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Last 50 tweets from @thesushmitasen
I didn’t know Sushant Singh Rajput personally...only through his films & some interviews!! He had tremendous emotional intelligence both on & off screen!! ❤️ I feel like I know him better now, all thanks to his……
Just look at him...I am in love!!!❤️ #lifethrives #bagheera 🤗😄
A black panther roaming in the jungles of Kabini, India.
Just like Aarya, you’re presented with another impossible choice.
Should you listen to Aarya’s badass dialogues or Aarya’s Daily Mix on loop? @disneyplushotstarvip 😍🎵
Aarya Review: Sushmita Sen's killer moves will hook you for sure… .. @RamKMadhvani @thesushmitasen @dasnamit @DisneyPlusHS
Replying to @sikandarkher @RamKMadhvani and 2 others
Agreed, @sikandarkher is outstanding!!! The casting of #Aarya brought together not just amazing Actor but also people with complimenting energies!!!👏🤗❤️#magical 😍
“When life gives you the chance to sit it out or dance” 🙏❤️ Rest in Peace Saroj ji 🙏 #EndOfAnEra #Guru #Pronam #DuggaDugga I love you!!!
#MasterClass with the Man himself!!!👏😁❤️ Looking forward to this conversation @RamKMadhvani 💃🏻 #Aarya
In reply to @thesushmitasen
@thesushmitasen I’m so grateful you’ll embraced the system of life before and after cut so that we can get life in between action and cut . That’s what all have loved about #Aarya . The realness ...and it’s because of your incredible talent as an actress 🙏
Replying to @RamKMadhvani
Energy doesn’t lie!!!❤️ The magic of @RamKMadhvani filming process, we continue to ‘feel’ an emotion long after the camera stops rolling!! Brilliant Maa #SohailaKapur #sharing #cherished #bts #Aarya #inthemoment 🤗💃🏻❤️WHAT A TEAM!!!😍
😅❤️ I love your laughter @RamKMadhvani & Your version of Aarya @vinod_rawat 🙈😅 What memories na @sikandarkher 😄🤗❤️ Gimme light Harshvir...or pack up!!!😂😉🤗 #cherished #bts #Aarya 💃🏻
In reply to @thesushmitasen
@thesushmitasen mam, it was your fan laveenas birthday, could you wish her please?
Replying to @swar1518
Happpyyyy birthday Laveena!!!😍🤩❤️💃🏻 Wishing you an abundance of love & happiness always!!! Dugga Dugga!!!😁
There she is!! One of my most #staunch supporters 👊😁👏❤️Gracious & all heart as always!!! I love you @realpreityzinta your grit, audacity & those dazzling dimples LIGHT up many lives, including mine!!!🤗❤️ Thank you for appreciating #Aarya This one’s special!!😇😁💃🏻 I love u!
Just finished Binge watching ARYAA on @Hotstarusa 👍 @thesushmitasen You LIGHT up the screen with your presence babe 😍🌈⭐️ You bought so much GRACE and CLASS to your performance. I absolutely LOVED watching you and I’m so glad ur BACK with a BANG ❤️❤️
Always a Rockstar @LakshmiManchu 👊😍😁 Thank you so much sweetheart!!! All credits to @RamKMadhvani @sandeep_modi @vinod_rawat & #TeamAarya for celebrating #womenpower 👏❤️😊 I love you!!! #Aarya
The Queen has done it again!! @thesushmitasen you are a delight to watch in every frame. I loved the casting, the writing & the entire premise of #Aarya. Go Women Power 🔥 can't wait for the next season. IAMafan.
24 years as an Actor & you’ve been an integral part of this journey all along!! Advicing, encouraging & appreciating every step of the way!!!🙏😍❤️I love you @bhawanasomaaya ThankU from all of us in #TeamAarya for ur generosity!! Love & Regards, #Aarya 😇💃🏻
Thank you so much @himmatshergill 🙏🤗❤️ To another innings...I hope you continue to share your appreciation!! #gratitude #Aarya 😊💃🏻
Watched Aarya...Superb screen presence, expressions and acting by @thesushmitasen ...natural actress...hope to watch more of her acting in the coming years...
Thank you so much love @FarahKhanAli 😁❤️💃🏻 Well said... #Aarya truly is a fabulous team effort!! So happy you enjoyed it!!!🤗😍 lots of love from all of us #TeamAarya 😁🥰
Loved watching @thesushmitasen in Aarya on Disney Hotstar. Such a delight to watch. Loved the plot, the characters and the direction 😍🙌 Well sone 👍👍👍
In reply to @thesushmitasen
@thesushmitasen what a generous co actor, apart from being the most beautiful person inside out. You’ve given me more memories to treasure in one lifetime. Thank you my #Aarya
Yours forever, Soundarya
Replying to @priyashadotcom
Oh my darling Sister❤️😍🤗 You’re a NATURAL 👏💋 I looooove the life you breathed into #Soundarya in #Aarya 👏🤗 But that was a given, considering how insanely talented & beyond creative as a person you are!! Thank you for ur love & kindness,what a joy to work with U! Love u!!❤️
Only few actors can carry the entire script on their shoulders and you are one of them @thesushmitasen 👍👍you were brilliant in #AARYA Zabardast 👏👏
Awwww!!!😍😁❤️ Beyond gracious!!! Thank you so much @sidpmalhotra can’t wait!!!🤗💃🏻 Dugga Dugga Indeed!!😁😇 Sooooo much love & warmth from #TeamAarya 🥰 stay wonderful!! @RamKMadhvani @sikandarkher ❤️
She’s so so lovey @thesushmitasen can’t wait to work with u soon as u always say Dugga dugga ❤️❤️ u own every frame in #Aarya simply mesmerising...many congrats @RamKMadhvani @madhoknikhil and team at @DisneyPlusHS @sikandarkher loved u in it hope see more of you in S2 ur so good
Heyyyyy Nikkhil 😁💃🏻❤️Thanks a bunch for the solid punch!!😄👊❤️ Lots of love & gratitude from #TeamAarya @nikkhiladvani love you!!! @RamKMadhvani @DisneyplusHSVIP 💃🏻
#Aarya packs a solid punch. @thesushmitasen owns every scene and special mention needs to be given to an exemplary cast that truly brings the tension and suspense alive. @RamKMadhvani Sirji 👏👏👏 @madhoknikhil @saugatam #Ranjana supreme adapt. @DisneyPlusHS
😅👏❤️💃🏻 #finalreview #Aarya #gripping 😄👊💋”Feeling like the #catswhisker “ Toooooo cute!!! #meowwwww right back at you!!!😄😍❤️ @RamKMadhvani @sandeep_modi @vinod_rawat & #TeamAarya 👏😀😍❤️ I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
In reply to @thesushmitasen
@thesushmitasen you were so warm , so protective , so graceful and so compelling on screen in #Aarya on @DisneyplusHSP . Loved the storytelling , allowing each character to breathe @RamKMadhvani @sikandarkher @DisneyplusHSVIP @sandeep_modi @vinod_rawat @dasnamit👏👏👏 #MustWatch
Replying to @shevititan @DisneyplusHSP and 6 others
Toooooo precious!!!😍😁❤️ Thank you sweetheart!!! You have an endearing voice!!!🤗🎵 much love, #Aarya
This is sooo special!! 😁😍❤️ I love that Mama & you watched #Aarya together!! I love her!!😇🤗 Thank you @Sophie_Choudry for always being a strong & loving supporter😊👊💋collective hug from #TeamAarya 🤗💃🏻 love you girl!!! @RamKMadhvani @sikandarkher 😁
Thoroughly enjoyed #Aarya .. Mama and I were hooked! Incredible screen presence as always @thesushmitasen completely imbibed Aarya! So happy to see you in such a stellar role❤️You too @sikandarkher & the entire cast who were brilliant! You are a class apart @RamKMadhvani
A truly BEAUTIFUL woman!!!❤️ Thank you @TheShilpaShetty for the genuine love & appreciation!! We all in #TeamAarya are super thrilled that you enjoyed#Aarya 👏😁😍 To many more..I love you!!!🤗💃🏻 @RamKMadhvani @sikandarkher 🥰
Appreciation Post🌈
This Lockdown has taught me a few things ,the first being how important it is to appreciate,if you do then acknowledge and also Praise.. I feel we are so miserly with praise ..
So (Sunday)binge……
All heart!!😁😍❤️👏 Thank you sooooo much @TheRajKundra So happy you enjoyed #Aarya 👊😀 The tightest hug awaits in person!! #gratitude #TeamAarya @RamKMadhvani @sikandarkher ❤️
Congratulations @thesushmitasen and a BIG hug to you how well you have played #aarya I binged watched the whole season and can’t wait for more seasons to come! One of your best performances to date! #aarya watch it……
I love how you said it!! 😁👊 Thank you so much @being_sachin11 🤗❤️God Bless, #Aarya
Just finished watching #Aarya. A gripping and intense web series which is a must watch.@thesushmitasen ma'am has exhibited a brilliant performance.This will be remembered as one of the best comeback performance of any actor. Huge applaud for the whole #Aarya team! @DisneyPlusHS
Thank you Sir @RameshTaurani 🤗🙏 Glad you enjoyed our labour of love #Aarya ❤️ Made possible by @RamKMadhvani @sandeep_modi @vinod_rawat & the #AaryaFamily 💃🏻 Regards!!!
I have seen it it’s a superb show congratulations @thesushmitasen
We love your feedback @shiekhspear & ofcourse the stars!!😉😄❤️ We aim for 5 next time!!!👊😁 Thank you from all of us in #TeamAarya 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 @RamKMadhvani @DisneyplusHSVIP
Make #Aarya ur choice for a weekend binge. A edge of seat thriller. This riveting tale has some power packed performences. Specially @thesushmitasen who is pure Gold.
True blue entertainer. Twists turns & all. Certainly one of the best we have seen. Kudos @RamKMadhvani ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thank you so much @Anilsharma_dir 😁Such a joy to share #Aarya with you!!! Lots of love from #TeamAarya 🤗🙏 @RamKMadhvani @DisneyplusHSVIP
Thank you so much sweetheart @taapsee so happy you watched & loved Aarya!!😁❤️😍💃🏻love you ya!! #IamAFan 💋 lots of love from all of at #TeamAarya @RamKMadhvani 🥰
Just finished watching #Aarya
Took my own time coz I am not really a binge watcher. And how much fun I had relishing this amazing drama ! @RamKMadhvani please make more movies 🙏🏼 and @thesushmitasen please don’t ever take a break again coz you are MIND BLOWINGly GOOD! #IAmAFan
Put on a smile, slip into a Happenstance pair, and open yourself up to the world and get prepared to let good things happen to you!!😁💃🏻Happenstance ❤️Try it, you will be surprised! Start the experience at
#myhappenstance #comfortableshoesandsandals 😊💃🏻
I want to add another favourite dialogue😁 “Haye mera bachcha”😍Thank you @BeingSalmanKhan for the love & appreciation, it means d world to us at #TeamAarya 🤗❤️💃🏻 I love you!!! #cherished @RamKMadhvani @DisneyplusHSVIP 😀💃🏻
Swagat toh karo Aarya ka! What a comeback and what a show! Congratulations @thesushmitasen aur dher saara pyaar! 
Now that’s some appreciation @gauravkalra75 👏🤗❤️Thank you soooooo much for your generosity, Aarya is truly a ‘felt’ performance by all involved!! I hope you enjoy all of Season 1😊🤗 Happy watching...Much love, #Aarya @RamKMadhvani 💃🏻
halfway through Aarya. it's a collar grabbing performance by @thesushmitasen - no hamming, barely raises her voice yet conveys the whole range- strength, vulnerability, fear, rage...rare to see an actor deliver a compelling performance with such restraint
In reply to @thesushmitasen
I agree @thesushmitasen completely nailed the role I can say she is a hero material now more then a female lead star .....kudos
I love how you said it jaan meri!!!👏🤗😍❤️ Thank you!! I love you loads!!!!
Can I just say, I am in love with you & your voice!!!😍👏🤗🎵Kya baat hai!!!❤️ And then add to it the look of #Aarya 😄👊😉 Aap Bade Achche Lagte Hain!!😁 Big applause from #TeamAarya @RamKMadhvani 😁❤️
Loved Aarya on @DisneyPlusHS. This is an old song (sung by Amit Kumar) that plays as a central theme on the show. Aarya’s look is crucial to a pivotal scene too. Here’s me attempting her look singing Aarya and Tej’s favourite love song Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. @thesushmitasen
You all are a gift in my life, from a very loving God!!🙏❤️😍 Uffff overwhelmed!!! Thank you @Saakey7 @t2telegraph These are not words, they are love!!! Moved me to tears..again!!❤️ #duggadugga
Replying to @Saakey7 @t2telegraph and 2 others
You moved me to tears!!!! Thank you!!!!😍❤️😊🤗 #overwhelmed #Aarya 🙏
Hotstar Specials Aarya has all the ingredients of a gripping thriller. But it is in Sushmita Sen's lead that the show unleashes its claws. What a comeback!! Give us season 2 already 🔥🔥

@thesushmitasen @MakersWomenIN
@RamKMadhvani @DisneyPlusHS…
Replying to @Sutrishna12 @MakersWomenIN and 2 others
You’re such an all heart lady!!!🤗❤️😊 Thank you soooooo much!!! #Aarya #TeamAarya 💃🏻
Loved the interview @KomalNahta 👏😁❤️ Great seeing you after so long!!! Thank you for your appreciation & this conversation!!! Much love, #Aarya @RamKMadhvani 🤗💃🏻
People are going nuts about Disney+ Hotstar’s ‘Aarya’ and about Sushmita Sen’s portrayal of the titular character. So here are Sush and director Ram Madhvani in conversation with me.

#AaryaWebSeries @thesushmitasen #RamMadhvani @DisneyPlusHS
Taken to heart!!!🤗❤️ Thank you so much @AniGuha #Aarya has definitely been a lesson in balance for me!!!😊🤗 made possible by @RamKMadhvani @sandeep_modi @vinod_rawat 😍 Lots of love!!!!
In reply to @AniGuha
Things I have fallen in love with (again): Balika Badhu’s ‘Bade achhe lagte hain’, and @thesushmitasen. Sen exudes everything we already associate with her: magnetism, fierceness, style. But #Aarya required a tightrope between vulnerable and steely, and she walks it with aplomb.
Is it possible to be nostalgic already @ManishC_Actor 🙈🤗❤️ Cause I definitely am Sir!!! What a journey indeed!!👏 Thank you for being such a solid support, the BEST antagonist to drive the protagonist 👊😇 Only our TRX session still pending!!😁 Lots of love ALWAYS!! #Aarya
In reply to @thesushmitasen
@thesushmitasen it’s funny how things unfold and become clearer with time. And I wouldn’t change a thing!!Thank you @mid_day for the article!! Take a look if you want some to know what went into #aarya ❤️ Big big love!!
Ghani Ghani Khamma Sa @jazzrajpurohit 😀🤗Thank you sooooo much Sir ji, for the heartwarming appreciation & for gracing ‘Aarya’ as the inimitable #BhaironSingh 👏😁❤️ My priviledge to work with you!!!🙏 Love & Regards!! 🤗 #Cherished #Aarya
In reply to @thesushmitasen
@thesushmitasen Khama ghani Hukum 😊 blown away by ur performance & presence. Aapke siva koi aur Aarya ho hi nahi sakti thee .Was a privilege to work with u... Thank u for the warmth & love showered on me which I carry as great memories of #AARYA ♥️😊 -- Bhairon Singh
Ah the moments bro @AnkBhatia 👊😍👏 I definitely trust you😁❤️ but Aarya...hmmmm🧐😄 Miss you!!! #Aarya 🤗😁💃🏻
“If you don’t trust me, Shoot Me!”
Have you watched #Aarya yet?
All episodes streaming now on @disneyplushotstarvip @sushmitasen47 ♥️💪 @OfficialRMFilms #sangram
❤️😁👊 The love & warmth is palpable!!! Thank you all so sooooo much!!! #TeamAarya @adgully @RamKMadhvani @DisneyplusHSVIP #memes 😁💃🏻
Social media tips its hat to Sushmita Sen’s Aarya avatar with memes

@thesushmitasen @DisneyplusHSVIP…
Absolutely brilliant 😄👏👏❤️👊 You guys rock @yuvikachoudhary @momo_mohsin @Divyanka_T @NakuulMehta 😍😄 (whistles) @RamKMadhvani @DisneyplusHSVIP #AARYADIALOGUEBAAZI 👊😁💋
Aap ke favourite TV stars ne dikhaaya hai unka badass side! Kya aap unko takkar de sakte hain? Recreate your favourite dialogue from #Aarya and don't forget to tag us.
@yuvikachoudhary @momo_mohsin @Divyanka_T @NakuulMehta

"Itne bade ho kar student? disgusting!"

"Itni chhoti ho kar teacher?

How could I not start this little series with "Major Ram & Ms Chandni' - the dreamiest chemistry the golden screen has ever seen.

I hope y'all like it 😅

@iamsrk @thesushmitasen
😄👊yeh baat @chadhashiva #AARYADIALOGUEBAAZI ❤️
In reply to @thesushmitasen
Watch this mam. Just recreate ur dialogue in my way. 😊
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