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Last 50 tweets from @tomscheck
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
In reply to @ddale8
Here's the original tweet and the replacement tweet.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Trump's campaign manager tweeted a dramatic photo of Air Force One at Daytona, saying ".@realDonaldTrump won the #Daytona500 before the race even started."

The shot was of George W. Bush's plane leaving in 2004. Parscale deleted three hours later.鈥
In reply to @dbrauer
Really good read.
Replying to @keull @dbrauer
It鈥檚 a fantastic book.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
A "must read" from @hannahdreier

"This kind of information sharing was part of a Trump administration strategy that is technically legal but which professional therapy associations say is a profound violation of patient confidentiality."鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Journalism can be terrible to its elders. Their bylines fade or they're bought out or quietly retire. When they stop the presses do not. Blatch is giving that idea the finger. She demands tribute. Thought about flashing people, but wrote this instead.鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Tune in now to 89.3 @KPCC to hear @a_mendelson talk about his deep dive into a rental empire centered in some of SoCal's lowest income area -- and troubles that many tenants endure. Disease, danger, and worse.鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
In a rare admission, @CBPMarkMorgan says American citizens of Iranian descent should not have been detained at the U.S.-Canada border last month -- the agency's first public acknowledgment of this. @RepJayapal calls @CBP response insufficient. My story.鈥
Customs chief says agents erred in detaining Iranians at U.S.-Canada border
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
DOJ will backtrack on its request that longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone get up to nine years in prison, a senior department official said Tuesday, contradicting its own federal prosecutors in a highly unusual and politically charged move:鈥
Justice Department to backtrack on request to give Roger Stone up to 9 years in prison
In reply to @Stowydad
Social media favors speed over accuracy.
Replying to @CallaghanPeter @Stowydad and 2 others
What is happening? FWIW, my story was accurate, @CallaghanPeter. It may no longer be timely though. Happy first week of session!
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Remember the big Equifax hack in 2017 that compromised data on 145 million Americans? The Justice Department says, and a grand jury in Atlanta agrees, that members of China鈥檚 People鈥檚 Liberation Army are to blame.鈥 via @WSJ
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
鈥淲e smelled strong odors of something decaying, and that smell was coming from the outlets. We thought there was something in between the walls that had died.鈥

It was gas leaking from a pipe servicing a nearby drill site.

via @publicintegrity/@latimes鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Hey folks: I wanted to share something @apmresearch just released that I鈥檓 very proud of:

Our VOTER PROFILE TOOLS, as part of our broader #RepresentingUS project. (Read: A wealth of data to understand the US electorate in interactive @tableau tools.)鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
In reply to @MPRnews
President Trump won impeachment acquittal Wednesday in the U.S. Senate. Read the latest:鈥
Trump impeachment acquittal on track ahead of Senate vote
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Romney not just voting to convict, he鈥檚 ripping Trump anew:

鈥淎n appalling abuse of public trust鈥

鈥淎 flagrant assault鈥 on our elections

鈥淧erhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of ones oath of office that I can imagine."
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Breaking News: "The case was made." Mitt Romney will vote to convict President Trump of abuse of power, the first Republican to support removing him from office in the impeachment trial.
Impeachment Trial Live Updates: Romney Plans Vote to Convict Trump of One Charge
In reply to @tomscheck
So basically if more people turn out for you but in fewer places you lose? Even if you have more voters? What's the thinking on that?
Replying to @Aaron_Glantz @BernieSanders and 1 otherfalse
I can't interpret their thinking but it's like winning the electoral college but losing the popular vote. The goal is to win delegates that could determine the winner of a state or national convention. In this instance they both can declare victory.
In reply to @Aaron_Glantz
Each precinct caucus is given a certain number of delegates so you can swamp a site w thousands but only get a certain amount of delegates. Those who voted for candidates not meeting the % threshold can also move to other candidates.
Replying to @tomscheck @Aaron_Glantz and 2 others
For example, the map on this site shows Sanders getting huge support in certain population areas but Buttigieg having a wider level of support across the state.鈥
I am legitimately confused.

Is it the case that (so far at least) @BernieSanders got more votes but @PeteButtigieg is winning in Iowa?

And, if so, how?

Thanks for your answers!
Replying to @Aaron_Glantz @BernieSanders and 1 otherfalse
Each precinct caucus is given a certain number of delegates so you can swamp a site w thousands but only get a certain amount of delegates. Those who voted for candidates not meeting the % threshold can also move to other candidates.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
The Iowa Democratic Party said it expects to release data later today after manually verifying its data against paper backups鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
President Trump is prone to exaggeration and sometimes fiction. If his past speeches to Congress are prologue, buyer beware. An early fact check of some subjects likely to come up in his #StateOfTheUnion鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
The two leaders of Milwaukee's host committee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention have been placed on leave pending an investigation into allegations that they oversaw a toxic work environment鈥
Democratic convention host committee leaders put on leave
Never forget
The @Eagles unleashed the Philly Special two years ago today 馃

(via @NFL)
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
鈥淒r. Octopus, he鈥檚 got all those legs,鈥 Andy Reid said, motioning with his fingers. 鈥淚 was thinking of how many things were involved in that year. Losing my son. . . the things that happened here. 鈥 Yeah, there are a lot of legs to this.鈥鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Andy Reid winning a Super Bowl is technically an Eagles victory
In reply to @tomscheck
Totally forgot
Maybe it was the Eagles and not Andy Reid (cc: @tomscheck and @coreyschreppel )
Two years ago. Never forget.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, has retired from the State Department.

She was abruptly removed from her post in May 2019 and was a key witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
Very excited to share this life update: After 4.5 years with @tpt and more than 3 with @Rewire_dot_org, I will be joining the @MPRNews with @AngelaDavisMPR team as an associate producer. I'm over the moon and I can't wait to get started in February. Send me your MN story ideas!
Replying to @katecmoritz @tpt and 3 others
Hey there. Congratulations and welcome to the big maroon.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
#PoliticsFriday returns each Friday at 11 starting TOMORROW on @MPRnews, hosted by @MPRsMikeMulcahy. Call in with your questions for @GovTimWalz:
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Days after the #rochmn Civic Theater's ED resigned, city officials want to know more about an undisclosed $300K loan the theater took out last fall to cover personnel expenses...and why it too so long for the theater to pay back $10k in grant money.鈥
Days after directors resignation, Rochester Civic Theatre finances under scrutiny
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
A judge ruled the Nobles County Sheriff's Office can't keep jail inmates in custody for immigration officials after those inmates are eligible for release in state cases.鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Some teenagers are switching from Juul to disposable e-cigarettes still available in flavors like Cherry Crush and Unicorn, thanks to a loophole in the F.D.A.鈥檚 new flavor ban
Its Rampant: Disposable Flavor Pods Are the New Thing in Vaping
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
In reply to @AP
@AP investigative reporter @robinmcdowell on @MPRnews discussing the @AP/@MPRnews investigation into the case of a Minnesota man who may have been wrongfully convicted as a teen. Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar was the prosecutor:
In Klobuchar's past, questions linger about a teen jailed for life
This editorial cites our analysis of the politicization of transportation grant funding鈥
How Congress, Trump and Obama played favorites with transportation money
Trump and his Republican enablers believe the power of the presidency exists to reward the loyal, not the deserving. It鈥檚 not just foreign aid鈥攖hey鈥檙e doling out farm and transportation aid to red states with seemingly little regard for merit.鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Journalists don鈥檛 sit down with senior officials to score political points. We do it in the service of asking tough questions, on behalf of our fellow citizens. And then sharing the answers鈥攐r lack thereof鈥攚ith the world.

My take for @NYT:
Opinion | Pompeo Called Me a Liar. Thats Not What Bothers Me.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
WHCA statement on State Department action against NPR
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
In reply to @apmreports
Previously, @tomscheck has looked at Klobuchar's time as a prosecutor. She relied on grand juries to charge cops 鈥 seen today as avoiding accountability 鈥 and shied from getting between police and diverse communities during a violent time in Minneapolis.鈥
Klobuchar didn't prosecute controversial police killings or brutality cases as a county attorney
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Amy Klobuchar has told a story throughout her political career: A little girl killed by a stray bullet while doing homework in her dining room. It was Klobuchar's office that put Tyesha Edwards' killer behind bars.

But what if Myon Burrell is innocent?鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Amy Klobuchar's office successfully prosecuted the case of a black teen accused in the shooting death of a girl. But an @AP investigation has uncovered new evidence and inconsistencies, raising questions about whether Myon Burrell was wrongfully convicted鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Emails support NPR host after Pompeo calls her a liar in setting up contentious interview鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Kobe Bryant was killed Sunday in a helicopter crash, as first reported by TMZ and confirmed by @wojespn.

He was 41.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
The @latimes has dropped the paywall for our coverage of Kobe鈥檚 death and legacy. If you value this kind of work, please consider supporting it with a subscription.
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
"Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?" Pompeo's remarkable exchange with 鈦@NPRKelly鈦, one of the absolute best journalists in the business.鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Transcript: NPR's Full Interview With Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
The coda to @NPRKelly's interview with @SecPompeo is shocking. As described on @npratc: He screamed, swore at her, and said she couldn't find Ukraine on a map. He ordered staffers to bring a blank map. She pointed to Ukraine and thanked him for his time.鈥
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
NPR's @NPRKelly tells @arishapiro this about Mike Pompeo interview: "I was taken to the Secretary's private living room where he was waiting and where he shouted at me for about same amount of time as the interview itself. He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine."
Tom Scheck Retweeted 路  
Documents requested by MinnPost under the MN Data Practices were improperly/illegally erased by the Department of Corrections. Kind of makes it harder to cover the government.
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