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Last 50 tweets from @VelshiMSNBC
#BrackeenvHalaand could “radically” alter child welfare policy & undermine indigenous rights in the US, says @rebeccanagle. “The plaintiffs are making such broad and sweeping arguments...they could turn literally centuries of laws on their head.” #velshi
Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the only scientists Americans know by name, face and distinct Brooklyn accent. His gift of communication will be missed. Thankfully, he’s influenced a new generation of doctors along the way. #velshi
Velshi: Dr. Fauci never strayed from science. It shows in the doctors hes influenced
Trump's running for president again. @DavidCayJ predicts 3 outcomes:
1) Trump gets the GOP nomination
2) Trump loses the nomination and runs as an independent
3) Trump realizes he'll be called a loser and will urge supporters to boycott voting
"At some sort of perverse, disturbed level, he actually thrives on people saying 'no, don't do that' in the same way someone tells a child not to pick up a fragile item on a store shelf," @TimOBrien says of Donald Trump. "He's in this for himself." #velshi
“Once you start knocking out electricity… and people are worried about how they’re gonna heat their homes…everything changes.” @IrwinRedlenerMD talks Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. “People are terrified & for good reason.” #velshi
"My main goal was to begin to get that evidence out there," says @RepDianaDeGette about her role as Impeachment Manager in 2021. The Jan. 6 cmte picked up where she left off & she thinks they'll offer a report that is "broad and concise." #velshi
Fmr. Impeachment Manager Rep. Diana DeGette weighs in on the final weeks of the Jan. 6 committee
The Jan. 6 committee has been mostly united in its investigation of the Capitol riot. But as @CarolLeonnig reports, "internal dissension" is now "coming to the fore" over what makes it into the final report. #velshi
The Biden admin has controversially granted the Saudi Crown Prince immunity from U.S. lawsuits relating to Jamal Khashoggi’s killing. “We’ve given him a free pass,” says @BillBrowder. “As a murderer, that disqualifies him from any immunity.” #velshi
“Democrats should stop chasing the elusive suburban vote,” says @RevDrBarber, and instead focus on “poor and low-wealth voters." You cannot win without their vote. Not in #Georgia and not anywhere. #velshi
As much as anyone rolls their eyes at Donald Trump and his stained legacy, this is a stern warning: Donald Trump’s candidacy isn’t something to laugh off and hope will go away if we stop looking at it. In fact, we should look even closer. #velshi
As much as anyone rolls their eyes at Donald Trump and his stained legacy, this is a stern warning: Donald Trump’s candidacy isn’t something to laugh off and hope will go away if we stop looking at it. In fact, we should look even closer. #velshi
Americans think Donald Trump will be a bad candidate. This might be why.
“Maricopa County...will certify the election results,” says Axios reporter @jeremyduda. “There will be undoubtedly some yelling and some anger from some folks who don’t want them to do this, but…this is statutorily required.” #Velshi
"The big thing I want people to remember: It is not over. You think it's over? Contact me – I want to sell you this unicorn I've got, it's a beautiful unicorn," says @DeanObeidallah of the MAGA wave. 🦄 "Let's not gaslight ourselves." #velshi
"If Twitter actually disappeared completely, that probably would be a good thing for democracy." Tech investor Roger McNamee @moonalice says Elon Musk has done irreparable damage to his new company, essentially "killing Twitter as we know it.” #velshi
"Unity is very important...this is what polarization is, it tries to separate people and make enemies of each other," says @ruthbenghiat on how to preserve democracy. "Creating a positive dynamic around voting, around elections is very important." #velshi
“When a regime has its back to the corner, it might tend to be more aggressive,” says @ghoshworld. He and @stavridisj discuss the new axis of evil autocrats that could be taking shape abroad. #velshi
Congress will soon hold a historic vote to codify federal protections for same-sex marriage. It's a step in the right direction, at a time when the LGBTQ+ community remains the target of right-wing smear campaigns and harassment. #velshi
Popular Dems & Republicans are heading to GA to boost turnout in the Senate runoff. But one name not on the list? Donald Trump. "They don't want him anywhere near GA," says @rolandsmartin, noting that Trump's name is "lethal" in elections right now. #velshi
"I, as a 23-year-old in Venezuela, got assaulted on a hike.” @marianaatencio on what drew her to the case of 2 female hikers who went missing. It’s the basis of her podcast "Lost in Panama." "I said, 'I have to go find out what happened to them.'" #velshi
The Palestinians aren’t playing in the World Cup, but their flag has become a fixture in Qatar. Activists are taking the opportunity to raise global awareness. & their movement just got a boost. #velshi
Velshi: Biden has the tools to fix ties with the Palestinians. Its time to act.
This month, KY voters rejected a statewide abortion ban. But the battle for reproductive rights has many fronts, says @RachelSweetKC of Protect Kentucky Access. “Defeating Amendment 2 was the first step. Now, it’s up to the courts and the people.” #velshi
Abortion activists get a win in post-Roe America
"If you can see the tea leaves of what's going to happen down the road, you can arrange your affairs in a way to take advantage of it," says @BarbMcQuade. "Though it's not a crime...we need to reform some of the ethics of the Supreme Court." #velshi
Alleged leak of SCOTUS decision extremely harmful to American politics
“Nightclubs are places that are safe places for members of the LGBTQ community,” says @RepCicilline following the deadly shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. “To have that shattered with this kind of violence is really, really disturbing.” #velshi
Rep. Cicilline (D-RI): Colorado Springs Nightclub shooting really, really disturbing
Nancy Pelosi’s background as a homemaker who raised 5 kids helped to prepare her for political leadership, allowing her to whip up votes & negotiate between disparate factions, says @MollyJongFast. “She’s been this amazing phoenix in the Democratic party."
Trailblazer Nancy Pelosi to step down after two decades in Democratic leadership
“It is a difficult morning for all of us in the LGBT community and specifically those who have been impacted by hate violence,” says Pulse nightclub shooting survivor @bjoewolf about last night's shooting in CO. "My heartbreaks, for those on the ground. Orlando is with them"
The GOP may have just won back the House but the next term is “gonna be about retaliation, not legislation,” warns @RepRiggleman. That may mean "committees to investigate so many things" - including one to investigate the Jan. 6 cmte itself. #velshi
“We know that Glenn Youngkin ran his campaign on this idea of teaching a more sanitized version of history that would protect the feelings of white children,” says @nhannahjones about VA’s attempt to whitewash history in schools. #velshi
“They want a nation that is fundamentally a white nation,” says @esglaude about coordinated efforts to whitewash history in VA and SC schools. “Who and what we leave out of our stories exposes the limits of our ideas of justice.” #velshi
The coordinated efforts to reframe American history in schools
"Republicans sat there and enabled this," @TaraSetmayer says of what she calls Trump's malignant narcissism and ignorance. "Now they're pearl-clutching because they got their butts handed to them in elections that they should have won." #velshi
Trump "did some god-awful illegal things to try & destroy our democracy for his own pecuniary as well as power gains," says @StaceyPlaskett. "I think this special counsel is another mechanism to ensure that no one is above the law." #velshi
Rep. Plaskett: Trump did god-awful illegal things to destroy democracy
“Everything Trump offered the public came slathered in snake oil,” @jelani9 writes in The New Yorker. And now any politician who “lies half as much, or 3/4 as much, they look honest in comparison” to Trump. #velshi
"The first priority has to be to pass an Electoral Count Reform Act in this lame duck period," says @danielsgoldman about the law that Trump & allies abused for the Big Lie. And moving forward, people must call out "the authoritarian aspects of Trump & House GOP." #velshi
“What I’ve been seeing is someone who’s basically become a Trump apologist -- and I think that’s completely humiliating for someone who was almost killed by the man.” Fmr. Mike Pence aide @OliviaTroye on Pence’s dynamic with Trump ahead of 2024. #velshi
Former Pence Aide: He Might as Well Just Say Im Running in 2024
The vast majority of Senate Republicans voted against the Respect for Marriage Act, which protects same-sex & interracial marriage. “Voting for this is the bare minimum for being a decent human being in America in 2022,” says WaPo’s @JRubinBlogger. #velshi
"The big challenge that both Democrats and Republicans are facing in this runoff period, is the fact that it's cut in half," says @mayaaking of GA's new election law that shortened the time in between elections. "Time is really running out." #velshi
The new Congress hasn't been seated & yet the GOP is already trying to investigate & impeach Dems. @WhipClyburn believes Americans won't put up with those antics. "If they continue with this vendetta...they will pay handsomely in the next election" #velshi
House Dem Whip Jim Clyburn optimistic about the new generation of Party Leaders
“She’s not a person there unfortunately, she is a bargaining chip,” says @AVindman about American Brittney Griner. Russia has moved Griner to a penal colony outside Moscow. The U.S. says Griner continues to be wrongfully detained. #velshi
When given the option to vote on abortion rights, Americans overwhelmingly chose to support them. This year's midterms proved that. @kbeccaandrews and @rachaelbedard discuss what we learned from the first post-Roe election. #velshi
“The real strategy behind the attacks on democracy is to get people to stop believing in the power of their voice. What's so beautiful about this election is voters said we have power, let us show you how,” said MI Secy. of State @JocelynBenson. #velshi
MI Secy. of State Jocelyn Benson: Voters said we have power, let us show you how.
“Voters are looking for somebody that’s not going to create chaos. They have enough chaos in their life.” Newly elected @CiscoForNevada says the job of a Secretary of State is not partisan, it’s about “making sure voters have access to the ballot box” #velshi
“Donald has a fragile ego so there’s not a diaper big enough for him,” says @MichaelCohen212 about his former boss, who is receiving much of the blame for the GOP’s midterm losses. “The Republican Party doesn’t care what Donald has to say anymore.” #Velshi
Michael Cohen: Donald has a fragile ego so theres not a diaper big enough for him
"Donald Trump is the most dangerous person to the Republican party," says Trump’s niece @MaryLTrump. She adds, whether he runs for president or pretends to, “Trump will burn everything down if he feels like he’s going down.” #velshi
“The ‘alternatives’ to Trump…really are preaching very much the same language," says @WaPo commentator @JRubinBlogger. “Donald Trump will run again...The radicalism has not been bleached from the Republican Party.” #Velshi
“This Republican Party is a shrinking, dying national party,” says Fmr. Republican @WalshFreedom after the GOP underperformed in the 2022 midterms. #velshi
The win for #CatherineCortezMasto in Nevada means the Democrats will hold on to their majority in the Senate, with or without #Georgia. Is the Georgia runoff still as crucial? Yes. Just ask @TheRevAl. #velshi
"There were people predicting this week that we would see our last free & fair election," says @BeschlossDC

5 days later, the outlook has changed. "This is a very happy week, no matter what your party affiliation, for anyone who loves democracy." #velshi
"This has got to be a worst case scenario for Kevin McCarthy," says @HayesBrown about McCarthy's House Speaker bid in the event the GOP ekes out a majority. "We watched Nancy Pelosi struggle with a slim majority...and Kevin McCarthy is no Nancy Pelosi." #velshi
“We’re not out of the woods. There are a lot more crazy Trumpers in the House of Representatives next year than there were last year." Outgoing @RepMalinowski of NJ talks the fate of Congress after losing his midterm race. #velshi
“This election is a rebuke against Trumpism.” In his first TV interview since his election win, AZ Secretary of State-elect @Adrian_Fontes talks about his hard-fought victory in a battleground state. #velshi
Arizona Secretary of State-Elect: This Election is a rebuke against Trumpism
Abortion was a top issue in '22. Young voters “saw it as a right that I had. Then in my generation…it was rolled back. If that isn’t a key indicator for where our democracy is going, I don’t know what is,” says @alenciajohnson on w/ @JillFilipovic #velshi
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