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Last 50 tweets from @troilous
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Gem from an old Soviet propaganda textbook: Return of the Jedi is the final act in an insidious capitalist plot to militarize space.
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1,045 1,775
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
@mihirssharma China is free to sail where it wishes; I don't think the Indian Navy can do much other than observe these deployments, as it's doing, and build up its own presence and reach.
1 3
using Blockchain technology to cure my baldness
0 1
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
The free fall of our Banking System started exactly after Modi took over. And it is getting worse by the day. The chowkidar turned out to be totally inept. #ModiRobsIndia
65 50
cited in my midterm paper.......
Probably the most clever use of open source imint I've ever seen
12 21
0 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Best believe it: Telugu characters are here to f/w the world.
2 1
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
My @livemint column on the credibility crisis of India's elite institutions.

We used to worry about India's lower limbs and extremities. Now, I argue, it's time to worry about the elite head perched at the top
  · TweetDeck · en
34 51
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Even setting the awful Hindu chauvinism aside, the Modi government is utterly devoid of imagination on the crucial question of work beyond the dull dogma of its NRI-type backers.

True leaders envision genuine possibilities rooted in realities at home, not the buzzwords at Davos.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
2 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Did IAF win 1971 war? Pak scholar says no. Ex-Indian Navy chief says debate with facts, writes former Chief of the Naval Staff - Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd) @arunp2810

  · TweetDeck · en
6 5
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Oh and BY THE WAY, the coming wave of tech job losses to automation will begin in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The outsourcing process is highly amenable to AI conversion.

So. Yeah.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
1 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
This is absolutely, 100% a thing that Gray Eagle drones *cannot* do.

They are, as things go, slow, loud, and designed only to operate where anti-air defenses aren't.
  · Twitter Lite · en
45 80
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Pic 1. Tinfoil hat tweet. Pic 2: OPCW inspectors literally doing what tinfoil hat guy says they didn’t do
19 22
ethos of ‘loyalty and self sacrifice’ instead of bourgeois intellectualism
"The whole ethos of the RSS organisation and ideology is starved of anything cerebral and creative, as they have consciously decided to not to grow mentally and philosophically." Absolutely true.…
497 1,127
0 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
@RAFTyphoonTeam @airtattoo @DefenceHQ Only when you see the world pass by do you realise how fast your travelling...
831 1,695
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
In Ghouta east of Damascus today, according to UOSSM: 72 air strikes. 97 people killed. 500 injured. 5 hospitals hit. It’s one of the bloodiest days in Syria in 7 years of war, says UOSSM (Union of Medical Care & Relief Organizations).
585 164
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
For some context, this has been planned for years now, since at least 2012 when I first got there.

Getting this capability into place took a long time, which shows you how the world can change while these projects mature.
26 41
Ugh! Is cruelty towards and contempt of all, so perceived, "lesser" beings embedded in the majority of Indian psyches? A manifestation of the caste system which emboldens some to assuage their wretchedness and to establish their authority over those unable to retaliate. @AnaMyID
5 8
Replying to @ecclectist :
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Latvian state TV: Central bank chief is released on bail, rejects allegations pending bribery investigation.
  · SocialFlow · en
43 56
contrast the dignity with Andhra’s begging........
Our Govt has actively pursued this project with Ministry of Railways, and has contributed 60% of the total project cost.

The Mysuru-Bengaluru line will significantly reduce travel time between the two cities & benefit our people. #NavaKarnatakaNirmana
236 831
0 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Another fun fact: Indira G had appointed R. Venkataraman as Defence and Home minister in her cabinet, who later became President of India and gave assent to the Prasar Bharati Act, by which Prasar Bharati came into force, where u r craving to get a job. 😂
206 253
Given their prior experience in Mogadishu , assuming wouldn’t be deployed to Yemen for a ‘peace keeping’ mission
Pakistan's defence minister "said a total of 1,000 Pakistani troops are being sent to [Saudi Arabia] on a training mission. He said 1,600 Pakistani soldiers are already stationed in Saudi Arabia". Declines to say where they'll end up.…
13 13
0 0
These were solar modules of a 100 MW plant being destroyed in Chalisgaon, Maharashtra. #JaiMaharastra
  · Twitter for iPad · en
15 8
Replying to @ibnebattuta :
@ibnebattuta Any source for the 100 MW claim ?
0 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Media, Right-Wing Parties Linking Rohingya to Militant Attack Without Evidence, Refugees Allege | Auqib Javeed reports from Jammu… via @thewire_in
7 19
Chilkur Balaji temple would be a nice place despite the bourgie crowds if the chief priest can manage to ease back on his propaganda drivel
0 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
This is an excellent piece on Indo-Canadian relations with regards to Sikhs. (via @SSBhogal)…
8 27
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Bullpup Pecheneg in Syria [660x360 g - #army #military
  · IFTTT · en
6 11
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Japan's most famous bridge, Nihonbashi, Tokyo, the point from which all distances in the country are measured and the start of the Go-kaido (the famed five post roads)
L to R: today, buried under the Metropolitan Expressway; 1930; 1912; c. 1839 (Utagawa Hiroshige I print)
131 339
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
This seems more like an Instagram promotion event than free speech promotion event.
1 3
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Amazing story of the revival of Pawnee Eagle Corn - Grown by native Americans, thought to be extinct. One family had saved last 50 kernels taken with them when they were exiled from Nebraska to Oklahoma in the 1870s. “It tastes like almonds with cream”…
  · Twitter for iPad · en
2,807 5,616
cc : Poland
Catholic church model made of wood was burned in Russia as the part of the orthodox celebration
. , , (2018)
0 0
0 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Chinese-made CH-4 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles Operated By Iraqi Military (Video, Photos)
  · · en
13 24
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
It's an open secret the footage of the ambush in Niger is on the market for a few thousand dollars. Inexplicably, the footage in the hands of a supposed Islamic State branch in Niger is not part of some official propaganda release yet. After almost five months. Severed links?
19 23
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
An underappreciated quality of Chomsky among his unacknowledged flaws is that he's pretty funny.
5 42
BAT ATTEMPT FOILED BY ARMY IN GULPUR AREA ONE TERRORIST KILLED.Alert troops noticed some movement and immediately engaged group with effective fire. one armed intruder was killed and at least two others sustained grievous injuries and were seen returning back towards Pak post.
2 5
Replying to @manishmedia :
@manishmedia are those tubes for the RPG rounds ?
0 0
wonder how pro-BJP outlets are procuring ‘damning evidence’ of opposition figures buying jewellery ....... selective leaks by ED ?
. @TimesNow should be ashamed of itself. PMO, FM & CBI slept & let a fugitive accused of robbing Rs. 11,500 cr of people’s money run away & you are going after people who bought jewellery from him, SHOs who did not execute warrants & landlords who had given their property on rent
608 1,008
1 1
Single most biggest beneficiary of the demo exercise ?
#BREAKING How Nirav Modi mocked DeMo move: Sources say, Jeweller helped high profile clients exchange unaccounted cash worth 90 cr on a single day after Nov 8, 2016. Dubious sales to 5200 persons on a single day after DeMo. They backdated sales vouchers to duck sales during DeMo
1,487 1,344
1 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
DMK working president @mkstalin opposes 15th Finance Commission using 2011 population data to calculate funds distributions to states.@timesofindia @arivalayam @TRBRajaa @ptrmadurai
27 42
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
big ACTION #Sinabung today Feb 19th 2018.
75 95
Turnover could be from value addition to rough stones........
Why would a company dealing in jewels with turnover of 2000 crores keep stock of 5000 crores.
  · Twitter Lite · en
139 319
0 1
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
At a time when the University of Mumbai is set to have an Artificial Intelligence institute, six different satyanarayan pujas are being held on its campus every year. Ironically one such puja took place at the Mahatma Phule Bhavan on a working day. @Uni_Mumbai @TawdeVinod
4 3
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Interesting media strategy by @siddaramaiah, issuing ads of Karnataka’s 60% contribution to the doubling and electrification of Mysore-Bangalore railway line, to stymie @narendramodi and BJP from claiming credit for it.
100 194
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
If I can’t have an AR-15, how can I teach my son about the important character building aspects of hunting, like setting up a base of small arms fire in order to suppress a deer before my assault element clears through the objective
1,100 5,400
hope sussukumar could explain the redistributive logic behind Kerala or Tamil Nadu subsidising richer states like MH or Gujarat
0 0
NATO stole my baby Retweeted ·  
Brilliant story! China talking to Baloch separatist militants in #Pakistan for past 5 years to protect its $60 billion (RPT billion) investment in CPEC 'belt + road' economic corridor @farhanbokhari…
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