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Last 50 tweets from @VictoriasSecret
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret today I tried out your heavenly perfume and well, here’s the results. What’s in this stuff? Retweet to prevent more chemical burns from happening. #VS #beware #myhandhurts
Replying to @Uwyohuntress
We’d like the chance to personally connect with you regarding your experience. Please send us a DM with your first & last name, email, full mailing address, telephone number, and the best time for a member of our team to reach you.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret when are u guys going to restock the lightly lined demi bra in white 😐 I’ve been looking everywhere with no luck
Replying to @CeroteCom
We've shared your restock request with our teams! 😁
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret bring back Bombshell nights & fresh petals!!
Replying to @diablokailaxx
Thanks for sharing, Kalla! We’ll absolutely pass along that request!!
I've ordered lingerie from @victoriassecret couple times before and now that I ordered, I see they are delivering through a courier I've never heard before (Newgistic) plus taking even more time than the expected time, which was by the 24th, order was placed on the 15th
Replying to @RisaFlaca
We are sorry to hear that you haven’t received your package yet! Please DM us with your order number, full name, mailing & email address on the order so we can see how we can assist!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret can you please have a bigger WARM & COZY BOTTLE AGAIN please 😭😫🙌!
Replying to @princesssanndyy
We appreciate the feedback & we’ll be sure to share!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret please bring back the sheer love fragrance, I miss it so much 🥺
Replying to @halford_lizzie
We've let our teams know you'd love to see Sheer Love make a comeback 😍
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Why are none of these coupons codes working 😑
Replying to @Finstaaa8
We'd love to help with the offer codes! Please send us a private message with the offer codes you're attempting to redeem, a screen shot of your shopping bag, and the error message you're receiving. Talk to you soon!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret refunded my order that I've been waiting for.... without reason and no answer from customer service for three days (minus Thanksgiving). Wow. 😐
Replying to @MrsKAdoza
We're concerned, and would love to take a look at your order, Katie! Please send us a private message with the full name listed on the order, email, order number, and shipping address. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret @VSPINK count your days . I’m pissed
Replying to @kandess9
We're concerned, and would love the opportunity to learn more so we may best share your feedback. Please send us a private message with the details of your experience. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret I placed an order over a week ago. I got an email today stating that it couldn’t ship & I was returned ? The product is still available on the website. What gives ? I used my promo code too 😭
Replying to @Shamira79010217
We would love to help! Please DM us your order info so we can take a look!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret where is vanilla lace seriously bare vanilla is gross all these other smells you tried to create are trash WHERE IS VANILLA LACE
Replying to @KoalaBeana
We've let our teams know you'd love to see Vanilla Lace make a comeback! 😁
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret unbelievable. I placed an order Sunday. Between sale, $15 of $15 mailer, free panty (app offer) and shipping, I paid $19.13 OOP. Got an email 4 days ago that it shipped. Got an email today that *IT WAS RETURNED* and issued a gift card for *$10.63* WTF?!?
Replying to @lauriehandler
We’d like to look into this so that we may address this matter appropriately. Please DM us with further details including your full name, shipping & email address, and order number. We'll meet you there!
got two pairs of @VictoriasSecret panties today and only spent $1.68 because of coupons. Wish i got these coupons more often! 😍
Replying to @Alissa_Maglissa
We’re always happy to hear this! We hope to see you again very soon, Alissa! 😁
Fantastic customer service from Brian @VictoriasSecret customer service. So polite and helpful!
Replying to @nataliehope91
We love hearing this, Natalie! Thanks so much for sharing!! 😍
Por que todavía no llegan trajes de baño a vs aquí ? 😭 @VictoriasSecret

Estado: enojada 😡
Replying to @sofi_garcie
We do offer some amazing Victoria Secret Swim, Sofia! You can shop some of our fabulous styles here:! Happy Shopping!
New Swimwear Arrivals - Victoria's Secret Swim
Replying to @AshIeyysuxx
We'd be happy to check on your order! Please DM us your order number, name, shipping and email addresses. TY!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret I placed an order over a month ago, and the original package went missing. So your customer service nicely sent me another package with all of the items I ordered...

Today I got all of my packages and now have two of everything.

What do I do with the doubles?
Replying to @danaa12519
Hi! Please DM us your full name, mailing & email address, and order number. TY!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret hi! My BF has just purchased some items from your store online (literally ten min ago) and accidentally sent it to the wrong address. Your website saying he should be able to amend his order, however it isn’t letting him. Pls help
Replying to @nataliehope91
We have responded to your DM. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. TY!
In reply to @dumb__crybaby
No I know but my mail just came and it always comes in my mailbox so I’m upset
Replying to @AshIeyysuxx
We'd love to take a look for you, Ashley. Please DM us your order number and the full name, shipping address, & email associated with your order. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret I never got the second part of my shipment 😭 help
Replying to @unluckykennedy
Help has arrived, Jen! Please DM us your order number and the full name, shipping address, & email associated with your order. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret perfume has gotten better too! My favorite two are these. Rapture is an old school staple that I must have. 😍 trying to find out another perfume to buy & try from them.
Replying to @MzMoe204
We're so glad to hear that you love our perfumes! 😍
Us getting ready to gift-wrap all our amazing Black Friday steals (pssst: now buy 1, get 1 50% off!). ​
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret hi i need some help with finding some bras I already own I think you changed the names?
Replying to @jodielisee
We're happy to help! Please send us a private message with a screen shot of the tags on the bra along with a full picture of the bras you're interested in. Talk to you soon!
I spent over a $100 the other day and they forgot to give me my free tote @VictoriasSecret
Replying to @missLex____
Let's take a look at your purchase! Please send us a private message with the bar code number on your receipt if purchased in the store, order number if purchased online, along with first and last name listed for the order, shipping address, and email. Thanks!
My @VictoriasSecret packages usually show up quickly as they often ship out from a warehouse near Cbus & I’m in CLE. But can @USPS explain this one? 😂 says it started in CLE... 😂
Replying to @dropsofShaylei
We'd like to take a look for you! Please DM us your order number and the full name, shipping address, & email associated with your order. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret necesito ayuda para editar un pedido. He visto que no está correcto y ni por teléfono ni por chat me ayudan a solucionarlo!
Replying to @Vane_Rjs_86
We're here for you and would like to see if we can help! Please DM us your order number, the issue, and the full name, shipping address, & email associated with the order. Thank you!
In reply to @mayacrazygal
Can t wait tomorrow offers for black friday on @VictoriasSecret 🙏 one buy one free 🤞🤞 🤔#victoriasSecretsales
Replying to @MissSeriesFan
You're going to love these amazing deals, Karen!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret I need help on a order I've just placed can someone get in touch please
Replying to @ellyb3
Please send us a DM with order details and we'll be happy to help!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Will the bombshell add 2 cups lace bra get restocked in band 32?? If yes when
Replying to @Kiki__xo
We wish we had details on if there will be a restock! However, we don't have these details at this time. We've let our team members know you'd love to see this restock soon! Happy Shopping!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret can y’all please bring the perfume rapture back😢😭?!
Replying to @kaejaboo
We're sharing your interest with our team.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret my daughter ordered a 30.00 Bra maybe a week ago still have no idea why but her money. Washed it like all the others and when she pulled it out of the dryer the whole this fell apart. If you are going to charge so much that thing better last a life time.
Replying to @atweetypye
We want to help, Robbin! Please DM us your daughter's receipt/online order number, the style bra, a picture of the damage, and your daughter's full name, mailing address, & email associated with her purchase. Thanks!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
Replying to @DBPhD
Check out our current offer online now!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We’re officially ready to pump up the Christmas jams, indulge in everything glam and most importantly, celebrate the joy of togetherness (even if just over Zoom).
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret i forgot to add the bftote coupon to my order 😭😭😭
Replying to @raz2212
We’d be happy to help if needed! Please send us a DM so we can provide assistance.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Can you please restock on the Velvet Petals lotion? It just sold out and I was about to buy it 😢
Replying to @NancyPa82710965
We've let our teams know you'd love to see a restock of the amazing Velvet Petals lotion 😁
everything I’m wearing rn is from either @VSPINK or @VictoriasSecret legit everything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret will yall be doing BOGO Free on Bras this year?
Replying to @mikeburgos03
We're letting our Marketing team know you'd love to see the BOGO on our Bras this year, Mike. Thanks!
I need a trip to @VictoriasSecret / @VSPINK but Christmas is coming so I can’t be spending money on myself 🥺
Replying to @noelleyoung03
It's the perfect time to treat yourself, Noelle! 😘
why did you discontinue jungle lily @VictoriasSecret
Replying to @sydthekidddd
The beautiful Jungle Lily was a limited edition fragrance but we have let our team know that you are looking for it to return!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret Should I send a bill for damage to my Xmas decorations done by the #lasership driver that flung packages at my home from the street ?? I’m done with u guys until you stop using this disgusting company #victoriassecret
Replying to @ebrunicole76
We're equally as disappointed to hear about the delivery experience described! Please follow-up with us via DM providing your order details so that we may share your comments with our carrier partner LaserShip.
Ordered new clothes for the first time in months (30lbs ago). I’ve don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to receive new bras and panties that will actually fit me. 😂 #victoriassecret @VictoriasSecret
So what is the greatest part of vacation planning, well swimsuit shopping of course.… Thank you @VictoriasSecret
The same message for the past month and when I enter the tracking code it tells look a me my order is being “processed”. I knew it was a mistake to order from @VictoriasSecret. I can’t get any info on my order but I can get their spam in my inbox.
Replying to @AlisonKateCartr
We would be happy to take a look and provide an update, Allson! So we can get started, please send us a DM with the full name, shipping address and email address that was used to pace the order. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
can't find my package!!!😭😭😡😡 Why are you using them??? Literally everything else is sent through USPS and I really wanted/needed this package!! I'm so disappointed!!! And what I ordered isn't even in stock anymore.... thanks for using their service😑😑😑
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret My post pregnant Godess of a wife is over here crying because she can’t use her gift card to your store to feel beautiful again because you haven’t made maternity wear yet. Get with the program and make maternity wear. Sincerely, A Concerned Husband.
Replying to @Hawkins_Cody
We appreciate the feedback & apologize for any disappointment. We’ll be communicating your thoughts to our teams now!!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret do all exchanges need to be made in-store?
Replying to @bitty_boop
You can also make your return by mail. You'll then receive a refund within 14-21 business days, once processed. You may place an order for your exchange and we'll be happy to waive the shipping charges and match the prices if needed. More details here:
In reply to @hels
In HS I had a mouse die in my closet, I thought it was in the wall. It made a basket full of clothes smell & as I emptied it into the wash I grabbed something fuzzy that wasn’t a sock. 🥴 I tried to cover the smell with @VictoriasSecret spray. It wasn’t pretty.
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret your customer service or lack there of has finally broken my habit of purchasing your products for my spouse. Years of forever angel and still treated poorly by store shift managers #loyaltydoesntpay
Replying to @justtobiatch
We're concerned! Please DM us more details. Thank you!
In reply to @VictoriasSecret
@VictoriasSecret customer service is fiya! Thank you for fixing what @LaserShip screwed up.
Replying to @goldenhoney327
Love ya, Dré!! So happy we could help! 💕
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