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Last 50 tweets from @TinaTchen
If you are scared or angry today remember it in November and vote like your life or the life of someone you love depends on it because it does And vote for Democrats because it is clear which party supports abortion rights and which will enact bans whenever they can #RoeVsWade
Guns now have more rights than women. And Justice Thomas clearly says they are not going to stop with our right to control our own bodies as the rights they plan to take away from us. We must fight back. #BansOffOurBodies
Abortion is a human right and politicians should never intervene with our decisions about our bodies. We join those across the country in our grief and determination. Don't wait to take action. Pledge to join our fight at

#BansOffOurBodies #WeWontGoBack
The world changed 50 years ago for gender equity with the enactment of #TitleIX50 Think about womens sports, women in science, women in space, women in politics Title IX have is the equity con education to make this progress possible
Today marks the 50th anniversary of #TitleIX — the landmark decision that made protections against sex-based discrimination a federal civil right.

Title IX is widely known as a law about athletics, but it is so much more than that...
Marching against gun violence in Detroit yesterday with ⁦@231egrandblvd⁩ where Bishop ⁦@bonnieaperry⁩ declared “It is a sin not to act on gun safety laws while people die” We need to act now #silencetheviolence
This is huge! Congratulations @stephanievalenc and @JessLivMo for your vision and leadership as media moguls!
🧵on some exciting news @JessLivMo and I are launching The Latino Media Network serving the Latino community by helping them make sense of the world and their place in it.
This is a huge win for equal pay and sets an example for other sports and businesses. Congrats to @USWNTPlayers for fighting for this landmark agreement! #equalpay
Breaking News: U.S. Soccer and its top men’s and women’s players have agreed to landmark labor deals that guarantee equal pay and shared World Cup prize money.
This is such a huge loss for all of us. So grateful tonight for everything Urv did her whole life
We should all be so lucky to have even 1% of the positive impact on the world that Urvashi Vaid did, and in a life cut short today.

Vision, commitment, brilliance — yes, but her relentless persistence to see it through was truly rare.

God bless you, Urv. A life so well lived.
Tina Tchen Retweeted ·  
In reply to @MichelleObama
So when you get home from marching, check your voter registration status with @WhenWeAllVote and encourage others to do the same at
Home - When We All Vote
In reply to @gauragDC
Oh no! This is a huge loss for all of us. Thanks @gauragDC for remembering her so warmly
We hear you! Marching now! #BansOffOurBodies
Across the country, Americans are standing up for abortion rights—and I’m proud of everyone making their voices heard. Join a march near you:
This crew has been marching for gender equity for 50 years and we are doing it again today. It is critical now to march, vote and make our voices heard! #BansoffOurBodies@USOWomen⁩ ⁦@WhenWeAllVote
Thank you @FLOTUS for spending your Mother’s Day supporting the mothers and children of Ukraine. Caring for others is what Mother’s Day is all about. #StandWithUkraine #MothersDay
On this Mother’s Day, my heart is with you, First Lady Olena Zelenska, and all of the brave and resilient mothers of Ukraine.
Mrs. Robinson was a rock for all of us in the White House and I learned so much about being a mom from her example. This is a great tribute. Happy Mother’s Day @MichelleObama and her mom!
From an early age, my mom, Marian Robinson, taught me how to think for myself, use my own voice, and understand my own worth.

Ahead of #MothersDay, I’m proud to announce that the “Opening the White House” exhibit at the Obama Presidential Center will be named after her. 💕
Congrats to @jrpsaki for your incredible work bringing truth and credibility back to the WH podium and to @KJP46 who will be an inspiring successor bringing grace strength and eloquence to the press room!
Lots to say about how grateful I am to @POTUS and @FLOTUS and the Biden family for trusting me to serve as @PressSec and plenty of time before my last day to share, but today is about @KJP46 so a few thoughts on this remarkable woman who will soon be behind the podium every day.
This says it all. Thank you @BarackObama and this is the time to get out and vote for Congress, for state houses, especially for state legislators. Now! #RoeVWade #BansOffOurBodies
Here’s my statement with Michelle on the draft Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
As Jeremy Raskin just said on @maddow if this opinion becomes law of the land not just abortion but contraception will not be protected and a Handmaids Tale regime will be constitutional. This cannot stand #SCOTUS #abortionrights #
Breaking News: The Supreme Court has privately voted to strike down Roe v. Wade, according to a leaked draft of its majority opinion published by Politico.
This report needs to be seen by everyone. We cannot turn our eyes away from the heroism and tragedy in Ukraine. Thank you @RichardEngel and @MSNBC for airing this tonight
Richard Engel reports on the ground in Ukraine, shining a light on the Ukrainian people as they fight in the face of war and destruction. Watch "On Assignment with Richard Engel: Ukraine: Freedom or Death," Friday at 10pm ET on @MSNBC and streaming on @PeacockTV
🚨 HISTORIC: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is now JUSTICE Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first Black woman confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Never thought I’d repeat something from @NRO but even they recognize how ridiculous Cotton’s criticism is of Judge Jackson Brown just reinforcing how important a step forward it is for our country to see her join SCOTUS. #ConfirmJudgeJackson #wehaveherback
Replying to @CapehartJ
Congratulations Jonathan! Your voice is so important and so needed in these times!
Unbelievable game! Who says Women’s games aren’t exciting! Best game of men’s and Women’s #MarchMadness
What a heartbreaking loss just at the moment the world needs her wise and fierce leadership Madeleine Albright showed us what it means to be an outspoken advocate and role model for women’s leadership and was always warm and generous even to newbies which I was when we first met.
As we watch such devastating news around the world here is a reminder of the progress democracy can achieve. I look forward to watching Judge Brown Jackson on her path to SCOTUS… #KetanjiBrownJackson #WeHaveHerBack #buildingbacktogether
Three months into this year and only now will women overall make what men made last year and for women of color it will take longer. On this #EqualPayDay we need to commit to do better. @WhiteHouseGPC @POTUS
Tomorrow, to mark #EqualPayDay we will be hosting a virtual summit that will highlight what we’re doing to make equal pay a reality for all Americans. 
Watch live here📺:
On this International Women’s Day let’s remember the women and girls in conflict zones around the world from Ukraine to Afghanistan to the Congo to Myanmar. #InternationalWomensDay2022
Tina Tchen Retweeted ·  
On International Women’s Day, we recognize the achievements of women and girls around the world. As we celebrate the progress we’ve made, let’s recommit ourselves to the work that remains to deliver the full measure of equity, dignity, and opportunity due to all women and girls.
It’s #WomensHistoryMonth Time to remember and reflect but also time to renew our commitment to doing more for all our women and girls. Grateful for all the work of @POTUS and @WhiteHouseGPC
Happy Women’s History Month! This month provides an opportunity to honor the generations of trailblazing women and girls who have built our Nation and recommit to our work to advance gender equity and equality. Read the @POTUS proclamation here⬇️…
This is an outstanding nomination of a lawyer and judge with exceptional qualifications and intellect. And it is historic. @POTUS has shown real leadership here #SCOTUS
I’m proud to announce that I am nominating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the Supreme Court. Currently serving on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, she is one of our nation’s brightest legal minds and will be an exceptional Justice.
Thank you @USWNTPlayers for standing tall and fighting for the equal pay and respect you deserve. This is a victory for you and for all working women fighting for equal pay!
USWNTPA statement re: equal pay lawsuit settlement contingent on ratifying a new CBA
Thank you @ItsOnUs and @Snapchat for this important new tool to help make our campuses safe for everyone!
🎉 Exciting news from It's On Us! 🎉

Today we're announcing an exciting partnership with @Snapchat! We're working together to help students keep each other safe and combat campus sexual assault.

Take the pledge 👉🏾
And check out Snap's new safety tool 👇🏾
Thank you #NewRadicals for supporting @WhenWeAllVote These vinyls will go fast! And all to help spread the word on how important it is to register and vote!
Thanks for the 🎸 love, @billboard! Together with Gregg Alexander of the iconic 90s band #NewRadicals @WhenWeAllVote has released signed, limited-edition vinyl recordings of “You Get What You Give" ➡️…
This journey did look improbable that day! Our finance committee was so small we all fit in one living room the next evening. But it’s even more important today to be inspired by the hope and opportunity of that campaign and what we can achieve together #Obama08
It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since I stood in front of the Old Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, and announced my candidacy for President. At the time, our campaign was viewed as a longshot—historic perhaps, but unlikely to end in the White House.
Thank you @GretchenCarlson for your tireless work on this.
Not sure how well I’ll sleep tonight before heading to DC bright and early to try and change the world for all women in the workplace. The bill I’ve been fighting for to stop silencing women who’ve been harassed/assaulted goes to the Senate floor late morning ET. Game changer.
Today is the day to dedicate ourselves for all of 2022 to push for #VotingRights and to register and get millions of voters to the polls in this critical elections year! Join @WhenWeAllVote and @MichelleObama to do this!
Happy birthday to a great inspiration and forever boss!
🎂 Happy birthday, @MichelleObama!

Thank you for your leadership at the Obama Foundation and helping inspire the next generation of leaders who are eager to do their part to build a more equitable world.
As @BarackObama said this was one of the most painful days we had in the Obama White House. These beatific faces need to be honored and remembered and we must do more to truly honor them by taking action. #SandyHook #EndGunViolence
9 years ago, 26 lives were taken from in the mass shooting at #SandyHook Elementary School.

We will never forget. And we must not stop fighting until we fix the broken gun laws in the United States.

Tina Tchen Retweeted ·  
Nine years ago was one of the darkest days of my presidency. Today we remember the children and adults who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, and the families who have endured so much grief.
This is historic and will transform the lives of working families, especially women, with national paid leave FINALLY and the largest investment in child care ever. Thank you @POTUS and @SpeakerPelosi and so many others. Now we need the Senate to pass #BuildBackBetterAct
With the House passage of #BuildBackBetter, we are one step closer to guaranteeing #PaidLeave for all workers and strengthening our care infrastructure. Now the Senate must act on this historic opportunity to invest in women, families, and the economy by passing this bill.
Honored to join @gloriasteinem, @adriennemaree, @nguyen_amanda to discuss the critical issues facing women today and we can all do to create change together. I hope you'll join us on @MasterClass!……
These investments are critical and we need #BuildBackBetter enacted now. But we are sending @POTUS to the G20 summit as the only country that still does not have a national paid leave policy. Working families also need #PaidLeave and we must recommit to fight for it
I ran for president saying it was time to rebuild the backbone of this nation – the middle class.

That’s exactly what my Build Back Better Framework is going to do.
In 2016 our Obama White House Council on Women and Girls held a conference on the need to address gendered toys for kids. And now this! Change takes time but it happens! Thanks ⁦@ValerieJarrett⁩ ⁦@jbrooks_usow⁩!

Toy Brands Take On Bias
This is a comprehensive vision for gender equity here and around the globe. It’s the road map we need to build a better future! Thanks to @POTUS @VP @WhiteHouseGPC @JKlein46 for your leadership!
Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released the first-ever National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality.…
The best! Congrats and thank you to a great team! Who says women’s sports aren’t exciting! #ChicagoSky
This one is for you, Chicago. 🏆

The Chicago Sky are your 2021 WNBA Champions.
YES @Alyssa_Milano @saribethrose We need the ERA now! Women are not in the Constitution and we are behind the rest of the world I’ve been working for passage for 40 years and NOW is the tome! #ERAnow
In reply to @saribethrose
There is going to be a hybrid hearing at 10AM ET on Thursday 10/21 hosted by the Committee on Oversight & Reform to support the passing of Equal Rights Amendment #ERANOW. You can tune in & watch! 2/
And #ObamaMemories wouldn’t be complete without these two heroes sharing a moment in the Beast. Thank you ⁦@BillieJeanKing⁩ and ⁦@BarackObama⁩ for changing the world!
To ⁦@ValerieJarrett⁩ This is one of my most treasured #ObamaMemories of all on AF1 the day SCOTUS made marriage equality the letter of the land. ⁦@BrianKBond⁩ you helped make that happen what are your memories?
I love your memories ⁦@ValerieJarrett⁩ So many to choose from, so little space in one tweet! Here’s our East Wing team in our college gear for ⁦@ReachHigher⁩! #ObamaMemories
I am grateful for Times Up, and the time I’ve had.
In reply to @TinaTchen
5/ As we move forward, we will continue in our work to contend with longstanding, entrenched patriarchy, in ways that are informed by those who are the closest to those harms.
Replying to @TinaTchen
6/6 We’re committed to rebuilding trust and leading responsibly in ways that honor and center the very people we want to serve. We will have more to share in the coming days. Read the full statement:…
In reply to @TinaTchen
4/ As The New York Times notes, we are hiring an outside, independent expert to lead us in structuring an open and collaborative impact review process that will proceed in multiple phases, and include input from survivors, supporters, critics and partners.
Replying to @TinaTchen
5/ As we move forward, we will continue in our work to contend with longstanding, entrenched patriarchy, in ways that are informed by those who are the closest to those harms.
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