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Last 50 tweets from @VelshiMSNBC
“The real question is – does the state own your body?”

You can now catch the extended conversation of the #VelshiBannedBookClub on @PeacockTV! Our premiere episode features @MargaretAtwood and her 1985 dystopian novel, #TheHandmaidsTale
“For journalists and soldiers, one of the most terrifying aspects of this war is that it is an artillery war," says @lynseyaddario, making danger a constant. “It is a war fought from a distance…Essentially, the front line is everywhere” #Velshi
At one time, evangelical leaders publicly supported abortion rights. Today, 74% of evangelicals believe abortion should be illegal. But it’s never been about abortion, says @AntheaButler. It’s about what “will allow them to have political power.” #Velshi
For evangelicals, the moral outrage over abortion is about race, gender and ultimately, power
In 1992, @KitKolbert argued Planned Parenthood v. Casey. That case set the “undue burden” standard, paving the way for cruel new abortion restrictions. “While Casey was bad,” she says, the potential overturning of Roe will be “much, much worse.” #Velshi
Attorney for 1992 abortion case warns that whats to come will be much, much worse
Today, it’s reproductive choice. Tomorrow, it might be something else. “This is a slippery slope,” says @RepBarbaraLee. “Republicans have been trying to diminish our constitutional rights in general and this is a very dangerous thing.” #Velshi
Rep. Barbara Lee on the civic engagement needed to safeguard abortion rights and personal liberties
“I’m going to say something rather bold: no one grows up in this society and doesn’t know it’s better to be white,” says ‘White Fragility’ author Robin DiAngelo. “We all get that message.” #VelshiBannedBookClub #Velshi
Whether it altered your perspective, or you thought it completely missed the mark, #WhiteFragility is now ingrained in American society and it continues to resonate. Banning this book is a disservice for everyone, but especially for white people. #VelshiBannedBookClub
“We're seeing election deniers run for Secretary of State across the nation.” @COSecofState @JenaGriswold warns putting insurrectionists in charge of elections, “would be like putting arsonists in charge of fire departments.” #Velshi
“We need Roe v. Wade to be the law of the land,” says @RepJudyChu, lead sponsor of #WHPA. The Senate will (finally) vote Wed., with many wondering what Sens. Collins & Murkowski will do. “We hope they will do the right thing.” They have some votes to “make up for.” #Velshi
Congresswoman @RepDavids of Kansas says her state is “ground zero” for the abortion fight in America. “We are at a place where we are about to decide in August whether or not our children have more rights or less rights than we do right now.” #Velshi
Myths, mistruths and misinformation. Here are just some of the ways the anti-abortion movement is lying to you #Velshi
Howitzers from the U.S. have finally arrived on the front lines in Ukraine, says fmr. President @poroshenko. “They are extremely accurate, they are extremely efficient, and they definitely create new opportunities. This is the real game-changer.” #Velshi
🚨”This is not a drill”🚨As Roe appears to be on the brink of being overturned, @RepPressley says that the stakes could not be higher. “I’m looking at you, Susan Collins. I’m looking at you, Lisa Murkowski.” 👀 #Velshi
Rep. Pressley: Protect abortion rights as if lives depend on it - because they do
Senators @lisamurkowski and @SenatorCollins say they’re coming up with their own bill to protect women’s health. But #WHPA co-sponsor @SenatorBaldwin says their version doesn’t actually codify Roe OR protect it from being whittled away in states. #Velshi
Last month, images of murder and war crimes outside Kyiv shocked the world. “Bucha is a little drop in comparison with this situation in Mariupol,” says Mariupol City Council Member @adnashmyash. He estimates 20,000 people have died there so far. #Velshi
"I think you can add justices to the Court without delegitimizing it," says @maryrziegler, signaling the Supreme Court's priorities. "The perceived legitimacy of the Court depends on it feeling something other than partisan." #velshi
People weren't shocked that the Court overturned Roe so quickly, says @maryrziegler – it's the tone and “almost scornful disdain.” It's “likely to deepen the conflict even further." #velshi
"Even as he applauds the 8th amendment of the Constitution, he leaves out the 9th amendment," @ProfMMurray says of Justice Alito's focus on "enumerated" vs. "emanated rights" in the leaked decision draft. "There are some rights that are implied.” #velshi
"It is not just expanding the Court. There's also proposals about limiting terms of justices," says @ProfMMurray of ways to bring fairness back to the Supreme Court. She explains why there’s “some appetite” for those reforms #velshi
Rudy Giuliani recently popped out of a giant Jack in the Box dressed as a giant bird. He didn’t, however, pop up for his appearance before the Jan. 6 Cmte on Fri. “He obviously knows a lot of information that the committee doesn’t yet have access to,” says @woodruffbets. #Velshi
“Anyone who was not considered fully human in the 17th century should be deeply worried," says @nwlc @FGossGraves about Justice Alito's interpretation of the Constitution in his draft opinion. "His very narrow view would set us back hundreds of years." #Velshi
The Senate will soon vote on the #WHPA, which would codify Roe. It's highly unlikely to receive the 60 votes needed to pass, but @ReproRights CEO Nancy Northup explains why it's "important for every senator to be on the record" about abortion rights. #Velshi
"Every person who...does not successfully have a full-term birth can be questioned & asked, 'Did you do something to end this pregnancy?" says @robinmarty. Out of fear of coming under suspicion, some will forego healthcare. "There's no way that can't end in harm." #Velshi
Next up on the #VelshiBannedBookClub is "White Fragility" by Dr. Robin DiAngelo. She joins me this Sunday, on @VelshiMSNBC 8aET. Send us your questions/comments to #velshi
Next up on the #VelshiBannedBookClub is "White Fragility" by Dr. Robin DiAngelo. She joins me this Sunday, on @VelshiMSNBC 8aET. Send us your questions/comments to #velshi
Next up on the #VelshiBannedBookClub is "White Fragility" by Dr. Robin DiAngelo. She joins me this Sunday, on @VelshiMSNBC 8aET. #velshi
Next up on the #VelshiBannedBookClub is "White Fragility" by Dr. Robin DiAngelo. She joins me this Sunday, on @VelshiMSNBC 8aET. #velshi
Some worry that the 1/6 committee's public hearings won't live up to expectations, but @RepCicilline thinks otherwise. He calls the evidence "damning & overwhelming."

"I think it's going to really change the minds of many Americans," he says. #Velshi
After Russian attacks on Ukraine’s fuel plants, the Mayor of Kyiv is telling Ukrainians to use public transport, instead of their own cars, “because the fuel is needed by the military,” says @kyivindependent’s @mrsorokaa. #Velshi
Ukraines military is confident they can win with Wests weapons. The equipment thats what theyre waiting for
“I believe that there is material that SHOULD change hearts and minds,” says @DanielSGoldman about the Jan 6 committee’s investigation. One problem: “A significant portion of the country only gets their news…from a right-wing ecosystem that conceals the facts.” #Velshi
“The knowledge that we currently have now… we had 40 years ago. And one of the main institutions that had that knowledge is the oil industry.” @frontlinepbs explores the fossil fuel industry’s history of delaying action to fight climate change. #velshi
New Docuseries Uncovers What the Oil Industry Knew Decades Ago about Climate Change
Ladies and gentlemen, the death of shame #Velshi
The 1/6 committee's investigation & the midterms will be a time for reckoning. @RepDean remains hopeful that Americans will recognize that they're about “the protection of our fragile democracy from folks who just want to follow an autocrat for their own power.” #Velshi
The situation in Mariupol continues to be dire and medieval. “There’s going to be diseases there, like cholera,” says Executive Editor of The New Voice of Ukraine @NikaMelkozerova. “Mariupol is basically full of corpses.” #Velshi
#TheHandmaidsTale is not cheap thrills or an easy read. It is unsettling. What scares people about this book is not so much the acts committed on the pages and the words used, but its resonance. It’s a crucial book for right now and for generations to come. #VelshiBannedBookClub
The only way to force change at Twitter is to change the business model that rewards negative content, says @Moonalice. “If you want to fix this, if you want to save democracy, you have to do something about surveillance capitalism and algorithmic amplification.” #Velshi
Elon Musk is going to have “a misinformation problem” if he upends content moderation on Twitter, says @sinanaral. And “that has direct implications for democracy, it has direct implications for the public health and Covid misinformation.” #Velshi
People will still be swayed by the truth, says @JoyceVanceWhite. But “how do you become effective communicators in an era where there’s a lot of disinformation floating around?” That’s the challenge for the 1/6 committee as it prepares for public hearings in June. #Velshi
Ukraine MP @lesiavasylenko is not surprised Russia is trying to retaliate against the West via energy sales. “Every time they’re making themselves dependent on Russian gas...they’re vulnerable to Russia saying, ‘We’re going to turn the tap off.’” #Velshi
The Jan. 6 committee is hoping to “capitalize on the public pressure” from recent revelations and leaks to compel GOP members to cooperate in its investigation, says @HugoLowell. Among those they’re interested in? Reps. McCarthy, Jordan, and Greene. #Velshi
“There is a chance that things will get better, but it is a very risky situation,” says @krogoff on the threat of recession in the U-S and Europe. “I think markets are really starting to see this.” #Velshi
There are new fears Russia may use the Transnistria region to launch new attacks in Ukraine and Moldova. “They are the most vulnerable country in the region right now,” says @gmfus @jondkatz about Moldova. #Velshi
Europe & Eurasia expert: We should be deeply concerned with what happens next in Moldova
America's child welfare system is a “failure” says @DorothyERoberts. She wants to “radically transform the very approach…of how we meet the needs of the people in our society.” That means less policing of families and providing support/resources. #Velshi
The world failed to appropriately punish Russia for its 2014 annexation of Crimea. And now, Ukraine’s independence is at risk once again. When illegal annexations go unchallenged, the occupier is free to do it again. #Velshi
Velshi: Putin wasnt punished appropriately for annexing Crimea. If he has his way, hell do it again
BANNED BOOK ALERT: The legendary Canadian author @MargaretAtwood, whose oft-banned 1985 book, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, foreshadowed the erosion of women’s rights, joins #VelshiBannedBookClub this Sunday.
At the core of Vladimir Putin’s power is Mother Nature’s ultimate kryptonite: fossil fuel. But choking Russia off from its economic lifeline will not solve the climate crisis. Here’s what might: #Velshi
Velshi: Banning Russian oil & gas wont solve the climate crisis until theres an alternative to fossil fuels
"My first book was banned." @Billbrowder says his work is not welcome in Russia and infuriated Putin. "We are translating 'Freezing Order' into Russian, we're giving it away for free on the internet...Nobody in Germany is ready to publish my book either." #velshi
Pulitzer prize-winning historian @AnneApplebaum traveled to Ukraine to interview Pres. Zelenskyy and says he has been very good at conveying a sense of “Ukrainian-ness”. “It’s not an ethnic identity. It’s a kind of civic patriotic identity” #Velshi
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