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Last 50 tweets from @US_CYBERCOM
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Happy 232nd birthday, U.S. Coast Guard! ⚓ 🇺🇸 🎂

Today we celebrate the Coast Guard’s 232 years of honorable and courageous service to the Nation! This year's theme is "Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future".
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
#USSTRATCOM’s enduring strength is the commitment to #StrategicDeterrence demonstrated every day, everywhere by our 150,000 professionals, coming together from all walks of life to guarantee the security of our Nation and our Allies, because Peace is our Profession…
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Happening Now! 16th Air Force (AFCYBER) change of command ceremony!
🚨 #Breaking @CNMF_CyberAlert publicly disclosed 20 indicators of compromise in collaboration with @servicessu. Our Ukrainian partners discovered these IOCs in their networks. We continue to have a strong #partnership in #cybersecurity between our two nations. 🇺🇦🇺🇸
Replying to @US_CYBERCOM
Why do IOCs matter? IOCs are evidence of possible intrusions on a host system or network, and act as digital forensics for network defenders of a potential breach. Find out more:…
Cyber National Mission Force discloses IOCs from Ukrainian networks
🚨 #Breaking @CNMF_CyberAlert publicly disclosed 20 indicators of compromise in collaboration with @servicessu. Our Ukrainian partners discovered these IOCs in their networks. We continue to have a strong #partnership in #cybersecurity between our two nations. 🇺🇦🇺🇸
🇺🇦🇺🇸Ukrainian partners are actively sharing malicious activity with us to bolster collective cybersecurity, as we share w/them. Thanks to close collaboration with @servicessu, we are disclosing IOCs associated w/malware recently found in Ukrainian networks
#ICYMI 🇦🇺🇺🇸 #PartnershipsMatter
It was an honor to host our #Australian allies during a visit by @RichardMarlesMP from @DefenceAust. We engaged in discussions on improving joint collaboration, the value of our alliance & how our nations are facing today’s #cyber challenges together. #AllianceinAction #Mateship
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
The Maryland National Guard enhanced partnership and capabilities in a recent cyber seminar with the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Get the full story and other Army #cyber and related news and information, at @mdnationalguard @USNationalGuard
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U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
“...Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...”
On July 4th, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, a document that continues to inspire.

Happy Independence Day!
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Please join us in saluting Col. Benjamin F. Sangster as he begins his command of 780th Military Intelligence Brigade today. Check out photos, video on the brigade Facebook page at, and read the full story at @780thC @ArmyChiefCyber
Japanese Adm. Ryo Sakai, Chief of Staff #JMSDF, visited #CYBERCOM & saw first hand how joint cooperation & partnership continues to strengthen our nations' #cyber defenses. The benefits and readiness of our alliance are visible every day; ensuring a safe & secure #IndoPacific.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
On #PTSD Awareness Day, we recognize the effects post-traumatic stress & promote resources to assist in overcoming. Asking for help is a strength!

24/7 resources: @Military1Source, & the National Suicide Hotline (800-273-8255).
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The 60th Offensive Cyberspace Operations Signal Battalion welcomed new commander Lt Col Charles Walsh at Fort Gordon, Ga., June 24, 2022. For more photos and video visit the Army Cyber Protection Brigade Facebook page at… @CpbHunters
Listen to how the Deputy to the CNMF commander went from growing up in small town California to taking the fight to malicious #cyber actors every day. Ms. Baroody also shared what inspires her to lead, and why diversity is important to #nationalsecurity.
Watch Holly Baroody, Deputy to the Commander, Cyber National Mission Force, @US_CYBERCOM, as she discusses her journey to leadership and finding her voice in the latest “Look Around” spotlight from @NSACyber’s Collaboration Center.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Yesterday, the Cyber Training Battalion re-activated Charlie Co, which had deactivated in late 2020 as EW training moved from Ft Sill to Gordon. Now the "Crows" are back leading 17E AIT Soldiers! @CG_CyberForge @TedMartin1775 @ARCYBER @15thSignal @AOCrows
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Cyber threat actors continue to exploit CVE-2021-44228 (Log4Shell) in VMware Horizon® and Unified Access Gateway (UAG) servers to obtain initial access to networks. With @USCG Cyber Command, we published technical details and mitigation steps:…
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Properly configuring and monitoring PowerShell can yield many benefits, including the ability to detect and prevent abuse by malicious cyber actors. Read our latest report with @CISAgov, @NCSC, and NCSC-New Zealand to find out how.…
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
A huge shout-out and salute to Spc Jason Hernandez and Staff Sgt Olive Benford, the Cyber Protection Brigade's 2022 Soldier and NCO of the Year! Get the full story, as well as other Army #cyber and related news and information, at @CpbHunters
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Not only a historic day for America, but also a historic day for the @USArmy. On this day in 1865, Union Army Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger issued General Order No. 3, informing the people of Texas that "all slaves are free."
This week, we hosted an #IndustryDay to share with companies and academia our cyber, technical & national security challenges; and how partnering with them ensures our operators have the capabilities they need. #Partnerships

Read more:…
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
The @USNavy’s history is full of Sailors with unbreakable spirit who have been tested and pushed to the edge. Yet, they dig deep to tap into resources and sources of strength, to not only thrive themselves but lead others to achieve their full potential.…
Undefeated, This Flag Will Fly: Seaman tackled PTSD to make Master Chief
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Welcome to 16th Air Force Brig. Gen. (Select) Melissa Stone! Stone replaces Brig. Gen. Bradley Pyburn as the deputy commander, responsible for the operations of more than 44,000 personnel conducting worldwide operations.

Welcome to the team Brig. Gen. (Select) Stone! Rise up!
#HOOAH Happy 247th birthday @USArmy. 24/7 – the U.S. Army is ready and able to defend our Nation. @ARCYBER’s #Soldiers are at the leading edge defending our interests and protecting our values in the cyber domain.
Happy birthday @USArmy! Today we celebrate #Army soldiers, past and present, on the 247th #ArmyBday. We appreciate all who answered the call to serve in one of the oldest and longest lasting institutions in America.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
More than 800 National Guard members now training on network defense and incident response during Cyber Shield 2022, the premier annual unclassified #cyber exercise. Get an overview at and more news and photos at… @USNationalGuard

Mari Dugas received a Letter of Appreciation from Gen. Nakasone, @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA, after being the 1st to complete the Student Volunteer Program at the command.

SVP is a new #CYBERCOM pilot talent program for current graduate-level collegiate students.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Review brings Army, DoD technology and communications leaders together to synchronize efforts in continental U.S. Get the story and photos, as well as other Army #cyber and related news and information at @PEOEISPAOffice, @ArmyDCSG6, @ArmyCIO, @USDISA
From May 23-25, #CYBERCOM hosted a Technical Exchange Meeting for the Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture (JCWA). The TEM gathered JCWA stakeholders from across the command & @DeptofDefense to discuss the short & long-term requirements and priorities to achieve JCWA integration.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
PRC sponsored cyber actors have exploited telecommunications and other network service providers to expand targeting worldwide. Our latest report with @CISAgov and @FBI outlines continued general trends and specific TTPs used in this targeting.…
Gen. Kurilla, @CENTCOM commander, visited @US_CYBERCOM to discuss evolving mission priorities & strengthening our partnership. Together, we are working toward protecting #America & our national interests, while supporting our partners in the #CENTCOM region. #CyberIsATeamSport
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Today we remember D-Day and honor all who sacrificed. It is the day that 156, 000 Allied troops landed on five beachheads in Normandy, France. D-Day began Allied operations which would ultimately liberate Western Europe, defeat Nazi Germany and end the Second World War.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Commander Strategic Command participated in the Cyber Commanders Forum hosted by @US_CYBERCOM.
Working with allies to develop robust & responsible cyber capabilities is key to combatting the real & ever changing threats we face in the #cyber domain. #CyberIsATeamSport #UK #US
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
A huge salute to the outstanding 335th Signal Command (Theater) team just finished up its #cyber and #signal support to U.S. Army Europe and Africa during the #Defender 22 exercise series. Get more info and photos at… @ReadyLightning @USArmyEURAF
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Navy Cyber shifts paradigm to further boost network security against adversary probes.
@chinfo @US_CYBERCOM…
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Happy Pride Month from the NSA! We are celebrating all the diverse voices that contribute to our mission because having pride in who you are and what you do is intelligent. #PrideIsIntelligent #GovPRIDE 🌈
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Learn more about the legacy and achievements of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. Army at
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
On #MemorialDay, we remember and honor those we have lost -- and appreciate the opportunity we have to be here now in this great Nation with each other and for each other.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Today we remembered 178 cryptologic professionals who sacrificed their lives in service to this Nation. We honor their courage, patriotism, and dedication to mission. They will not be forgotten.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
We commemorate those who gave their lives in service of this great nation. #HonorThem
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
During #AAPIHeritgeMonth, we celebrate the diverse voices of our workforce, including our Director, @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA. Read his reflections on a number of topics, including his cultural heritage and the importance of diversity & inclusion:…
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Our hearts break for the people of Uvalde, Texas. We cannot assuage the unspeakable grief they are enduring — we know that. But we can endeavor to keep them and the loved ones they lost close to our hearts and deep in our prayers. Today, we are all citizens of Uvalde.
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Learn more about the legacy and achievements of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders in the U.S. Army at…
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Happy birthday @US_CYBERCOM! We’re grateful for 12 years of partnership and look forward to many more 🎂
Today is our 12th #BIRTHDAY!
#OTD in 2010, #CYBERCOM formed when 2 task forces performing #cyberspace operations merged under @US_STRATCOM. We were just a sub-unified command then, but with the evolution of cyber threats, we have grown to a full spectrum Combatant Command.
We’re celebrating all our service members and component commands during #ArmedForcesDay!

Thank you for everything you are doing to “Defend the DoDIN,”execution of their missions around the world, and strengthen our nation's ability to withstand and respond to #cyberattacks.🇺🇸💪
VADM Myers visited his alma mater and mentored NROTC students on May 19, sharing his knowledge, experiences, and providing them advice on how to become successful leaders in a world that is more connected and intertwined than ever before.…
During a visit to @Southcom Gen. Paul M. Nakasone @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA and Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Sheryl D. Lyon held a Town Hall meeting with #CYBERCOM staff assigned to #SOUTHCOM HQ and @jiatfs. They also had the opportunity to recognized their outstanding service members! #Partnerships
Gen. Laura Richardson was honored to host at #SOUTHCOM yesterday @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen. Paul M. Nakasone, who visited to discuss vital matters of #Cybersecurity in Latin America & the Caribbean & to address the Chiefs of Mission Conference. @US_Cybercom
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
More outstanding members of the Army Cyber enterprise! Network Enterprise Technology Command named its top civilian employees and 780th MI Brigade honored a standout NCO leader. Read their stories and other Army #cyber and related news and info at @780thC
U.S. Cyber Command Retweeted ·  
Malicious actors regularly exploit poor security and misconfigurations to gain access to networks. The latest joint release captures what you can do to keep networks safe from these commonly exploited controls and practices.…
Yesterday, we kicked off #ArmedForcesWeek alongside our @NSAGov teammates. This week we’re taking time to celebrate service members & host friendly competitions between #Soldiers, #Sailors, #Marines, #Airmen, #Guardians & Coast Guardsmen to bolster readiness & esprit de corps.
MAJGEN Susan Coyle, Australian Head of Information Warfare @HIW_ADF, met w/ @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA & team to get a first-hand look at #cyber operations. Our strong collaboration & alliance w/ #Australia strengthens our joint cyber defenses & enhances national security #Mateship
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