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Last 50 tweets from @VictoriasSecret
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We’re officially ready to pump up the Christmas jams, indulge in everything glam and most importantly, celebrate the joy of togetherness (even if just over Zoom).
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret i forgot to add the bftote coupon to my order 😭😭😭
Replying to @raz2212
We’d be happy to help if needed! Please send us a DM so we can provide assistance.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Can you please restock on the Velvet Petals lotion? It just sold out and I was about to buy it 😢
Replying to @NancyPa82710965
We've let our teams know you'd love to see a restock of the amazing Velvet Petals lotion 😁
everything I’m wearing rn is from either @VSPINK or @VictoriasSecret legit everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret will yall be doing BOGO Free on Bras this year?
Replying to @mikeburgos03
We're letting our Marketing team know you'd love to see the BOGO on our Bras this year, Mike. Thanks!
I need a trip to @VictoriasSecret / @VSPINK but Christmas is coming so I can’t be spending money on myself 🥺
Replying to @noelleyoung03
It's the perfect time to treat yourself, Noelle! 😘
why did you discontinue jungle lily @VictoriasSecret
Replying to @sydthekidddd
The beautiful Jungle Lily was a limited edition fragrance but we have let our team know that you are looking for it to return!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Should I send a bill for damage to my Xmas decorations done by the #lasership driver that flung packages at my home from the street ?? I’m done with u guys until you stop using this disgusting company #victoriassecret
Replying to @ebrunicole76
We're equally as disappointed to hear about the delivery experience described! Please follow-up with us via DM providing your order details so that we may share your comments with our carrier partner LaserShip.
Ordered new clothes for the first time in months (30lbs ago). I’ve don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to receive new bras and panties that will actually fit me. 😂 #victoriassecret @VictoriasSecret
So what is the greatest part of vacation planning, well swimsuit shopping of course.… Thank you @VictoriasSecret
The same message for the past month and when I enter the tracking code it tells look a me my order is being “processed”. I knew it was a mistake to order from @VictoriasSecret. I can’t get any info on my order but I can get their spam in my inbox.
Replying to @AlisonKateCartr
We would be happy to take a look and provide an update, Allson! So we can get started, please send us a DM with the full name, shipping address and email address that was used to pace the order. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
can't find my package!!!😭😭😡😡 Why are you using them??? Literally everything else is sent through USPS and I really wanted/needed this package!! I'm so disappointed!!! And what I ordered isn't even in stock anymore.... thanks for using their service😑😑😑
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret My post pregnant Godess of a wife is over here crying because she can’t use her gift card to your store to feel beautiful again because you haven’t made maternity wear yet. Get with the program and make maternity wear. Sincerely, A Concerned Husband.
Replying to @Hawkins_Cody
We appreciate the feedback & apologize for any disappointment. We’ll be communicating your thoughts to our teams now!!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret do all exchanges need to be made in-store?
Replying to @bitty_boop
You can also make your return by mail. You'll then receive a refund within 14-21 business days, once processed. You may place an order for your exchange and we'll be happy to waive the shipping charges and match the prices if needed. More details here:
In reply to @hels
In HS I had a mouse die in my closet, I thought it was in the wall. It made a basket full of clothes smell & as I emptied it into the wash I grabbed something fuzzy that wasn’t a sock. 🥴 I tried to cover the smell with @VictoriasSecret spray. It wasn’t pretty.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret your customer service or lack there of has finally broken my habit of purchasing your products for my spouse. Years of forever angel and still treated poorly by store shift managers #loyaltydoesntpay
Replying to @justtobiatch
We're concerned! Please DM us more details. Thank you!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret customer service is fiya! Thank you for fixing what @LaserShip screwed up.
Replying to @goldenhoney327
Love ya, Dré!! So happy we could help! 💕
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
We want this on sale 😍
Replying to @kassybt
We love your style, Kassy! And, we're letting our Marketing team know you'd love to see this beauty on sale. Thanks for sharing!
Million dollar idea: @VictoriasSecret can you make a “wishlist” option in our account that we can share so others can buy straight from the website and have it sent to us
Replying to @kassybt
Hey, Kassy! We’ll be sharing your comments regarding making wish-lists an available option!!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret your shipping really sucks. My package has been sitting in Orlando for 6 days...
Replying to @suprrnovagrl
We're sorry to hear that you haven't received your package yet, Stephanie! We'd like to look into this. Please send us a DM and we'll meet you there!
There are #Sales on a Few things, but I'm looking at the 5/$30 underwear, like yes Please.
The site if y'all also wanna partake: *if you got money money they do free shipping if you spend $100*
Replying to @ASingleBlackFe2
Thanks for the shout-out! We're pumped to ear you're loving our offers!! 💕
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret I received this email, it's seems fake but is you email-address and the order number is the correct.
Replying to @Simedices
These are our phone numbers, Alejo. We'd be happy to take a look for you and ask that you DM us your order number and the full name, shipping address, & email associated with the order. Thanks!
In reply to @TaylorTaja
Did u see the new overnight bag😍😍 & the robe & slippers 😍 && mug gift sets 🤗🤗🤗🤗🎄🛍️ #BlackFriday @VictoriasSecret
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret what am I supposed to do when I've been in contact with your costumer support 3 times already about an August order, and i still haven't received my items? No tracking on replacement packages have been provided, nor compensation for my 4 month wait offered...
Replying to @IamChikara
We're here for you! Please DM us your order number and the full name, shipping address, & email associated with your order. Thanks!
And y’all always be charging my card with no doubt @VictoriasSecret @VSPINK
Replying to @Yaquiaventuras
We’d like to see how we can assist. Let us know in DM, and we’ll be happy to go from there.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Let me know why i got here at 7:00 PM for an exchange and the two girls working didn’t let me in, doors were locked and they said the store was closed. Meanwhile google says 8:00pm. Ok
Replying to @juliaadimar
We’re sorry to hear this was your experience, Julia. Please DM us so we can collect some additional information. Thank you.
i need some more pure seduction spray from @VictoriasSecret. 💕 that’s my signature scent.
Replying to @keishaaaa_____
We love a signature scent! Fabulous style!!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret since when do you ship packages like this?? OPENED?????????
Replying to @jessie_rae0
Thanks for making us aware of this issue, Jessica. Please help us document your experience by reaching out us in DM. Please include your full name, mailing & email address, and your order number. Talk soon!
This is how the @VictoriasSecret staff treats their customers! It is unacceptable coming from such a brand! I would like to thank Nicole for her"FUCKING"information. Vous avez là un très beau personnel @VictoriasSecret .. Merci à Nicole pour son "FUCKING" renseignement. 🙃🤮
Replying to @SBAT_GIRL2a
Thank you so much for making us aware of this issue, Vittoria! We do see our team has responded to your DM. Please do not hesitate to reply to our message there for further assistance.
Gutted! Just got my brand new @VictoriasSecret dressing gown out that I bought last Xmas to wash & realise it’s not got a belt to tie it closed 😩
Replying to @Dannii2512_TW
We’d like to look into this missing belt so that we may address this matter appropriately, Danielle. Please DM us with further details including your full name, mailing & email address, and your order number if you have it. We'll see you there!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
How long is this sale going to last?😁💖
Replying to @Extraordanlizzy
Sales this amazing won't last long, Lizzy. Shop TODAY so you don't miss out. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret This Facebook page is impersonating your brand and scamming users with fake giveaways.…
Replying to @JeffWhittle
Can you send us a private message with a screen shot of the person/company so we can share this with the appropriate team for further review. Thanks, Jeff!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
Can you please provide a phone number that works from Ireland? None of the numbers you provide work - NOT EVEN the one that says it's for outside the US and Canada, OR the one for the UK.
Replying to @MontagueOonagh
Please call 1-937-438-4197. If this doesn't work for you, send us a private message with the full name listed on the order, email, order number, and shipping address so we can take a look at your order. Thank you!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret when will your next sale be for mists and lotions?
Replying to @Carolisa8127
We’re not ready to give up our secrets just yet, Lisa! Make sure you sign up to receive our emails so that you’re one of the first to know, just click here:
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
Thanks. I’m a card holder but I was wondering if I can get the bag in store with my card purchase, or do I have to shop online with my card?
Replying to @oriana523
This offer is in stores and online.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Hi! I bought my daughter's Xmas gifts from you - and I just received an email saying that my return has been processed?!!! Help! They never arrived. I did NOT return them. This is her Xmas stuff. You chat button is not working?
Replying to @MontagueOonagh
We apologize for any confusion and are here to help! Please DM us your first & last name, email, full mailing address, and order number!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret when you all launching plus sizes for pink ?
Replying to @AGorgeousBeauty
We continue to review customer feedback for future consideration to enhance our assortment. Thank you for your request!
I’ve had this $60 bra for less than 2 months... what gives?? @VictoriasSecret
Replying to @thibault_megs
We'd like to learn more about your experience, Megan. Please reach out via DM when you get a moment!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
i just got my pay, now i know how to spend it 🖤
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret is the tote for Black Friday that’s available now for card members online only? Or can I get it in store today?
Replying to @oriana523
At this time, it's early access for Angel Card holders only. Stay tuned for more details to come!
Our Black Friday Doorbusters are on! Don’t miss out on these awesome deals…

✨$12.50 slippers
✨$20 lounge and strappy back bras
✨$25 Sexy Tee bras
✨$29.50 flannel PJ sets
✨$35 cozy robe
✨$39.50 thermal and lounge PJ sets

Ready, set, shop:
Victoria's Secret: The Sexiest Bras, Panties, Lingerie, Sportswear & Beauty
Maybe it’s me... So apparently I can’t use the $10 off pajamas code, the save $15 for using your new CC code and get free shipping on CC orders of at least $50 code cuz the CSR at @VictoriasSecret says she can only enter two codes. The CC code should be automatic! #NoPJforMe 😔
Replying to @helluvaStella1
Hey, Stella! We’d like to see how we can assist. Let us know in DM, and we’ll be happy to go from there.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Is there any chance that you will bring back Vanilla Lace? It's my favorite scent and the Bare Vanilla is an okay substitute, but seems like it's missing something.
Replying to @babyknees
We sometimes restock items based on their popularity, Robin! Keep an eye on our website to see if we restock. Since you loved our Vanilla Lace, we recommend our Vanilla Dusk mist! With notes of vanilla and honeyed fig. It’s perfect for this time of year!!
Replying to @KristenLDavis1
You can find all of todays great offers on our Homepage! Click on View Offers on the top of the page.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret customer service act like they cannot comprehend what your saying, I asked 4 times do you have XL. She said huh like 4 times like girl get off the line if you not trying to turn your phone up or wake up. imma wait 5 mins and call back...
Replying to @beautifulmnd05
We’re sorry to hear that your recent service experience was less than excellent! Please send us a DM if we can provide assistance.
Family, snacks and comfy-chic PJs: Megan from PR is onto the perfect plans for a festive evening spent at home.​
Plaid perfection. Our Senior Merchant Meredith knows that going matchy-matchy with your friends is magic. ✨​
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret sent me a package with only a coupon and an invoice for what was supposed to be sent to me?????
Replying to @meredevth
We're concerned, and would love to take a look at your order! Please send us a private message with the full name listed on the order, email, order number, and shipping address. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret I would like to purchase from your website today but the £8 delivery fee is putting me off, any offer codes?! Thanks!
Replying to @nchandlerrr
Be sure to click on the "View Offers" tab on the homepage of our website to see what other fabulous offers we currently have available. Thanks!
I gotta treat my bestie to a @VictoriasSecret shopping spree cause she just got accepted into nursing school !!…
Replying to @janaynay0917
What an amazing gesture for your bestie❤
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