In reply to @gsandahl
Performance is often not the dominant factor in compensation. Lots of people like to pretend it is but it's a pretty loose correlation in my observation vs factors like external economic and employment environment, health of company, etc
Replying to @skamille @gsandahl
Any manager promising money for x is making a bet on these factors come time to adjust compensation. They might bet right but I've seen plenty bet wrong to bad conclusions.
In reply to @skamille
You said “no manager can tell you”, and I think that is an interesting statement which made me curious about how you think performance can be quantified
Replying to @gsandahl
Performance is often not the dominant factor in compensation. Lots of people like to pretend it is but it's a pretty loose correlation in my observation vs factors like external economic and employment environment, health of company, etc
In reply to @skamille
I'm curious how you quantify individual performance?
In reply to @skamille
This tweet really absolves managers of all responsibilities. Managers should still expectations, if things change they should communicate appropriately even when it’s hard.
Replying to @manugupt1
You seriously think I absolve managers of responsibilities? I promise you I'm not the person out here absolving anyone of their responsibility to communicate
changed my mind we should maybe sue spokespeople occasionally if we can get them to do just a little bit of diligence
Replying to @skamille
def need to sue larry david for ftx
changed my mind we should maybe sue spokespeople occasionally if we can get them to do just a little bit of diligence
thinking of this most cynical ad ever made today
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
There’s a giant community openly celebrating the Club Q shooting and calling for more killings and the media still can’t quite bring itself to suggest that maybe the United States’s violent, organized far right represents a discrete issue for the country
Inhaled quinoa, send help
Replying to @skamille
don't understand the point of quinoa to this day who wants these teeny grains everywhere
Inhaled quinoa, send help
In reply to @skamille
I mean, it depends on the company, right? At smaller companies, I’ve had almost complete autonomy to determine raises and discretionary bonuses for my team, and I don’t think that setup is super unusual for startups with 1 manager who is also a department head.
Replying to @rhein_wein
You have autonomy to determine that until things change and you often don't know when that's going to happen. Certainly given how often I've seen people including and especially at small companies make promises on these matters they couldn't keep I would not advise it
In reply to @polotek
If I was trying to turn this into what sounded like "clear and actionable" feedback, I would say more. Telling people the priorities is good. But the feedback for Paul is "You're making yourself responsible for too many things. Being project lead should be your primary focus."
Replying to @polotek
Hmm so if I understand what you're saying is that clear and actionable feedback is not just identifying a problem but suggesting the area of focus to address it more specifically?
In reply to @polotek
This is why Paul took away from the exchange. And it was helpful for him even if it wasn't "actionable". It served to help him understand what kind of company he was working at. It did bring him clarity about what mattered in his evaluation.…
Replying to @polotek
Huh I must think of actionable differently than you do because it seems actionable to me, maybe I don't know what actionable means lol
It would be nice if someone could tell you "just do x and you'll make more money" but uh no manager can tell you that sorry
When engineering teams ask for more clarity on career advancement, most of the time they're talking about predictable salary increases, and actionable performance feedback.

They don't want a career ladder with 15 engineering sub-levels.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Are the Holland Tunnel and the streets of Lower Manhattan going to magically embiggen themselves to receive this traffic — or does this project just light >$10B on fire?
Wrote a new piece for leaddev on rewrites, and all the things you should worry about before you decide to do them…
Five reasons you shouldnt rewrite that code
Rereading "when things fall apart" and the poverty of hoarding hit me pointedly last night
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
An Alabama woman was arrested in order to "protect" her fetus. But here's the thing: She wasn't even pregnant…
Abortion, Every Day (11.21.22)
In reply to @skamille
And maple syrup
One thing that’s interesting about Adam Davidson being the face for moving to Mastadon. Literally a year ago last week was when he announced how bullish he was on Web3 as the future of the web. Did that go anywhere? Btw that was the week that Ethereum peaked
Replying to @TheStalwart
oh man that article
In reply to @skamille
I have several questions, 1 it’s a news letter, what’s to automate? 2 if there is a publishing pipeline of some sort, is there not something of the shelf to use? 3 why would you preface a tweet of an article about crypto with that? I feel like I am missing an inside joke.
Replying to @jonpynn
I think this is a joke about FTX not about bberg which I'm betting has excellent technology around this whole thing
In reply to @skamille
It absolutely is (though you can also use orange bitters!)
Replying to @ElleArmageddon
hmm yes yes that I might actually have somewhere
Beginning to think that the orange peel is really a key ingredient in the best old fashioned
Replying to @skamille
good to know that engineering companies can still make up BS excuses about lack of engineering "resources"
Due to time pressure and lack of engineering resources, I chose to rely on writing this newsletter manually, with aspirations of developing a more effective process later.…
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Thinking about rewriting that code? Here's @skamille on why that's (almost always) a bad idea:…
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
NEW: @Shopify is behind Libs Of TikTok’s main revenue stream.

@tobi, I know you’re into free speech, but does mass murder cross the line for you? @ShopifySupport
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Translation: We stole what may have been someone’s life savings—potentially ruining his life—for no tangible public safety benefit. And then we acted like that was heroic.

It’s legalized larceny, & it’s routine.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
This man has thrown bricks at the window of @versbarnyc FOUR times in recent weeks. These are hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community. Please help us identify him. If you have any information, please contact @NYPDHateCrimes at or 1-888-440-HATE.…
Uhhh… isn’t this describing momentum?
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
absolutely *loving* the design of this reusable packaging that's being introduced at mcdonalds france
November is the month for Blogging Through It (but not publishing any of it)
in 13 years on twitter i’ve never had a post removed, and in 3 weeks on mastodon i’ve already had something taken down for racism and sexism, ok
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Y’all look how Lupita trained for #WakandaForever
Incredibly sad to realize that I missed elf sing-along party tickets this year by not looking until today so I'll have to just have my own elf sing-along party at home instead
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
I don’t have words to describe how dangerous this kind of shit is.…
if it's true that a bunch of sites are going to defederate where would anyone recommend migrating to
Replying to @mountain_ghosts
Oh my God how can it have this much dumb drama and work already
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
What in the world is in that bag? What you got in that bag?
he's back

you probably need to block his account again

move along
Replying to @alicegoldfuss
my block was retained from the last time, one very very small blessing
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
In reply to @merovingians
i absolutely did not sign up to be a Nancy Pelosi Defender, but the discourse around her is a combination of blatantly sexist and jaw-droppingly braindead that I kinda ended up there, and I resent that tbh
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Wish Elon had bought Teams
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