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Last 50 tweets from @WajahatAli
Against the the original vision of Pakistan, against Islam, against human rights and decency: "Pakistan’s most famous accused blasphemer escaped to Canada. Others remain on death row."…
This was disgusting. Wonder where she gets her talking points?

"St. Louis Taco Bell employee fired after Islamophobic rant to Muslim customer goes viral"…
#GameOfThrones Prediction:
- Dany tries to kill Sansa. Jon, Yara and the North rebel. A lot of people of color die (Dothroki + Unsullied).
- Arya kills Dany.
- Jon gets the throne.
- Jon gives it up to Sansa.
- Jon retires to the North.
- The Walkers aren't gone.
Where's Masculinity Headed? Men's Groups And Therapists Are Talking

‘I get the same intel:’ Iran threat exaggerated by GOP hawks, Rep. Gallego says…
"Anchor Fetuses": If a fetus is a person, it should get child support, due process and citizenship…
The Racism remains: I Was Racially Taunted on Television. Wasn’t I?
.@JillFilipovic makes a lot of good points: "Does Anyone Actually Want Joe Biden to Be President?"
‘This Is a Wave’: Inside the Network of Anti-Abortion Activists Winning Across the Country
Just caught up on Leslie Jones monologue on the #AlabamaAbortionBan. She could be a great war time consigliere for the Democratic Party, who desperately need it. Well done, Ms Jones, mother of dragons!
Don't mess with Symone.
1. What’s humiliating is the cape you blindly put on for the senator for Vermont everyday (he voted for the bill) 2. no one defended the crime bill 3. you have my #. Lest you continue to be petty on the internet. Don’t personally attack me Shaun. I hope now we are clear.
Well done #RipCity
In a beautiful display of solidarity, Portland basketball fans pledged to donate a dollar for each point their team scored tonight at their big game to @YellowFund to provide funding for low income women who need abortions in Alabama. #StopTheBans…
Except The Coens had SEVEN classics in a row: 1) Raising Arizona 2) Millers Crossing 3) Barton Fink 4) Hudsucker Proxy 5) Fargo 6) Big Lebowski 7) O’Brother The only one in that list even arguable is Hudsucker, and if you don’t think that’s a great film, you’re wrong.
Easy. Francis Ford Copolla.
1. Godfather
2. Conversation
3. Godfather 2
4. Apocalypse Now

No one has matched this streak of 4 classic movies in a row.
Easy. Francis Ford Copolla.
1. Godfather
2. Conversation
3. Godfather 2
4. Apocalypse Now

No one has matched this streak of 4 classic movies in a row.
Name film directors that delivered three legitimately great films in a row?

Here are two names and reply with others.

1. John McTiernan

Predator (87)
Die Hard (88)
The Hunt for Red October (90)

2. Michael Mann

Last of the Mohicans (92)
Heat (95)
The Insider (99)
Zach wrote the only correct opinion.
That was an absolute masterpiece from Draymond Green. terrifying.
Deontay Wilder knocked out Dominic Breazeale in the first round! 😱 (via @CBSSports)
I apologize to those who follow me on Twitter for politics, dad life and bad jokes, but you will have to endure Warriors tweets for a few more weeks.
Draymond Green stole the Blazers will to live. I love it.
Go home, Blazers fans. Go home. Your team did during halftime.
Klay Thompson's defense!!!! Respect the man. Pay him!
OK Warriors 4 more minutes of defense. Withstand this desperate flurry by Dame and CJ and let's go up 3-0 and take the Blazers will to play.
There is no reason why this Warriors lineup should be beating the Blazers right now. Also is Dame injured?
Draymond Green can cite every single player that was drafted ahead of him. You think he hasn't paid attention to all the noise about his "decline?" Love it.
The Blazers hardly played great. Damian Lillard literally doesn't exist. The Warriors 2015 is a great team.
Replying to @Tzipshmil
Good defense. Great bench play. Solid energy first half. Still shouldn't be a one possession game.
Draymond about to get a triple double in the 3rd quarter.
Blazers have played great. The Warriors have played inconsistent. There should be no reason why this is a 3 point game.
This is why Warriors fans love Draymond Green. This is why you want him on your team despite his shenanigans.
The redemption of Jordan Bell :)
I'd love to see Klay Thompson drain a couple of 3s now.
Jordan're killing me. You're killing your highlight reel.
Draymond Green vs Blazers right now.
That being said great game for the dude. I have faith in #dubnation. Hopefully wont get worse in the second half.
I feel if Meyers Leonard is saving your season should be worried.
I feel if Meyers Leonard is saving your season should be worried.
Why do I feel the Warriors will comeback after this bad start? Maybe I'm delusional...
Damian Jones is starting? Most...eeenteresting.
Bless his heart.

Right-wing Australian politician who blamed Muslims for Christchurch mosque attack loses seat…
Just so some people feel great again. Look at the cost.
NEW: Trump administration identifies *at least* 1,712 additional children it may have separated.

That’s on top of the nearly 3,000 kids we already know about.

Details, with @JuliaEAinsley.…
The baby daughter has discovered BOSS BABY. We have seen it 5 times in 2 days.
I think Blazers will respond tonight and the Bucks are going to be very tough, even with KD back.
Why you act like Warriors have some really tall task ahead of them? they are winning their 4th title, and it is a shame.
Chances of Warriors going up 3-0 against Blazers?
Can someone direct Pelosi and Schumer to Justin Amash's thread?
Has Trump attacked Justin Amash on Twitter yet?
His Twitter thread is impressive. I also give credit to any Republican like him to speak up against Trump. That's how badly the party has abandoned its duties and responsibilities.
Michigan Rep. Justin Amash became the first Republican lawmaker to declare that President Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses
So now a few rotten soldiers have a green light to commit war crimes. Why not? They'll get pardoned by Trump. Free for all. Also what message does it send to our Iraqi and Muslim allies abroad? What a morally reprehensible President.…
Why is Democratic leadership so weak in the face of a Constitutional crisis and a corrupt President? Imagine what Republicans in the House would have done if it was reversed? Sigh.
All these years I thought Lady Gaga was saying "Ageeb Romance" as one of the lyrics in Bad Romance. Ageeb means strange. My wife has just corrected me. I'm...stunned.
The ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THE LAW (given its legislative history) is to allow Congress to uncover financial conflicts of interests in public officials.

Can we make a Schoolhouse Rock video about the Teapot Dome scandal?
Replying to @AshaRangappa_
I think a fun, smart, quick explainer about the Tea Pot Dome scandal and Watergate and the Congressional role in uncovering facts would help Americans understand the current situation. Not even joking.
Dems are too busy courting the mythical magical moderate white real American voter.
Here's something I wrote showing why Ds should proceed to hearings, and likely impeachment. Data shows it won't hurt Ds, won't help Trump, and without holding Trump accountable for the crimes in plain sight, democracy is at risk…
Honestly, is there anything more tedious and less original than an old person yelling about what's happened to the youth these days?…
Replying to @juliaioffe
Back in my day you kids wouldn't even be allowed to tweet such disrespect!
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