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Last 50 tweets from @VelshiMSNBC
“Over the next year it is going to be imperative for us as journalists to not just be in the barbershops and diners, but to be at school board meetings. That's where a lot of this conversation is playing out,” says @emarvelous. #Velshi
“The Dems can ignore race and racism and lose,” says activist @jbrownedianis. “America's in a different place, and people are ready to have this conversation but also not to just have the conversation, but to find real solutions.” #Velshi
The GI bill was transformative in creating the 20th century middle class -- for white veterans. @WhipClyburn is set to right a wrong with a new bill, finally ensuring GI benefits to Black WWII vets and their descendants. “These kinds of things need to be rectified.” #Velshi
“In addition to a mobilizer, this is a campaign of disinformation.” @adv_project’s @jbrownedianis says students need to learn their true history to develop real solutions for change. #Velshi
“With school districts trying to be more inclusive and responsive to changing demographics in their communities, there are going to continue to be tensions that are going to translate into our politics” @emarvelous. #Velshi
While fmr. VP Mike Pence is trying to win over the ex-president’s supporters, “Donald Trump’s trying to keep that wedge between them.” In his view, says @CarolLeonnig, “Pence was a turncoat.” #Velshi
As elected officials continue to receive violent threats from their own colleagues, @jbf 1755 says it’s important to not treat this rhetoric as “just words.” "You don't have to actually act on a threat, you just have to be believable in offering it." #velshi
There’s “important evidence of racism” that shows that the killing of Ahmaud Arbery “wasn’t just reckless – it was racist,” says @LawProfButler. “If Mr. Arbery was white, he would most likely still be alive.” #Velshi
Testimony from Kyle Rittenhouse was "inauthentic" and "inconsistent," says @KimMotleysLaw, who represents the man that survived being shot by Rittenhouse last year. "It’s important that Rittenhouse is convicted.” #Velshi
Rittenhouse testimony inauthentic, inconsistent with evidence says lawyer for shooting survivor
“The other side is filled with crooks, liars, and insurrectionists." Dems may be doing the work, but to beat them, says @RepJeffries, “we're going to have to communicate that work in a more compelling fashion.” #Velshi
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: The other side is filled with crooks, liars and insurrectionists
“For a lot of elected officials, we’re just statistics.”
@MSNBC’s ‘In the Dark of the Valley’ documents incidents of childhood cancer near a California nuclear site and the fight of mothers like @BumsteadMelissa. #VELSHI
Parents of young cancer patients driven to activism after cases get linked to nearby nuclear lab
“I don’t know why one would think that you can carry around executive privilege throughout your life,” says @WhipClyburn of fmr. Trump aide’s bizarre reason for snubbing the 1/6 cmte’s subpoena. “For him to exert executive privilege is beyond me” #Velshi
Rep. Jim Clyburn calls Steve Bannons claims of taking over local elections poppycock
New reporting from @Politico reveals Trump WH intervention in CDC affairs to mislead on the pandemic. “It’s all true,” says fmr. Pence advisor @OliviaTroye. “I lived this firsthand...Not a day goes by where I don’t think about what happened.” #Velshi
Steve Bannon may be fine with paying big 💰and risking jail, but a lot of the people the Jan 6 committee wants to speak to are younger and lower-level. “Staying true to a Big Lie is more costly to them,” says @CarolLeonnig 👀
Fmr. Trump aide Steve Bannon may prove to be the exception and not the rule when it comes to risking jail time for refusing to comply with the 1/6 cmte’s subpoena. “A lot of people..are not as willing to become a martyr and go to jail for Donald Trump” says @HayesBrown. #Velshi
Fmr. Trump aide Steve Bannon may not crack under the weight of the DOJ’s indictment, but others might, says @Woodruffbets #Velshi
Trump keeps trying to keep his business from the Jan 6 cmte, but it’s an uphill battle on ‘executive privilege.’ Convos they want to hear about were mostly within the campaign, says @ktbenner. And “running for reelection is not one of the duties of the president.” #Velshi
"They’re not normal.” @JRubinBlogger has had enough of mainstream media inviting Republicans on talk shows without taking them to task. “This is absolutely untenable.” She says her former GOP is now the party of “ridiculous culture memes,” “violence” and “outright lies.” #Velshi
“There are so many things in this bill that help every single American” says @RepDebDingell of the $1.75T #BuildBackBetter spending pkg. “We’re not getting what’s in there out there well..let’s take time to learn what’s in it and how everybody’s actually going to benefit.”#Velshi
“We’re not going to hear anything from Bannon," says @CynthiaAlksne. This is really about all the other people who have futures -- who are younger -- who want to work in government." Those people are going to have to respond to the Jan 6 committee. #Velshi
"I never understood why our neighborhood couldn't be as pretty as other neighborhoods around the city," @amyfstelly on the effects of the highway built through her community. "The trauma of seeing my neighborhood destroyed is what made me vow to take it down." #velshi
"If the South Bronx were wealthier and whiter, there would be no Cross Bronx Expressway unleashing massive amounts of air pollution poisoning children," says @RepRitchie. Infrastructure placement is often intentional, but we can fix it. #velshi
An estimated 900,000 children have been #vaccinated so far. So, we asked them about it. Watch for some Saturday cuteness! #Velshi
“They’re not going to concede any ground.”
@NPR’s @timkmak obtains post-Columbine NRA secret recordings, foreshadowing the org’s messaging on school shootings. “Any sort of softer tone is going to be an admission of responsibility.” #VELSHI
Secret NRA Tapes reveal a double down approach and an intention lack of responsibility for school shootings
One year ago today, it was Friday the 13th. Covid was surging. Businesses shuttered. And the outgoing President was planting the seeds of the Big Lie. Things were bad. But you can’t blame bad luck. It was deliberate dereliction. #Velshi @MariaTeresa
Maria Teresa Kumar: Humans have a tendency to forget. We must remember how bad things were under Trump
As the saying goes, violence begets violence. Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for shooting 3 men during racial unrest last yr & race is "the underlying foundation of all of it," says @KimberlyEAtkins. "It's not an element of the crime but it doesn't mean it's not there." #Velshi
“​​The American people need to know who’s actually screwing them over -- and it’s not the Democrats.”

Morning 🔥🔥 from Senator @maziehirono #Velshi
The judge in Kyle Rittenhouse's trial has definitely stolen some of the attention away from the case. “Some things are way out of line” like that bizarro Asian food comment, says @BarbMcQuade. He might be "grandstanding a bit" for his "big moment of fame." #Velshi
“I don’t want anyone to forget that people came to the Capitol to kill elected members of Congress,” says @RepDebDingell of the 1/ 6 attack. “That hatred and that violence that’s dividing our country is something we all need to worry about”. #Velshi
The fmr. president “is not trying to engage in a principled stance to protect the office of the presidency”, says @JoyceWhiteVance of his attempts to block docs from the 1/6 committee. “Trump was not engaging in executive privilege...he was engaging in self protection.” #Velshi
“Three weeks is nothing in DoJ time.” The fast move on Bannon “says that the committee may benefit from this,” says @politico’s @kyledcheney. #Velshi
This is 8-year-old Lucille and she is SUPER excited about getting vaccinated! How do your kids feel about finally getting vaxxed? We want to hear from them in their own words. Email their stories, pictures or videos to We'll air some on #Velshi this weekend.
This is 8-year-old Lucille and she is SUPER excited about getting vaccinated! How do your kids feel about finally getting vaxxed? We want to hear from them in their own words. Email their stories, pictures or videos to We'll air some on #Velshi this weekend
Facebook is reportedly shutting down its facial recognition system, which "is a big deal," says @ceciliakang. "They're not getting rid of it, they could always start it again later...but it is a move forward because facial recognition was used for bad things." #velshi
"Congress and researchers have been a little bit reticent to imagine the harms that social media can cause, until recently," says @wiczipedia of the ugliness of social media. "Now we're finding ourselves in the thick of them...we need regulators." #velshi
"The first amendment does not apply to private platforms," says @wiczipedia of Facebook's ability (and unwillingness 👀) to shut down climate deniers. "They have decided to allow this free speech fairy dust...Put some bumpers on this bowling alley." #velshi
“What's clear is the Biden administration feels it's imperative to protect American citizens... from death,” but what the federal government can do with private businesses is unclear re: vaxx mandates, says fmr. HHS Secretary @Sebelius. “It hasn’t ever been tested.” #Velshi
Illinois @RepCheri Bustos is the rare Democrat who represents a district that voted for Donald Trump, and she’s got some post-Election Day advice: Show up, get results, and “start talking to more people at the Tractor Supply rather than at Trader Joe’s.” #Velshi
“Joe Manchin’s paid family leave stance is selfish and misguided” – that’s the latest headline from @HayesBrown. Sen. Manchin “cares more about the process than the outcome a lot of the time,” he says, and that's troubling. #Velshi
“We, in Black America, knew it was our responsibility under the leadership of the Black Caucus for us to..get all the parties together” says @RepLawrence of how the CBC pulled moderates & progressives together to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed. #Velshi
Minor traffic violations are no longer the purview of cops in Philly. It allows police to be “more efficient,” says @CMThomasPHL, and "if we can reduce the interactions that go bad, we think it will create a ripple effect. #DrivingEquity #Velshi
Justices Coney Barrett & Kavanaugh expressed skepticism during the #SCOTUS hearing on the TX abortion bill last wk. They “seem to have gotten cold feet,” says @JoyceWhiteVance. The “vigilante justice system didn’t look so good when it was exposed in that light.” #Velshi
"We’re not rising with the same intensity”
We may have figured out why Donald Trump linked @tedcruz's father to JFK's assassination 🤔 #velshi
“The hot potato” is with the DOJ as it weighs criminal contempt charges against Bannon for snubbing the 1/6 cmte’s subpoena. @woodrufbets says AG Garland’s focus is “reestablishing the independence” of the DOJ which means it’s “a little less predictable” #Velshi
In the age of Republicans weaponizing education, @DeanObeidallah says Dems “cannot be timid” about fighting back with truth, while understanding parents who want the best for their kids' classrooms are "really real,” or they’ll lose those voters for good. #velshi
“They want to take away your freedom of thought,” says @DeanObeidallah on the path Republicans want to take ahead of midterms. “I think the war is on our freedoms.” #velshi
"To me, the debate over education is really a debate over self-conception of the nation." @imaniperry 👑🇺🇸 #velshi
"We're so enchanted by this myth of progress," says @imaniperry on the contest that goes beyond candidates in elections. "It’s between ideals and ideas and what is revealed is there are some people...who still think 'some people are more equal than others.'” #velshi
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