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Last 50 tweets from @sunrisemvmt
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
I'm loving the climate/economic plan escalation going on. This is how America solves huge problems: people put forth bold ideas full of ambition -- ideas that stretch our imaginations and seem untoppable. And then someone inevitably tops it. So, who's gonna top @JayInslee's plan?
#UnionsForAll is a critical part of a #GreenNewDeal.

@SEIU gets it, and we stand with them.
To tackle climate change & save the planet we need the power that comes from millions of people joining together in unions to build political & economic power. @JayInslee's vision of a green economy and #UnionsForAll is a move in the right direction:
"While the effects of climate change may vary from season to season and place to place, the result is the same: Small and midsize farmers are more worried than ever about their future, and feel their only choices are to quit or consolidate."…
Replying to @sunrisemvmt
Everyday Americans recognize the urgency of the climate crisis. Everyday Americans know that we must act now. And everyday Americans support the #GreenNewDeal.
"While the effects of climate change may vary from season to season and place to place, the result is the same: Small and midsize farmers are more worried than ever about their future, and feel their only choices are to quit or consolidate."…
Climate Change and the Death of the Small Farm
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
TODAY: Join us for a 10 AM rally on the steps of City Hall in NYC to support the Climate & Community Protection Act. This is the final hearing on this key piece of equitable climate legislation & our final chance to #PassTheCCPA & get a #GreenNewDeal4NY!…
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  

No other solution offers good jobs and climate justice with 100% clean, renewable energy. #PassTheCCPA ♻️🌎
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
At Assembly hearing, Luz Velez from @PUSHBuffalo testifies how pollution from a nearby highway caused her serious health problems. Environmental injustice is hurting New Yorkers NOW. Let's pass the Climate and Community Protection Act and move off fossil fuels! #PassTheCCPA
“Emissions from plastic emerge [...] from every stage in the plastic lifecycle – from the extraction and transport of the fossil fuels [...] to refining and manufacturing, to waste management, to the plastic that enters the environment.”…
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
Rep. @AOC railed against Joe Biden’s ‘middle of the road’ climate plan

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

   ∧_∧ We need a
   ( ・ω・) #GreenNewDeal
  _| ⊃/(___
/ └-(____/
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Thank you @RepMikeLevin 🙏🙏🙏
Today, I pressed Secretary Bernhardt on his legal obligation to address climate change, a responsibility he clearly does not take seriously.

I know the public has real concerns about his inaction, and I will continue to hold him accountable.
Congresswoman Haaland is amplifying voices of indigenous communities, which is vital in the fight for a #GreenNewDeal.

"[...] Haaland was "instrumental' in building bridges between the environmental movement and indigenous communities in New Mexico"…
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
.@JayInslee correctly recognizes that ensuring all working people have a voice through a union is an essential part of combating climate change. We must take bold, immediate action and create good, union jobs in a just transition.…
Here’s your regular reminder that @realDonaldTrump appointed a coal lobbyist to run the Environmental Protection Agency.
EPA chief Andrew Wheeler takes self-described "potshot" at the Green New Deal, saying it would reduce the reliability of the electric grid and harm the ability to restore drinking water systems after natural disasters
“Some people say we can’t have environmental justice and economic growth while defeating climate change. They are dead wrong”—@JayInslee

With a #GreenNewDeal, we can.
The highest atmospheric carbon level in human history was recorded this month: 415ppm.

~4 decades old Exxon research predicted *exactly* this.

"...the company expected that, by 2020, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would reach roughly 400 to 420 ppm."…
Exxon predicted in 1982 exactly how high global carbon emissions would be today
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
“It is time for the people of fire and flood to have a president who will stand up and protect them from the ravages of climate change and climate crisis,” says @JayInslee at an event announcing his Evergreen Economy Plan.
We can create millions of good union jobs, strengthen our economy, and defeat climate change. I have a plan to do it.…
“We need a full, complete, 100% mobilization of the United States economy to confront the climate crisis. Half measures will not do it. We did not ‘half’ win WWII.” — @JayInslee on his #EvergreenEconomy plan.

"I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then are going to try to come back today and say we need to find a middle-of-the-road approach to save our lives." - @AOC…
We KNOW what climate change is doing to OUR communities. Inaction on the climate crisis is inexcusable.…
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
California’s frontline leaders, from LA to Fresno, are urging @GavinNewsom to step up & lead CA to a healthy future, free of the catastrophic effects of fossil fuel extraction. The time to seize #OurLastChance for climate justice is NOW:
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
I recognize the allure of the personality story here, but given the stakes, this feels like the sort of thing that deserves analysis from a climate person, not political reporters.
In the past 6 months, we've transformed American politics in ways that pundits were sure were impossible.

Here's a great piece by Osita Nwanevu in the @NewYorker on what our movement has done over the past 6 months.

Read it in full:…
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
The transition to a sustainable energy future is imperative. The question is whether Americans will be using clean energy technologies developed & manufactured elsewhere, or whether we will spur clean energy innovation to help America lead in this rapidly-growing industry.
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
“I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then are going to try and come back today and say we need a middle-of-the-road approach to save our lives. That is too much for me,” said Rep. @AOC at last night’s @sunrisemvmt event.
Last night we held the biggest event in our movement's history and the energy was electric. Thousands of people joined us in person and online at our last tour stop to learn how we can win a #GreenNewDeal.…
Replying to @sunrisemvmt
Now we're ready to mobilize at the Democratic primary debate in Detroit at the end of July and solidify the Green New Deal as a top issue in 2020 and beyond. Join us here:
Change The Debate Sunrise Movement
Last night we held the biggest event in our movement's history and the energy was electric. Thousands of people joined us in person and online at our last tour stop to learn how we can win a #GreenNewDeal.…
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  

Detroit is the birthplace of movements that transformed this nation. We welcome this.
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
Line outside went way down the block to get into the last @sunrisemvmt tour stop, @aoc and @BernieSanders headlining. 1500 people expected for a Monday night *climate rally*
”With your help, with your organizing, your voting, and your mobilizing of a broader electorate than we have seen in our nation’s history-we do not have to go down that path.

Our history may be written but our future is not. We have every possibility in the world to change it.”
“This is a call to organize. A call to reorganize. For a just economy. A just society. And a just future for America and the world.” - @AOC, our champion #Road2GND
Here’s what we demand from 2020 candidates:

🖊 Sign the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge
💪🏽 Make the #GreenNewDeal a day-one priority
🛹 Get on board with a #ClimateDebate
Alexandra Rojas from @justicedems is capturing what we’re all about - young people fighting for our futures and ending the corrupt politicians taking fossil fuel money instead of standing up for us. “They have the money, but we have the people. And we have to get out there.”
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
“Young people are treated largely like it’s great to be organizing and in the movement, but when it comes to policy - step aside for the real adults. Well we are the real adults.” -@rgunns

Dear @TheDemocrats, if you won’t stand up for our futures, then stand aside.
“Art is actually pretty low carbon. It creates jobs, lifts spirits, builds communities. It helps us imagine another future.” — @NaomiAKlein introducing the @mollycrabapple video on the #Road2GND tour in DC.
.@NaomiAKlein: “Repair and healing means starting from the harm that began at the founding of our nation - the stealing of African bodies and the stealing of indigenous land.” #Road2GND
The fossil fuel CEOs “lie and lie and lie and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy out politicians who also tell their lies. This is a corrupt system.” We’re taking on our political system with justice at the forefront with @SenSanders. #Road2GND
"How do we take on an industry with unlimited power, money, and resources? We need a political revolution." Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders @SenSanders for standing with us!!
.@SenSanders: “The workers in the fossil fuel industry aren’t our enemies. They are working to feed their families. And that is why we will provide a just transition in the #GreenNewDeal.” #Road2GND
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
“I’m here b/c we are going to fight like hell to pass & implement a transformative #GreenNewDeal with:

1) Full employment for all in good jobs
2) 100% clean & renewable energy
3) NO fossil fuel production”

@jeremiah4dc brings down the house at #Road2GND final tour stop in DC!
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
At the @sunrisemvmt event at Howard University, @SenMarkey said the Green New Deal's critics call it "socialism," but not when it's permanent tax breaks for fossil fuels.

"Give us some of that socialism that the oil and gas industry has had for a century."

Huge cheers.
.@EdMarkey: If healthcare for all, clean air and water for all, and the biggest blue collar jobs program in a decade is socialism, then give me some of that socialism!” We are ready for a #GreenNewDeal!
"Our energy future will not be found in the dark of a mine but in the light of the sun." Senator Ed Markey @SenMarkey speaks the truth about the jobs and justice that are in our future!
Sunrise Movement 🌅 Retweeted ·  
Now @jeremiah4dc is on the podium here wow-ing everyone

“If we can utilize people power to move to 100% clan energy, then we can use that same energy to show up for DC -
- all we need to do take a subway 🚇, bike🚴🏼‍♀️, or walk🚶‍♀️ to show up”

#Road2Gnd #GreenNewDeal
When there is a call to show up, to fight in the frontlines for a #GreenNewDeal, we here in DC don’t need to fly in. All we’ve got to do is show up.” @jeremiah4dc, an incredible climate activist, knows all about harnessing people power in the DC community.
Judith Howell is such an inspiring leader of @32BJSEIU: “We believe that working people can and must be part of the process in reversing climate change.” We’re honored to have you here with us tonight. #Road2GND
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