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Last 50 tweets from @usddio
USDD Retweeted 路  
To safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market, TRON DAO Reserve will mint $170,000,000 #USDC on #TRON.
馃摙 The @defi_sunio LP APY Ranking is out!

#2pool LP (Fixed&Flexible) 45% APY
馃槏 $USDD - $USDT LP V2 (Fixed&Flexible) 49% APY

Stake & Earn NOW with these #USDD Top Pools!

#decentralized #crypto #StableCoin
馃挒Happy Monday馃挒
Starting the fresh week by checking SUN LP APY Rank together馃

馃敟#2pool LP (Fixed+Flexible) APY up to 45%
馃敟#USDD-USDT LP V2 (Fixed+Flexible) APY up to 49%
鉁║SDC-#TRX LP APY up to 47%

Stake on and earn rewards safely馃憦
Get access to everything #USDD with @decryptmedia! 馃攳

From articles to podcasts and interviews, find all #USDD updates at the tip of your fingers and never miss out on the latest news! 馃摪

馃敟 Check out the rollup here:
Tron is making moves in the crypto space, with the launch of its decentralized, over-collateralized stablecoin USDD. Find out how it works on our latest sponsored @trondao rollup.鈥
We are at the TOP! 馃

$USDD / $BUSD 2pool is the first pool on @Ellipsisfi thanks to YOUR voting! 馃槏

Let's keep trading together with #USDD!


#StableCoin #crypto #decentralized #BUSD
1/ Week 31 馃棾 results are out!

Here are the top results of the week鈥檚 voting:
#BNBRenaissance #BNB#BNBChain $EPX
USDD Retweeted 路  
In reply to @Ellipsisfi
2/ and also the APR from those pools馃憞 馃毃2pool -鈥 @usddio $USDD $BUSD
"#USDD will be one of the fundamental pieces of that Web3 economy as currencies evolve.鈥 - @DUhryniak 馃挭

Take a look inside TRON's plan for our future in @decryptmedia's new article! 馃摪

Our Director of Ecosystem Development, @UhryniakDave,聽recently sat down with @decryptmedia to discuss the future goals for #USDD. 馃帣锔

For more on this, just visit the link below! 猬囷笍鈥
Make sure to check out @ConvexFinance to earn even MORE juicy rewards! 馃槏

馃敟 Our USDD+FRAXBP Pool has an APR of up to 36.68% right NOW!

Keep #Staking with #USDD! 馃


#Earn #decentralized #StableCoin
Did you read @decryptmedia's article about #USDD yet? 馃

If not, head over here 馃憞
Be sure to check out The Rollup from @decryptmedia! This edition is all about #TRON and #USDD. 馃殌

For more about top stories, interviews, and podcast appearances regarding #TRON, check out the link below! 猬囷笍鈥
Stake to earn now with #USDD and @CurveFinance!

鉁 $USDD / 3CRV 馃憠 over 44% APR!鈥

鉁 USDDFRAXBP 馃憠 over 22% APR鈥

Keep trading with #USDD! 馃挭

#decentralized #StableCoin #crypto
It's time to #stake & earn with USDD! 馃敟

Our Pools on @CurveFinance have HIGH APRs! 馃

鉁 $USDD / 3CRV 馃憠 over 36% APR!
鉁 USDDFRAXBP 馃憠 over 41% APR

Earn high rewards with #USDD NOW! 馃挵
USDD Retweeted 路  
Introducing $USDD 馃憢
@usddio #USDD is now available to deposit, buy, or spend with Wirex. Welcome to the fam 馃檶
We donut know but we 鉂わ笍 it!
Maybe it's a zero or a donut but either way just a reminder!

Trading Fees On #USDD Pairs!
"I believe as long as we follow the rules with over-collateralization, decentralization, and a real use case, [..] we can really grow the stablecoin to the next level" @justinsuntron

Find out all about #USDD, its use cases, and its mechanism in @decryptmedia's article! 馃憞
In our latest sponsored post from @trondao, we cover TRON's USDD stablecoin and its "compelling use cases" as described by @justinsuntron鈥
USDD Retweeted 路  
We didn鈥檛 create the #stablecoin, but we did create the best way to earn with them

馃捀 $USDD / $FRAX / $USDC: 30% APY

馃捀 $USDD / $DAI / $USDC / $USDT: 29% APY Your stablecoin headquarters

@curvefinance @convexfinance @usddio @inversefinance @fraxfinance
鈿栵笍The price stability of #USDD is maintained through monetary policies adopted by the #TDR based on market conditions.

#USDD enjoys a minimum collateral ratio of 130%. The collateral ratio of #USDD is over 200% now.
#USDD LP APY ranking is out with @defi_sunio! 馃攳

馃敟 2Pool LP (Fixed&Flexible) over 45% APY
馃敟 $USDD / $USDT LP V2 (Fixed&Flexible) over 58%
馃敟 USDD-TRX LP APY over 68%

Head to and start earning NOW! 馃ぉ
馃棑锔廋heck the weekly SUN APY Rank

馃尀#2pool LP (Fixed+Flexible) APY up to 45%
馃尀#USDD-USDT LP V2 (Fixed+Flexible) APY up to 58%
馃敟USDD-#TRX LP V1 APY up to 68%

Simply stake&earn: SUN.io鈽戯笍
At #USDD transparency is key.

Our Collateral Ratio is over 200%, with a total market value of close to $1.47 billion, twice the value of the 725M USDD in circulation. 鉁

You can check our collateral assets at all times on and 馃挭馃徏
馃摙 Last chance to VOTE!

Head over to @VotiumProtocol to support YOUR favorite #USDD Mining Pool NOW! 馃棾锔


All vlCVX participants will share a 99,000 $USDD Pools Reward. 馃槑


#decentralized #USDD #crypto #StableCoin
USDD Retweeted 路  
Take a look at the @MessariCrypto聽report for $USDD. 馃憖

"Nearly 9 billion TRX has been deposited in the first five months since the launch of USDD, totaling 9.7% of the circulating supply." 馃殌

Read the full report below. 猬囷笍鈥
USDD Retweeted 路  
Take a look at this article from @Cointelegraph聽about the @MessariCrypto聽reports for $USDD & #TRON!

"Tron network activity exhibited continued strength after the launch of USDD in May." 馃殌 #TronStrong馃拵

Read the full article below. 猬囷笍鈥
We 鉂わ笍 a HOT TOKEN! 馃敟

馃 USDD is third on @defi_sunio's #SunSwap V2 Liquidity Ranking!

Be a #USDD holder! 馃槑

#decentralized #crypto #StableCoin
馃懆鈥嶐煉籅riefly check the Hot Tokens on #SunSwap V2 in liquidity ranking

4鈨 #NFT
5鈨 #JST
6鈨 #BTT
7鈨 #WIN

Trade the above #TRC20 tokens at: sunswap.com馃暥锔
USDD Retweeted 路  
For #USDD you can always check for the balance pool. The pool currently looks healthy. If you had bought cheap USDD, feel free to arbitrage here on #TRON.
#USDD remains strong in Q3 with a high increase in wallet holders! 馃ぉ

Thank you for your support! 馃檹

More info:
Be sure to take a look at the @MessariCrypto聽report regarding the state of $USDD in Q3. 馃殌

"Adoption, as measured by the number of wallets holding USDD, had a strong increase in the first half of Q3." 馃敟

Read the full report below. 猬囷笍鈥
馃憦 From Q2 to Q3, #USDD has had a 480.4% in the number of holders!

More information in this article 馃憞鈥
Messari Releases Research Reports on the TRON Ecosystem and the Stablecoin USDD
This article from @MarketWatch聽discusses @MessariCrypto聽reports for #USDD and #TRON. 馃殌

"...comparison of Q3 with Q2 2022...480.4% increase in the number of holders of USDD and 71% increase in the Total Value Locked of TRX." 馃敟

Full article 猬囷笍鈥
Our Collateral Ratio is OVER 280%! 馃槏

This is why #USDD is the over-collateralized and decentralized #StableCoin on the crypto market! 馃挐

#USDD and @trondaoreserve work together to stay pegged and stable! 馃挭

#decentralized #crypto
USDD Retweeted 路  
#TRON network activity exhibited continued strength after the launch of #USDD @usddio in May. And since then, the total amount of stake and total engaged stake has increased drastically. 61% growth in #TVL.

馃ぉ #Bloomberg is going over our Q3 Report with @MessariCrypto:

馃攳 "The two most significant highlights in the comparison of Q3 with Q2 2022 were the 480.4% increase in the number of holders of #USDD and the 71% increase in the Total Value Locked of TRX."鈥
USDD Retweeted 路  
馃敟"The two most significant highlights: 480.4% increase in the number of holders of #USDD and the 71% increase in the Total Value Locked of #TRX."

馃憖Learn more about @MessariCrypto's reports on the state of #TRON Ecosystem & #USDD in Q3.鈥
In case you missed it 馃

Our Q3 Quarterly Report is out and @digitaljournal has a great article about it!

Find out @MessariCrypto's feedback on #USDD in less than 10 minutes. 馃槈


#decentralized #StableCoin #crypto
This article from @digitaljournal聽discusses @MessariCrypto聽reports for #USDD & #TRON. 馃殌

"...reports noted... stabilizing effect of USDD鈥檚 collateralization, adoption, and future use cases, as well as the remarkable strength of TRON TVL."

Read more 猬囷笍鈥
USDD Retweeted 路  
Be sure to take a look at this report from @MessariCrypto detailing the state of $USDD in Q3. 馃憖

"The cumulative volume of USDD traded in Q3 was over 6.2 billion." 馃敟 #TronStrong馃拵

Read the full report below. 猬囷笍鈥
馃摙 All 12 NEW #USDD Trading Pairs are out on @HuobiGlobal!

Enjoy trading with 0 TRADING FEE for the rest of the year! 馃槑

$USDD always has your back! 馃槈

Start here:


Trade the 9 pairs with 0 FEE while and get ready for 3 more very soon! 馃槑

Which ones are missing? 馃

#decentralized #crypto #StableCoin
USDD Retweeted 路  
馃摙Good morning Venus Fam! We are happy to announce that our Isolated Markets will soon go live with the following partners.馃コ

$XVS @trondao @binary_x @RACA_3 @Biswap_Dex @1inch @AlpacaFinance @WOOnetwork @ape_swap @beefyfinance @autofarmnetwork @pStakeFinance @stader_bnb @ankr
The first 6 TRADING PAIRS with #USDD and @HuobiGlobal are now LIVE! 馃槑

Enjoy trading with 0 FEE on:

Start trading and stay tuned for the next pairs! 馃敟
馃摪 Enjoy a quick read from @CryptoSlate about our Q3 report.

馃攳 What are the most significant highlights? 馃

Find out more about @trondao and #USDD 馃憞鈥
This article from @CryptoSlate聽discusses the @MessariCrypto聽reports for #TRON and #USDD. 馃殌

"Both reports indicated positive conclusions about the stability and secure strength of USDD and the TRON network as a whole." 馃挭 #TronStrong馃拵

Full article 猬囷笍鈥
100,000 new wallets in our Q3! 馃ぉ

Thank you to all our users for your trust and support in #USDD! 馃挭

Make sure to find out more about our constant growth in the new @MessariCrypto report 馃憞鈥

#decentralized #crypto
Check out this report from @MessariCrypto聽about the state of USDD for Q3. 馃殌

"USDD maintained a tight peg in the quieter third quarter and found a home in 100,000 new wallets." 馃帀

Take a look at the full report below. 猬囷笍鈥

TOMORROW 12 $USDD Trading Pairs will be listed on @HuobiGlobal with 0 FEE! 馃捀

馃搯 Live Nov 8th from 7AM UTC!

Check out the time your favorite trading pair is live here 馃憞馃徏鈥

#decentralized #StableCoin
馃敟 HUGE NEWS! 馃殌

饾煄 饾悈饾悇饾悇 #USDD Trading Pairs
@HuobiGlobal Now Will Include:


馃憖 Hurry, only till Dec 31st
USDD Retweeted 路  
More #stablecoin support on Guarda Wallet 馃洝锔

You are now able to flexibly manage @usddio $USDD on several blockchains of your choice within Guarda ecosystem! 鉀擄笍

Send, receive, exchange #USDD on either @trondao TRC20 or @bnbchain #BSC BEP20 protocols 猬囷笍
We are proud to be your choice of #stablecoin on the market! 馃敟

Find out more about #USDD, the decentralized and over-collateralized stablecoin in our Q3 quarterly #report! 馃

Let's keep BUIDLing together! 馃挭

#decentralized #crypto
More from the @MessariCrypto聽report about the state of $USDD in Q3. 馃憖

"The stablecoin remains well backed by non-native currencies BTC, USDC, and USDT with a collateral ratio of 1.9 at quarter鈥檚 end." 馃敟 #TronStrong馃拵

Check out the full report. 猬囷笍鈥
Did you have time to read our quarterly report for Q3 yet? 馃

It's a great way to start the week and keep yourself informed on #USDD! 鈽锔


#decentralized #crypto #report #stablecoin
Don't forget to take a look at the聽@MessariCrypto聽report!聽馃憖

"There is currently over 36 billion USDT on TRON, leaving a lot of room for growth for USDD.鈥澛狆煔 #TronStrong馃拵

Full report below.聽猬囷笍鈥
#USDD in the house! @harvardlampoon 馃
Money? On a flag?!? Crypto is making a comback @trondao
USDD Retweeted 路  
Our users are everything to us.馃

We'll continue working hard to create a better future. 馃殌 #TronStrong馃拵

Be sure to check out the full report! 猬囷笍
Looking for a Hot Token? 馃敟

馃#USDD is ranking third in @defi_sunio's #SunSwap V2 liquidity ranking!

2pool LP (USDD/USDT) has an APY over 42%! 馃ぉ

Trade now to earn juicy rewards!
Let's track the Hot Tokens on #SunSwap V2 in liquidity ranking馃懇鈥嶐煉

4鈨 #NFT
5鈨 #JST
6鈨 #BTT
7鈨 #WIN

Trade #TRC20 tokens with low fees:
馃帄#USDD is granted statutory status as authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the Commonwealth of Dominica!

馃Share our good news with more friends and win a 100 $USDD prize pool.
馃憠Complete the tasks:

鈴癊nds at 10AM UTC, Oct 21
Replying to @usddio
馃グThank you all for participating in the #USDD event and spreading our good news to your friends. 馃The rewards have been distributed, congrats to the 13 winners who enjoy $USDD as rewards. 馃憠Check whether you are on the list
USDD Retweeted 路  
In reply to @trondao
鈿栵笍After UST's collapse and stablecoin depegging in June, $USDD maintained a tight peg and launched Peg Stability Module(PSM) using $USDT, $USDC, $TUSD, and $USDJ. 馃So far, the stablecoin remains comfortably over-collateralized by a basket of Bitcoin and other stablecoins.
USDD Retweeted 路  
In reply to @trondao
馃憖According to @MessariCrypto, there is a 5x馃殌 growth of the number of wallets holding $USDD over Q3. It leveled out at around 120,000 wallets with the average value held of around 6,000 $USDD. 馃捁Besides, the cumulative volume of $USDD traded in Q3 was over 6.2 billion.
馃摪 Our Q3 quarterly report is out!

Grab a coffee and enjoy this quick read to be up to date on our balances, peg, supply, and more with @MessariCrypto's report! 馃

#USDD, the decentralized, over-collateralized, and transparent #StableCoin 馃挐

馃@MessariCrypto released the quarterly report in Q3 on #TRON ecosystem project #USDD, from the aspects of supply, reserve balances, adoption, peg, qualitative analysis, etc.. @usddio

The full report馃憞鈥
It is time to earn! 馃挵馃挵

馃槑 Stake NOW with our $USDD Mining Pools on @CurveFinance and enjoy high APR!


#USDD is your partner to earn more, every day! 馃

#StableCoin #decentralized #crypto
USDD Retweeted 路  
The first ever official quarterly report about #USDD has been created by @MessariCrypto

We are excited to continue seeing the development and sustainable growth behind $USDD. 馃殌

Read the full report & thread below 馃憞
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