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Last 50 tweets from @skamille
Awww memorieeees. One of my favorite fx I’ve authored is in Costume Quest. Will let you guess which one if you’ve played the game 😉.
Replying to @choy
such a good game but which one???? we played it with harlan a couple years ago, maybe time for a replay...
In reply to @skamille
You do love those big orange boys.
Replying to @fourellen
they're very friendly!
In reply to @BrianGoetz
I think it Is either a slight misquote or a misunderstanding of the original intent. I recall @adrianco as (one of the) original sources for this, and I always interpreted it as: hire great people, listen to them, get _the organisation_ out of their way. That is much harder!
Replying to @tastapod @BrianGoetz and 1 otherfalse
I mean, I'd believe that adrian co-opted a dumb saying and made it smarter, but I do think the original is exactly as she said
Does your company Slack have one or more channels that are devoted entirely to memes?
Replying to @norootcause
Here's one for your slack surveys: how many different slack emoji does your company have for expressing "thank you" (I think we've got 12)
Every so often I see a Twitter thread where a new manager asks for advice, and inevitably, someone in the comments below says something to the effect of, "hire awesome people, listen to them and get out of their way"

Let me tell ya, this is not advice. It's wishful thinking
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
In reply to @EmilyAssembly
Here's what we can do: 1. Pressure DAs to stop asking for cash bail and consigning people who haven't been convicted to this horror house 2. @NYCMayor must use his power to release people rapidly 3. @GovKathyHochul should immediately sign the Less is More legislation
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Not sure a man accused of domestic violence which was confirmed by court, which he himself brought to the fore by suing for libel, who I saw on TV in a major aftershave ad yesterday, who is accepting an award, should be the poster victim of Cancel Culture.…
Johnny Depp says no one safe from cancel culture as he accepts lifetime achievement award
In reply to @yishan
This post brought to you by GENERATION X, the generation that came of age where they still taught you "netiquette" when you joined the internet.
Replying to @yishan
Personally I think your best angle is like longer form blog/newsletter and just tweet links. Play to your strengths gen x!
Defibrillation, but for portfolio companies
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
You learned how to code and do code reviews and design architecture. Did you also learn how to give kind feedback, praise, and delegate?
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
And thank goodness, else our lymph nodes would be the size of Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s …
In reply to @skamille
I drip some on a cotton ball and leave it on my bedside table all night.
In reply to @SeanTAllen
I hate to be that guy, but for what it's worth, eucalyptus oil totally cured my annual fall sinus infection.
In reply to @skamille
Been managing to hold mine off with: neti pot + probiorinse… long ways to go though!
Replying to @scottastevenson
Probably need to move to the 2x day nasal rinsing
Ah the change of season sinus infection, right on cue
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
In reply to @skamille
ah but the actual factual executive power must be nice sometimes
Replying to @palvaro
I'm sure it's got upsides vs being a professor (having lived one and witnessed the other firsthand) but also they expect you to be a lot nicer and you eat a lot of a different sort of shit so.... it's almost a draw
In reply to @palvaro
(this is why our department meetings are so interminable. ERRYBODY gotta opine)
Replying to @palvaro
Sounds like senior leadership meetings we're all insufferable
In reply to @SeanTAllen
This song is old and yet everyone still loves to sing it
In reply to @can
not even today, but the past 3 years - and that’s being generous!
Replying to @jennschiffer @can
they've been paying to make up for the stain on your conscience for at least that long
Should I NFT this thread? 🤔
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
To request asylum, you have to be physically present in the United States. I wish that instead of parroting false narratives like this from federal officials, reporters would actually push back.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
business-cop mayor that lives outside the city is gonna be great, i can feel it
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
very cool that our mayor invited all the banned cars from paris to celebrate here by driving in NYC rather than miss out on this special day
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
tell me you don't know what the word ethical means without saying you don't know what the word ethical means
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
I need to be more specific. Sonia from O'Reilly is amazing. She caught gazillion mistakes and simplified my oddly convoluted sentences, but without modifying my style. I see that she freelances. Highly recommended:
Replying to @kristoncapps
Is there Nutella involved
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
We have the tools to know if we are infectious.

Quarantines are an information problem, and rapid tests are the solutions. Blanket 10 day quarantines should be a thing of the past. This should not be a difficult issue.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
I'm thrilled to share this @washingtonpost OpEd that I co-wrote with @oni_blackstock.

We write that Black musicians have always had a singular place in Black culture. As Black physicians, we must call them *in*, and not out, for voicing vaccine concerns.…
In reply to @rajesh__nair
Quite the successful transition, if you ask that :)
Replying to @gunnarmorling @rajesh__nair and 1 otherfalse
Yeah my mind is actually blown right now lol
On-prem B2B software that transitioned to SaaS, either successfully or not. Which companies and products come to mind?
In reply to @jezhumble
I spent a fun weekend putting together their home (hutch donated)
Replying to @jezhumble
damn dude that is elaborate bunny shit
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
In reply to @polotek
There are a lot of people who have a vested interest in turning diversity efforts into window dressing and bullshit. They want to dilute the real work until it dies. And they will do that by pumping up people who will be ineffectual and ruin credibility in this space.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
hell yeah i love self driving cars
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Trouble breathing may be a symptom of COVID, but it’s also a symptom of an increasingly polluted planet. Wanna avoid it? Contact your elected officials today and sign here:…
In reply to @justkelly_ok
It's his hair
Replying to @justkelly_ok
it's very lush and full
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
You spend hours holding and playing w/ a baby & then see them again like a week later

The baby:
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
In reply to @normanmaurer
Arrived today 📘 The combination with @Apple is condemned to success 😁
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
It is time to make some hard choices.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Understandably so. Yikes. Get this sorted out immediately.
In reply to @skamille
I’ve known they were garbage for years, but I never thought it was this bad.
Replying to @kevdog
it's like there is no bottom to the badness
I'm sorry WHAT
FB knew human traffickers used its sites to sell people. It took limited action against them until Apple Inc. threatened to remove FB and IG from its app store w/ @newley @JeffHorwitz… via @WSJ
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
Today we are launching Mechanic (, an open source framework that makes it fast and easy to create custom, web-based design tools that export design assets right in your browser. Here’s how it works and why we created it.
Camille Fournier Retweeted ·  
There is more unsolicited startup mentoring programs targeted at female founders than there are hours in a day. Maybe just give them the cash and step way back.
Shoutout to "The Managers Path" by @skamille I've sent it to at least a dozen peer's transitioning from "I work with code" to "I have people under me what do?" and it's always come back as a positive read.

It is EXTREMELY RARE for a business book to be so direct and actionable.
Replying to @peregrine
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you!
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